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“Everybody Loves Hugo” Recap by Gatesy

By gatesy815,

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During the long and tortuous 8 month hiatus I spent many hours envisioning what season 6 episodes may be like. ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’ was exactly what I had imagined. This episode matched the heights of this season’s previous installments in every area; plot development; character growth; mythological answers; emotional satisfaction. It was gripping stuff. And it is getting harder and harder to choose favourite episodes from season six.

It has often been said that Hurley is the heart of the show. The one character that is universally loved and appreciated. He is often the voice of the audience; the voice of sane questions and comedic insight. Certainly from a fan perspective it is true that  ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’. Though this season has been different for Hurley. He is no longer just the character with the audience’s perspective, in both the Sideways and the Island realities he is a protagonist; a leader; a hero.

“People are listening to you now Hurley”

Hurley is getting a taste of what it’s like to be a leader. We’ve seen many others struggle with the burdens of leadership and decision making – most notably Jack & Locke – and now it is Hurley’s turn to carry the load. Lives will be saved or lost on the decisions he makes and the advice he heeds or dismisses. So which voices will he listen to? Ilana? Richard? The ghost of Jacob? The ghost of Michael?

Ilana and Richard’s mission is to destroy the plane. The ghost that appears to be Michael – I don’t think we can be certain that any ghostly appearance is what it claims to be – doesn’t want the plane to blow up because people will die. A choice then for Hurley – let Locke leave on the plane and people will die or stop Richard and Ilana because people will die. It is the proverbial rock and hard place. Hurley’s view of whom to trust becomes clearer throughout the episode – “dead people are more reliable than alive people”.

“Dude, you’ve got some Ilana on you”

What exactly will happen if Locke leaves the island? Ilana was just about to tell us and then KABOOM. No room in season 6 for passengers (let’s hope Zoe is next). Meanwhile Locke is making a spear or a very big Jesus stick to remind himself of Eko or a curtain rail. We will find out I’m sure. Another thing I hope we find out is why Hurley took the diamonds; will it be a bribe or a tool further down line? He sure doesn’t need the money. I was also glad to see a Dosetoevsky book lying around – lending credence to my ‘Brothers Karamazov/Jacob & MIB’ similarities. I am convinced there will be a murdered father somewhere in their story line.

So Hurley hatches a plan of the ‘Locke-blowing-the-sub’ variety. He agrees to go with Richard only to sneak ahead and blow the Black Rock to smithereens. Once again we have a scene where the group splits itself. Two opposing leaders taking their troops on different courses. I don’t think this is the last time we will see this happening; the pieces are still moving before the end of the game is played out. Team Jacob is now just Richard, Ben & Miles and the new Team Hurley is The ‘Non-MIB’ Candidates plus Frank. Before they arrived at the Black Rock, Ben questioned what will happen to them once the Island’s intentions are sated. I was surprised when Ben chose to go with Richard and I am wondering if he has some other motive, most likely killing Widmore. Ben has forgiven himself but he won’t let Chuck Widmore off the hook so easily.

The Sideways reality followed the pattern begun in ‘Happily Ever After’ – enlightenment via love. Through Libby, a woman who has “issues with reality”, we have confirmation that it is not only the Island character’s stories that have been altered. She knows something is up. That there is, or was, “another life” (or a ‘bizzarro alternate universe”). Something is different and it needs putting right. Cue Desmond who, in a very Jacob like way, gives Hurley a little nudge.

“Do you believe that two people can be connected? Like soulmates?”

My understanding of the relationship between the realities changed again during this episode. After ‘Happily Ever After’ I thought that they were set to be fused – that they would  continue to bleed together until the Sideways gave way to the Island reality. But now I am left wondering how these realities will end. Hurley has been enlightened and captivated, not by the revelation of the Island, but by the revelation of love. There is no way he will swap the Sideways for the Island now. Libby is only alive in one reality and that is the only one where the soulmates can be connected. Hurley has been awakened to the truth but I think he will be happy with his current reality being different rather than swapping it for an alternative universe – the Island world. Could this be the future that awaits Sayid & Nadia and Sawyer & Juliet? Could the Sideways end up being the ‘Happily Ever After’ after all? I have been convinced that Lost will not have a happy ending, and I still think it won’t on the Island, but this universe may offer a place for happiness without negating the Island experiences. In fact this reality will be happy because of the Island story.

