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Has Paul Scheer Made a Deal With The Devil?

By docarzt,

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Damon Carlton And a Polar Bear joins forces with Ronie Midfew Arts?  Are you kidding me?  My first concern is this: Paul, are you aware of the term Faustian? You need to be very careful Paul… very careful.  And is it just me, or is Damon wearing Carlton’s glasses and vice versa?  What could this mean?


This probably doesn’t make much sense to any of you. If you were to tell me I would team up with Ronie Midfew Arts a week ago, I’d say, “I’d rather let Keamy execute my daughter right in front of me, than join with them.” But let’s just say “Ronie” was very persuasive.

I can’t get into the full details of our agreement at this time.  However I can say that I agreed to TEMPORARILY stop production and promotion of my LOST inspired velvet artistry for an undisclosed reason in lieu of a new opportunity which I ultimately think will blow your mind. Wow, that was a mouthful.


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From TVFrenzy:

  • Handsome Smitty

    Paul Scheer: “I used to think Ronie Midfew Arts was the devil but if the devil loves Lost as much as I do how bad of a guy can he be?”

    Okay everybody, remember that quote before you all start throwing stones at me again!

    And that picture of Sawyer has to be some kind of tease, huh?

  • jacksbeard

    I’m getting so bored about this Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear non-sense that the only thing that made me cheer in the pic was the number 15 between Paul and Carlton. This is making no sense and feels like a waste of time to follow it.

    • cody

      is this taking you a lot of time to follow? there’s one new thing a week that takes 30 seconds to read about. you must be really busy.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    its all publicity fun for the fans. the comic con session was all about the fans and they didnt get to do enough of these kinds of things so theyre doing it now. i tell you theres something up with this that may be linked to the last season.

  • BennyD

    really seems like cause they don’t have the money for a proper ARG this year they are just going to a few little fun things for the fans

  • JuliusCaesar108

    Ya, I was echoing my frustration on the DCPB website (although the comment might get removed). I’m frustrated because it’s supposed to be fan art, not stuff officially from Lost.

    Paul caved in – it makes me sad 🙁

    3 min until the next update on the DCPB website.

  • rleroux

    So, on the new website, there are 17 picture frames, but the 14th and 15th ones are identical and have the same file name. The 17th picture is named frame 16, and the question mark in it is red. The one to be found, I suppose.

  • dharmalchemist

    Anyone notice the picture in the background says LOTS instead of LOST?

  • rleroux

    Scratch that. The site has been edited and the extra picture has been taken out..

  • dharmalchemist

    Also, click on “rules of the road” at the bottom of the page, imo looks like they’re setting up events all over the country.

  • dharmalchemist

    You’re right, it’s 16 now

  • connorcarpenter

    I don’t think so. Both the “rules of the road” page and the Hub page makes it clear you can do everything from your computer. You should read it again. I don’t think the answer is that we need to get ready to go clubbin’ at LAX.

    What are the stations in the background? I see: swan, staff, pearl, looking glass, flame, hydra, and door. There are two I don’t recognize. Which ones are missing?

  • Apopheniac79

    yeah I think that there will be something that happens at the show but that it will be filmed and uploaded for those not able to attend

  • sv

    Who’s the 4th guy on the picture? Someone from “Ronie Midfew Arts”?
    I wonder if it’s not a way to reveal the season 6 episodes titles…I mean, we lready know that the 1st one will be titled ‘LAX’, and if you follow the myspace link at the bottom of the flyer it says that they club in LAX, there’s also a weird YouTube video called ‘Banana split / LAX 12.30.07’
    That banana split looks like a real band of people doing remixes and clubbing like there’s no tomorrow (there’a also a Facebook link on the myspace page). If they’re not ‘real’ (i.e. they were ‘created’ for some sort of LOST ARG), theny they went pretty deep in their creation. There are links to many websites, etc.

