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Live Lost Episode Chat – 6.14 “The Candidate”

By Koobie,

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Come join us in our live episode chat! Now open for PST, once you guys finish watching the episode, of course. Episode spoilers inside.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Ament

    What a powerful episode. Talk about not spreading out the drama, they just crammed the sadness of 3 episodes into one.

    • Jackisjack

      Well I think it’s safe to say no one saw that coming, and I knew Sawyer wouldn’t of listen to Jack, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  • mpl

    RIP, Sun, Jin, Sayid.

    • Eural Joiner

      Lapidus! Don’t forget Lapidus!

      • DeSelby

        Honestly, as a fan of Lapidus, I didn’t even really notice him die. Did he drown after the door knocked him out?

        • The Mantis

          Lapidus didn’t die. At least not that we saw.

          • ejoiner

            He got hit with a giant 1000 lbs. metal door and knocked unconscious – while the sub was going down. Granted we didn’t see him die but (barring a very surprising and has to be explained escape) he is dead. Of course Jin was on an exploding ship and somehow got off without a scratch! 🙂

      • mpl

        Frank will turn up again.

    • Ament

      It’s all expected at this point, they are showing us that their memories will forever live on in the sideways world so any deaths are null and void. I liked the episode but I really see where it’s going now which is kind of a bummer. How can you kill everyone without pissing people off…you can’t, unless they they really aren’t gone. At this point the only 2 questions I have, that I would love answered is;

      1. The origins or what is the island?
      2. WTF about Walt please? (He cameo’d in every season so far so we wouldn’t forget him)

      For the Skaters out there, I think they threw in a little Jate in this episode for a final thought.

      • Winnie

        As a so-called Skater, but not a hater of Jate, I believe you’re right. That was a very touching scene between Kate and Jack. She didn’t give Sawyer a glance. That girl sure is fickle. At this point I’m more concerned about people dying than I am about who’s going to skip off into the sunset together.

      • Denial

        Not their memories, those are alternate strings of reality. It’s a well known theoretical construct used by quantum physicists, Faraday talked about it. My question is, do the candidates go through the selection process in every reality? Is this why the candidates are being drawnt ogether in the LA reality? Will the island reality not yield a worthy candidate,and the porcess begin anew?

  • Brad

    So heart broken. I am so lame but crying so much

  • Brian

    We feel as though Aaron will paly a part in the finale. Claire has not given birth and he is one of the people from the island. She will gve birth by the seasons end. Just like MIB used Locke to get to the island in a loop hole, Jacob could use either walt or Aaron to have himself come back.

    • Brian

      What does everyone think? Maybe I am an idiot, hahaha..

      • Love Story in Purgatory

        Don’t know about you being an idiot, but they seem to not care about Ji-Yeon. Well please don’t remind me of the Sideways Happily Ever after, because we will kill everybody, but wait – TA DA heeeeere they are in a happpy life, so Dead in not Dead. Yikes!!

  • Mark

    i dont think im alone when i say… why jin/sun/sayid… why not kate!!!???

    • RodimusBen

      When she got shot, the people in my viewing group actually cheered. I think maybe that’s a little extreme even though I never cared for Kate. All love to Evi, it’s not her, it’s her character.

      • Kier

        Lol same thing happened in my group… Why not Kate?

    • No – you are not alone.

  • TVBuzzKill

    Yeah, Aaron is reborn Jacob, so he can return and Jack will be his teacher, with Kate, to whom they will build a new giant statue of, with a walk-in basement.

    • MacCutcheon


      • Liz79

        HA! “With a walk-in basement.” That’s awesome.

  • Brian

    hahahahaha funny… NOT

  • Oh dear, so many bit the dust last night! Smokey is one sneaky SOB! I hope they don’t kill off everybody like the Sopranos did, cause that would be lame.

  • bex

    I thought it was interesting that the main losties who died were at the opposite ends of the good/evil spectrum. Since the initial crash, Sayid had chances to redeem himself but then blew it, kinda. But Sun and Jin both regained their integrity and became probably the most morally unambiguous figures in the group. This was also represented in the clothing they were wearing. Sayid is all black, Sun and Jin are all white. Frank is white, I guess, but dead. Everyone else is blue/gray, except for Smokey, of course.

    • Lego

      Speaking of good/evil spectrum, Sayid basically threw himself on the bomb, saved the remaining losties, and essentially told Jack he was our new Jacob. Has he redeemed himself? I love that the writers have left us not really knowing in the end of Sayid was a good guy / bad guy.

      • bex

        He’s gonna become part of the voices on the island and be stuck on purgatory advising Hurley. A fitting end, methinks!

  • arrow

    Where is Miles? What happened to him?

  • Barnes (#17)

    Excellent episode. Great showcase for a few of the actors, Terry, Matthew, Jorge and of course Daniel and Yunjin. Is there more heartbreak to come?

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