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Got Any Questions for Michael Emerson? Submit Them!

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My good friends at E! forwarded along a note for all you losties out there. Got a burning question for Michael Emerson? Here’s your chance to have it asked. Think quick though! This is one of those under the wire/11th hour/fly by the seat of our pants thing.

michael-emerson-lost-marriage-troublesSorry for the short notice, but if your fans have Q’s for Michael Emerson ready between now and noon today PST (three hours), they can email or post on your sites and I’ll pick them up. Kristin will be interviewing him this afternoon.

Don’t forget to tell em Doc sent ya!

From TVFrenzy:

  • Tyler Cheman

    Hello, Ben is my favorite character, In this season of LOST, will we see Ben return to the island or is there no chance of him returning any time soon or returning at all?

  • Jerry Hartel

    Ben is a loved, mysterious character but will Ben meet his death on LOST?

  • Tyler Cheman

    Doc sent me

  • Matt

    Could Ben have been able to turn the donkey wheel in the opposite direction, and if so, would it have caused a different outcome?

  • MJ

    I would like to know if you watch LOST as a fan? In other words, are you as LOST as we are? Have you ever been totally surprised by the writers either in dialog or scene? For example, what was your first impression upon hearing the words “frozen donkey wheel”.

    A lot of the scenes revolve around water (ocean, rain, plumbing, etc.) From the actors point of view are these scenes generally more difficult to shoot. Can you share an example?

    Do you have a stunt double?

    Are we going to get an answer to why the the ‘hostiles’ play dress up? Who are they fooling?

    Thank you for your great work on this show. Ben really creeps us all out! Love it.


  • professorstotch

    If you had to guess, what would be Ben’s favorite cereal? Does he remember cereals or has he just become accustomed to eating the Dharma brand?

    • professorstotch

      Oh yeah, and of course…Doc sent me.

  • Omar

    I’d like to as him “which character did he wish to do beside ben? & Will there be a twist in ben’s character as the rest of the cast in the following seasons?”

    • Omar

      Thank you for the wonderful role and ofcourse “Doc Sent Me”

  • Ceartly

    Has your approach to Ben’s character changed at all from season 2? From leader of the ‘bad guys’ to almost a sympathetic hero-like comrade? Or have you tried to keep an overall even feel to the part?

    Keep up the great work. Ben really adds a unique dimension to the whole show.

    The DOC SENT ME!

  • desmonds girl

    Have you seen/Do you like the ”BenRy” song, that theothersloatband put on youtube ?

  • Aidan

    Hey Micheal, why do you think Ben and the others thought of Walt being special?

    Thanks, Aidan from Ireland. PS: Have you ever been to Ireland?

  • Mike

    The first two seasons of LOST, Walt seemed one of the Main focus points for the Island, and the past couple season it seems they have gotte away from him. Will they revisit this story line.

  • numbersarebad

    Will Ben be more vulnerable off the island, or does he still always have a plan?
    …Doc sent me.

  • Lauren

    Michael, great work on the show! Ben is by far my favorite character. My question is, how much do you know about what will happen to Ben throughout the rest of the series?

  • Isomc24

    DOC SENT ME. First of all you are my favorite actor on the show. I have enjoyed every scene you are in. You just set a tone that is hard to describe, very serious yet unpredictable. It seems that having one more trick up his sleeve is the defining feature of Ben and I love guessing what it will be? It seems that you make Ben to be almost omniscient, I don’t know if that feeling comes from the writing or your acting or both, but it makes for very interesting TV. My question is when you were originally cast, did you know that you would be the leader of the others and keeper of the island in a way or did the positive reaction you recieved from the public before Bens identity was revealed cause Damon/Calton to rewrite your character into a central cast member? If the latter is true I would imagine that would be a very rewarding moment as an actor. Thanks for your time and I hope you continue to be very successful in your life.


  • Helen

    Ben is a very outstanding and misterious character.He’s a great work of yours!Is it difficult to play this role?And what is the most difficult in your character?Thank you very much!Good luck!

    ps: Doc sent me

  • Luci

    Ben is my absolute favorite character on the island…well besides Sawyer. I love Ben’s evilness!!!

  • Mark Winter

    If you were not successful in getting the role of Ben, which other Lostie character would you of liked to of played and why?

  • me

    I don’t know why so many of you are asking what will happen to Ben, and other monumental storyline based quetsions. You know full well that Michael Emerson won’t answer this, and besides, he probably doesn’t know anyway; that is the domain of the writers.

    I know my question is late, but it would’ve been ”what actors do you admire the most, and who has been the biggest inspiration to you in your professional career?”