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LOST 5.09 – Namaste – Rate & Sound Off!

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Our very brief LOST drought came to an end tonight with “Namaste.”  Did the heart grow founder, or are we as cynical as ever?  Reminisce and sound off!  If you need a refresher, check out our own cluless1der’s live blog from the episode.

Namaste was a breathless chunk of the LOST story that seemed to move at super-sonic speed.  We’ll be digging deeper into the episode over the next 24 hours, of course, but a few of the things that stood out:

  • Flashback to the crash.  Are they indeed in 2007?  There seems to be a matter of at least a little bit of missing time.  Night to day.  Maybe a mere hiccup, but clearly 316 was impacted.
  • Ceaser is definitely being built up as a villain.  Okay, I’m calling that from my gut for sure – but the dude is just way too aggressive.  So far, Ilana and Ceaser != Pikki.
  • So the baby is named Ethan.  Wow.  That reduces the existence of the baby to cameo of fan-favorite-but fairly inconsequential-character.  Unless Ethan is being portrayed by William Mapother, I’m not all that interested.
  • Faraday is not there?  Whoa.  Who wants the answer to that one?  Like now!
  • Sun at Otherton was fantastic, and raised more questions.  Is Christian alive?  Who boarded up the bungalows? Looks like there was definitely some activity there.
  • Sawyer laying the smackdown on Jack was fantastic – and oh so true.  Jack really is a screw-up as a leader, and Sawyer now has his act together.  However, the gleam in Jack’s eye seemed to be saying “We’ll see who’s the smart one.”
  • Yeah, Ben coming to see Sayid.  Weirdness.  Was this during the time that Ben was hanging with Alpert?  If it is, could Ben be doing a little snoop duty for the others?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • DarthVibbert

    I miss Desmond…. 🙁

  • clueless1der

    I voted good only because it’s mostly setup for the rest of the season… but it’s GOOD setup!! hehe.

  • brian b

    I knew that dumb baby was ethan!!!!

    • Wintermute

      Maybe little boy Ben will be the one to take Ethan and deliver him to the “Hostiles” as part of his Other try-outs.

      • Catherine

        Oooh! Good thought!

    • Seabiscuit

      I was hoping it would be someone more memorable like Desmond. Oh, well.

  • brent

    Ahhh… where is Des? His absence makes me think he’s a big part of the ending of this season. Especially given the Finale title.

    Good tonight… not great. Biggest chill of the night was definitely Sawyer and Jack’s interaction. They talked for two minutes and then he escorted Jack out. Kind of a big deal. New sheriff in town, indeed!

  • mthrndr

    Go to 53 minutes in. Turn up the brightness on your HDTV. Right after Christian says “you’ve got a long journey ahead of you”, behind sun, a woman is in the background, with long, light hair. She turns her head to the right. It’s creepy and frikkin awesome.

    • tonymcnitt

      I didn’t see anything…

    • neoloki

      Thank you! My wife said the same thing but I did not see anything. But I knew that door didn’t open for no reason at all. She also said she saw a girl standing in the door way with long hair. Can’t wait to see the pics.

    • Steven

      I see her. I think it looks like Charlotte. The hair looks reddish and the skin is kind of pale. That’s who I’m betting on.

      Well, it could be Claire I guess, as she was last seen with Christian. But I’m betting on Charlotte.

    • I think it’s a set error. It’s a handheld shot and someone from the crew was back there. I really doubt it was an easter egg. I’m sure the editor and the director had a long debate about just how many people would notice and if it was worth it. It might have been the best take performance-wise so they accepted that 10% of the viewers that would see the girl.

      • Yonko

        That is definitely Claire.

      • elijahmoon

        Im sorry but that opinion is insane…. that was no mistake….

      • neoloki

        That IS NOT a set error. They no better than to leave something like that in.

  • dolce

    Yes, the Sawyer/Jack interaction. But still, it seemed the gleam in Jack’s eye screamed ” be careful what yo wish for..” which now makes me think ( and god forbid ) that Sawyer is a dead man. Hope not though.

  • I think the losties will be in a station trying to communicate with future survivors… and their screams to them will be whispers in the jungle.. backwards!

  • nick21989

    So are Sun and Frank in present day? And if so, then why the heck wouldn’t Sun at least have gone to 1977? This isn’t making much sense on why certain people are staying in one place and others in another place. And what the heck, I’m so sick of Jack’s dad…just tell me if he is alive or not already! ha ha.

    • tonymcnitt

      I think Sun didn’t flash back because she isn’t supposed to come back to the Island…that’s just a guess, at this point it’s my only and best one. Obviously there is a reason she didn’t flashback and all I can think of is that she isn’t supposed to have come back.

      And yes, indeed, what the hell is up with Christian Shephard? I hope we find out what position he holds in all of this, and why he is there in the first place delivering all of these messages.

      • Carlos

        I believe the reason why Sun and Ben do not go to 1977 is because they already exist there. After seeing Ben there as a kid, which was a logical thing if the timeline was correct, i thought that the baby of the start of the season, Pierre Chang’s kid, has to be SUN.

