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Marc Oromaner – Lost In Myth: Love Lost and Found

By Marc Oromaner,

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_800px-loveafterloveFor a show that’s been such a cornucopia of mythological goodness, it’s pretty surprising that Lost hasn’t spent much time exploring the one theme that is the foundation of most classic myths—love. Oh sure, we’ve seen plenty of love triangles and quadrangles, and forbidden love has come up from time to time along with lost love, but the mysterious ways in which love works has not really been explored to any major extent. That is, until Lost’s 91st episode, “LaFleur.”

The title was the first tip-off—being that it’s in French, known as the language of love, and translating to “the flower,” which of course is symbolic of love. I would go so far as to say that the episode’s teasing glimpse of what may be the mysterious four-toed statue was another hint. Maybe it’s just me, but the statue, which has been said to be depicting everyone from Richard Alpert and Daniel Faraday, to John Locke and baby Aaron, seems to be female. With its long hair, sloped shoulders, slender waist, thin legs and what looks like a miniskirt, it’s either a chick, or a very effeminate guy. I guess that doesn’t rule out the meek Faraday or guyliner-loving Alpert. I could totally see Alpert with full Egyptian makeup and sun god garb. But I think it would be more interesting if the statue was of a woman, a goddess to be respected and worshiped that is perhaps an effigy of the island itself—an effeminate energy that will be controlled and abused by men who will fight to rule over her. There are a lot of 800px-fourtoedfullparallels here between this concept and how our parochial religions demonized, converted, and annihilated goddess/earth-loving peoples, but I’ll leave that until we know what gender the statue is for sure. For now though, let’s get back to love.

I guess it’s a bit unexpected that an episode about love would focus on Sawyer. But, maybe this explains why Sawyer has always been so angry. Perhaps he was just a true romantic at heart who has never been able to express this side of himself due to his hang-ups about his past. With this now behind him, he is able to transform from Sawyer, a troublemaking conman, into a new superhero identity—LaFleur, a clean-shaven, caring guy who picks flowers to bring home to his lover. In fact, this may be a bit of an over-correction. The real James Ford is probably somewhere in between the rough and rugged Sawyer and romantic LaFleur. But interestingly, both of these archetypes are that of the romantic. One just represents the unattainable bad-boy that many women want, while the other is the all around nice guy that they probably need but usually reject—unless they also happen to have the rough and rugged looks. So with LaFleur, Juliet really gets the best of both worlds—the unattainable man she wants, but, domesticated. Too bad such perfect situations rarely last. And since Lost has been so good at making metaphors for the real world, it probably won’t last too long here either.

800px-ankhAnother love theme to play out in this episode is the idea of how time fits into the picture. After Horace Goodspeed finds an ankh necklace that belonged to his wife’s now-deceased husband, Horace wonders if three years is enough time to forget about someone and love somebody new. The answer represented symbolically by the ankh is no and yes. An ankh is an Egyptian symbol with a hoop atop a cross that represents everlasting life. (Egyptian gods are often depicted carrying it by its hoop, as the giant statue seen in this episode appears to be doing.) Interestingly, the symbol is similar to the astrological symbol for Venus, the goddess of love. Surely, this is no coincidence. Love never dies. It is eternal. Once we love someone, a part of us always will. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t love again should something interfere with the physical expression of that love. Sawyer insinuates this when he tells Goodspeed that he once fell for someone but in time, her learned to forget about her. And this leads us to the major message about love in the episode.

1800024981pIn the movie Swingers, Jon Favreau’s character Mike is deeply heartbroken over his girlfriend who has just broken up with him. In fact, he’s so torn up about it, he spends half the movie moping around, wondering if she’ll call him to get back together. She doesn’t. Eventually he comes to meet Heather Graham’s character, Lorraine. At first, he feels that she is no replacement for his ex, but decides to go out with her just to get his lost love off his mind. Eventually, he comes to grow real feelings for Lorraine and totally forgets about his ex. And sure enough, that’s exactly when she calls. It’s not just Lost that metaphorically represents real-world truths on the screen—all good stories do it. It’s that Lost covers so many that make it unique.

