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Images from LOST 6.04 – Spoilerish

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We’ve just posted the promo pics for LOST 6.04 on TVOvermind.  Check em out now.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Seabiscuit

    Bet Locke is starting to stink.

    • Roseysdaddy

      Yea, sadly, he should be quite swollen by now.

      • Cutter XXIII

        He came from a funeral home, where he was almost certainly embalmed before his open-casket funeral. He’ll keep for a couple weeks.

  • Dan

    Where’d his jacket go?

  • donvanone

    Why is this in the Spoiler-Free-Feed?

    • Cutter XXIII

      Yeah, really. Lapidus goes over and looks at Locke’s body?? EPISODE RUINED.