        In this case, Frank is just another “passenger” of 316 like the others who don’t flashback either or he also has a past on the island, which i don’t think he has. If Frank would have been the original pilot of the 815, then he would have had to flashback too (is a guess), but he only got to the island with the freighter crew.

    • Hexonxonx

      Or this is just the “unpredictable results” that Ms. Hawking warned about.

  • jimmy zer0

    WHOAAAA Who is that behind Sun? The hair color seems to be copper or brown, and fairly long. It was just Sun, Lapidus, and Christian in that building, right?

  • Jennifer

    My only complaint is that I don’t really buy the way they’re writing Sawyer here.

    1) He’s WAY too harsh on Jack. He had come to a sort of peace/friendship with Jack on the island and after not having seen him for 3 years you would think that he’d have some fondness built up. Plus you’d think “LaFleur” would be a bit more mellow, what with the nice house and the woman and all. But I guess not. Maybe he was upset seeing Jack walk in with Kate?

    2) I somehow can’t buy him not giving Sayid a little more encouragement somehow. A wink? Anything?

    Other than that, I loved the episode. When Marvin Candle shows up not in a video! When Young Ben goes to visit Sayid! And I’m actually one of those people who likes the love triangle stuff, so seeing Sawyer’s wistful little wave and Juliet’s obvious worry has me all excited for further developments (which it looks like we’ll get, given the “Step off” vibe Juliet gives off in the promo to Kate. Woo hoo! Crazy love drama; I’m just hoping it all settles out in a Skate fashion in the end.

    Anyway. If it’s possible I’m more excited about next week’s episode than I was about this week’s. And that’s saying a lot. (Though could the promo have made it any more obvious that Sayid’s going to shoot Young Ben? I mean, really.)

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      I think Sawyer is rough on Jack because his own perfect little world is about to come apart and he knows it. I think he knew this day would come, in the back of his mind, but now that the day has come, its a tough pill to swallow. Sounds like things really come apart next week!

    • neoloki

      The Jack and Sawyer interaction makes perfect sense. You did watch the first 4 seasons right? When wasn’t their relationship competitive and antagonistic. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the animosity at that point but it was perfect and makes complete sense given their history and Jacks Frak ups as a leader.

      • LostinNewYork

        Agreed – Jack’s pissed at Sawyer for banging Juliet & Sawyer’s pissed at Jack for being with Kate for 3 years. It makes perfect sense.

        I’m sorry…. but all this love mumbo-jumbo bs is TOO much for me. It definately is getting boring to me. I just see so many more important things happening than them fighting like children over eachother.

        The only love stories i even remotely care about are Sun & Jin & Rose & Bernard.

        On a side note, they are pulling it all together to make one hot & sexy 3some scene with Sawyer, Kate, & Juliet. Juliet would totally be down, did you see how she looked at Kate when she gave the Dharma guy a new manifest? She wants her.

    • RandomZombie

      I think that the way Jim (I believe Sawyer’s gone for good) behaved towards Jack was due in part to Jack’s attitude. Sawyer spent three years building up a relationship with the Dharma Initiative, and the safety and survival of Jack, Kate, and Hurley are in his hands, but Jack immediately went into I’m-the-leader-here mode, when he couldn’t have been more out of his element. It had to grate a little on Jim’s nerves.

      And with Sayid they were in a very delicate situation. Radzinsky seemed very eager to shoot Sayid and get it over with. If he caught a wink from Jim that could have caused everything he (Jim) had spent the last three years building up to blow up in their faces, which wouldn’t end well for anyone, Sayid included.

    • Beena

      Jack has lived three years back in the real world, and hadn’t wanted to come back to the island upon learning from John that his friends were still there, still alive. Did he jump up and down for joy, or suggest a rescue mission when John came to him? No. Quite to the contrary. He was not very pleasant with John at all.

      Meanwhile, for three years after Sawyer hopped off that chopper, sacrificing his own rescue, he’s been nothing but loyal to his friends. And although it was probably his doing that Jack is a workman for Dharma, and although he had harsh words for Jack, he still got him into Dharma safe from being identified as a hostile, safe from the Others, safe from Smokey out in the jungle. But you can tell that control freak Jack still has a chip on his shoulder, and expected to be in charge upon his return. Doesn’t work that way.

      Even if Sawyer doesn’t have a long range plan, and totally screws up at this point, it won’t negate all that he’s done. Especially compared to Jack, who essentially did nothing but go home and play house with Kate for a while…big deal!

    • He did give him sort of a wink right after he locked him up, he looked back and “Sawyer”‘s eye twitched. Besides Sayid is no idiot, he can figure out what’s going on. Jin was nice to him at first.
      Sayid shooting Ben, I think we’re being set up for a twist!