On the Island, Locke has a acquired Widmore’s secret weapon who has “nowhere to run to”. Experience has told Desmond that he was blasted with a massive amount of electromagnetism and he tells Locke as much. I would have thought that this would be the piece of information that would most trouble Locke but he seems more concerned by Desmond’s view of his identity. To Desmond he is not the Man in Black or the Smoke Monster, he is “John Locke”. This is why Desmond is unafraid and this is also why he is thrown down the well. It’s unlikely that the fall into the well would have killed Desmond but Locke certainly wants him out of the way to meddle. I don’t think that Desmond’s unique relationship with electromagnetism is what makes him special and dangerous – as he says “the Island has it in for everyone” – but it is his enlightened state, his ability to see the truth that makes him dangerous to Locke, dangerous to the Island and dangerous to everyone who has an agenda of their own to peddle.

“We’re the ones who can’t move on”

The depth of transformation that has occurred in Jack is beginning to come through. He was the one of the original Losties who found it hardest to let go and get over his past. But now he has surrendered his fixing obsession and has begun to listen to Rose’s advice from the premiere; he is truly letting go. He shares his feelings of guilt, remorse and deep responsibility over Juliet’s death and, worse of all him, he can’t ever fix it. Right after his confession we hear the whispers and Hurley, who has cracked that mystery, takes charge and goes to into the jungle. There he finds Michael again who tells him that he is there because he can’t move on because of what he did. He can’t fix things either. Some fans will be disappointed with this mythological reveal – the whispers are souls that have not moved on and they are stuck in a kind of purgatory. I have two thoughts on this reveal. The first is that I’ve realised that I don’t really care. As much as I wanted mythological reveals that made sense I am far more interested in the characters – the show’s myths are very much secondary to my enjoyment of LOST and I actually find the spiritual and supernatural elements of the show very satisfying to the story. The second thing is that I am still not convinced Hurley is seeing dead people. He may well be seeing the projections of the Island or the MiB or Jacob. Or someone else. Perhaps it is connected to a dirty boy that is haunting Locke and has now been seen by both Desmond and Sawyer. Another thing to remember is that we are yet to see Christian Shepherd this season. His body is still missing in the Sideways and he has been absent from the Island too. I think he will be the key to solving the mystery of the dead people’s appearances.

“How do you break the ice with a smoke monster?”

The two camps of original Losties (plus Frank) are reunited. Locke promises not to kill anyone (yet). We are now on the verge of getting a showdown of ideas and agendas; the forces at work will collide; the leaders will clash. Who will be on which side after Locke has shared his point of view? I could not be more excited about next week’s episode.

And just when I though we were going to get the LOST logo we were treated to a fascinating coda. Desmond plows down John Locke. This throws up a number of crucial questions as to why? It could be that Desmond’s realities are indeed bleeding together – that he is becoming fully aware of both realities at once – and is attacking John because of what the Island’s Locke has just done to him by throwing him down the well. It could also be that Desmond suspects that the John Locke of the Sideways reality is not John Locke at all, or at least not entirely. The MIB said that Jacob stole his body and his humanity. Perhaps in this reality the MIB has stolen Locke’s body and humanity. The Sideways John Locke  could play host to the MIB in the same way his Island counterpart does. Alternatively it could be that this is part of John’s enlightenment journey that Desmond is inciting – in the same way that Charlie careered his car in to the dock to begin Desmond’s awakening. Or perhaps it is a reordering to reality; John has love in this reality – a love he shouldn’t have.

As the castaways have been reunited on the Island I think they may be about to be reunited in the Sideways. We know that Locke and Jin & Sun are on their way to the hospital where Jack works. Sayid’s brother is already there. Claire is about to have a baby. Sawyer and Kate have just been in a car accident. There is one thing we know for sure: Everything happens for a reason.

As a little extra to the recaps I’m going to start a new chart – “Characters most likely to die in the next episode” – these are my guesses – I don’t do spoilers (apart from titles and promos) – so no spoilers in the comments please!

