DocArzt and Friends Logo … Now Featuring the Art of Michael Myers

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Welcome the art of Michael Myers to our header.  Michael is an accomplished illustrator who recently did a series on our beloved losties.  Check his stuff out at

From TVFrenzy:

  • Frogurt’s Arrow

    Those are nice drawings. But I can’t help noticing he has Eko who hasn’t been on the show in 4 seasons but no Claire, Juliet or Ilana. Cool how he did a smoke monster one, nice touch.

  • Sweet! Those are great!

  • Seabiscuit

    Gorgeous character designs.

  • Casey

    How about some actual content like, say, maybe a recap of the episode that aired 3 days ago, or maybe some analysis, or anything? Cartoons are great, nice drawings, but how about, you know, some timely articles or something?

    • Casey

      Okay. Scratch that. Just had a few “The Last Recruit” write-ups show up. My RSS feeder must be wonky.

      • Yeah, not much from this week guys. The house I’m renting was foreclosed on and the new owner/flipper is kicking us out….

  • minnie swirl

    That is COOL.

  • mw

    fail. fail hard.

    • mw

      ..okay now i feel bad and want to delete this post, but i can’t. they are pretty awful though. sorry. perfectly competent use of a brush-pen, but…urgh. anyway, i was meant to be expressing remorse for saying that, wasn’t i? :-/ sorry.

      • mw

        …jeesus christ, please just delete these posts, Mr Moderator – i feel like a horrible person now.

  • harrybish

    they’re crap. is this really the only news you’ve got?

  • harrybish

    the sawyer one is terrible. looks like something from WWF. and his locke looks like a massive gay.

    • driveshaft

      yes! you are so rght!

  • The Magician

    They’re great, very good.

  • driveshaft

    i agree with harrybush. these are retarded. but the wheelchair one on his website was cool.

  • Jack’s Beard

    Huh… Isn’t Michael Myers that crazy murderer guy with the white rubber face? Well, at least is cool that he forgot his psychopath ways and began drawing, ’cause he’s a much better cartoonist than a murder. Right on, Mike!

  • the sawyer one is terrible. looks like something from WWF. and his locke looks like a massive gay.

  • Buzzkiller

    I like them!

  • spacebender

    I much prefer the photographs, as these characterizations do not ring true to me.