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Best Resolution – The LOST Season 6 Banner

By docarzt,

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This is not the full banner, but it is by far the clearest look at the actual cast members included in the LOST Season 6 logo presented at Comic Con 2009.  I’m not sure of the source beyond LyLy Ford who sent this to me earlier. If it is yours, please identify yourself.


From TVFrenzy:

  • adam118

    is that “grown ass man” Walt 5 people from Locke’s right? better be walt in season 6. Is Desmond in this?

  • for me here the list
    dan, boones, miles, michael, ana, charlotte, shannon, desmond, eko, kate, jack, sawyer, locke, ben, sayid, libby, sun, jin, claire, hurley, juliet, charlie, frank, bernard, richard ?, rose

    and doc i found where i saw it

    btw doc i sent you message on twitter ! we reached the goal !!

    • kev

      doesnt it go frank, richard, bernard, rose? or am i missing somthing? would be very good if there was a ? person in there.

  • I can see Penny there o_o…

  • preztige2k6

    Notice Locke’s attire. It’s what he was burried with am I right? That means its the original Locke. Why is his back turned? Because he is the final piece of the puzzle. Or because he is the most special somehow. There are some people in shadow, does that suggest that we will see them as aparitions, as deceased like Charlie, or unable to see them and only hear them as whispers. Or does it possibly mean that we will see them in a seperate timeline. Were these people in seperate timelines all along?

  • preztige2k6

    Based on this poster, my prediction on the opening scene of Season 6 on LOST will be all the Losties on Flight 815 landing in LAX in 2004. The story will continue with us learning what they do when they land but I am sure it will be a lot better than I am making it sound.

  • welcometothelandoftheliving

    There’s is absolutely no way that they could all return to LAX on flight 815. If they did, it would make me stop watching the show.

  • Michael

    Has no-one else noticed the guy to the right of locke looking mysteriously like Jacob????? There’s no way that is ben. Where is widmore?

  • Matthew Perry

    This single picture of a poster is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    Season 1 is a masterpiece of television and my personal favorite season of any show ever, but season 6 looks like it has the opportunity to best it.

    I mean, those are all the major characters! Including Eko! The possibilities, while not endless, are staggeringly exciting.