Characters most likely to die in the next episode:

1. Miles

2. Kate

3. Widmore

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  • Alan

    Good recap. But the bag Hurley took was Jacob’s ashes, not the diamonds.

    • gatesy815

      If that’s true then that is even more interesting….!

  • gusteaux

    Hurley didn’t “take the diamonds”. He took the pouch containing Jacob’s ashes.

    • gatesy815

      yeah… just checked that…. maybe Hurley has more of a plan (or a mission from Jacob) than he is letting on

  • mike

    Good recap. And I hate to rain on your parade but does Ben/Richard even know that Widmore is at Hydra Island? I thought only Locke and company knew he was there.

    • gatesy815

      Good spot. I still think a Ben/Widmore showdown is where it’s heading. Whether Ben knows it now or not!

  • gusteaux

    Man, I hope you are right about Kate!

    • GeigerCounter

      Me too, but it’s not gonna happen

  • jamesigh

    kate? seriously? there is no way she’s going to die before the finale. no way.

    • me


      • Gusteaux

        One can always hope though.

  • cap10tripps

    I’m starting to think they will all have a choice before one reality is ended. My guess would be that Sun and Jin are the only ones who will not choose the sideways reality (thus saving Ji Yeon’s life). They will be our Adam and Eve…

    • dolce

      How can they be Adam and Eve when at this moment Sun, Jin, and the bones are all on the island at the same time? There will be no more time travel according to D+C.

      • cap10tripps

        My theory here is that the island will exist in a bubble or sort of time loop. The loop would start at the incident and end when the electromagnetic pockets are destroyed. Jin and Sun will die when the end of the loop occurs and would explain why they stumbled upon their bones 32 years later (I believe Jack mentioned the skeletons were about 40 years old).

      • benewmy

        If they ever do reveal who Adam and Eve are, my bet is that they are Daniel and Charlotte.

  • Rooky

    Loved the recap just had a thought, maybe alt Locke is with MIB like you said. I mean MIB on the island seems to have Locke like reactions and sayings.

  • nemesise1977

    Des is Universe hopping. See the Des in the Island verse started off mad at Widmore and after the exposure to the magnitism started acting like Widmores right hand man of the altaverse. “I have a job for you…ok lets get to it”, not “die and take me to penney” also he knows locke as locke not smokey/dead locke. Yet the Des in the altaverse is getting in touch with 815rs dropping hints that things aren’t right and attacking Locke to kill him.

  • Cubie

    Gatesy, I have to ask: Do you watch the episodes before blogging? I really can’t be sure you do, as each of your recaps contains blatant factual errors (the diamonds/ashes snafu, for instance). It sometimes seems like you don’t even know what happened in the episodes you’re writing about. Very, very sloppy. As a writer, you should take more time to get it right.

    • gatesy815

      I am more gutted about Ben not knowing Widmore was on the Island and getting that wrong… Re: the diamonds – just got the wrong pouch… and I’m glad I did… the Jacob ashes is a much better pouch to be carrying around! I don’t read other recaps prior to writing so it does leave me open to the odd slip… sorry you find that so annoying…

      • heythereyourself

        Don’t you hate when people say things like “each of your recaps contains blatant factual errors” and then they only have one example.

        • heythereyourself

          Oh by the way can you believe Ben punched that donkey on the wheel! And that the smoke monster is actually smoke left in the chamber of Hurley’s bong! Now I’m no expert but I would say that those are “blatant facutal errors.”

  • Ament

    Here’s a question, besides his first word after kissing Libby, has Hurley used the word “dude” at all in this “bizzaro alternate universe”? He is more professional seeing that he may not have won the lottery rather got his fortune through business ownership.

    • Wanda

      Hurley still won the lottery. (See LA X.)

      • Ament

        Your right he mentioned that to Sawyer, thanks.

  • accessoire

    I guess Desmond wants Sideway John Locke’s consciousness to swap over to the other reality and that will destroy MIB.

