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Lost 4.07 – Easter Eggs

By docarzt,

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Yi Jeon had a few notable ‘freeze frame’ moments (click images to enlarge)

lost-407-01.jpgKevin Johnson, you say?  Okay not exactly a freeze frame moment, but worth pondering.

lost-407-02.jpgThat’s right, Jin’s date of death IS September 22, 2004. But is he really dead?

lost-407-03.jpgI didn’t bother looking up the Captain’s books… but with titles like “U Boat Wars”, it’s a safe bet it’s the standard “freighter captain” fare.

lost-407-04.jpgI have a sneaking suspicion the script calls for something like “Daniel’s non-descript machine.”  Does anybody know what this thing is?


Our book report explains everything, except for how Regina can read upside down.

lost-407-06.jpgFinally, the black box data recorder.  First off, yes… most of them really are red despite the name, and I couldn’t find any that didn’t contain mostly analog components.  Apparently this is because Analog is more resilient to magnetic pulse damage.

From TVFrenzy:

  • imfromthepast

    Daniel looks like he’s got the Hatch Door. You can see what appear to be the hinges on the right side in the close up.

  • imfromthepast

    Oh, and just to point this out. The middle word on the tombstone is “Jin”.
    Here’s “proof”, compare the blue word in this portrait to the middle word on the tombstone.

  • Ben

    Another easter egg would be the scene when Jin came to the store for the 2nd time. The salesman offered him a dragon instead of the panda and remarked: “It´s the year of the dragon…” So this must have happend in the year 2000 – because the chinese (and also korean) “year of the dragon” takes place in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 & 2012. Jin also mentioned he´s been married to Sun for two months now.

    Interesting fact and very useful to put the events in the correct (LOST-)timeline… 😉

    Greetings from Germany (and please excuse if my english isn´t always correct),

  • JohnJ

    Daniel’s non descript machine does appear to be a hatch door of some type. However it could be the very early prototype of the MARS ROVER. HAHA

  • buffy

    I am having a difficult time believing that Jin is 30. And that Sun is 24?!?? (from the 1980)

    Unless I’m also supposed to believe that Jack and Sawyer are 25. And that Kate is 16.

    And Claire is 12.

    Hooray for TV aging.

  • milo

    They are only about 6-7 years older than the characters were when the show started, so not a huge stretch, especially when they both look so good for their age. Fox is over 40 playing late thirties. Holloway is late thirties playing about his real age. Kate and Claire are playing about their actual ages.

    The biggest cheats in the show are probably Locke and his dad, who are only about 8 years apart in real life (kinda like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in the indy jones movie), and Ben, who probably is supposed to be quite a bit younger than Michael Emerson, although it’s hard to figure out the exact Dharma timeframe.

  • Chadusan

    Anyone notice the tv show that was playing right before Sun shut it off? It looked like Nickey in some sort of Expose show. Nice catch on the year of the dragon!

  • JJ

    Here’s my take on why Regina was reading her book “upside down”. A) She was AWOL, became aware that Frank was coming down to see our boys, and rushed back to her post, assumed her position, hurriedly grabbed the book-just in time for Frank to walk in and notice the discrepancy…

    B)Our girl Regina has been time skipping/time jumping: gets back, immediately hears Frank approaching, sees and grabs the book and b4 she can realize its upside down the whole scene takes place. I say this b/c she had that crazy “im here but not here” look that Minkowski had right before he went kaput, and then she goes and kills herself so, maybe the time skipping was too much for her?

  • David

    I think on that Faraday freeze frame it’s just a table made out of trees and pieces of the plane.

  • Erick

    First post here…longtime lurker…apologies in advance for the lack of brevity.

    Why does Ol’ Cap’n Howdy have such out of date books? Hmmm, “Guide to the Soviet Navy” does not seem terribly useful to a sailor in the 2004 Pacific. Or is it? The only reason to have that reference guide is if in fact they have reason to identify Soviet ships. The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. So either, or both, of two scenarios explains the needs for such a book: 1) the Kahana is a modern ship that in the course of its cruise, pops into pre-1991 seas, or, 2) the Kahana is a pre-1991 ship that has been sent forward in time to intercept and/or capture Ben. Perhaps this is sort of a reverse of the Terminator premise – the worn-out conceit that my going back in time one can change the present. I wonder if maybe the Lost story turns this on its head…maybe the Kahana has come “forward” to do its work. So, can one travel to the future to correct the past? Or is it a means to undo a course-correction?

    It looks like Faraday is not messing with a machine, rather he is confirming that Oceanic 815 went through some time/space rift and the degree to which they deviated from true time (think land navigation…declination = the difference between magnetic north and true/map north). Previously, he has mentioned used a Geiger Counter-type device to measure exposure to radiation and perhaps electromagnetic pulse. He confirmed that exposure to such phenomena likely produced “complications” like Desmond’s time/space break. The article he is studying appears to be a piece of A hatch – not THE hatch – or aluminum sheathing from the fuselage, propped on two logs. Why? Well, to determine just how out of whack Oceanic 815 was or is.

    Notice in the pictures on the other thread, the female crew member has her fingers crossed before she jumps over the rail. Why? Does she need to luck to ensure she sinks in water with 40 pounds of anchor chain around her neck. Probably not. My guess is she has a hunch she is split between two times and by killing one of the two “realities” perhaps she can push her “now” to the remaining reality or time. Perhaps like in a parody movie where the drunk, seeing double of everything, closes one eye in an attempt to see, or – even better – like Enter the Dragon in the climactic Hall or Mirrors fight…Bruce Lee does know which bad guy image is a reflection and which is the villain himself, so he proceeds to smash all the mirrors…process of elimination. Perhaps the poor girl had more than two selves battling for primacy? Perhaps she though she was “already dead” (maybe the black nail polish was a little TOO obvious). Something to ponder.

