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LOST 6.03 Preview Clip #2

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Here is clip #2 from next week’s episode.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • B-Mac

    Doesn’t make it seem like Jacob is Sayid…

    • Because he simply isn’t. I think that was quite obvious when he was totally puzzled coming back to life. He clearly had no idea what just had happened to him.

      • Nick Stevens

        Probably for the best that he doesn’t remember. His friends basically let him bleed to death.

        • NO, they did not let Sayid bleed to death. Jack clearly stated that even if he removed the bullet he could not stop the bleeding. Sometimes bullets cause so much damage the it’s impossible to repair all the severed veins. Plus Jack didn’t have the benefit of an operating room and the necessary equipment to suture veins.

          Jack even acquiesced to Hurely and the Temple people in order to help Sayid.

          • Nick Stevens

            While, yes, it’s true that when Jack EVENTUALLY came to have a look at Sayid he said there was nothing he could do… it’s that aforementioned “eventually” I found to be rather galling.

  • Mark

    ya he seemed confused, jacob would be more confident in the situation.

  • Shelb

    He’s Libby.

    • Nick Stevens

      Or a robot.

      Robot Libby!


    • He’s either creepy Zombie-Sayid or the good old torturer we all learned to love.

      • Nick Stevens

        Seriously, I reckon he’s like… Sayid+. I reckon that the pool (being all defective and murky) worked but in a seriously delayed fashion and also possibly gave him some direct connection to Jacob. This hypothetical connection, however, will have also been affected by the pool’s corruption and thus his ability to commune with Jacob will also be, well, muddied.

        Incidentally this idea of Sayid and Jacob now having some form of communication would be rather apt if you think of Sayid’s function as a communications officer.

        • Dominick

          Revival in the pool doesn’t give one some special connection with Jacob. Ben was revived in the pool, and he was never able to speak with Jacob. If anything, the pool gave Ben the ability to communicate with MIB (whom he only thought was Jacob).

  • Nick Stevens

    I’m sticking with my seriously out there theory (or so it seems by the chatter) that Sayid is… DUHN DUHN DUUUHHHHNNNN… Sayid.

    • Wow. How could you possibly come to this conclusion? 😀

    • Ed Holden

      I’d love to see the look on your face when the Scooby Doo ending happens in the finale.

      “And now let’s see who Sayid REALLY is!” (removes rubber mask)

      • Nick Stevens

        Paulo: And I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for you pesky survivors!

        • s.w.a.c.

          Ha! Now that’s funny.

          I noticed nobody complained that Nikki and Paolo weren’t seen on the plane in the 815 scenes…

          • Nick Stevens

            How come Nikki and Paolo weren’t seen on the plane in the 815 scenes?

            Oh yeah because we don’t WANT to see them. 😀

  • Ryan

    No i dont think that anyones spirit is inide sayid

  • THinIL

    Well, it did appear that despite Sayid’s confusion, the Others were equally surprised by his resurrection. While he may not be possessed by Jacob, he may have had a Jacob related dream.

    What I find confusing is this – Jacob apparently has been planning for this moment for what appear to be centuries (or at least decades) putting the chess pieces in place. And yet, his allies, the Others, don’t have a clue what’s going on right now. Why?

    • brent

      Jacob’s circle of trust is/was very small. It was just him. He couldn’t trust anyone, not even Richard.

      • Nick Stevens

        Yeah, he clearly never bothered to tell Richard he had off-island bodyguards that might come around.

        • brent

          Which is all kind of silly. I guess Jacob trusted the Shadow of the Statue people enough to have them come to the Island to be killed. Lends some truth to the idea that Jacob is not 100% the good guy. He led them like lambs to the slaughter. Sure, all part of the bigger picture. I know. Jacob had to die. Shadow seekers had to die.

          You have to wonder what Jacob told Richard about MIB. “Oh hey Richard, this is my frenemy Mr. Dark Shirt. We’re in this very weird century long stalemate where we can’t kill each other. Thanks for coming to our Island. You mind if I make you immortal now? I could use a better friend who’s not trying to find a loophole to kill me.”

          • Nick Stevens

            That made me laugh out loud for real. Thanks! 😀

  • I think Sayid is now officially one of the Others, and that’s why they want to speak with him.

    Jack is being typically difficult and combative.

    • Nick Stevens

      Yeah, seriously, what is WITH Jack? I know he’s still new to the idea of acting on faith, but he’s REALLY struggling with it.

      However give him a fellow man of science with wild theory about changing the past with a hydrogen bomb and he’s all “Strap it to my back I’ll tupping CARRY it there myself”

  • Paul Escobar

    If you saw DocArtz’s previous S6-ABC promo…You know what happens next.
    They strap down Sayid, ask him to repent, then press a sizzling arrow on his belly.
    As Kevin says, I guess Sayid’s about to be initiated into the “Others”?