    • Motherlode

      yeah i8 like tis idea. i think that is why Des ran down wheelchair locke. Somehow doing this is supposed to reanimate the locke who was buried, that would be silly because he would suffrocate. I think the consciousness will join the MIN locke and they will wrestle for control of the mind and body. After all isn’t the nexst episode entiltled the final Candidate

      • Dharma Chameleon

        I think that if Desmond can get MIB to penetrate the consciousness of altlocke than that will destroy the alt reality and not the main timeline.

        Altlocke will finally be off-island.

        Maybe that is why Eloise was so pissed at Desmond for being so meddlesome.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    Christian Shephard (at Jack’s hospital) and Libby (first time was a dream, second on freighter) could not have been Smokey because these happened off Island. Of course Christian came to Michael on the freighter too before it blew up. I’ve also noticed that there are two versions of Christian. One is neatly groomed in a suit and the other is dressed like an Other.

    • Motherlode

      I rambled on about this in my posted further down. And gee I missed the dress style difference of Christian. maybe the well dressed one is Jacob and the other dressed is the MIB.

  • Quadrophobiac

    I just had a thought about a possible different take on John Locke being run over.
    His mother was flattened by a car which caused his premature birth. Theres no way that Desmond could have any knowledge of this but I thought the parallel was somewhat eerie.

    • Motherlode

      Very good connection, I remember that episode but never gave it much thought that it would come back to later in the series. Pretty much like how Des first referred to Locke as Box man and how later the real John Locke is in a box that Ilana and her group bring to Richard. Hmm. an incubator is a sort of box, the open pit that Ben and the others placed the DI in and later short locke in his missing kidney is box like. The Island is supposed to be a container that imprisons MIB (box reference)

      Remember when Hugo goes to see Leonard in Santa Rosa to ask about the numbers and sreveals he used the numbers to win the lottery? Leonards reaction and his statement ” you shouldn’t have done that… You’ve opened the …. BOX”

      • Motherlode

        as an extension of what I just said. Locke blows up the hatch top entrance right after hugo sees the number. I hatch they didn’t know how to open short of sweaty dynamite. ( a reference to opening a box of sorts) and they find Des in the Box, Later John in the box, The box metaphor is everywhere

        • theusedfan31

          and the magic box ben talks about when he shows jhon his father.

  • clarinetcola

    >>>I am convinced there will be a murdered father somewhere in their story line.

    wouldn’t Jacob be the murdered (sorta) father of illana?

  • Motherlode

    Your suuppositions are interesting. But let me throw my own at you. I have noticed throughout all 6 seasons that the whispers precede the appearence of first the others (when Michael is going after Walt he is captured by the others, he is in a big empty field watching one of the others urinate and when he confronts him, suddenly big tom is behind him. erily appearing from no where, much the same way MIB does) then more often MIB in various ghost forms. We already saw that MIB invaded the temple and consumed all who opposed him those who didn’t were allowed to exist a bit longer. I think MIB is able to appear as all the others (ghosts?) that he consumed, I still can’t expalain how he is able to appear as a dripping wet Walt, Since apparently Walt left the island alive ( or did he) It also doesn’t explain how Christain Shepard can appear to Michael ion the Frighter when MIB is borrowing Christians form and we we were told that MIB can’t travel over water for some reason ( thats why he can’t go over to Hyra island). Yet he is able to appear on the frieghter to Michael bidding him to go (let go?) just before it blows up and Michael is killed and trapped on the island. I want to toss out some thing Hugo said to Jack when they were apparently off Island and part of the 6, it is in the episode Something nice back home(season 4). Hugo says to Jack when Jack visits him in santa rosa. ” Jack, what if we never left the island”. Hurley continues to see dead people, Eko and Charlie Pace particularly) Rememeber just after that we cut to Jack in his office at night transcribing a case, when he hears a smoke alarm go off. He goes to investigate and sess his Dad in the foyer of the hospital. How does Christain appear to Jack a couple thousand miles away over water yet when it is later established (this season) that MIB can’t go over the water, Images of the dripping wet Walt pop up in my mind. I don’t know how the writers will explain all this in the few episodes remaining. I feel it will not be explained and it will be one of a series mysteries to be pondered ( which in my estimation is part of excellent writting). Any way to reiterate I thinkthat because smioky can appear as dead people, his appearance to Hugo shouldn’t be trusted. Look what happened to Shannon when the tailies made it over to the main group of losties. There was whispering just before Ana Lucia killed Shannon. It all fits in nicely with the 1st appearance of Jacob and MIB. “Its always the same they come they fight they corrupt, I think its safe to say that MIB is influencing the outcome of his statement.

