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LOST (And Darlton) Coming to a Theatre Near You

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Thanks to John for the heads up.  I’ve been to a UFC event through Fathom and it was a fantastic experience.  Here’s hoping that ABC does this for the season 6 finale. Click here for details.

Go behind the scenes of the hit series
Live in HD at a movie theater near you

Don’t miss this compelling in-depth conversation with the masterminds behind ABC’s “Lost.” Hear executive producer Carlton Cuse and co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof reveal the challenges of crafting a finale that satisfies themselves as storytellers, and the show’s legion of fans.

They will be interviewed by New York Times entertainment editor Lorne Manly and the event will be broadcast Live via satellite from The TimesCenter in New York for only one night, on Thursday, May 20, at 8pmET / 7pmCT / 6pmMT and tape delayed at 8pmPT exclusively to select movie theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

From TVFrenzy:

  • So this sounds wonderful and i am already looking at buying tickets since they are $12.50 a piece, but I don’t understand how if they are interviewing them live on the day it can be sent around to all these theaters. Either way I am excited to sit in a theater and see anything LOST related on the big screen but do we know what the running time is or what exactly the format will be, is it really just an interview on a movie screen, because i don’t see them being that simple about it?

  • just seeing if my avatar is showing up yet

  • tobordab

    I hope to one day see a Michael Giacchino concert in this fashion.

    • tobordab

      Oh, and I already have my ticket for May 20.

  • The Smoke Monster

    What a distasteful and inappropriate money grab — really ?! This is not what we fans had in mind for a LOST movie experience. I hope this Docarzt site Live Chats/Blogs it.

    • Andrew

      Speak for yourself. I for one assume that when the people behind the show say the story’s over, the story’s over. A movie would be more inappropriate. “Here’s the show, now wait X amount of time and shell out 10 bucks (I can only guess, I haven’t been to a movie in Y amount of time) to see the REAL ending!!”

  • if only they did this with the finale and not behind the scenes footage…

    • Madge

      Oh, that would have been awesome!

  • theyneedyou

    Hey, The Smoke Monster…. shutup.

    • The Smoke Monster

      Whatever, theyDON’Tneed you.

  • Gerry Jackson

    Just bought my tickets for the NYC showtime! Hope to see you there.

  • Is there a link to movie theaters near me?

    All I could find on my own were Canadian showtimes.

    • imfromthefuture

      click the link on the top of the page that says click for details chester.

      • I’m king of the idiots.

        Let all lesser idiots bow before me.

  • JuliusCaesar108

    Sadly, I don’t currently live in either of these countries for the time being. I hope that there will be am alternative way posted soon on the Internet to watch it.

  • BoiseLostFan

    Just purchased me tickets. Can’t wait!!!

  • joshua

    FYI I live in Austin tx and they show every episode at the alamo drafthouse here (movie theatre) for FREE!!!! Hows that for cool.

    • Christine (faraday’s constant)

      *is envious of your city and its awesomeness*

  • dharmalchemist

    I got a couple for Medford OR

  • ashlie

    I got my tickets a few weeks ago (for London, Ontario). I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what other fans show up!

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