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Lost – The Beginning of the End – More Easter Eggs

By Koobie,

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There were plenty of Easter Eggs in the heart pumping premiere of Lost.  These good ol’ Easter Eggs were of the fast moving category.  Did you get to see them all?

abbaddon.jpgWhile Hurley has a chat with the ‘Oceanic Air Representative’ there happens to be a chalk board sketch of the hatch painting as seen below.

desmond_mural.jpgHurley also shows he is an artist with his depiction of an Eskimo and an igloo, could this be a reference to our friends over at the arctic station?

hurley-art.jpgAnd later in the scene Hurley is told that someone is watching him, which leads us to assume this is Charlie, but in reality there is another patient looking directly at Hurley.  Coincidence?

Keep watching there are more to come!

From TVFrenzy:

  • BevM

    Hurley’s visitor was an Oceanic attorney named Matthew Abbadon. Sound familiar? I did a double-take when I heard him introduce himself.

  • Cutter

    Matthew Abaddon = “Gift of God, Destroyer”

    He was super-creepy. This show keeps getting better.