    • dtruth

      I think Sawyer was a bit much too. Yes, he felt second fiddle all along and now he is the new sheriff but I did not like the line about people dying on Jacks watch…but for Jack, Sawyer would be one of those people. Two times Jack had to bring him back from the dead and another time he sacrificed his own freedom so Sawyer and his love could escape. I think Sawyer over did the, I am the new master bit. His resentment and insecurities showed. Who knows what on earth he is angry about? Poor Juliet. She has now put Kate with her in the motorpool. She will get no sleep, the blonde. Looking out of windows for where Sawyer is, trying to read his every action, stalking Kate, possibly warning her off. LOL. She will be exhausted. I feel no pity. Juliet should be used to it. Whenever you are with a man with unresolved feelings for another woman, you will have sleepless nights aplenty. Can anyone say, single white female? I fear for Kates life at this rate. Juliet seems to have lost the plot. Anything is possible with that one.

      I am just loving the whole runway bit, Christian Shepherd, finally see Radzinsky. The show is only going to get better and give me more quadrangle stuff, I love it. I know it is going to end up Sawyer and Kate so I am not worried watching Juliet carry out her machinations. She will see the light, eventually.

      • elijahmoon

        Interesting post, I still believe that when Juliet was “planted” by ben back in season 3 or whenever it was. That although she has seemed to have turned her back on ben and his schemes, I believe in reality she still is the “spy” that was planted way back when. Hide and watch. Shes on bens side and will play a part in whatever his “final thrust” for the island is.

  • Steven

    I think Sun, Frank, Ben and co are NOT in 2007. After the plane flashes in the beginning, you can clearly hear Danielle’s iteration message being picked up by the plane’s transciever. The losties turned that old message off back in 2004 so that they could call the freighter.

    So I guess the question is, when between 1977 and 2007 are they?

    I highly doubt it’s a continuity error, as they’ve been very good about that.

    • neoloki

      They crashed the plain in 2007 because they first flashback says 30 years before, but when Lapidus and Sun walk into Dharmaville and we hear/see smokey something changes. Dharmaville is not in 2007 anymore but someplace out of time. Christian tells them they have a long journey ahead of them.

      My main reason for thinking Dharmaville is not in time was all the Dharma pariphinalia hanging around plus the total reck the place was in.

      • Steven

        Just watched the episode again, and it’s actually the numbers transmission, not Danielle’s transmission. The numbers transmission was before Danielle’s time, and was broadcasted from the same radio tower that Danielle put her message on, correct? This would mean that the plane is in some time before 1988, which is when Danielle’s team washed up on the island.

        I guess there are 3 possibilites: First, the “30 years ago” text was just a way of throwing us off the actual time the plane crashed. Second, the numbers transmission is being re-broadcast in 2007 somehow. Third, this is continuity error, which seems highly unlikely due to the shows usual quality, but possible nonetheless.

        • Mary D.

          Good catch on the radio transmission, Steven; I missed that!

          Along with Neoloki, I thought Christian was in the Dharma intake building – same one the new recruits are in in 1977. Although, it is all dilapidated – sometime after the Purge – no more Dharma?

          Question – Sun asks Christian where Jin is, and Christian answers by showing the new recruit pic from 1977. That pic had Kate, Hurley and Jack in it. Jin wouldn’t be in that one – he’d be in 1974’s, wouldn’t he? Did I miss something there?

          • elijahmoon

            in 1977 they had been there for 3 years. 1974 is when they first joined Dharma

    • bps

      They landed on a “runway” not far from animal cages. Obviously this is the runway that Kate and Sawyer were helping to build when they were being held captive. So we at least know they are post 2004/2005.

    • The Hydra island and the main island could be in different times.

      • Beena

        That’s the best explanation I’ve heard so far! Makes the most sense.

      • dolce

        No, both islands same time, characters in different times. Christian tells sun she’s got a journey ahead of her still.

    • Lottery Ticket

      Timeline has changed. Danielle never broadcasts her call for help. The original numbers are still broadcasting. Not the Hurley numbers. Dharmaville is never occupied by Others. So in this timeline, Jin does not save Danielle. No Alex. Maybe Others are not successful in taking over Dharma in the incursion because LaFleur in charge. Dharma continues until the Purge, but Ben not leader and Others stay native.

      Smokey Christian implying that she has a long journey AHEAD would mean that she is behind Jin in the timeline?

      • elijahmoon

        they are in 2007, the plane crash landed as “normal” lol. It didnt just “poof” anywhere as a result of the flash as some people had suggested. Dharmaville has been abandoned by the others for three years. The last place I heard of them heading too was the temple. Dharmaville is in shambles from the attacks of the freighter commandos. Your journey is always ahead of you, even if you have to go back.. 🙂 Its 200 freaking 7

        • grayslostgirl

          I think it’s more like 2008 because if it had been over 3 years from the time the O-6 was “rescued”, they were rescued in early 2005.

          • elijahmoon

            they crashed in 04 were on the island some 100 odd days might have been beginning of 05 or end of 04. my point is its been 3 years and its not 1912 or 1975 or 2099. Its the universal present.

  • Hipster Doofus

    very cool seeing Radzinsky! And he was DESIGNING The Swan!

    • Lottery Ticket

      Radzinsky was creating the model. It is not clear that he was the designer. My theory is that Daniel is the designer off island. He is also creating the Lamp Post as well.

