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Time Travel Easter Egg?

By imfromthepast,

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TPTB have stated on numerous occasions that they planted clues to Lost’s time travel nature early in the show. The best known example of this is the Adam and Eve skeleton’s found in the cave in Season 1.
Well, I think I found another one.
This last weekend I watched the Back to the Future Trilogy and noticed something interesting. Here is a screen shot:

Is this where they got the color scheme for the DHARMA Van?

Is this where they got the color scheme for the DHARMA Van?

That looks just like the DHARMA van, surely this is no coincidence. Whether this was an intentional time travel clue or just a simple shout out only Darlton can say, but it’s pretty cool either way.

From TVFrenzy:

  • I didn’t they confirmed the time travel easter eggs! I re-watched “Greatest Hits” and was reminded about Charlie saying he doesn’t swim and then one of his hits was like “Dad teaching me to swim” Did somebody go back in time and create an alternate time line for Charlie’s life so he could swim to the Looking Glass? 🙂 haha

    • Illundiel

      i believe that charlie said that very early on in season 1 when he was still going through withdrawal, right? that would have made swimming very difficult for him and he probably just didn’t want to flail and die

    • apackofmonkeys

      I assumed he was just being cowardly when he was still in his druggie phase.

    • Uncle Beaver

      It’s just a continuity error. They flubbed.

      • Illundiel

        character development, not a continuity error

        • The Magician

          Yeah, I always thought it was because he was selfish and cowardly back then.

  • Illundiel

    maybe we’ll get to see some people start to be “erased” when its revealed that charlie and claire gave birth to everyone and once claire falls for daniel then history will start to unravel. hence season 6 will have to correct this

    • By George, I think you’ve nailed it!

    • jimmy zer00

      You’re a cleverly optimistic little shipper, you are

  • GeigerCounter

    The van’s color is a definite match, and also the guy in the foreground looks a lot like Desmond in his Swan Station hazmat suit.

    • rob

      “the guy in the foreground”? dude, thats marty mcfly, man! time for you to watch this classic film.

      • GeigerCounter

        Heh. I’ve actually seen all three movies (and liked them a lot) I was just strangely unsure if that’s Marty because I didn’t remember him wearing that suit.

        • jimmy zer00

          bout time to watch them again then. except part 3.

          • plus one, part three was the worst.

            do you remember the cartoon?

          • GeigerCounter

            yeah, part 3 was the weakest, but still an OK movie

          • Illundiel

            nothing wrong with part 3. and simplevincent I have the cartoon series on tape, major win

          • jimmy zer00

            The cartoon is probably the main reason that I think 3 is as corny as it is.

          • jimmy zer00

            Though I’m glad Christopher LLoyd got some work out of it.

  • JohnEWilliams

    This is not a time travel clue, but I noticed something re-watching Desu Ex Machina from Season 2. If this has already been pointed out here or elsewhere then never mind.

    LOCKE: A game. It’s my favorite game, actually. I used to play it with my brother. It’s called Mouse Trap.

    KID: How do you play?

    LOCKE: Well, you start with all these parts off the board. And then, one by one, you build the trap – shoe, bucket, tub – piece by piece it all comes together. And then you wait ’til your opponent lands here on the old cheese wheel. And then if you set it up just right, you spring the trap.

    • UK Parting Words aka Warzo

      Its from season 1. You cant beat BTTF awesome movie.

      • JohnEWilliams

        Season 2, right.

        • Cecil

          Deus Ex Machina. Season 1. Without looking, I believe Episode 18. Right.

          • JohnEWilliams

            Season 1, right.

            Anyone for Season 3?

  • JohnEWilliams

    “Deus”, not Desu.

  • rob

    man, as much as i love the bttf trilogy, i totally think youre reaching here.

    • Really? Show me a picture of a VW van that is blue on the bottom and white on the top that is not from LOST or BTTF, then I will consider the possibility that I am reaching.

      • Typing in “volkswagen van” into google, I see 3 blue-bottom white-top vans on the first page.