    • Motherlode

      I mean Michaels appearance to Hugo shouldn’t be trusted

      • The Magician

        I agree, Michael’s appearance seemed very strange. I mean, he told Hurley not to get himself killed, then straightaway pointed out the direction of Locke’s camp. My initial reaction that it wasn’t the actual Michael but a man-in-black induced hallucination.

    • brewsterdmb

      I always felt that the O6 leaving the island felt funny.
      The whole off-island part is dark, both in physical appearance (clothing) and in storyline.
      It felt like a Bizarro-world, in a sense.
      I assumed they left into a different reality, or one “ruled” by MIB, or something.
      Unless the world they always lived in (pre-crash) was a time-loop dominated by MIB and they were brought to the island to end it?

    • Tressexpress

      A few episodes into this season Illana told Sun that MIB was stuck in Locke’s form… that he could no longer change to another human’s form. I figured that was because Jacob was killed… or perhaps because they buried Locke’s body while he was in that form? (I believe others MIB appeared as weren’t buried bodies, ie, Christian) So this negates the idea that Ghost Michael is MIB in Michael’s form. I believe all the whispers are all the dead of those who disappointed Jacob when he brought them to the island over the years and MIB intervened bringing out the dark side of humanity. They are unable to leave because they of their actions while alive… and there would be a sizable number of them in Jacob and MIB had tested humanity for so many years.

  • momath

    I’ve noticed that besides Desmond, Eloise and now Hurley, the only people who remember the island in the flash sideways are dead on the island (Charlie, Daniel, Libby..)

    We know that Desmond can universe hop, and Eloise has always been more enlightend than the rest. So does the fact that Hurley now remembers the island mean that he is about to die on the island??? Say it ain’t so.

    After being run over by Desmond, it seems that Locke has finally started to remember the island. He is also technically dead on the island.

    • Wanda

      Daniel has inklings of the other universe too, since seeing Charlotte. And Claire knew her baby was Aaron.

      • Vinternet

        Everyone points out the Aaron thing, but that’s just a repeat of something that was already true in the OT. She names him Aaron when he’s born and tells one of her fellow Losties she’s not even sure what it means, she just knows she wants to name him that.

  • Motherlode

    Locke has been dead since he was tossed out the 8th (one of the numbers from the hatch) floor window by the person who may or may not be his dad. He wasn’t breathing until Jacob touched him. Someone else on this site pointed out that Lockes Mom was struck by a car and caused John to arrive prematurely So right from the start Lockes life right from birth was tenuous.

  • Bakedbob

    All i know is that Desmond is not even a candidate but oh boy is he a new Jacob for the time being… I mean..switching between dimensions,
    and changing peoples lives..Thats what Jacob did..

    Also i’m looping my mind between Lock and MIB…what if all faithful Locke was always MIB and vice versa.. Why when Lock and the Black Smoke met for the first time Lock said smokey was “light”..
    Maybe because of the flashing it does to you while judging them.
    Does that mean that Locke was judged by it?
    And why did Locke say:
    “I have looked in the eyes of this island, and what i saw was beautiful”

    Mindbending Lostness..Give me strength for the last episodes left…

    • Motherlode

      Now that is an interesting comment..Locke was the 1st to literally see the smoke monster and the 1st claimed (or maybe devoured) by him,, we never did see what transpired when it closed on Locke.. just inferred from the smokes encounter with Eko and look what happened to Eko. If you have the 1st season on DVD it might well be worth your while to watch Locke through the rest of the 1st season.. You can see subtle differences in how Locke reacts espeically around the eyes.. It almost makes you think half the time it is Smoky that is interacting with the losties on the beach. Especially watch all interactions between all those he interacted with in aprticulr the remaining ones from season 6

      • Cubie

        The first to “literally” see it? As opposed to the first to figuratively see it?