  • Stephanie

    After watching tonight’s episode, watch Ben arrive to the island on ‘The Man Behind The Curtain’. During the school scene, when the hostiles come, you see Dharma people run past the window. One man has long blonde hair that is very similar to Sawyer. Also, now that Sayid (?) is a ‘hostile’ this could make sense as to why there are problems with the hostiles. Does that make sense? Just wanted to share 🙂

    • meems

      OH MY GOSH! We just watched Man Behind the Curtain right after Namaste and we noticed someone who looked like Sawyer too. Freeze framing it, though, it turns out we were mistaken. Just wishful thinking I guess.

  • nick21989

    I’m just hoping we don’t get another huge love triangle between Jack, Julliet, James, and Kate…ok, a love square I guess ha ha. It kind of makes it look like that though.

    Also, I didn’t get a very good impression that Rose and the others are alive…as James didn’t really answer the question when Jack was like “who else of us are here with you.” Hope that’s not true!!!

    And what do you guys think about baby Ethen…is that the Ethen we all know? Or are they just trying to mess with us…

    • Mary D.

      Yeah – I’m with you Nick. Jack can have Kate; Sawyer has Juliet. Looks like Juliet set it up for Kate to work in the auto shop with her, just to keep an eye on her. (Takes us back to the season 3 Juliet we were never quite sure of!) Looks like she’ll set down the law next week though – good for her! We’ll have to hear Kate’s reason for coming back….

      Re. Rose and Bernard – rest assured, we’ll see them again. Carlton and Damon clearly admitted that in a podcast from the last episode they were in (with the flaming arrows). Maybe they’re in another time…?

      I do think this is the same Ethan. Year born seems right. Did you see how uncomfortable Juliet got when Amy said his name? I think she realized this was the doctor who she worked with, one of the guys who recruited her – – – pretty freaky!

      • LostinNewYork

        I think Sun, Frank & the rest of Ajira are actually in the future. Maybe they’ll catch up with Rose & Bernard here, maybe even Charlotte (if she’s not dead). The baracks did seem very deserted.

        PS – Sun hitting Ben with a oar. Frickin awesome.

    • grayslostgirl

      I was really put off when they revealed the baby as Ethan. The actor who played Ethan in 2004 was 39 years old in 2004…he didn’t look 27 at all and he didn’t look 24 when they were recruiting Juliet. I think this was the first time that I have ever been “mad” at the writers and the continuity people.

  • ace

    christian shephard handed sun a physical object! so much for thinking he couldn’t help locke up because he was some sort of ghostly projection.

    • Beena

      I never took it literally, that Christian couldn’t help John. Just that he wouldn’t. I just sort of figured Christian knew John would have to do it for himself, assume his responsibility.

  • Mary D.

    Thanks Stephanie – good catch! I”ll have to go back and watch that scene again.

    I was thinking about that episode, specifically Richard. Didn’t he have long hair when he met young Ben in the jungle? When he shows up in Dharmaville (1977) and talks with LaFleur, he has short hair. I suppose he could have cut it sometime after he met young Ben and before he meets LaFleur…?

    Now – with the way young Ben is interested in Sayid/asks if he’s a hostile, I tend to think he has already met Richard that night in the jungle. Your questions make sense – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Mary D.

    March 19, 2009 at 5:30 am
    (Hope this goes in the right spot – it didnt’ the first time!)
    Thanks Stephanie – good catch! I”ll have to go back and watch that scene again.

    I was thinking about that episode, specifically Richard. Didn’t he have long hair when he met young Ben in the jungle? When he shows up in Dharmaville (1977) and talks with LaFleur, he has short hair. I suppose he could have cut it sometime after he met young Ben and before he meets LaFleur…?

    Now – with the way young Ben is interested in Sayid/asks if he’s a hostile, I tend to think he has already met Richard that night in the jungle. Your questions make sense – thanks for sharing!

    • Glen

      It was 1974 when Richard talks to LaFleur.

      • Mary D.

        That’s right – thanks Glenn!

  • Mary D.

    Hipster – yeah about Radzinsky. He’s designing the Swan where he pushed the button with Kelvin Inman! And – don’t forget that he drew the invisible map with ALL the Dharma stations, etc. (As shown in “Lockdown”). Sure hope we’ll get to see how that all happens…! 🙂

  • RandomZombie

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind if Kate was permanently taken out of the picture?

    It’s always been impossible for her to keep her nose out of things, often with little thought for the safety of herself or others. She seemed to be on the verge of starting something while in the registration room, and you know that she’s going to cause trouble for the 815ers in the Dharma Initiative.

    And poor Juliet – when she liked Jack, Kate was there to get in the way, and now that she’s happy with Jim, Kate is there to get in the way.

    • LostinNewYork

      I agree completely. The only thing I care to find out about Kate’s character is what she did with Aaron.

    • elijahmoon

      kates a little tramp. I know chiks w/ the exact same personality. I cant stand her but I think she has damon and carl [or is it karl?] wrapped around her little huzzy finger. im sure that bitch will be in the last episode of the last seaon…. *barfs*

      • verylost

        I think we need to remember that Kate is a fictional character.

