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Commentary – A Legacy ‘Lost’ – Doc Gets De-Tailsectioned

By docarzt,

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People often ask me if there is bad blood between myself and my old stomping grounds,  I usually reply with a shrug.  Certainly, I would never hold a grudge against the site.  After all, I poured my heart and soul into it and wrote hundreds of posts before there were ever ‘partners’ involved in the site.  TheTailsection may not be where I call home now, but it sure is a big part of my legacy… wait… or is it?

It would appear that, for whatever reason, the current management of TheTailsection has a problem with giving credit where credit is due.  After fielding a few curious E-Mails from readers that claimed my interviews had been reassigned to ‘other’ writers, I decided to check it out.  With few exceptions, it seems the hundreds of recaps, interviews, theories, and bits and pieces of LOST musings that I wrote have been reassigned to new authors who, well, didn’t write them.  I can only guess why this was done.  Maybe since this site – –  is eponymous, the feelling is that having articles by ‘DocArzt’ somehow promote this site.  Surely if you google ‘DocArzt’ you wind up here.

Sure, some articles still have my Nom De Plume on them, but they are almost universally – from what I’ve seen so far – the least consequential pieces.  My interview with Javi Grillo Marxuach, now belongs to ‘DavidHume,’ and my interview with Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz was now, apparently, conducted by my good friend – who is NOT involved in this – TabulaRasa, who is also credited for my reminiscences from the set of LOST.  Yes, as ironic as it may seem, even my interview with Daniel Roebuck, Doc Arzt himself, has been attributed to another author.  Server error? Glitch? Or Bad Blood?  You be the judge.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • AstroJones

    Wow! I am just stunned at the lack of professionalism and respect that thetailsection is showing in this case. I certainly am glad I don’t visit that site anymore. OF course, I did take a look at the site after reading this article, and WHAT have they done to the site? It looks absolutely horrible. The entire layout looks jacked up. Anyway, off the point, I know.

  • RodimusBen

    Well, Tailsection is out of my LOST links folder for good.

  • Matze

    Yep, there goes my tailsection bookmark.

  • Matze

    Uhm btw, did anyone notice that the titles of the interviews still credit the Doc?

    • Hipster Doofus

      Yea…they haven’t taken your name completely out of it….

      Whatever, I don’t visit The Tailsection anyway. And this site is proof that you can build a pretty awesome Lost site from scratch…twice!

  • DarthVibbert

    That’s mega lame Doc… credit should definitely be given were credit is due

  • DarthVibbert

    Also… Santa writes for TheTailSection? So that’s what he does the other 364 days a year

  • Corey

    Stopped watching thetailsection after you left Doc. Took me awhile to find your new home, but I’m lovin’ it.

  • professorstotch

    Wow, really Tailsection? That’s BS. There’s no other way around it. Of course, if anyone in charge over there were to see this article, they’d probably change it back and blame it on server errors or glitches. I usually check over there like once a month, and almost every time I just end up reading something that royally pisses me off.

    Good riddence TTS.

    • AstroJones

      Well, at least this cuts down on the number of Lost sites I feel the need to visit. Now I’m down to 2 sites (Doc’s and Sledgeweb’s) and one blog (JOpinionated). YAY for more theorizing time!

  • Jose

    Doc – cant u sue ?

    Its painfully obvious how crappy tailsection is since u left – but i will no longer even casualy head over there. . you have my FULL support doc !

  • I don’t know the history of this all, but as a programmer, I can see one reason they might have done this.

    It’s possible that if they tried to remove you as a user from the system, they would’ve needed to associate the articles with someone else, otherwise it could’ve caused errors.

    Is it the best way to do it? Obviously not. But it’s a plausible explanation.

    • professorstotch

      Couldn’t they remove his account, but create a faux user that at least gives credit where credit is due? I feel like if they’re going to take the time of deleting the account, and then recrediting all his articles, to set something up wouldn’t take much time. After all it looks like they had the time to set up Santa with an account.

  • Anthony Letardo

    Alright, it’s official: I’m no longer visiting This is rampant theft, and if I were you, I’d keep this news item at the top of your site from here on in, to make sure everyone who comes here sees it, and so that people can see what BuddyTV and TheTailSection are really all about–plagiarism. I’m sure far more people read this site than the craphole link-fest that TTS has become since you left. TTS is now run by people who have no noticeable writing or editing skills, and no provable authority on Lost, based on the extremely weak, short and unedited articles that get posted there now. A ten-part “top-ten” list, pointlessly spread out over months, instead of being posted all at once like such fluff pieces traditionally are? Seriously? Is THAT what TheTailSection has come to in your absence? It’s bad enough that the content over there sucks, but to now see them outright stealing your material and refusing to give you credit for it…wow, that’s beyond despicable. Clearly, the people over at TTS have no journalistic morals whatsoever, to match their complete of journalistic talents. So long, TTS.

