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Buy a Lunch Date With Evangeline Lilly

By docarzt,

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Speaking of Evangeline… she is auctioning off a lunch date for charity.  Check out the video below.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • I want one. 🙂 Just wish I could afford it. Also, Europe is a little way off.

  • rodmanrc

    I appreciate that shows like “Lost” do things like this charity; auctioning off “Lost” props and arranging meet-and-greets with Evangeline Lilly. The only problem I have with stuff like this is that the average fan can’t afford to participate. Things like this are catered to the super-rich, which seems a bit unfair.

    Take the auction, for example. All the things going for sale will immediately with the roof price-wise, and all that will be left are the bare-bones scraps for the rest of us to feast on.

    “Wow, all that’s left to bid on are one of Sawyer’s cigarette butts from the first season.” And even that will probably sell for a lot of money.

    I’m glad that the charities involved will make a fortune out of all this, I really am. It’s just a bummer that more people can’t participate in making it happen.

    • I know how you feel, but I’m fine with it if it brings the charities more money. The auctions could theoretically be in anyone’s reach (unless there’s a high reserve), but the demand will drive the price up.

    • RodimusBen

      That’s the free market system. It may suck that you don’t have the money to spend on useless memorabilia but it’s not “unfair.”

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