    • grayslostgirl

      I say get rid of her too. She is always too self-serving, doesn’t following directions, always does what she wants (which gets her and the other Losties in trouble)

  • Mary D.

    Well said RandomZombie – it was clear to me how much Jack doesn’t respect Sawyer. LeFleur has moved on and has been successful as a leader, but Jack’s return has rattled him some. We got a glimpse of his “Sawyer ways”. He has to stand his ground though. LaFleur’s speech (reading/thinking) reminded me of the ones Locke or Eko have given, showing wisdom. I don’t think Jack will handle not being the top man very well. More fun next week! (Pretty funny how they assigned Jack to be a janitor, “based on his aptitude test” – that was great!) 🙂

    • Yonko

      Yes, it was a golden moment…

      “Based on your aptitude test, you’ll be doing janitorial work”

      Awesome. As well as Jack’s face.

    • jimmy zer0

      I think it’s funny that Chang didn’t have any information on Jack, then magically pulled some aptitude test results out of thin air.

      • Yonko

        I think LaFleur’s evil hand had something to do with it…

    • elijahmoon

      First off let me say I like sawyer. The sacrifices hes made for his friends is commendable and Jack has pissed me off more than once but I still like Jack too. He didnt want to be in a leadership role but he took it because no one else [including scavenger sawyer] would step up. But Sawyer, a GREAT LEADER?!?! LMAO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Every sound decision that man has made was actually made by Juliet. Whos idea was it to have Jack, Kate and Hurley be part of the new recruits from the sub?!? Go watch the episode. It was Juliet’s.[although sawyer took credit when he told jack “it was my idea that saved your ass today] Took her about .00001 seconds to think of it with her quad-core processor mind. Would have took sawyer 6 months of readin books at nights waiting for the NEXT sub to think of that one. Remember it was his idea to go back to the beach.. Juliet didnt like that idea, [she told him so] but she went along w/ it. Juliet has made all sawyer’s quality leadership decisions.Sawyer is a great con man and highly intelligent but he cant touch Juliet in the I.Q. dept and He cant touch Jack as a leader. [I do like to see a little egg on his face tho. Boy needed a dose of humility]

  • Mary D.

    Right on again RZ! I wouldn’t go so far as to want Kate permanently out of the picture, but I do think she is still ONLY looking out for herself (unless her coming back to the island has something to do with Aaron). She’s never been rooted or grounded, and has gone back and forth using whoever suits her needs at the time – both on island and in her flashbacks. I don’t think she is secure enough to have a mature relationship (like LaFleur now has with Juliet). She’s a runner, and afraid. I think Jim may be a little infatuated with Kate now that she’s back, but I’m betting he’ll see through her and stick with Juliet. I do think Juliet can hold her own against Kate too. Hope so!

  • diggymow

    Sun, Frank and co are dead. Locke wasn’t resurrected. Everyone else died.

    • elijahmoon

      thats a pretty freakin interesting theory. I like it A LOT… although I cant even begin o work out how it would fit into the story, interesting nonetheless.

  • the other degroot

    So reading the other episode outlines, if young ben gets shot and Jack refuses to help him, perhaps this is how Ben gets his tumor on his back? Also, what if the Incident is faraday going all loopy and doing something to try and change time, like bring Desmond back or blow the bomb up…it’d be hilaious to see Dr Wickman grabbing a hold of Faraday as Farday is time jumping and then….boomph..there goes the arm..

  • Mary D.

    NEW Question – I vaguely remember, season 3, Sawyer and Kate breaking rocks on the small island. Did Sawyer ask Juliet what they were building? Did Juliet answer, “a runway for the aliens”? I might be mixing some moments up. BUT – in tonight’s episode, we saw Frank landing on the small island – on a runway!

    • dolce


  • Nobody saw what I saw apparently when it came to Jack’s reaction to an ‘in control of the moment’ Sawyer. I’ve read countless posts from people that they think Jack has a look of malice on his6 a broken man, hooked on pain pills and was an alcoholic. Then he gets word from a man he once despised that he needed to get clean and go back to a place where he felt like he had no choice but to be a leader for a group of frightened, stranded people; a role in which he never wanted from the get go.
    Can you imagine his anxiety while he’s on flight 316, heading back to the island? Do you think that he thought he was capable of leading or wanting to lead anyone that may need his help? No, I don’t think so. What I saw on Jack’s face at the end of his conversation with Sawyer was a look of relief.
    Jack can now let someone else carry the reigns and he can sit on the sidelines and help out when he feels his help is needed, but I think he’s going to enjoy watching things from afar. Jack needs to believe in what’s going on; the fact that it’s 1977 and their working for DHARMA, it all must be overwhelming for the man of little faith. Jack needs time to heal and to see things from a new perspective.
    You know it’s strange, Jack use to feel like the main character in this show for me for most of the show’s history. But now, he feels like a middle character, and I have little to know interest in what really happens to him. The stories of Ben, Locke and Sawyer are far to compelling right now and I think Matthew Fox’s character is taking a backseat for a little while as to strengthen up the roles of other characters to present a grander finale this season. Dont get me wrong, I believe Jack will become Jack again, in terms of wanting to lead and be the strong one. He’s going to have to because… war is coming.
    (Also: I laughed my ass off when I saw Jack get the WORKMAN job. That was Sawyer sticking it to a guy that genuinely pissed him off on a constant basis back when they were first on the island, so what a clever way to get back at him. ‘So Doc, you wanna’ steal my guns? Go clean some toilets for a few years…’ Priceless.)