      • Shinto

        Sorry, info, but you’re reading WAY too much into this. Blue VW vans are quite common–they’re not just from Lost and BTTF. I’m actually surprised you’re making the claim that they’re rare, by challenging people to “show me a picture of a VW van that is blue on the bottom and white on the top that is not from LOST or BTTF.” All you need to do is type in “volkswagen van” in Google Images, and you’ll see a bunch of them. They’re not rare in the slightest.

        • Theory156

          Of course if you search for it on Google you’ll find it. That’s what google is for, search and find. I think the point Past is making simply that it may be more than coincidence. I personally can’t think of any popular culture movie or tv show other than lost and now BTTF that has utilized that exact VW. That’s not to say there aren’t others, but the fact that this is a time travel movie and has a van the exact same as the Dharma vans, I think is pretty darn cool. If it is just a coincidence I still think it’s cool! So there. Nice Find Past!

      • Yeah, I was being sarcastic.

      • lylebot

        I saw one parked on the street a few weeks ago.

        • Jayman

          I have three in my garage right now with that color scheme.

          • Uncle Beaver

            I was born in a Dharma Van.

            … or is that where I was conceived?

  • Cecil

    What about “The Long Con” where Sayid and Hurley set up the radio… Hurley says “(It could be coming from) Any time dude.” In an episode called THE LONG CON, I would say this would qualify as an easter egg.

    • neoloki

      Yeah, I felt like this was one of the earliest and most explicit clues to time functioning differently on or around the Island. It was also a clue to the temporal displacement of the Island.

      • timmmmm

        Not only that, but during early Season 1 (not sure exactly which episodes) I’ve noticed two lines that seem throwaway at first, but definitely could be easter eggs. In “Walkabout,” when Jack says they have to burn the bodies because they don’t have time to figure out everyone’s religion, Charlie says: “Really, last I heard we were positively made of time.”

        Also, in “House of the Rising Sun,” when Michael is flipping out on Jin for attacking him he says: “Hey, why let a $20,000 dollar watch go to waste which is ridiculous since time doesn’t matter on a damn island.”

        I’m sure there are more too, but those are ones I’ve noticed so far.

  • I might just be really confused, but how is this an easter egg showing time travel? The first time I can recall seeing the DHARMA van was in S3’s The Man Behind the Curtain. I think it’s a reach too.

    • GeigerCounter

      Well BTTF is a movie about time travel and the van is a match. It’s true that this is borderline apophenia, but if you think about it, the Dharma vans could’ve been any color, yet they chose the one from BTTF. I mean, if you’re ridinga round on an island filled with hostiles, wouldn’t you want to be at least in a green van, so you’re not visible from miles?

    • Actually, the first DHARMA van we saw was in Tricia Tanica Is Dead. It was on it’s side in the jungle with the remains of Roger “Workman” (Linus) inside.

  • Typing in “volkswagen van” into google, I see 3 blue-bottom white-top vans on the first page.

  • LOL, I was being sarcastic about that challenge, everyone chillax! All i was saying is that BTTF Libyan van looks exactly like the DHARMA vans and maybe this was intentional. Maybe by making the DHARMA Vans look exactly like the Libyan van, not a little like it, but exactly like it, maybe they were intentionally referencing Back to the Future. Now if it was intentional, then perhaps the reason went a little further than just a pop culture reference, perhaps in referring to Back to the Future, a widely known time travel story, maybe this was meant as a clue to Lost eventually becoming a time travel show itself.
    Those two vans just look too much alike. Even among the googled blue and white vans there are variations, like the white part dipping down to a point on the front and so forth. But these two could easily be the very same vehicle they are so similar.

    • Uncle Beaver

      The van and hazmat suit are definite nods to “Back to the Future”.

      • Shinto

        I don’t agree. Hazmat suits are a staple part of any story involving a plague. And blue VW vans were quite common in the 1970s (being a child of the ’60s and ’70s, I remember that quite well), so it was natural to use them for Dharma. I think the BTTF connection is pure coincidence.

  • Dolce

    Yes, definitely Hurley and Sayid on the beach with the radio.