    This is all kind of weird, really 🙂

  • KFR42

    I’m assuming they’re a real act as comments on their myspace date back way before any of the ARG stuff.

  • The picture with D, P, C and the suit was taken with an iPhone, in this location…

    At least we know that Ronies offices are in Burbank 😉

  • Heidi

    The show is starting up production very soon so I think it is very cool that Damon and Carlton are participating in this way. I am surprised that some of you guys are annoyed by this. With a large majority of LOST fans searching for Easter Eggs in every show, I would think you would just accept this and think about what you see. Were Damon and Carlton this involved with previous in between Seasons stuff? I think we should think about who the guy with his back to the camera might be. And I like the 4 toed statue foot in the poster!

  • Steve Aoki is on stage next Friday in Berlin, I’ll be there…

  • Guess What
  • Lendau

    Am I the only one entirely bored with all of this stupid Paul Scheer schtick? It’s neither entertaining nor funny, and just comes off as lame. Please, guys, put this crap aside and get back to actual reporting and commentaries.

  • Well,it seems that some people are getting bored with this current Paul Scheer and the “Damon, Carlton, and a polar bear” thing. Who knows? It may actually pick up and have some more exciting things happen later on. It is still too early to tell. I am always fond of anything Lost related. If nothing else, at least it inspired me to make a lot of new Lost related art as well. I started making some desktops and I decided to make a photo manipulation of the “Damon, Carlton, and a polar bear” piece. It can be viewed here:

    It isn’t that great, but it was fun to do and I have been really inspired since the final season of Lost is coming up soon. I am sure Damon and Carlton will have something cool for the fans during the ARG at some point. I have faith in them.

  • LostinLocke

    If you’re not into the Paul Scheer stuff, DON’T READ THE FREAKING POSTS ABOUT IT. How hard is that. If you like only the commentary and news on the site, then just read the commentary and news. Not that there’s a whole lot to read in the off-season. But quite a few of us do find this fun and something to distract the mind over the long hiatus. So leave our fun alone. Geez.

  • Lendau

    Relax, JustlinLocke, I was just stating my opinion. So “Geez” right back atcha.

    • cody

      and he was stating his opinion about idiots like you

  • scrunch the cat

    This whole Paul Scheer/Polar Bear thread is not funny and not cool. ABC should cut the shit. If they want to elevate a “fan” they should have chosen someone with more chops, like Jen and Ryan of the Transmission, or even Donald.

  • Bezmina

    The specs are the wrong way round doc….
    Hmmm is this an alt reality timeline?? Is this the new thing for the final season? It would tie in with the Mr clucks ad and the america’s most wanted with Kate? Hmmmm

  • boonesghost

    Here’s the latest update.

  • spacebender

    Though the whole Paul/Ronnie tale looks rather bizarre to one not versed in gaming/args experiences (at least that’s my guess as to why it doesn’t connect), the glasses swap in the above photo cracks me up. It appears that Carlton is wearing Damon’s glasses and Damon is wearing glasses of similar shape to Carlton’s but with a much heavier frame, kind of like Sawyer’s spectacles in the background poster. He has even grown his stubble to match that of Sawyer.

  • spacebender

    That is, Damon has grown his stubble to match Sawyer. LOL!

  • Benmanben

    Everyone check, “Flynn’s arcade” I’m sure it’s fake

  • lostinnashville

    spent way too much time today trying to find an anagram in Ronie Midfew Arts.

    “Find me or its war. E.”

    (Enos maybe?) is my favorite. Anyone know the real answer other than I am a girl with too much time on my hands?

  • lostinnashville

    Who is Enos? I meant Esau.

  • Jarrod

    The glasses they are wearing are similar to the glasses they are wearing in the damon carlton and a polar bear velvet painting. D&C’s expressions are similar to the painting as well. If you google image damon and carlton, Damon wears various styles of glasses, and carlton sometimes wears no glasses or glasses with very slight frames.