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Lost Easter Eggs – 4.04 – Eggtown Screencaps

By ErasedSlate,

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Here are the early screencaps from this week’s episode (SPOILERS).  Just a moment to say, Wow!  Each of these episodes have been top notch.  Updated with user requested caps.  Click to Enlarge.


s4ep04_29.jpgSome requested caps



High Voltage – Authorized Personnel Only


From TVFrenzy:

  • KeepingAwake

    So the Doc Jensen Clue is revealed! Philip K. Dick’s VALIS.

    From the Philip K. Dick website:

    A coterie of religious seekers forms to explore the revelatory visions of one Horselover Fat; a semi-autobiographical dialogue of PKD. The groups hermeneutical research leads to a rock musician’s estate where they confront the Messiah: a two-year old named Sophia. She confirms their suspicions that an ancient, mechanical intelligence orbiting the earth has been guiding their discoveries.

    Lots to ponder there!

  • y0ungman

    So does this mean that aaron is one of the 6? Cuz depending on your view on fetuses…he may not have technically been a person on oceanic 815…And they said a new member of the 6 would be revealed, and we already knew Kate….

  • KeepingAwake

    youngman, I am thinking Aaron is NOT one of the 6. First off, he didn’t have a ticket on Oceanic 815. And second, Kate is clearly passing him off as her own. Third, the only reason that I can fathom that Jack would not want to see Aaron is because he somehow failed Claire and somehow learned she is his half-sister.

  • cap10trepps

    So they’re obviously hiding the fact that there are people on the island or that there were other people alive that died on the island (or both), which leads me to believe the freighter is not the O6’s path home (unless Des is the captain). I’m wonderin, does Claire die or does she ask Kate to take Aaron? Jack’s unwillingness to visit leads be to believe the former (and it’s his decission to call the freighter that leads to her death)…

  • cap10tripps

    Btw, Aaron’s got to be one of the 6. Why would they not count a rescued infant whether he was in a womb on the plane or not?

  • y0ungman

    True, but Jack also said that 8 people survived the crash – so I guess that there’s no reason that their story consisted of aaron being born on the island and his mother dying later. Kate could have just taken aaron in. So its not impossible that aaron is supposed to be one of the 6…I doubt he is – but I didn’t think abc would advertise a ‘new member of the 6’ being revealed – then having that person be Kate…

  • cap10tripps

    Dude, Desmond’s in the casket! He takes an assumed name, because he was not on the plane. He was also an artist which explains the loft. There’s no confirmation on being survived by a teenage son (and who’s to say Pen wasn’t pregnant when he left her anyway?). Jack knows he’s been murdered, which adds to his distressed state. Kate wants nothing to do with it due to her knew responsibility. Plus, it seems too obvious that it would be Michael or Ben…

  • Ok so Jack and Kate will get together at some point:) Made a big deal of Kate not being able to leave the state – so weird must mean something. I need them to go back and rescue everyone this is to sad how pathetic and miserabe they all are. Who in the world is BEN???

  • gusteaux

    First: My cable company cut into programming for a severe weather bulletin for about three minutes or so near the end…I LOST from the point where Kate tells Sawyer that she is going back to the beach to the point where the prosecutor is offering her a ten-year suspended sentence. Someone please be so kind as to give me a synopsis of what I missed.

    Second: Jack said, under oath, in open court that they “crashed on an island.” So, how’s that gonna sync with the fact that the world saw the plane and all passengers resting at the bottom of the Sunda Trench??? Tiny theory: That’s how they’re going to incorporate the Tsunami…they will say that it swept the wreckage off the island and it settled in the Sunda Trench. The six must have held onto trees or something to survive.

    Third: I remember reading one of those cryptic spoilers (perhaps from Ausellio) that said that the O6 were six passengers from Flight 815 PLUS ONE WHO (WAS ON THE PLANE BUT) DIDN’T HAVE A TICKET. That would obviously be Aaron. (And I thought I had it narrowed down to Christian Shepard and Vincent).

  • Gusteaux….what are you talking about? They obviously prove that it was a fake when they get home because they’re obviously not dead so it obviously doesn’t sync with what they made people think

  • cap10tripps

    Jack said they fell into the ocean, so crashing on an island doesn’t necessarily mean the plane crashed on the actual dirt/grass/sand of the island…

  • cap10tripps

    Is that possibly a 3 of spades or 6 of clubs on the painting in Aaron’s room?

  • ErasedSlate

    I think Gusteaux is onto it. The plane in the trench is never found out to be a fake by the real world. It crashed and 8 people survived the crash. 2 must have died on the island and 6 made it off alive, according to the official story. Whatever happened, these 8 landed in the ocean.

    So, that leaves the plane in the trench as the cover and these eight miraculously saved by landing in the water.

    The thing that gets me is Aaron’s age. I’m thinking maybe two and a half to three years old. Would it really take almost three years to bring Kate to trial?

  • ErasedSlate

    cap10tripps, it looks like a 6 of clubs. It is real hard to make out. even in HD.

  • SwanSong

    This book is also on Ben’s bookshelf…”The Sheltering Sky”. Here’s a little clip about it’s premise…

    “The Sheltering Sky is the story of a naive American couple who travel into the Sahara, lose themselves in another culture and are destroyed. “They didn’t know what they were doing or where they were going, of course,” says Bowles. Their characters are not strong enough to stop the menace of the landscape and its people, from overpowering them.