  • rob

    past, Al Calavicci from Quantum Leap and Sayid Jarrah from Lost both served in a branch of their respective militaries. surprised you didnt reference that in your time travel easter egg bonanza of a thread. namaste and lol.

    • My god, you’re right! How could I have been so blind! Now that you mention it, the Bruce Willis time travel movie 12 Monkeys begins with a close up on a character’s eyes!
      Clues are everywhere!

      • rob

        hell yeah! theres psychiatric wards in 12 monkeys and lost too!

    • Shinto

      Now you’re just being silly. 🙂

    • Illundiel

      Dr. Jacob stepped into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and vanished….he awoke on an island…

  • Bookhouse

    The same colored VW Van is on the cover of the Bob Dylan album “The Freewheelin'” which was also copied in a scene from the movie “Vanilla Sky”…which could lead to a whole other discussion…


    So long as we’re talking about early time travel clues, we’ve been re-watching Season 3 recently, and in Episode 2, In what should have been Juliet and Sawyer’s first encounter, there seemed to be a definite recognition between them — that stare went on for a LONG time. Then, of course, shortly thereafter, Juliet points a gun at Kate to force Sawyer to quit his escape attempt. Seems like this Triangle’s been around the block many times before.

    • Interesting. But of course, that was the first time they met. from their point of view that is.

      • dp2

        Yes, but I wonder if they experience deja vu or some similar sort of echo when things happen that have a global history but are in their personal future. Perhaps Locke’s leg went bad when he neared the drug plane because he was near where Ethan shot him in the past (I realize it started to go bad earlier, but I like the idea). The Sawyer-Juliet encounter seemed strange to me even when it first aired.

        • as a story-telling device it’s cool, but there is no reasonable basis for it. Not in my mind anyway. To me that kind of meta-timeline stuff doesn’t make sense, like in Frequency, that otherwise cool Dennis Quaid movie. The part where Dennis Quaid is burning his desk, and the burn mark is appearing on Cavesel’s desk, or when he shoots the bad guy’s hand in the past and suddenly the bad guy’s hand in the present shrivels up. You have crap like that in the movie, and yet when he decides to leave the wallet under the floorboards and Cavesel finds it it’s all dusty as if it has been there the whole time. The wallet part makes sense to me, but the rest of it doesn’t.
          Same with the de-ja vu idea, I think it’s a cool idea that appeals to my emotional side, my rational side balks.

          • Illundiel

            well Frequency from a phsysics standpoint was far more believable in regards to time travel because anything that happens in the past would immediately effect the future. The whole reason it didn’t in BTTF was because Marty was not in his own time at the time(that he was getting erased)…I noticed the Sawyer and Juliet thing too and thought something was going on since day 1 and now the Season 5 ending just makes me that much more excited for Season 6(although I don’t think multiverse, hyperspace, or many worlds theories will apply at all)

          • dp2

            Yes, I’ve read (and enjoyed) your time travel articles (also your story, but I’ve fallen behind on that). I’m open to ideas that allow deja vu, though. It doesn’t take much to imagine under the rules Lost has written. Maybe everyone is like Desmond to a degree, with memories running both ways, and Desmond simply had his amplified.

          • Illundiel, again, I will accept rules as laid out by a movie/tv show even if I don’t agree with them, but the application of those rules should at least be consistent. I loved BTTF even though i disagreed with it’s portrayal of time travel to my core, but I respect that it wrote it’s rules, and stuck to them.

            I would even be willing to accept the rules of Frequency as laid out by the movie (ie the wood burning and missing hand) if the show was consistent about it. But like I said, the wallet didn’t fit those rules. Or maybe it did, as I type these words, I thought of a way to iron it all out.

            Never mind. I’ll drop that one.

            However, I feel the need to point out the irony of your use of the word “immediately” in the context you used it.

  • Erik

    …anyone out there catch the quick EasterEgg in The Substitute?

    Locke’s teaching class in the “flash sideways,” and, on the chalkboard (top let corner,) is some sort of bookmark-shaped hieroglyphics piece of fabric.

    I’m interested to know the translation of it, especially since it’s placed in the “what WOULD have happened?” atmosphere!