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Kimmell Spoofs Across the Sea

By docarzt,

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Even Jimmy Kimmell seems a little bemused by “Across the Sea,” but luckily rather than kvetching on the boards he’s opting for good humor… with a little help from Titus Welliver and Mark Pellegrino.  Behold.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Matthew Perry

    The fact that Pellegrino and Welliver are in this clip is incredibly awesome. They are too fucking funny here. God bless them.

  • DeSelby

    Can I please just have a closeup of Mark’s face at 1:17 and use it as my desktop forever?

    • Rams

      hehe it’s priceless.

  • Rams

    These two actors are awesome!!!!

  • rodmanrc

    Well, at least somebody had some fun with the latest episode. I liked it, personally, and was eager to see what the rest of the fan community thought about it on Wednesday morning. I was not prepared for all the vile, hateful things people had to say about “Across the Sea.” You’d think only a handful of folks actually liked the episode, of which I consider myself a member.

    The thing that annoys me about a lot of the feedback of “Across the Sea” is that yes, we’re finally getting answers…but, if you are to believe the people who bitched about this episode, they’re not getting they answers THEY want.

    Listen: Damon and Carlton told you this a long time ago. They knew that not everyone was going to like what they had in store for the end. They knew that everyone has it in their minds how they THINK the story should end. And now that Damon and Carlton have made it to the end, and are providing answers, people are almost angry about the answers they’re receiving. Which, coming from someone who’s watched the show since the beginning and has been happy to just sit back and revel in the entertainment provided to me (a.k.a. one of those “enjoying the ride” fans which seem to annoy other fans because they don’t consider us true fans or some other nonsensical BS), I don’t understand the criticism.

    “Yes, they’re answering questions. But they’re not wrapping the show the way I WANT THEM TO!” seems to be the general feeling I got from fans now. Even though most won’t admit it, fans seem to want the show to end HOW THEY WANT IT TO END, not how Damon and Carlton are ending it, which, let’s be honest, ain’t no one gonna see comin’, from the looks of it.

    I am disappointed that so many did not like “Across the Sea,” which I thought was a great episode. I am disappointed that so many people are abandoning ship this late in the game. And I am disappointed that so many people will not accept how the show ends because it’s not how THEY want it to end.

    Me? I’m still the same uber-obsessed fan I always was. Happy to go wherever the show takes me. I don’t critize every minute detail of the show because that takes away the fun of it for me. But for those of you who, for some reason, have sour grapes…for whatever nonsensical reason…

    …sorry, but I don’t feel, or understand, your frustrations.

    • ejoiner

      Absolutely agree 100% – and I’ve got to say that the Lost online community has gotten especially negative over the past season. Yeah, you aren’t always going to get what you want but you should still appreciate and enjoy what you’re getting from the same team that’s produced and told this story for the past 6 seasons! Instead it’s constant, vile (often profanity laced) nit-picking. Which is weird because my offline Lost community is still pumped, enjoying the show and having a great time discussing each episode. We especially liked “Across the Sea.”

      The message boards here, at DarkUfo, at CHUD and others have just turned into a bunch of sour grape whiners (for the most part) and I’ve decided to quit visiting except for some of the established recappers whose insights (and continued committment to the fun and mystery of the show) I still enjoy.

      • imfromthefuture

        Agree.. Its riduclous.. how are you gonna enjoy anything if you have a check list of expectations.. just watch the show.. enjoy it for what it is like you always have and if you must complain after..

    • I thought the answers in ATS were fine, although the presentation was a bit stilted and cheesy in parts.

      What bothers me is all the mysteries they just won’t have time to answer before the show ends.

      • OtherJacob

        Darlton has explicitly said that they are not going to be answering everything. They used the scientific explanation for the force in Phantom Menace as a key example of how explaining everything can actually ruin something. I completely agree with this.

        However, one of the key examples that they gave of something that they said they wouldn’t answer was Shannon’s inhaler. What’s one of the answers we got in the episode Lighthouse?? The location of her inhaler! What can we take this to mean??? Simple – don’t expect anything to be what you thought it would be and just enjoy the ride. At the very least, that’s my interpretation of it.

    • JDR22


      I am just as obsessed as you when it comes to LOST. I have considered (and still do) myself to be a huge LOST Apologist. However, I would disagree with you that so many fans disliked the episode because they’re not getting the answers THEY want.

      True, that may be the case for some, but the issue for me came down to HOW the answers were unveiled. I don’t mind there being a “heart of the island”, but by making it a Magical Moon Pool complete with fairy-dust music didn’t present it very well. I didn’t mind Mother and MiB being Adam and Eve, but the insulting flashes to Season One ruined it for me.