        • Naultz

          Actually, the pilot of 815 was the first to see smoke monster,and perhaps jack, kate and charlie saw it as well.

      • bps

        And after Locke’s interaction with the smoke monster early in season one he returns to the beach carrying a boar on his shoulders, exactly the same way MIB brought a boar on his shoulders to Richards camp in season 5.

        • BakedBob



        • Kevonsky

          This strikes me as funny, how he carried the boar? Can you think of many ways to carry the boar?

          I don’t think they knew in season One that Locke would be Flocke. I wouldn’t read anything into it.

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    finally, a review which just accepts lost for what it is! thank you, this was a great read.

  • Aldoisalwayssunny

    Lepidus is the key to the hole thing.

    • Bakedbob

      Would you mind expanding your thought’s a bit more brutha?
      ratha than just spitting out something that doesn’t make sense?

    • Frogurt’s Arrow

      He’s the only one that can fly the plane. Shoot him and the plane issue is solved.

      Personally though I think the plane issue got solved back when a branch went through the windshield, unless there’s a plane windshield shop on the island somewhere. And some technicians skilled at replacing it.

      • BakedBob

        I dont think that MIb plans to really fly off the island in that thing.. (wrecked plane)
        More likely he wants to gather everyone and…who knows..
        Kill them..or flash them.. But not really fly off the island..

        So if Lepidus was the key to it, MIb would have given some gravity to that. For now it just really seems MiB wants to gather all the candidates. But the way he really leaves i dont think it involves the plane.
        Everybody (Richard-Illana) is saying that Mib want’s everybody dead.
        Again i dont think MiB wants to actually kill them.
        Its more likely that if he does leave, the consequence will be that
        they (survivor and candidates) will just stop existing in the

        I’m still struggling with the reaction of MiB when he asked Desmond if he knows who he is and Des replyied “You’re John Locke”..
        I mean it makes you think that Desmond didnt know that RealLocke was dead..but it feels like there is more to it. A lot more!!!!!!!

        Mindbending Lostness… give me strength for the last epi(c)sodes left.

      • sparafucile

        The branch through the windshield isn’t quite as essential as the fact that passenger jets don’t have a reverse gear. Ajira 316 is nosed into a palm forest. It’s kinda tough to get up to takeoff speed when you’re not facing the flat part of a runway.

      • bps

        If they try to take the plane off I will be very disappointed. Would never happen. But then again none of this stuff would ever happen, but still there has to be a certain amount of realism to the story for it to hold water. If the plane takes off it would definitely be a shark jump…if you can do that this close to the end of a series.

  • LaFleur Me

    Just a couple of fun things: did anyone else notice that Desmond’s chicken order # was 42? also -I noticed Island Des says “aye” (as Scots do) and sideways Des says “yes”. Are they using subtle verbal clues to tell us something? And my take on the Ghost Kid’s smile is tht he was happy Desmond was back. I think Des may be our last recruit -or canidate.
    Why does everyone hate Kate? She came back to the island selflessly to reunite aaron and Claire. Everything Kate has ever done has been selfless -even killing Daddy -she did it for her mom. Our first glimpse of Kate she is stitching up Jack (I would have run away), she delivered Aaron, held the mirror for Jack at his operation, helped save little Ben’s life, begged Jack for Sawyer’s life, returned to take Claire to the hospital instead of getting away, helps Cassidy with her con at the gas station, risks her life to see her cancer-stricken Mom, makes sure her husband Kevin doesn’t get blamed for her stuff, saves the farmer’s life (which gets her caught), puts the air mask on the marshall when she could have let him die- on and on. Her one selfish act was taking Aaron -for which she is atoning big time. She may not know who she loves but otherwise she is a great, complicated character.

    • Motherlode

      I never hated kate.. I think she is totally smoking hot.. and her character is beyond reproach. She may be a fugitive but shjhe definitely has a heart of gold ( in that hot frame) andhas everyones best interst at heart

    • Motherlode

      I think you are bang on about kate

      • gatesy815

        Yeah I agree… I think Kate is a great character… I’ve just got a feeling an original character will die before the finale… and I reckon kate, claire or sayid are the most likely… what do I know though, i thought hurley took the diamonds!