    • Beena

      We can’t count Jack out as a major character just yet. How could he be in the back seat or sidelines? After all, Christian is his father…. And John knew of his importance. Of all the people John could’ve left a suicide note to, he picked Jack. And he may in fact be momentarily somewhat relieved Sawyer is in charge…but didn’t stop him from throwing in his two cents to Sawyer about what his plans possibly were, or about Sayid. Jack won’t be cleaning toilets for long…I don’t think he’s going to play ball with this whole blending in with the DI thing. You can almost tell that he doesn’t approve, in spite of the fact that he hasn’t come up with another idea about what to do back in the 70’s.

      • elijahmoon

        Good points Beena.

    • Mary D.

      Good insight about Jack – reminds me of season 3 when he is held captive in the Hydra station. (His issue in the flashback was ‘letting go’. In real time, Juliet encouraged him to do the same.) I thought back then that Jack really needed some time away from fixin’ things. We’ll see if he is able to give up control now.

  • I didn’t say that Jack wasn’t still the vocal point of the show; I said that I don’t see him as being that important anymore. As in, personally. I’ve never liked him that much. I’m a Locke follower; have been since day one, and when Jack tried to kill him in the beginning of season 4, whatever there was about Jack that I liked, died.
    And I’m tired of Kate as well. She needs to go away and quit messing with these guys heads (no pun intended. or maybe it was). I think if they want to resolve the whole ‘who gets Kate’ aspect of the show they should do so by just killing her off next year. You can have Jim and Jack be around when it happens so we get an X-Men 2 like ending when Cyclops and Wolverine were crying when they thought Jean Grey had died. Boom! Done and done…

    • Beena

      I’m also a Locke follower. I always thought Jack was a control freak, even before any major issues broke out between him and Sawyer or John. I still like Jack in the sense that he is a work in progress, but he is still a control freak. And I don’t think he has the loyalty that Sawyer or Locke have to their friends. No matter how he spins it, about having gotten them off the island. Because he didn’t get them ALL off the island. And he acted like he didn’t care about them when John approached him about going back.
      Look at the difference between Hurly’s reaction to see his old friends were still alive, compared to Jack’s reaction. falls pretty flat!

  • THinIL

    The big reveal for me was the thought they tried to inject that the Smoke Monster was Christian Shepard (Jack’s dad). At a minimum there is a relationship between the Smoke thing and the dead people on the island (including Christian’s sidekick, Creepy Claire).

    Lil’ Ben – The preview for the next episode showed Sayid trying to shoot someone with a pistol…I predict its Lil’ Ben b/c also in the preview there was a line Sayid said; something like “I know why I came back”. It was an attempt to kill Lil’ Ben. Obviously Sayid hasn’t spent much time with Faraday who would have told that killing Ben in the past will not work.

    What’s Dharma’s Initiative? – It doesn’t seem that the Dharma Initiative is much of anything. Other than Chang (who’s apparently part time travel expert and part administrative assistant) and Radzinsky, we haven’t yet seen anything remotely close to “scientists” in their group…just a bunch of workers, mechanics and security people. It would seem that most if not all of the Dharma stations are used for security purposes (or so we’re led to believe at this point).

    Love – I’m not looking forward to the show going down the path of a Kate/Juliet cat fight for Sawyer…

    Jack – I’ve enjoyed seeing him go from leader to crybaby to “workman”.

    Sun/Locke/Ben/Lapidus – The episode clearly said that is was a “30 year” difference between the Dharma storyline and the new plane crash. We know that the Dharma storyline is in 1977, which is what Sawyer told Jack/Kate/Hurley. This makes Sun/Locke/Ben/Lapidus in 2007, which is the show’s “present” time. However, when Sun/Lapidus visited the old Dharma site, it looked as though it had been abandoned decades ago…and all the old Dharma stuff was there; “recruitment” stuff and all. Wasn’t Ben’s “Others” living there just a few months ago technically? Remember when Juliet lived there and Ben was their leader? What happened to all those folks? This makes me think that Faraday is lying and that the future CAN in fact change. OR – perhaps the show’s text narrator is lying to us and they are on the Island just after the “Purge” and Ben will start to create his Others by sprucing up the Dharma village. Otherwise, this storyline doesn’t make sense.

    • Glen

      The others leave the Barracks in 2004, at the same time that the O6 left the island. Three years have passed on the island since the O6 left and the other survivors started jumping through time. We can assume that the “others” did not jump through time, and have been on the island for three year boarding up the windows at the Barracks, and who knows what else. There was obviously some sort of catastrophe after Locke vanished from the middle of the “others” camp.

      • THinIL

        Thanks for clarifying Glen. I think the mystery of the Others vanishing is really strange. Ben sent them to the Temple; can’t wait to see that scene unfold at some point. You would think they would be safe at the Temple too since he tried to send his “daughter” there.