Lost’s take on this same theme happens shortly after James “Jim LaFleur” Ford says “I love you,” of all things,” to his star-crossed lover Juliet. Those three words echoed through time and space and brought his ex-love Kate right back into his life. In this case, it happened quite literally. The flash could’ve sent Kate to any time, but no, it brought her right to that one despite the fact that there hadn’t been any flashes on the island in three years. The message is that whenever we have strong feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about us, our energy sort of intrudes upon theirs—making them feel even more repulsed. Yet, as soon as we back away or forget about them, we leave a space that allows them to reenter our lives. It’s like they say, “you always find something when you’re not looking for it.” Or, when it comes to desire, “we always want what we can’t have.” Translate that to love and you get a scenario that seems to be an almost cruel truth about how it seems to work—that we unintentionally push away that which we want and inadvertently invite in that which we don’t. Why? It’s that Law of Attraction thing again.

Whether you believe in it or not, there is a definite truth to how The Law of Attraction works. When we are focusing on how we need someone or something, we are actually focusing on how we don’t already have it. So, not having it is exactly what we continue to get. But as soon as we focus on how we do have something, in Mike’s and LaFleur’s case, a feeling of love, then we invite every possible path for that love to come to us—including ex-lovers. Ain’t life a stinka? Well, not once you become aware of this pattern and learn to master it.

If this is how it works, the trick then it would seem, is to pretend to want ac-0559what you don’t want and to ignore that which you do. This isn’t exactly new information, it’s why there’s a game of love to begin with and why those who play it and act aloof towards potential partners tend to attract them. Most of us are at least subconsciously aware of how this works. It’s just that it seems more interesting when we see how it all may work like a mathematical formula. For whatever reason, nature abhors a vacuum. So as soon as there is any kind of space, it will provide for something to fill it. This is why we’re always busy, constantly having new challenges to deal with, continually having to buy bigger hard drives to store our stuff, and always having new people enter our lives as soon as others exit. When it comes to love, as soon as we forget about an ex-lover—usually because we’re now with someone new—they return. And the more we try to push them away, the more forcefully they push right back. If this universal truth isn’t cruel enough, our patriarchally-endorsed society’s rules that we must be bound to only one love for most of our adult lives seems like the cruelest rule of all. Good thing we have Lost where we can live vicariously through all the various love triangles, quadrangles, and—if Goodwin, his wife Harper, and Ben show up—love heptagons of the latest depiction of Fantasy Island. An island that can apparently only exist on TV, and in the seventies.

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  • hyperRevue

    If the statue is in fact Eqyptian, then it’s a man, not a woman.

    • elijahmoon

      lol, out of 100% possible. This article was exactly .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% about the sex of the statue. way to nail that comment.

  • oldrunner262

    Last night I had a dream. LOST stands for: Land Of Stranded Travelers. Any thoughts?

    • “Stranded Travelers” I like it! Can you be a traveler, if you’re stranded? Can you be stranded if you’re traveling?

    • simplevincent

      sounds like a u2 album

      • donuteyes

        then it’s probably overrated and boring.

        • simplevincent


    • Jangras

      L.O.S.T. stands for Lack Of Sensed Theories, dude.

  • Seabiscuit

    Interesting theory that it was Sawyer’s feelings who brought Kate to him. Very interesting. But then who brought Jack and Hurley?

    • christian for jack and charlie for hurley no ?
      very interesting yes

      • elijahmoon

        lests see I recall Jack digging Juliet and Hurley digging dharma Ranch? No? Yes. 🙂

        • elijahmoon


    • TRoss

      Whatever did happen to that magic box that brought Anthony Cooper to the Island? Maybe it’s just a metaphor, and the Island just senses the longings of it’s inhabitants, and then finds a way to make them come to the Island.

  • I’m hoping that it was Sawyers more domesticated life that brought Kate back ONLY not because of the desire and “love” he had for her but perhaps in knowing that Kate must have seen Clementine. As a man with a more mature outlook on life and a man who has grown, evolved to be responsible he is longing to learn about his daughter and not so much having a desire to rekindle what was once there between Kate and himself.
    Why didnt he tell Juliette? Maybe he hasn’t shared the fact that he is a father to Juliette, yet.

