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LOST 5.03 – Jughead – Behind the Scenes

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If you are ever in Hawaii, make sure you hire Ed Kos’s Hummertours to bring you around.   Not only will you get a better appreciation for Hawaii’s history, you might just run into something like this.  Ed was good enough to provide some snap shots taken during the production of Jughead, including that iconic prop – the jughead platform – being assembled.   Notice the Dharma stencils on the barrels.  That is pretty common on the set, and those were not part of the shoot, so idle down your theory engine.  Visit Ed’s site for more pics and vids.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Beckstead6

    Back September of last year my wife and I wergreate able to go on this tour. It was great! We got to see so many of the sights that only true Lost fans would appreciate…the dock where Sawyer, Kate and Jack get taken by the others. We saw Hurley’s golf course, among many others. Jeff as our tour guide. IT RULED!!!!