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General ARG Catching Up Stuff – Watch Attack Of The Show Tonight?

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poster1First of all: howdy strangers. I’ve been down with some health issues for the past week so I’ve flat out ignored the LOST world. Definitely a luxury of the off season. There has been things going on with the non-ARG – I don’t look at this thing as an ARG as much as a fan appreciation event with a slight ‘ARG’ flavor. The latest poster, the Locke one, has apparently… SOLD OUT!

Rather than just copy and paste, I’m going to direct you to the guys who are staying on top of the happenings here: I’ll be more involved in coming weeks, but they always have a grasp on what is going down and if you need a catch up, go visit them.

There are a bunch of puzzle-pictures at, most have been solved.  The latest is in code and translates to AOTS.  This would correspond with the most recent happening with the game as it was released today.  So maybe we should be watching Attack Of The Show today?  Maybe not?  Ideas?

From TVFrenzy:

  • Lottery Ticket

    just to let you know Attack of the Show’s new episode to air on Monday, August 31. So . . . waiting for another clue.

  • Madge

    Hope feel better!

  • LockeButNotLocke
  • Apopheniac79

    LockeButNotLocke, the bar code looking thing? If so, it’s a QR code []. It’s the thing that translates to A-O-T-S. BTW, not sure if it will make any difference but the code is A-O-T-S not AOTS 😉

    And Lottery Ticket is right, Monday is the next new Attack of the Show. I’m assuming that is where we’ll get our next ‘clue’.

  • Dan

    It also says “DVDUESDAY” which is a segment that airs on TUESDAY night.