    Some folks were fixated on Sayid’s lack of accent, when he woke up.
    But this clip clearly shows the Iraqi accent is intact.
    That means our old breakdancing, neck snapping, “communications officer” is back!
    (Personally, I think he should get back at Sawyer/Kate/Jack for letting him bleed to death over their stupid love triangle issues.)

    While I never thought Jacob was the body-snatcher type…
    It seems kind of anti-climactic to have a simple “back from the dead”.
    For the sake of excitement, some sort of “posession” angle would have been cool (Locke, Richard, LA X Sayid, etc.).

    But I also appreciate THinIL’s point.
    Jacob did prepare the guitar-case & note, a long time ago.
    So this has to be more than any-old “back from the dead” story.

    • rich

      sorry, are you joking about that or is that really in a promo? i only saw the one with kate in the cab.

      • Nick Stevens

        From what I recall from memory, he’s not joking. He’s talking about promos, btw, not preview clips.

      • Paul Escobar


        Not joking dude.
        It was a promo that aired before the premiere.
        Had a cool tune & lots of spoilery hints.
        The link:

        • Nick Stevens

          Yep that’s the one.

          Which I totally watched.

          Because I’m a weak, weak man. 🙂

          • richie k

            cheers dudes, missed that one, also weak 🙂

  • Supposedly The Darlton revealed on the Jimmy Kiibbles Show last night that UnLocked is NOT MIB!?! Only saw a reference to it, don’t know if it’s true. Anyone?

    So maybe Sayid is MIB!?!

    • Nick Stevens

      Well, I’ve been thinking about this too… and what Kimmel asked was “Is John Locke possessed by the man in black?” To which Damon said “Uhhhh… no”. Think about the wording of the question and then that pause which Damon takes before answering bearing in mind that the real Locke is definitely a dead body.

      It’s not unknown for the producers to take a question very literally to deliberately give a misleading, but truthful, answer. 😉

      • Nelson R

        He said that the Fake Locke was Smokie and not the MIB. If Smokie can manifest as someone else (someone dead – although I don’t think they need to be dead – wasn’t the wet walt confirmed to be Smokie?) then maybe the MIB was just someone used by Smokie to take a human form.

        • Nick Stevens

          I agree with you for the most part and it’s a good idea. I still say that Damon did not flatly state that Flocke was not MiB though.

          • brent

            It’s all semantics. Maybe the trick is the word “possessed.” Who knows. I see no other conclusion but to draw that MIB is Fake Locke is The Smoke Monster. As we get closer to the end, the more simple the answer, the more likely it is to be correct.

        • Nick Stevens

          Also your point about Walt is something I’ve been pondering. They did indeed say that certain Walt manifestations were the monster. Maybe it can manifest as anybody in an illusory way, but to get all the memories and personality of a person, that person needs to be dead. Clearly just looking like John wasn’t going to cut the mustard for the loophole, after all.

    • Paul Escobar

      Couple of rules about Smokey:
      1) Makes copies of bodies (dead bodies still exist, Smokey clones them).
      2) Can’t be in two places at once (appears as smoke or clone, but not both).
      3) Can’t pass through ashes (both Jacbob’s bodyguard & Others prove this).

      All three points prove Sayid can’t be Smokey (or MIB).
      1) Sayid’s dead body actually came back to life, not a copy of it.
      2) Smokey was Locke leading a march, when Sayid woke up.
      3) The others spread ashes around the temple before Sayid woke up.

      • Nick Stevens

        Well put.

        • Paul Escobar

          No probs. 🙂
          That’s my Zombieland-esque rulebook to survive Smokey’s wrath.

      • Exactly! Thanks for the clarification, dude. 🙂

        Also, what Darlton meant was that both, MiB and Flocke, are apparitions of Smokey. So the true entity is the smoke monster that switches bodies. Not a human person that occasionally turns into smoke.

        • Renteria

          But remember that Flocke says the question is not what but who when Ben asks him what he is. I don’t know what this means in terms of smokey…being a who and not a what. In any case, Darlton denied because Locke was clearly not possessed, Locke was lying on the beach dead as a doornail

    • What about The Search for Spock?

      Sayid = McCoy
      Jacob = Spock

      Sayid is “inhabited” by Jacob and the future episode referenced is the transfer of the Jacob-parasite from Sayid back to the dead body of Jacob.
      -OH WAIT! It’s burned up!

      Any volunteers?

  • cap10tripps

    To me it’s clear that Sayid has been reborn much like when Ben was healed by the others as a child. This makes me think that he is an important figure to Jacob and the others in the sense that he’s their future leader. I just rewatched seasons 1-5 in a month, and I can’t think of one man better suited for that position.

    • Paul Escobar

      With both Nadia & Shannon dead, virtually no relationship with his family, targets & torture victims coming after him, & a birthplace besieged…

      Yeah! Ben’s old job seems both attractive & relaxing. 😉

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