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It’s Back!  This week, Koobie and I take on LOST 5.09 “Namaste.” Look for a follow up podcast within the next few days with special guests, listener feedback, and more.  As usual, if you have a theory or a question, feel free to leave us a voicemail on Skype at docarztandfriends, or call us at (619) 618-0262. Here are your subscription links:


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From TVFrenzy:

  • Great! 🙂 *unplugs his earplugs*

  • Doos

    Yay, Podcast! I thought the lack of one last week meant a full transition into iTunes, and I’d be unable to access them at work. Whew.

    Quick note, though. The Purge doesn’t happen until 1992, so unless there’s a 15 year interlude (hopefully presented through a montage) or more time jumps, the Losties won’t bear any witness to those events.

    • veryinformedaboutlost

      Doos….from a site i found…it doesn’t say that the purge was in 1992…. it says “The Purge is an event that happened on December 22, sometime between the late 1980’s-early 1990’s.”… Did i miss something somewhere that was posted elsewhere saying the purge was in 1992? this is the site……. and i’d think they’d make updates if other information came into light…

      • triangulatedsignal

        i know it to be 92 also

      • hyperRevue

        As I said in the other thread, Horace tells Locke in 2004 that he’s been dead for 12 years.

        • veryinformedaboutlost

          Sorry i asked it twice but when i initially asked it, i left that thread and went on to reading others and investigating…and then got to this one and asked it again..before i saw your response hyperrevue…once again..sorry for asking it twice…

          • hyperRevue

            ha, no need to apologize, man.

  • docarzt

    Hey folks. If you have a moment, please show some support for the podcast and give it a digg:


    • Done.

      2 things that I would like to share:

      “Anything is possible in the world of Lost.”
      Sorry, I’m a fool, here comes my second Indian Ocean reference in two days: Awesome Song.
      However, taking the residence Of Ajira Air into consideration, there is a connection to the current episode Namaste.

      The plane crash WAS utterly amazing! No comparison to the special effects used in TinPlH (4.12+13) for the helicopter crash and freighter blast which were fairly weak.

    • dolce

      Doc, I would love to digg it, however somebody is using the user name dolce over there. I don’t want to change my online identity after so many years of using it. I’ve become kind of attached to it. Especially since it is my actual last name. If anybody else is using it ( I had this problem in the forums also ) please come forward so we can try to work it out. Thank you!

  • triangulatedsignal

    awesome again doc

  • clueless1der

    Hey guys! BRAVO. A lot of that sounded familiar! It’s such a nice change to have me actually understand what’s going on in the show… lol. I’m looking forward to this special guest of which you speak…

  • As you’ve pointed out during your conversation, there’s a little difference between the photograph and the actual shot setting. One strange apparition of a man on the right side of the picture.

    I’ve made two screencaps (please excuse the low quality) which you can find here:

    Just a random prop error? Or did Smokey/Christian/whoever change something in here?
    What do you think?

    • clueless1der

      Thanks for that! Great detective work. 🙂

    • spinflip

      It’s just a glitch. If you rewatch the episode you’ll see that there is no additional guy at first. After ‘Namaste’ there is a cut to Hurley, then a cut back and the additional guy appears as everyone starts to walk away.

      • Mirko

        Yeah, you’re totally right. Thanks for your illustrative advice!
        Seems likely to me that the girl staying in front of him simply is a little taller, so he can’t be seen from the camera’s perspective first hand. Nevertheless funny after Claire’s ghostly apparition in dharmaville. Fortunately yet no Smoke Monster involved in 1977. 🙂

  • meems

    That’s weird. The rest of the pictures match up so perfectly, it would seem strange that there’s one guy who stands in for the still and then leaves for the filming.

  • al

    i don’t understand why people are puzzled by new otherton being trashed? did keamy not fire a rocket launcher in there towards the end of last season? and then smokey got summoned by ben and mauled that soldier? is that not the problem? why am i asking questions? because i want the answers.

    • docarzt

      It’s not so much the condition of the place. The windows being boarded over and etc … who did all of that? and where are they now? Also, why are the dharma logos back on the buildings?

      • The Mantis

        We have no idea WHEN the 316’s are.

        • docarzt

          it’s post 2004. there was a placard that said “present day,
          which I would take as 2009 but apparently it’s 2007. The boat with the ajira bottle was found at the remains of the oceanic 815 beach camp by sawyer and company, which looked to be deserted for some time – so at the very least they are some time after 2004…