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ARG Update – More A-O-T-S Clues – New Poster Tuesday?

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DVDuesdayIn case you need any more confirmation that the QRcode block (Thanks Paul  for identifying the code type) translation “A-O-T-S” was referencing Attack Of The Show, a new clue has been posted on  It is a partial image with the DVDuesday logo.  DVDUesday, as you can probably guess, is a an Attack of The Show feature that airs every Tuesday.  In other words, watch Attack of The Show this Tuesday for a clue leading us to the third poster.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I’ve been thinking about these posters and the fact that they match how many episodes are going to air in season 6 (16 posters= 2 two-hour episodes plus fourteen one hour). Any one else get the idea that the posters might represent what each episode will be about? Maybe the first is focused on Hurley, the second on Locke and so on.

  • KJJ

    Hmmm, I’m wondering where this whole ARG is going, if it is an ARG at all. There has not been a whole lot of development. BUT! Only time will tell…