    Paul Bowles described The Sheltering Sky as “an adventure story in which the actual adventures take place on two planes simultaneously: in the actual desert and in the inner desert of the spirit.” The adventure has an aura of both fascination and dread.”

    I love the producers and writers of this show and they must love us back, to put so much time and thought into every detail and every set, just to keep us captivated. They could get away with simply entertaining the masses, yet they care enough to amuse, challenge and intrigue the minority of us that spend way too much time digging, researching and theorizing over a tv show. They are lovely, yummy people indeed. I’ve never been so “Lost” in such a mind-tickling quagmire of riddles.


  • Garnet

    I definitely think it could take that long to get Kate into court. Considering that they are in Los Angeles area is enough, but we still don’t know exactly how long they will have been on the island after the freighter arrived. They may be there a good little bit before they are rescued. Anyhow, even if it does end up only being a short period of time, I am sure that they woudl have all been hospitalized for a while gollowing rescue. Not to mention that they would have been grilled time and again about exactly what all happened. Blah Blah Blah. ALSO…this is the thing that really jumped out at me as soon as I realized that Kate’s “son” was going to be Aaron. Remember all the way back to season 1 when Claire went to the “fortune teller” and he told her to “raise your baby yourself. No matter what.”? I think that will be brought back into the storyline as well. But I don’t think that Jack knows anything at this point about Claire being his half sister unless Cristian Shepard really is alive and somehow found out about Claire being on the island and telling Jack about their relation. I don’t know…there are so many good theories about the show at this point that ANY of them could create a spectacular outcome!

  • themachine


    “The thing that gets me is Aaron’s age. I’m thinking maybe two and a half to three years old. Would it really take almost three years to bring Kate to trial?”

    i think when kates mom was saying:i was diagnosed to die in x amount of weeks blah blah, and its been 4 years… has 3-4 years passed? also I think jack does not know yet, bc if he knew she was his sister, and that was his nephew, he would of course go and see him, unless he thinks its not aaron(AND SAWYERS BABY), i think he wont come see him, bc of maybe what kate did to get him, or …i .. basically i have no clue..i give up.. i love it!

  • Garnet

    Well, we do know that Kate’s mother was in the hospital for something very serious BEFORE the crash because of the hospital scenes in Season 1 I believe it was…(remember that it ended badly for her friend who she buried the toy airplane with?) So, say that had happened the 4 years ago that Kate’s mother referred to…it very well could be that Aaron is as old as he seemed to be….who knows! It is great to keep wondering!

  • Lametoad

    Didnt Jack say at the trial that only 8 people had survived the crash ???

  • Greg

    Someone remind me, could Kate have been talking about Aaron when she met with Jack at the end of last season’s finale? She said something on the order of “I have to get back to him, he’s expecting me, etc,” could she be referring to Aaron and not some mystery man?

  • gusteaux

    And WHY is Kate being tried in Los Angeles for a murder she committed in Iowa??? I can understand trying her on the federal charges anywhere, but the murder??? Seems a bit unusual to me.

  • milo

    Some funky stuff in this episode.

    I assume Kate is being tried in federal court, although the details of the set look like a state court. She committed multiple crimes in multiple states, some of which were likely federal. It is a bit of a stretch, but I think you can justify it being in CA.

    Ausiello did put up the spoiler about Aaron being a seventh one rescued, in an asterisk puzzle that was quickly figured out (although my guess is that he thought he made it obscure enough that it wouldn’t get solved – he kept posting responses to wrong answers for weeks). The Aaron thing was spoiled pretty widely, I’m guessing some of the disappointment about this episode is from people who found that out and lost out on the shock ending.

    As for the ABC promos, they aren’t created by the people who do the show, so there’s a good possibility that the promo was simply wrong about another O6 reveal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they clear that up on next week’s official podcast.

  • Christine

    1) Jack ‘dated’ the crash in his testimony… saying it happened in 2004… I assume the trial is supposed to be in ‘current day’. That explains the age of the child, but not why it took so long to get to trial. Perhaps it just took that long to gather all of the evidence. Perhaps the government gave a grace period on the court proceedings because the defendant had survived a crash? Who knows, but I’m sure they’ll cover that.

    2) As far as Aaron being one of the survivors, remember Desmond’s prediction? He said Claire and Aaron get on the helicopter. Perhaps Jack’s reluctance to see the child is based in guilt. I think he probably talked Claire into getting ON the helicopter and then failed to keep her safe until rescue. I imagine that Kate wound up with Aaron because she is the only woman rescued (absolute theory) and naturally made a personal oath to care for Aaron in Claire’s place because of whatever the freighter people did to her.

    3) Remember in Sayid’s episode, he said that Ben USED whatever the freighter people did to the losties to get Sayid to work for him. Perhaps there is some huge confrontation still to come… one that Jack inadvertently has a hand in.

    4) Kate has a seriously nice house for someone who is facing federal charges… Oceanic settlement? Rich husband – a certain doctor perhaps? Did her mother fix her up? I couldn’t help but wonder about this.

    5) I believe Aaron is the O6 reveal for this episode. I was too busy this week to keep up with spoilers on this episode, so I didn’t know about Aaron… but halfway (or so) through the episode I sort of saw the big surprise coming. Once they showed the blonde hair, I knew it was Aaron and I believed immediately that the only reason Jack wouldn’t go see him was guilt.

    I don’t know… my thoughts, I guess

  • tz1234

    In the ending credits it named “Aaron” as “Two Year Old Child”.. Is that a giveaway?

  • KeepingAwake

    tz1234, very nice catch there!