    Aside from that this post was so money, there’s a new sheriff in town LOL

  • Yonko

    Remember when Sun lost her wedding ring? She found it as soon as she stopped looking…

    • We stop when we find, we find when we stop. nice.

  • Statue is totally male…

    • DT

      There is no way to tell for sure from what we have seen.

      • There’s no way to know at this point if the statue is even human. Are those Gelfling-like ears sticking up? Or is it the back of an ornamental tiara-like headdress?

  • RYAN loves LOST

    I hope that sawyer stays with juliet, and doesnt ditch her for kate. i like sawyer and juliet better than sawyer and kate. kate should go with jack!

    • Mythologically speaking, Sawyer belongs with Kate. His three-year relationship with Juliet, and Kate having raised the Goobster and stayed in one place made them both ready for one another.

  • RYAN loves LOST


  • penny

    Sawyer has always been true to his feeling, no matter what his conman duties were.
    He stood up for his friends when he had to; he jumped off a helicopter when he had to; and he got everybody`s back when he was supposed to.
    i always thought that he would end up with kate, on the island (and i know the show changes all the time, and this could happen anytime). but seeing episode 8, i realised that the chemistry between sawyer and juliet is undeniable. they found each other`s match. they got each other`s back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. they can be sweet, but they can shoot anyone in the head in a matter of minutes.
    wonder what`s gonna happen now that kate has arrived. what is sawyer going to do?
    and don`t forget juliet`s love for jack…what`s she going to do?

    • simplevincent

      i think you nailed it…juliet and sawyer work because juliet can match sawyer at any moment, whereas kate was only interested from crisis to crisis. the latter keeps things spicy, but the former yin yangs.

      • elijahmoon

        lol cool perspective simplevincent 🙂 I LOVE Juliet [hated her at first] Ive got a nickname for her that I wont share here hahaha

        • you gotta!!

          • elijahmoon

            lol ok. 4 letter word. starts with “T” ends w/ “S” with “IT” in the middl3 🙂 occasionally I expand it to a two word nickname with the first being “OL” ____ the aforementioned being the second word 🙂

  • J

    Thanks for the really interesting, unique take on the episode. Love write-ups like these that focus in-depth on the bits of LOST us crazies usually never get around to talking about because we’re so focused on the statute or Dharma. Well done.

    • elijahmoon


  • Good thoughts Marc.
    Consider love grows with time love grows stronger. Sawyer and Juliet have had three years to grow in love. Kate and Sawyer had a fling for a couple months. Kate and Jack fell in and out of love in three years. Jack and Juliet never became more then “what could have been”.
    On a side point, have you considered Richard’s initials are RA (saw on another post), he could easily be a pharaoh, I like it!

    • simplevincent

      i just hope sawyer and juliet have progressed in their relationship enough to be honest from the get go…no more secrets please, you’ll just end up with a stake through your heart on the side of a hill.

      “you’re mine!”

    • TRoss

      That would be how it works in the real world, but this is dramatic television, and if they want us to really be invested in a love story, WE, the audience, need to be the ones who grow to love the story over time.

      Sawyer and Juliet may have been together for three years, but we didn’t see it. It’s lovely, and it’d be great if it lasted, but if it doesn’t, we’re not really that invested in it, are we? If it ended, are we more likely to shed a tear from the tragedy of it all, or say, ‘what a shame, they made such a cute couple”?

      If TPTB really want Suliet to last, they’ll have to continue to develop it so that the audience can really fall in love with the soul of the relationship, not just its good looks.

      • Good points. And for the record, I don’t believe Suliet will last.

  • Justin

    I think that you are off on your assumption that Kate could have flashed to any time. The “three years” title cards were no accident and what we saw in the last episode was a confirmation that the O6 and the Flashies have lived an equal amount of time, 3(ish)years. They were thrown back to that specific time because the Flashies were stuck in that time. They are closing the gaps on the discrepancies of time that has passed between them.