        Hopefully Little Ben goes to the Temple this season to learn about its secrets, etc.

    • Beena

      The thing that I haven’t heard anyone mention yet, that I didn’t think about until watching the ep a second time, is this: How is it that Ben knew there would be three outriggers (the boats) located where they were on Hydra? Those boats weren’t there before, back when Ben turned the wheel (if I’m not mistaken). So no matter what the timeline is here, Ben is letting on a lot less than he actually knows. I’m wondering if he has been back to the island since he turned the wheel, or if in yet another timeline he had the foresight to put the boats there or have Richard do it, knowing he would need a boat. This is not a minor detail, that the writers can just let go unexplained. It is huge.

      So if Ben KNEW the boats would be there,he would have to know “when” he was after the plane crashed.

      Also, think of this:
      There are three outriggers there on Hydra in this episode.

      WHEN locke, Sawyer, Miles, Farady, and Juliet grabbed one in an earlier episode, there were only two left…and then someone took the remaining one in the same ep, and was shooting at them.

      So doesn’t this mean that Lapidus/Sun/Locke/Ben crashed at Hydra in a time earlier than when the left-behinders took one of the boats? Because there were three now, and only two then? But they were flashing around so much, I’m having trouble figuring out when that was for the left-behinders.

      • THinIL

        Beena, I agree with on Ben’s knowledge. But I seem to recall that when Sawyer/Miles/Locke/Juliet come across the boats, they are at the original Losties’ beach camp; not on Hydra. They were probably in a time period later this season after those little boats were used quiet frequently at various places.

        Ben is certainly a ‘man behind the curtain’ of sorts. We are overdue a scene in which little Ben learns of everything the island has to offer (how it works, his role, his future). There’s got to be some point where he learns literally EVERYTHING.

      • elijahmoon

        Its a deserted freaking Island….[save the others] its been 3 years. Its 2007. the ‘others’ that remained on the island went to the temple. They havent been paddling around the island in little boats. the boats are EXACTLY where they were left three years ago. Why wouldnt they be? Its a DESERTED island…[save the others] 🙂

        • Beena

          I still think there is something wonky about the boats. TPTB have been very careful in keeping an inventory of guns that they use in all the scenes on the show, so there aren’t any discrepancies in the storyline. (That little tid bit was a bonus feature on one of the dvd sets). So I don’t think they would be so careless about the details of these boats.

          So if whichever of the Others took them to Hydra just left them there, how did they get back to the main island?

          Also, who would have been shooting at the left behinders in that other boat scene? Like they knew the left behinders would even be there?

          And when the left behinders found that boat, it had an Ajira soda can or some other item in it. I just think all these details, along with Ben knowing about those boats, are either a clue or somehow significant. I could be wrong…but why would the Others just abandon their boats…how would they travel after that…no more sub…

          There seems to be a distinct quality of foreknowledge that implies someone knew things ahead of time. When time travel is a big theme on this show, it can’t be discounted.

          • elijahmoon

            I see your point. Im sure they will revisit all that especially the the people that were doing that shooting from the boat and I think your right. There has got be some foreknowledge at work here. Now that I think about it… Ben didnt seem the least bit surprised or curious about “where” he and sun ended up. Its gonna be fun to watch it unravel 🙂

      • Mary D.

        Good thoughts Beena – here’s what I come up with:
        Re. the outriggers:
        2007, post Ajira landing – 3 outriggers are hidden under some brush on Hydra island. (I think it’s possible that they were hidden there since 2004 when Ben and company left. I remember them using bigger boats in transporting a recovering Ben, etc.)

        One was taken by Sun and Lapidus (as seen in ‘Namaste’), and I think a second one will be taken by Ben (to be seen next week?). Then – 2 outriggers will be on the big island for Locke and his gang, as well as whoever is shooting at them, to find and use during the flash. Remember they found an Ajira water bottle in the outrigger? (You’re right – that flash with L, J, M, and S had to be a flash forward in time.)

        Will the third outrigger on Hydra island be found and used by Caesar and Ilana, so that they eventually end up on the big island too???

        • Beena

          Thanks for putting that time line in writing for me. It’s more clear seeing it that way. Much clearer.

          The foreknowledge that Ben seemed to have, is what keeps “flashing” through my mind. Maybe it is,in fact, just coincidence those outriggers were abandoned.

          But here is what is definitely not a coincidence: the runway Ben had built years earlier. The runway that Lapidus would conveniently and brilliantly have right there as a place to land the plane safely. A plane that was carrying Ben aboard. See where I’m going with this foreknowledge thing? I definitely believe Mr.Linus has some explaining to do (snickering). I definitely think he has previously traveled ahead or backward in time to know not only where things will be abandoned (or otherwise) for him to find for his own use, but what and where things will be needed (the runway) in a precise location in time.

          Or maybe Jacob or Richard knew, and had him build that runway…

          The mystery continues!

    • elijahmoon

      its been abandoned three years, the last I heard the others were headed to the temple..

