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Doc Jensen’s LOST Season 5 Primer

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matthew-fox-lost_lEW’s Jeff Jensen has published a sprawling, multi-part guide to season 5 complete with theories, allusions, and heaping spoonfuls of the kind of LOST gushing that only Doc Jensen can provide. I think it is safe to say the LOST season has officially begun…

You may or may not know that I have seen the first two episodes of Lost‘s fifth season. I don’t do early reviews, but I will say this: For hardcore fans — and if you’re of the mad mind to be reading this column, my hunch is that you qualify — the two-part premiere event will reward your toe-tapping anticipation with bunches of capture-your-imagination, theory-inspiring (and theory-narrowing) developments. The cat is out of the bag: This season is about time travel — explicitly, unapologetically, sometimes dauntingly, altogether pretty ingeniously. To further prep for the quantum leaping and fragmented fun to come, I thought I would devote my first Doc Jensen column of the season to recommending the following past episodes for review.

Read Doc’s article right here.

From TVFrenzy:

  • neoloki

    Their is nothing like a long Doc Jensen article, with necessary out-there theory, to officially start a new season of Lost. This is what I have been waiting for. Now all I need is the Premiere and the J.Wood review and all will be right with the world.

    If Jensen is right about “Him” not being Aaron, then it has to be Locke, but I am not sure I buy the theory yet.

  • professorstotch

    I never realized the ambiguouness of “You’re not supposed to raise him” until I read that article.

  • Michel

    BEST theory I’ve heard in a long time. I’m officially spreading the word to my fellow lost-fan pals, and I don’t do that with every theory I read.

    The HIM Jensen mentions can be almost anyone. Maybe they’re two separate people. Maybe Charlie was warning Jack against raising Locke back to life… maybe Claire’s warning was about Ben, and not bringing him back to the island. Maybe she was talking about Walt… he’s special, after all.
    At this point the only thing that seems obvious to me is that HIM is not Aaron. Lindelof and Cuse have never been that direct and obvious.

    Which brings me to a lsit of things I’m almost certain this season: 1. those who remained on the Island will be experiencing events from the Island past, including a living, breathing, younger Rousseau, a living Radsinsky, and still intact Swan Station, and a confrontation between DHARMA and the hostiles. 2. Faraday will now have the “powers” that Desmond once experienced. 3. We will be seeing Ms. Hawkings again. 4. Aaron is not HIM. 5. Ben is going to be manipulating LOTS of people this season.

    Have anyone died of out of eagerness yet?

  • theRadioTower

    Uhh… doc a spoiler warning would have been appreciated.

    • Bezmina

      What spoiler? It’s a Season 5 primer, it’s pretty obvious that it is something to prime you for watching Season 5 if you want to go in unspoiled I reckon you should give all sites with spoilers on them at all a wide berth from about last week dude!

  • 23G

    Wow! There are definitely some interesting theories.

    So okay maybe I missed it before – but I hadn’t caught that bit on the Comic-Con video. Did everyone already know that Faraday was the cameraman for the Chang/Candle/Wickmand/Halliwax film…?

    • BizzaroKlyza

      Just because Faraday’s voice is heard, it does not mean he is the cameraman.

  • numbersarebad

    I wondered if HIM really meant someone other than Aaron when Hurley said it, but I didn’t think of it when Claire said it. In my mind I thought she used the word “son” at the time. I agree Michel, Damon and Carlton are never that obvious. Remember on season one when everyone thought that it was Aaron who was going to be taken by the Others, but it ended up being Walt. That must be what is going on now, using poor Aaron to trick us again! I really like the idea of HIM being Walt again too. Maybe HIM could be Christian Shepard. Jacob was refered to as HIM before too. I can’t imagine why Claire wouldn’t want Locke to go back to the island unless he does some really bad stuff this season. She seemed happy to talk to him in Jacob’s cabin, and Christian seemed to think Aaron was where he should be, so I don’t think HIM will be Aaron or Locke. Ben or Walt seem more likely to me.

    My opinion: HIM means Charles Widmore! After the Oceanic 6’s history with Ben, they might not mind siding with Ben’s arch nemesis Charles Widmore. Sun surely might. Maybe they realize they must get back to the island and that Charles Widmore might be their best bet. Widmore might cut a deal to spare the lives of the Left Behinders if the Oceanic 6 help him get the island back. When Widmore sent the freighter Charlie warned of it as he died, and Jacob (which seems tied to Claire and Christian) warned Ben and Locke about the freighter people. It doesn’t seem unlikely that the “ghosts” of Charlie and Claire would warn of Widmore a second time. I wonder if Ben and Widmore couldn’t kill each other before because they both would need to use each other to find the island.

  • Bezmina

    I concur, I got hair on my arms sstanding up as I read that. Surely the word raise is being used in the sense if resurrect got to be a dead person like Locke or Jacob (if he is indeed a dead person)

  • LEHLegacy

    I actually think HIM is Jacob. Jacob is in a LOST sense, ‘dead’, right ? I have this crazy theory that’s similiar to the plotline of (of all movies) Ghostbusters II. Remember the museum guy from Alley McBeal needed the little baby to bring the warrior guy from the painting back to life ? Well substitue the baby with aaron and Jacob with the warrior in painting. The havoc that’s being unleashed on the island post-move could be Jacob retaliating for the escape of aaron and so he enlists John as Bentehem, his now umber-Other, to get him to bring him back from the States.