    Finally, Jin’s tombstone is nothing insane. Thanks to a year in the Army’s language school and my decade-old dictionary I can reveal the following…the first word, two syllables is “Nam Heh,” which means “South Seas.” No surprise, they were/are in the South Pacific. The second word group is his name, “Kwan Jin Soo.” The surname comes first in Korean. Also, no shocker as Sun always calls him by his two names “Jin Soo Shi.” (Shi being the postposition tag that comes after a name. So “Dave” become “Dave Shi”). The last two syllables are “Ae Meeoh.” Ae is a possessive marker equating to “belonging to,” while “Meeoh” means “grave” or “shrine” – so literally is says “Jin Soo Kwan’s grave.” That sounds rather final and ominous if the tombstone is bogus, as some suspect Jin is still alive and kicking in some other island dimension.

  • Eric

    Faraday is working on Franks broken sat phone…using a piece of the plane as a table…There was a closeup of the phone. Most likely noting that he is trying to get that one to work since Jack is ‘attached’ to the working one. I’ll bet that Faraday needs/wants to talk to the boat out of earshot of everyone else…

  • Aidan

    Yeah but did anybody see that Michael in fact turned up about 10 minutes earlier in the episode before his ‘big’ reveal. Look when Regina jumps in the water. Mikes watching with the crew. He’s the one with his hood up

  • On the tv in the hospital it was in fact the episode of Expose in which Nikki’s character was killed off the show…..

    Here’s the screenshot of the episode:

  • Dana

    Looks like Faraday is using a Oujia (sp?) board to me….

  • snakey

    Hi Doc, Daniel has a portable solar panel, it stores enough energy for their cell phones and other small appliances. Used a lot by the military in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc where power sources are harder to come by.

  • Jimmy

    Is Michael missing his right hand in the above picture?

  • lmz27

    Erick, and anyone else with any info: I have another question for you involving a potential “easter egg” not mentioned here. I’ve read on other sites that Sun’s wedding ring had a different name on it — not her name. The lostpedia article says that Sun’s name has different characters than the ones labelled on the hospital plastic baggie that Sun takes the ring out of at the end of the episode. In fact, it reports that the name is “Kwon Sung Hieh” — now, if someone could get a look at a screencap of the bag, I’m wondering a few things: 1. how accurate is the claim that the baggie indeed has a name on it that is not Sun’s name? (Or maybe “Kwon Sung Hieh” is a version of Sun Hwa Kwon?) 2. If it is a different name, why?
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • LovinLost

    Did it strike anyone else as odd than Sun’s “regular” doctor was not at the delivery? When that was revealed I was sure that something “fishy” was going on perhaps a transplant doctor brought in by Abaddon? Ben?. After all Sun’s baby may have some extra “JuJu” after being exposed to the island during the initial developing fetus stage of it’s life. Something I am sure would be of interest to either or both of the sinister mystery parties that are still trying to obtain the secrets of the island.
    Now, I know that in the “real” world babies are often delivered by doctors other than the mother’s regular ob-gyn, BUT this is Lost and no detail should be taken for granted. Especially when they made a point to show that Sun was questioning where her doctor was.

  • lmz27

    lovinlost: my personal take on it was that the sub doctor was a plot device for us viewers who were watching the epi for a second time knowing that jin is supposedly dead — because it would be more believable that a substitute doctor, rather than Sun’s regular doctor, wouldn’t know exactly what to say to Sun when she asked for Jin… like, he’d get all flustered and play along and maybe be confused himself, whereas her regular doctor would probably not have said, He’ll be here soon.
    However, after reading your post, I’m wondering about it too, bc they spent about four or five lines of dialogue on it. I’m curious to see what others think!

  • lmz27

    Sun’s Name?? According to some sources, it’s not. I would love confirmation.

  • LV

    They spent a LOT of time focusing on that bag, which also made me wonder about whose ring it was. Erick, help us out!

    @ Erick: Good catch on Regina’s crossed fingers. Obviously there’s a big mystery surrounding her (time traveler? grief-stricken over Naomi? both?), which I’m hoping we get some explanation of this season.

    @ LovinLost: The new doctor also made me wonder what was up. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if he was planted there.

  • LV

    Wait, upon second look, I don’t think Regina’s fingers were actually crossed. I think her index finger is just sticking up. lol

  • doyousmellcarrots

    I noticed that when jin was rushing through the toy store there where power ranger toys in the backround that are for the 2007-2008 season, toys which to my knowledge couldn’t have existed in 2000.
    This is the second time power rangers have featured in scenes which they hadn’t been created yet. In season one there was a scene where walt wouldn’t turn down the volume on the tv in his hotel room the night before the crash, and on that tv was the 2005-2006 season of power rangers which didn’t exist in 2004.

  • Man, I was so excited all season to finally see the gorgeous Zoe Bell on Lost, and when I finally do, she dies five minutes later? COME ON!

  • Jade

    >>Man, I was so excited all season to finally see the gorgeous Zoe Bell on Lost, and when I finally do, she dies five minutes later? COME ON!

    And Christian Shephard has been dead since before the plane even crashed… it certainly hasn’t stopped him from appearing in an ungodly number of episodes. So she jumped off the side of a boat, I’ll give you great odds we’ll be seeing more of both her and minkowski.

  • Gary Fuller

    Did anyone notice that Sun was watching Expose’ (the show that Nikki and Nikki and Paolo fame) ?

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