      • THinIL

        Your right; hopefully we’ll find out soon enough whether the Temple is a Dharma station, or a an Other hangout (or both). Ben seems to already know that the Others aren’t in Dharmaville; but also indicates they are still on the Island.

        Transcript from Namaste:
        BEN: That’s right, Frank. A captain’s first responsibility is to his passengers. But I have people I have to take care of, too. There’s a small dock about a half mile due south across the water. It leads directly to a town where I used to live. There are resources there. You and the rest of the plane get out of here safely, it–

    • rickxocindy

      The episode said 30 years earlier, but that scene started before any “flashes” occured, so they could be in another time. I noticed the scenes at he Dharma site and there was smething not quite right about that being 2007 as you commented on. The test narrator is not lying to us, I believe it is the writers doing their “thing” to keep us guessing.

      • nick21989

        For some reason, I was thinking that maybe something happened to them while they were rowing across the ocean…like they passed through some time rip…but I don’t know if that makes much sense either…

  • nick21989

    Something I’m still confused about though when it comes to Lost. So, on the island, exactly how many groups of people are there?

    We have the Dharma people (Ben’s group), Ethen’s people, and the oceanic people? Is that it? I’m still getting confused by all of the names they go by “the others, hostiles, etc”

    • dolce

      1.The Others/Hostiles (as referred to by the Dharma Initiative)/natives
      2.The Dharma Initiative
      3.The Oceanic 815 survivors
      4.The(lone)Besixdouze survivor, Rousseau
      5.As of season 5, the new Ajira airlines survivors

    • Beena

      On top of what Dolce lists,to make things more confusing, there are groups within the Oceanic survivors, such as the Oceanic 6 (Kate/Jack/Hurly/Aron/Sayid/Sun) who made it off the island, or the “left-behinders” who were not rescued (Juliet who used to be an Other,Sawyer, Locke, Bernard, Rose, etc.). There was also a division of people between the front and tail section of the Oceanic 815 at an earlier point in the series.

      Ben has played both sides of the fence, growing up with Dharma, then joining the Others. Ethan we have just learned started out born into the Dharma group, but somehow (we don’t know how yet) later in his life he is with the Others.

      Let’s not forget some of the stranger folk on the island that were never Others, Dharma, or Oceanic survivors. They are the seemingly fine dead people who appear to the living…like Jack’s father, Christian. Or Mr.Eko’s brother, Yemi.

      Then of course there is Desmond who ended up shipwrecked on the island, and pushed a button for three years at a Dharma hatch. His true love is Penny, from back home who was never on the island as far as we know and whose father is Charles Widmore.

      Finally, there was the “freighter group” who came to the island hired by Widmore. Among the freighter group, was Charlotte, Faraday, and Miles. Also Lapidus. Lapidus went home with the Oceanic 6, and Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte grouped up with the “left behinders”.

      We can also assume that the “military” has been to the island by things that happened earlier this season.

      Whew! You almost need a guide book of some kind to keep track of everybody, especially with them bouncing through all the different time periods!

      Hope that helps…

      • nick21989

        Sure does help! A guide book could actually make some good money ha ha…it get’s so confusing! Thanks so much for your help clearing it up for me!

  • dolce

    Wow. I know that I have left this same reply in the not so distant past (and ,sorry to whoever I made this reply to before but I really did mean it the time, and I want to still be friends) but Beena, you complete me…

    • Beena

      (snickering) I hope you don’t get the impression I was trying to one up you, Dolce. I just started thinking about how unbelievably confusing this show might be to someone who may have just started watching it! And from there, I just started thinking about all the sub categories of people with names like”the tail section” the “left behinders”, etc.
      The other night I was watching the show, and it struck me as just incredible that now there’s this whole new Ajira group on the island. As if there weren’t already 9 million other people’s stories to try to keep up with on LOST! Throw in all the mysteries, and weird events, and time lines I don’t know how any of us who have been watching for a while can even keep it all straight! Must be overwhelming for newer viewers.

  • clairesgma

    Something I’m wondering… did Ben receive the injuries that he had when Locke saw him with the other injured 316 passengers? His face was badly beaten and covered in blood as he lay on the cot, yet when we saw him in the scene with Sun and Frank at the outriggers, he looked just as he did when he boarded the plane (a few cuts and bruises from whatever happened to him at the marina in California before they boarded the plane). Sun’s whack with the paddle knocked him out, but it didn’t cause all of the new injuries, and based on Frank’s talk with the passengers on the beach after the crash (when Ben snuck off and Sun/Frank followed), the Locke scene must have happened after the paddle whacking scene. Right? WHAT (or more correctly, WHO) happened to him between those two scenes?

    • nick21989

      I still don’t think they have ever said that yet…have they? Cause yeah, he got all beat up and broke his arm and stuff, but they never showed why. Then Sun comes along and adds to the damage. Wonder if they will show us.

  • DanH

    Ben knows he is still in 2007. He’s aware that the 77ers vanished during the white light, and that everyone else on the plane was unaffected. Of course he lies about having no idea where they’ve gone. He must have had an idea who would go back in time too if he knew them in 1977.

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