        • GeigerCounter

          Uhm, technically, Sayid already died.

    • Frogurt’s Arrow

      People hate Kate because she is a constant flip flopper and leads men on. She used her flashback boyfriend and got him killed, she abandoned her husband. When she’s with Sawyer she wishes she had Jack, when she’s with Jack she’s horny for Sawyer, and on and on. In general she’s okay but romantically she’s toxic and can’t be trusted at all.

      I don’t really care who Kate ends up with but I liked her most when she looked up to Jack and seemed to admire him and was like his confidant, back in season 1. Even if not romantically. But that’s been gone for so long at this point.

    • Naultz

      Just because Kate has a reasoning behind her behavior does not make her actions selfless. almost everything you have mentioned was to her benefit.
      She killed her dad for her own reasons, not just for dear old mom. if you recall, Kates mom was furious with her for doing it, so obviously it wasn’t moms choice. She helped stich Jack because she wanted to get to know him better, not just to benefit jack. She held the mirror for Jack because he ordered it to Juliet, not because she wanted to help out. She returned Claire to hospital only after she had taken care of herself and she stole money out of her purse and lied about it. She acted to help claire because she felt guilty about what she had done. when she saw mom it was to hear that she wasn’t going to testify and refused to let her mom see her grandson. She saved the farmer but he wouldn’t have to been saved if she hadn’t attacked him and drove them off the road. the air mask? don’t you remember when kate ordered the execution of the marshall by giving sawyer the gun to finish him off. Aaron was her only selfish act? what about how she used her supposed “love of her life” Tom to help her escape the police, he was shot and killed and she just ran away. then she convinced another guy to rob a bank with her and ends up shooting him so she can get what she wants…tom’s little airplane. she used Kevin to hide from police and suckered him into a relationship. even thought these are reasons for kate’s behavior, and maybe even some of these reasons we can understand, they are definately not selfless, and certianly not acceptable behavior from some one. that is why she is not a canidate and why people hate kate.

      • Cubie

        All very true. Most of what Kate does is for herself. That said, I still think she’s a great character, portrayed by a strong (and exceedingly good-looking) actor.

        • naultz

          yeah, i mean I wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers…but I would check under her pillow for a gun

  • Ament

    Other moments I dont think people have yet commented on; this was the first episode in which the plane crash and island were remembered. Dan and Charlie only remembered Charlotte and Claire respectively. It was Libby that point blank shot it out to us that the crash and island happened. Hurley coined the phrase “bizarro alternate universe”,which should be the name for it now since it was finally given a name, and if anyone knows anything about superman, “bizarro” is the name of the dimension/world where everything was opposite.

  • chris

    where is fishy?

  • Bakedbob

    I dont get it..ppl here talk about the characters in the show not in a
    story driven-mystery solving manner….but how much they like them or not in a sick fan-boy fan-girl way which has nothing to do with “solving” the mysteries of LOST.
    I really don’t get it… Nobody is talking as to how could this have began..or how it could end..Everybody is talking about “Oh Kate is selfish, Kate is hot,
    Kate is not , etc.etc


    • Cubie

      Bakedbob, you must truly be baked, because that’s not REMOTELY true. People discuss the mysteries here ALL THE TIME. You clearly don’t read very well.

      • BakedBob

        Yes i am…Aren’t you? why not..
        but then again i read quite well for a non english user.
        And most of the comments are bla bla bla about why they like or dislike characters. Like your comments about Kate.
        All you talk about is her “character” but not what ties her into the story of the island and the parallel’s.
        I mean obviously Jacob chose her for a reason. And if she was not even a candidate that makes that reason even more obscure..
        But is selfish..kate is hot..kate is not…blablabla

        • Cubie

          No, you’re completely off-base. The comments are a lot more than that. And in any case, if you don’t like the kinds of comments people make, then add comments that you think are more in line with what people should be commenting.

  • gusteaux

    No FishBiscuit recap this week??? Boo!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aldo lover

      Yeah what the heck? Maybe all the negative comments she was receiving scared her away?

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