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LOST 5.05 – This Place is Death – Post-Air Promo Pics

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Here is a set of promo pics from ABC for LOST 5.05, “This Place is Death.”  They apparently figured Charlotte’s death would be a big deal because there are tons of pics.  RIP Char, we’ll miss ya.

[imagebrowser id=35 template = flipped]

From TVFrenzy:

  • Doc, long time fan. thanks for the great site.

    this just struck me when i read your post. don’t know how much you factor in the Dark Tower, but in those stories, “Char” means death (CHARlie the choochoo, CHARyou tree etc). i thought it interesting the person with “Char” in her name is a focal point in the ep. about “death.”

    anyway, keep it up.


  • imfromthepast

    CHARlie died, and so did Boone CHARlyle, and… oh wait, that’s all.

    And come to think of it, it was Carlyle, so scratch that one.