  • Alaine

    Shame on The Tailsection. They should give credit where the credit is due! Keep up the good work. I applaud you for standing up for what you think is right! If you know they are steeling your stories, CALL THEM OUT! What’s wrong is wrong, and The Tailsection is WRONG!!!

  • DeGroot

    This is disgusting behavior. BuddyTV and TheTailSection should be ashamed of themselves. That they’re probably not is why I, too, am jumping ship and no longer visiting or posting at that site.

    • Eileen

      Another popular site owner pubically claimed he could and then did change the poll results on a BuddyTV shipper poll to prove any poll could be cheated on. It took him only minutes, making me wonder about the relationship between his site and the BuddyTV one. Since then I have stayed away from BuddyTV. The Lost universe appears to be full of folks with no honor and no scruples. Putting someone else’s name on material you wrote Doc is just the latest example.

  • clueless1der

    Wow…. It’s been said before, but I am truly appalled that is even an issue. You put a lot of effort into that, and for it to be an error- whether it’s a glitch or not- is unacceptable.

    I came in just as TTS was being taken over and was thrilled to move over here to I see no need to return to tts ever again. I wonder if Doc is the only author that’s happened to?

  • professorstotch

    Let’s bombard TTS with comments to take back the articles and give Doc credit. Sure they’ll probably be deleted, but maybe they’ll listen?

  • RichPundit

    Sounds/looks very bad to me DocArzt, even perhaps illegal appropriation of your intellectual property.

    I’ve had my issues with TTS also, albeit minor personal outrages. However, in the spirit of Obama-like the “Change We Need” [sorry, Tailhook & where’s Jimmy12…?] … have you contacted and discussed this with TTS? I still visit regularly, albeit post much less frequently including updating our “Forbidden Planet” thread, as I do several of the many fun sites in our vast LOST fan collective psyche. Personally, think our sites are complementary to each other, and add to our fan collective psyche with much room to develop & grow – RichPundit

    btw, “eponymous”? Seems related to “brand”. A new word for me.

  • Uncle Beaver

    I agree with everyone else… its BS.

    However, Doc, can you tell us the circumstances under which you left The Tail Section? Did you own it? Run it? Get paid for leaving it?

    You did a great job over there, and here. Thanks for producing such a great site.

  • DeGroot

    I think it’s a pretty clear case of illegality. Even though he doesn’t still own the site, he is the intellectual creator of those articles. As such, they’re obligated to credit him. I believe, Doc, that you have legal recourse here.

    • Uncle Beaver

      Oh, I in no way mean that Doc shouldn’t be credited with those articles. He can and should be able to do with his site as he pleases. I’m curious why he left TTS. I just never knew the circumstances.

  • Mikey

    Tailsection — Never again my main man! The hardcore fans know where the real stuff is… and it ain’t there. 🙂

    • RichPundit

      Sorry Mikey, imho, not smart!

      There are many talented and good people at TTS, and as a Marketing professional would say: “let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water”.

      Namaste – RichPundit

      • professorstotch

        Baby out with the bath water? I have never heard that…who is actually thowing babies and bath water out in the same group? Those rotten jerks!

      • Andy W.

        Talented and good people? They stole hundreds of his articles! There’s nothing talented or good about that. What’s more, they just deleted dozens of complaints about it from the comments on their site, hoping to bury the truth. A moment ago, there were a ton of outraged comments about the plagiarism, but now most of them are gone. TTS is clearly without scruples–and the horrible state of that site in the past year shows no talent whatsoever. There is simply no excuse whatsoever for removing all of his credits, and if that site had ANY professionalism or ethics, they’d know that. That they’ve done so says it all.

        • RichPundit

          Ok, perhaps Wall Street [our Baby] and those involved on Wall Street who helped to create our current economic crisis [our bath water], could serve as a simplistic analogy.

          Without details, there is a clear consensus that many on Wall Street, particularly several top executives, behaved despicably and perhaps illegally, to help create our current global economic crisis. However, no doubt there remain many talented and good people on Wall Street who serve our public interest. SOooo, imho, it would not be smart to completely throw out all of Wall Street along with those who behaved despicably.

          There clearly are many good and talented people who are actively involved at TTS, particularly the many Posters. TTS adds positively to our vast LOST fan collective psyche.

          Make sense?

          No doubt there is “Change We Need” at TTS – RichPundit

          • docarzt

            I think you mean the boards, right RP? Certainly the readers have nothing to do with it…

          • Andy W.

            RichPundit, you’re missing the point. There might be some cool people still posting there, but that doesn’t change the fact those running the show STOLE HIS WORK. There is NO way to rationalize that, and sticking up for them, with all due respect, is what’s not smart. The whole “throwing the baby out with the bath water” and Wall Street analogies fall apart, because the bottom line is that the site has committed plagiarism and, as such, is unworthy of receiving visitors. Who cares if there are still some cool people posting there? TTS no longer adds any real value to the Lost fan community if it condones stealing an author’s work. Shame on them for doing so, and shame on anyone who would stick up for them after they did. The stance you SHOULD be taking is to take them to task for what they’ve done. If you were the person who’d had hundreds of articles stolen from you, I doubt you’d be so conciliatory about it as you’re being when it’s someone else’s work.

