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A Techie’s Guide To “LOST”

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In case you ever wondered about the gadgetry of LOST, here is a tour:

From enabling time travel to summoning smoke monsters, “Lost” gadgets can do it all!

Despite being a science-fiction show, “Lost” doesn’t typically dazzle viewers with the sort of futuristic gadgetry and technology sci-fi fans have come to expect in shows such as “Star Trek” or “Dr. Who.” Instead, the show relies upon seemingly primitive technological artifacts that are somehow, some way capable of performing miraculous tasks – prominent examples include an Apple IIGS capable of saving the world from an electromagnetic cataclysm and a giant donkey wheel that can rupture the space-time continuum. With “Lost’s” final season set to kick off on ABC tonight, this slideshow should help you get caught up on all the major devices and gadgets the show employs, no matter how seemingly implausible or bizarre they may be.

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