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Dharmafield? Lost Easter Egg Appears in Cloverfield

By docarzt,

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dharma-field.jpg Mucho thanks to my Myspace friend Chase who discovered this.  Looks like those Lost boys couldn’t help but to sneak a Dharma logo into Cloverfield,  It only appears for a few frames.

Are there other easter eggs?  Let us know.

From TVFrenzy:

  • roomforhuman

    I love it. Perhaps Tagruato is sponsored by the Hanso Foundation or Widmore. In that case, perhaps seabed’s nectar (the special rapid growth ingredient in Slusho!) is just refined fish biscuit. And maybe Dharma was originally keeping the Clovie monster where they were keeping Jack, but they started feeding it a fish biscuit flavored Slusho! so it grew too large and escaped. Then it made a b-line to New York and tore stuff up. Sorry, that one just escaped from me. I digress.

  • daisy

    There’s been some talk about this on the facebook discussion group but no one was clear about where they saw it.
    I keep thinking that somehow this movie is going to have some kind of tie to Lost ( and who knows perhaps even Alias ?! ). There’s something about the noises the Cloverfield monster makes that makes me think of the monster in Lost ( not Smokie – the Pilot monster – I still sort of think that they are two different things ). Who knows maybe the Cloverfield monster’s home has mysteriously disappeared and it followed some kind of ship back to NY sometime around the time the Losties leave the island for good ?! Lol !

  • Brian Holmes

    More like CloverISLAND

  • Ravanos

    Cloverfield already has a tie to lost. It’s Slusho!

  • Ravanos

    Er… Tie to Alias I mean. Slusho! is in Alias.

  • Roy Munson

    Cloverfield was unleashed when “the button” was not pushed

  • Danny

    It also appears in the DVD release trailer in the same position for a few seconds. I saw it the other day and was unsure if i saw correctly or not. But after watching it again, its definatly there.