      While the episode as a whole provided answers we needed to get, it did so with much ambiguity. We still don’t know much about the “rules” of the Island, etc. Now, it’s possible that we will learn these things in the remaining hours, so we’ll see. It also seemed like they stretched the story to fit into an hour-long episode, when there could have been more efficient ways to deliver this information.

      These quibbles, the last one especially, are very subjective. I’m glad that you were able to love the episode, but to me it felt like a missed opportunity. I’m still hopeful that LOST will have a satisfying conclusion for our main characters, though.

      As far as the mythology…I’m not so sure.

      I hope I’m surprised.

      • richie k

        i know what you mean, but what if you watched the whole thing like a movie, the scene with j + k would have made you cry like a baby. i knew before i watched who adam and eve were, but i still found it touching to see it again. i know what you mean though, i would definatley love to know about these rules (“ive made it so you can never hurt each other”), and why, but as you said well see in the next episodes, or i hope so !!!! i hope im as satisfied, and suprised as the cast and crew. fingers crossed!

  • eric

    amen, rodmanrc!

  • fireprow2

    this is to handsomeshitty, anyone who can pass judgement on this show without seeing the last 3 1/2 hrs. is we todd did. bring it.

    • Burley Hurley

      Care to try that again, but in English?

    • He’s not here.

    • Handsome Smitty

      It’s Handsome SMitty – and your twist on my name shows the type of response you hope to evoke from me. I passed judgement on THIS episode and at THIS point feel that Lost’s basic premise/plot is now shown to have been somewhat vacuous. I have been predicting for some time now that Sideways© (a term coined by moi in regards to the flashes in the first episode) will end a certain way and I see that coming. I actually expect the ending to be somewhat satisfying unless The Darlton pull some type of Twilight Zone trope.

      But that does not excuse what I thought was the overall weakest episode of the entire series. I think the simplistic writing and directing made the performances weak. And the reveal of the SILLY and apparently original motivation for what’s been going on with some fantastic performances and writing and directing over the past five years kind of makes all that like the bad taste you have in your mouth every morning.

      Unless more answers are coming – and I suspect they’re not since The Darlton were obviously channeling their contempt for those who question through Mom in Black – the prestige that Lost has earned has been tarnished.

      It’s an opinion, my opinion, and like assholes we all have that. Just wipe yours before you share next time, you don’t mind.

      • The Black Rock

        Smitty, you come off as a tool using the copyright symbol for Sideways. No one’s impressed or intimidated by it. Just quit it already.

  • Naultz

    I realize that many people are worried about there not being enough time to answer all the mysteries, or they have not been answered to the degree that would be satisfying for many. but this could be a HUGE blessing in disguise. My favorite thing about lost is discussing the theories and mysteries of the island with fellow fans. If they wrapped up every single question in a nice pretty bow, we would have nothing to discuss once the show is over. I too, will admit that towards the middle of the season I was feeling the same way as alot of fans felt, dissapointed and anxious about getting answers. Now I see it as an opportunity for the fan base to discuss theories well after the show is over. so cheer up, and hold tight.

  • GeigerCounter

    “Three episodes to go, they devote the whole show to characters we barely know.”
    Uhm… DUH! How else are we supposed to get to know them? The monolog was very good but Connect 4 Million rocks.

  • minnie swirl

    That is hysterically funny. Pellegrino and Welliver were fantastic.

  • berdugo75

    The reason why I think that this episode stunk so much was mostly in part to the acting of the Woman in Black, had they chosen a different actress, perhaps the whole tempo of the episode would have been different. I think that she was not the right choice to play WIB.

  • dudeski



    “HA HA HA!”

    so. fucking. funny. titus welliver and mark pellegrino rule.

  • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

    God that’s a scream. I hope they include that in the DVD release.

  • Elize34

    Personally, I did not like Across the Sea, mostly because all the important questions were shoved off to this ‘Mother-person’ who magically knew everything and said not to ask questions.

    Still, I love the show and my main focus is on the Losties and not so much on Jaxob/MIB thing… maybe some answers will still come but the latest episode dissapointed me, but that is okay, as long as the timeline with the Losties will get a proper resolution.

    • Handsome Smitty

      She doesn’t know anything, I suspect. She’s nuts and applied superstitious rules to something she doesn’t understand. And the whole premise seems to be one of humanism and relativism.

      • Rams

        I don’t have to agree with their world-view to enjoy the show. It is a bit scary to see that some people do seem to be expecting Lost to explain the meaning of life or something, but I hope you won’t let their views overshadow your enjoyment of the show!

  • Rams

    I want to keep watching this clip over and over- it’s simply awesome!

  • onlyendsonce

    This clip is the best thing.

  • I love twilight! I might sit and watch all day long if I did not have school..or life to stay me from doing it! lol Wonderful Just Amazing!

  • brilliant could watch again and again