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Lost Whispers – 413 – Sawyer to Kate on Helicopter

By ErasedSlate,

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skate_whisper.jpgMany people are asking what Sawyer whispered to Kate on the helicopter. Here is the audio from that scene. The first is the raw audio without enhancements. The second is an enhanced version where the background is as muted as I can get it. This is actually an exaggerated version of what we try to do to isolate the whispers.

With this excerpt, you would have to believe that they had a conversation while the cameras were not “watching.” In “Every Man For Himself” we learn that Sawyer had a daughter named, Clementine Philips. And, we learned that she was in Alburquerque. In the whispers, it sounds like Sawyer gives a location, “in lower…” a request, “Could you find them?” and a name “Thompson.”


UPDATE: BauerUK  said that it sounds like “… if you find her, tell her I’m sorry.”  Once BauerUK pointed that out, it is all I can hear.  Still am not certain about the first phrase.


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Next, I’ll be working on the whispers on the boat before Christian appears. That may be later in the day.



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From TVFrenzy:

  • Banana

    Okay, so I think I hear “find them” and daughter. I am not too good at these and cant wait for your transcripts!!

  • M

    “If you go to Albuquerque, could you find her(?) … Thompson” that’s what I could barely listen…

  • KeepingAwake

    This you tube clip was interesting:

  • Durham red

    I didn’t think it said Thompson. To me it sounded like “tell her I’m Sorry”

  • “I have a daughter named Clementine … [could/if(?)] you find here [..] tell here I’m sorry.”

    …ius what I heard

  • Stilts

    BauerUK…that is what I heard too.

  • ErasedSlate

    BauerUK, thanks. The last phrase is solved.

  • Trevor

    Not mine, but I think it’s accurate. Could be “Albuquerque” and not “Alabama,” though.

  • Ellie

    “I have a daughter in Albuquerque. I need you to find her. Tell her I’m sorry.”

  • Shrodes

    Ellie is right… that’s definitely what I hear

  • MLo

    I definitely heard “I have a daughter….. find her,and tell her…..”
    The last part was probably I’m sorry
    Now that people point it out, I’m hearing Albuquerque too

  • Aaron

    “I have a daughter in Alabama. You need to find her, tell her I’m sorry”

  • ted2damax

    i agree with aaron.

  • Roney Eduardo

    I have a daughter in Albuquerque. Could you find her and tell “I am sorry”…

  • africangirl

    does this mean that sawyer made up his mind that he wouldnt leave the island after all. at this point he had no way of knowing the freighter would be blown up, he must’ve thought he’d have his chance to get back to the freighter and leave the island… ?????

  • MrRob

    So I been watching season 4 again and also getting my GF caught up for season 5.

    I realized in the episode were we have the Kate and Jack FF, the one were they are living together, that this must of been what Kate was doing when she got home from her errand for Sawyer. what do u all think?

  • Anderson McCutcheon

    I watched the DVD, the caption clearly says “whispers inaudibly…If you find her, tell her I’m sorry.”

    So I guess that settles it.

  • Jacob

    I’m glad this article is saying Sawyer’s daughter is in Albuquerque which is correct. Every other article I read keeps saying Alabama for some reason. People don’t pay attention to shit. Still I would like to know for sure what he says to Kate since it seems like every answer to this question is just speculation and not a fact from the show. I think they tell us vaguely in the show you just have to really pay attention to catch it so I’m not sure what episode they tell us. Also I wish on other comment threads they would stop saying his daughter lives in Alabama she lives in Albuquerque for Christ’s sake!!! It’s not like ABQ is some lost city hahaha I live there and it’s pretty poppin with filming movies right now.