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Are we Too Spoiler Free?

By docarzt,

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A lot of people have come to me with the opinion that the editorial guidelines for spoiler handling were enough and that this new method is too heavy handed.  I’m considering reverting back to that, but keeping the option of the spoiler free RSS feed.   Please vote and share your thoughts.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Amberlina42

    its your sight so do what you want to. I’ll keep reading either way!

  • Daniel

    That is the most biased worded survey question I’ve read in quite awhile. Not that you’re going for scientifically reportable results or anything, but you’re not going to answer the question you intend to answer w/ that wording.

    • docarzt

      Oh come on. Have a sense of humor. It’s that level of anal retentiveness that is making me rethink this whole thing.

      • Daniel

        Sorry, can’t help it. That’s what I do for a living. 🙂

  • Hi Fat of Man

    Odd this was just brought up in the Forums. I sometimes seek out spoilers but to just have one right there when I don’t expect it I do not enjoy. Plus since this is the net you should consider LOST is not just like the CUB’s and a local phenomenon.

  • Pat

    Some people need to calm down about spoilers, which aren’t even really spoilers at all.

    • professorstotch

      I agree here. I would find it funny to put a test article on the main site for a fake press release. “Episode 10 – Sawyer breathes and speaks words.” The funny part would be all the people who cry and complain that some one dared to tell them that Sawyer was going to talk in that episode!

  • JaySin420

    I basically come here for spoilers or recaps/theories containing spoilers, but I understand some people don’t want to be spoiled at all. Its a tough spot, either way one side won’t be happy, Good Luck Doc…

  • professorstotch

    I personally think the site is too spoiler-free. As long as fair warning is given, I don’t see a problem with having spoilers on the main site. Personally, I would be happy if I could use as a one-stop shop for all my Lost needs…

  • Devin

    I personally try and avoid any and all spoilers, but I think the way things were before were fine, except for the occasional spoiler that slipped through the cracks. Usually, the RSS headline would clearly say spoiler and give some basic information about what kind of spoiler without containing the spoiler itself, and that was enough for me. It only bothered me when a spoiler got through without that treatment.

  • monkeyface

    well, i thought you were on to something with your SPOILER notice you came up with a few days ago. i too, come here for the spoiler(ish) content, recaps & DA commentary. some people need to chill…why troll the blogs if you aren’t looking for MORE info?

    it’s your site, do as you please…i’ll keep checking in.

  • Dorkusbob

    I’m 50/50. I liked thing the way they were, I didn’t have to hunt for links, etc. When my DVR went nuts and only recorded the pop-up episode two weeks ago, I knew that there would be re-caps and spoilerish stuff from my perspective. So I tried really hard to stay away. Note, I tried, so when I got it from iTunes I had to drink and eat alot of snacks so as not to spoil it for my wife.

    I think if you’re on this site, expect some info that you might not want to read. If you see spoiler in the title – stay away then. If you go into a gumball factory, you’re going to find some gumballs.

  • Jack’s Back

    Succumb to the vocal minority! Look at the RSS feed ratio!

    Conform to the nanny state and protect people from themselves! NOT!

    Seriously, I come here for the spoilers, theories, speculations and interpretations and I come less frequently the last several days because the spoilers are such a pain in the arse!

  • clueless1der

    I know a lot of people consider just the title of the episode a spoiler. Some people don’t call it a spoiler unless they can recite the first 15 minutes of dialog. Personally, I think that you’ve gone over and above keeping the non-spoiler people happy. For the rest of us, it’s really not like it’s a big deal. The spoilers aren’t gone you just have to click what… two extra times? Shame that you can’t make everyone happy, but there ya go.

    I’m here either way. 😀

  • Jack Daniels

    There’s too many variables involved. You can mark some articles with a ‘spoiler’ label and others not, but there’s always going to be that percentage of bloggers who will complain about those one or two articles that weren’t ‘spoiler’ labelled having should’ve been because there was something in the article that eluded to a possible scene in an upcoming episode about something happening to this particular character that they didn’t want to know about. Doc, you can’t and won’t win with these phobes. My advice would be to stick to the new changes as this will keep them happy for now, but in the end it will come back to bite you on your ass.

  • diggymow

    Some people like to watch the show every week having no idea what’s coming. What’s wrong with that? Why do so many people have to hate that idea so much? It’s your site so do as you please but I prefer a spoiler free main site so I can still read recaps and what not without trying to ‘avoid’ details about coming episodes. I don’t see what that is soooooo terrible.

  • congested

    Looking at the options again I realized I picked the wrong one. :/

    But I basically feel the same way as clueless1der. ….or “NO! Just right! Protect me!”

  • Alaine

    If I were truly concerned with being spoiled, I would stick to the strictly spoiler-free sites.

  • MiNaeClem

    Just check the RSS feeds’ reader counts. As Jack’s Back stated, the ratio is quite obvious.

  • emily

    I prefer the changes you’ve made. I was always scared to read certain articles because I wasn’t sure if there were spoilers in them or not. now at least I know…

    I’m not one of the psychotic anti-spoiler people but I do like to be surprised when guest stars make random appearances (ex. someone spoiled the fact that christian shephard would be in “this place is death” in comments on a blog and it totally killed the dramatic reveal of him at the end).

    just my opinion.

  • KeepingAwake

    I think that as more content in the way of reviews has been added, the readership may be changing and including more “don’t spoil me” people.

    That said, if the previous guidelines were consistently observed by all authors, so that spoilers didn’t leak through on the main page or in RSS feeds to those who didn’t want to see them, that would work.

    I personally don’t subscribe to any sites, but rather visit the ones I enjoy checking for new content. The RSS numbers may not be indicative of who is actually reading the site.

    Can’t see any harm in letting people click through for the spoilers.

    • LV

      I agree with everything KeepingAwake said. I do have this site in my RSS reader, though, and would appreciate no spoilers in the feed. I don’t like to read spoilers at all, but I’ve never had a problem accidentally seeing one on this site. I stay away from the articles that are clearly marked “Spoiler” and read the articles that are clearly just reviews/recaps/theories. People are generally pretty good about keeping spoilers out of the comments, too, so I’m not really sure what there is to complain about.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t mind having the spoilers on the front page, so long as they’re ‘covered up’ and only have the brief descriptions like you described.

    What would the possibilities be of sort of having like a spoiler grading system on the spoiler intro that’s on the front page? For example… 5 would be like the scene-by-scene description of the season 3 finale, 4 would be something pretty huge regarding episodes further down the line, 3 could be something coming up next week that’s quite big, 2 would be the sneak peaks or promos, and then 1 would be something the spoiler-phobes would still not want to see, but others may find intriguing.

    I’m suggesting this because with me personally, I always find myself wanting to click the link and see what the spoiler is, but I don’t necessarily wanna know what’s happening in LOST next month.

    Just a suggestion, anywho.

  • Landry B.

    OMG…this is ridiculous…put in the title of the post that it contains spoiler material…refrain from posting the actual pics or video on the main page…beyond that, get real people…you are going to be spoiled if you click on those…I am fed up with this spoiler talk!