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DocArzt & Friends Podcast – Q & A Session in Chat Tonight! UPDATE!

By Koobie,

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daflogo1 Tonight, DocArzt and Koobie will be hanging out in the DocArzt and Friends Live Chat to answer questions in anticipation of the finale!  Ask your burning questions or tell us your brilliant theories, and have them discussed on the podcast!  This will all take place after the Fringe finale (around 10:15 EST), and the chat and podcast will be spoiler-free.  Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Broadcasting Live on Talkshoe here!
UPDATE UPDATE: All Done! The podcast will be up on iTunes tomorrow!

From TVFrenzy:

  • triangulatedsignal

    i have my notepad at the ready!!! lol

  • Koobie

    We are starting soon! Keep coming in! The no spoiler policy has been extended to tonight’s fringe.

  • triangulatedsignal

    thanks again koobie and doc!!! that was great!

  • congested

    God dammit. Can’t believe I missed this. 🙁

    • Koobie

      Don’t worry, we will be having another one tonight 😀