          • RichPundit

            Yes DocArzt, I mostly focus first on spoilers, then the boards, and consult LOSTpedia for theory formulation and support. I read few articles on TTS, and several here and your other “buddy” DarkUFO.

            Again, TTS has many good and talented folks.

            [Also, as a scientist/manager, think that most would not publish with a despicable publisher, but would still read publications by them.]despicable publisher.]

          • Will

            Yes, yes, you keep saying there are many good and talented people there. But the point is, if they did this, they are neither good nor talented. It’s pretty sad that you’re sticking up for them.

          • RichPundit

            Whew, the operative word is “they”.

            Don’t think any of us disagree … only our relative perspectives. Please reread and ponder DocArzt’s comment to me above.

            No doubt there are “they” at TTS with misguided power who have behaved despicably, but imho, “they” are a very small group of not-so-smart individuals. By far, TTS continues to have a large number of contributors … “they” are the good ones and talented who contribute positively to our LOST fan collective psyche for everyone’s benefit.

            Personally, think it is foolish to censor yourself from TTS cuz of the few, albeit with power … like throwing the baby out with the bath water [after bathing the baby].

            Let’s collectively target the toxic “they”. Any ideas? Names? Leadership? Owners? Am confident anyone invested in TTS would support us … ’tis free enterprise capitalism sprinkled with our transparency. We can deliver the “change we need”.

          • DocArzt

            What Rich is saying is there are moderators and contributors there who are there because they love the show, and that is where they want to contain their ‘conversation’ about it. He’s not defending the actions – intentional or otherwise – of mass plagiarism that TTS is apparently not interested in fixing. I would, however, throw in the aphorism that too often we are judged by the company we keep. Those ‘good’ people should consider that. Sometimes, being a good egg and keeping your mouth shut makes you just as guilty. When you become part of a brand, you stand behind every action whether you agree with it or not.

          • Andy W.

            Well said, Doc. As far as I’m concerned, those who choose to stay with TTS after they’ve done something so unethical and inexcusable are no less guilty than those who committed the crime. You’ve been robbed, and for people to stand by and continue visiting their site is despicable. I really think you should keep this item visible on your front page at all times, to make sure everyone who comes to this site knows what they did, not only to shine the spotlight on criminals, but also to remind people who visit both sites of what they’re supporting by continuing to read and post to TTS. If you let it fall off the front page, then TTS gets off free.

  • professorstotch

    The sad thing is, since this article was posted I’m sure TTS has seen an insane spike in their volume. And I’m sure they’re quite proud of that fact.

  • Medic

    In the scientific profession, if a publisher changed author’s on papers, no-one would use them as a publisher anymore. So even though there are probably some good ppl at TS, I would never go to a site that conducts their business in such a manner. It was good that Doc pointed this out, but if you noticed he has moved on and is not crying over spilled milk, which is taking the higher ground on the matter, which is one more reason why I come to this site over other Lost sites on the internet.

  • chris

    Undoubtedly you probably just gave TTS a few hundred extra hits. : (

  • Landry B.

    As a fellow writer (newspaper business) I would be infuriated…that is unethical on a whole lot of levels…regardless of whether you are with a publication (unless it is different with websites, but it can’t be because it is still plagiarism) or not, you still did the work…I would have an attorney call about the plagiarism….

  • Desi’s Brother

    That is really shocking. That is plagarism and should not be tolerated. You should bring legal action Doc. Seriously. You spent a lot of time writing those articles and they are your writing, that is not right. It is unjustifiable and you should challenge it. Especially since you would most likely win.

    I was still posting at the tailsection, but now I’m done with it.

    Most of the people I liked there all post here anyway. It is just a shame to lost my “history” and be reduced to a Newbie after writing hundreds of posts on the tailsection!

  • imfromthepast

    please tell me my header graphic is still there at least!

    • AstroJones

      it is, but it says “by Neil Frogurt” in the bottom corner. Sorry, you’ve been replaced. 😉

      • imfromthepast


  • Andrew

    thetailsection is crap.

    they had an article right on the front page listing 2 major spoilers from episode 503, no spoiler warning, no nothing, and the episode hadn’t even aired in my region yet.

    i made a couple of snarky posts about it, which were edited out of existence. sure, they weren’t actual episode discussion, but they don’t exactly have a “contact” or “feedback” link or anything. maybe because they’re doing such a bad job?

  • numbersarebad

    Jeez dude, thetailsection is so Nikki and Paulo! (that means it sucks) is my constant. Seriously, after each episode I annoy my family and friends with all my Lost-talk and lose touch with reality, then I come here to regain my sanity. TTS pulled a long-con.