    • dbarrus

      I also feel that this is the time on the island when something went wrong. Which leads now to the island trying to correct a wrong, a course correction? Along with the healing process of the island, I also think the island gives people the chance to course correct their live. It seems to me that most all the oceanic survivors are at their best on the island, yes even Sawyer.

    • My point about why Kate flashed to this particular point is commenting on the mythology of the show, not its plot or story line. In other words, I’m commenting about the metaphors for the world we live in and how Kate showing up then is a reflection of how things work in the real world. Since LOST usually follows with the myth, that’s what had to happen. I’m not talking about the equal amounts of time or anything else.

      I’m personally finding a lot of conflicts with the way time is being presented on the show. For example, could that redhead girl Faraday saw really have been Charlotte? If so, they have some explaining to do! That girl was about 4 years old and being that it was 1974, that would mean she was born in 1970. But both the actress and (according to Ben) the character were born in 1979. So something’s fishy with that. Perhaps Faraday ends up not telling the wrong girl not to come back to the island!

  • Rydogg

    I’ll agree with most of the analogy but your take on Swingers is off just a bit.

    • Guy is hung up over his ex. She never calls. Guy meets another girl and falls for her. Ex finally calls. If you see it differently, let me know.

  • Nikita

    I couldn’t help but feel for Juliet in this episode. I mean…..she’s held basically captive on an Island. The man she has an affair with, Ben sets up to be killed (Goodwin). Then she starts a relationship with Jack, he leaves in a helicopter with Kate. Now, she’s got a relationship going with Sawyer, and in strolls Kate again….

    Can she ever get a break! Maybe Ben is right…..she is his! LOL

    • dtruth

      LOL. She will catch a break when she stops falling in love with men that have unresolved emotional attachments with other women. Funny how people feel sorry for Juliet as a one time adulteress and are angry at Kate for “ying-yanging”. Juliet was also with Goodwin for 3 years. I think a lot is being made out of this 3 years thing and I do not think it is that important. Juliet hardly pined for Goodwin(At least not that we were shown) Same with Kate. Maybe we are yet to be shown her pining for Sawyer which they must do if they are to keep what may soon become an Octagon alive 🙂

      Marc, I think this is an absolutely fabulous write up. It amuses me when many scoff at the romantic story arcs of Lost. I love it. Unless we are watching a show of Eunuchs, it is naive not to expect this sort of romantic drama and sexual tension. Personally, I hope they end the Sawyer/Juliet drama as quickly as they started it. Their scenes were the worst for me in an otherwise great episode. I thought I was watching some drama on Lifetime for a minute there, with all the Paisley and Flowers and cooking. I do not like almost Zombie like Sawyer always smiling and soft. Give me he cons/she runs any day of the week. If I want happy people playing house, I’ll watch something on Lifetime. I want all the angst and drama, the selfishness, little bit of violence, the cons, and the mysterious looks and stares. Sawyer/Juliet are a bit too “nice” and that is why I know it will soon come to an end. Lost is not “nice” and that’s why we like it.

      Love is not a rehabilitation program, I have been saying everywhere. Ofcourse Juliet is a better woman for Sawyer than Kate. She does not have half the psychological trauma Kate has but as this write up suggests..Love is not about who or what is better, it is about what is and I dare say who you want. After that look Sawyer gave Freckles, I dare say, Jules is in for a rude awakening. Hopefully, they will find a way not to make it Kates fault. LOL. The poor girl gets blamed for everything. Even the Triangle. Nevermind that there were two able bodied adult men, who as far as we know were in control of all their mental faculties, but were unable to man-up and make a choice bow out gracefully. If it’s a man, he is a stud. A woman, she is a flip flopper.

      In fact, I want Juliet to bow out gracefully then she and Kate can become friends and they can both kick some butt because they are two fierce battlers atleast on that we can all agree.

      • TRoss

        “Funny how people feel sorry for Juliet as a one time adulteress and are angry at Kate for “ying-yanging”. ”

        It’s not quite that simple. Goodwin wanted to leave his wife, and had been sleeping on the couch for years, but Juliet told him not to because she feared what Ben might do to him (and rightly so, as we find out later). Kate on the other hand, has two men who clearly love her. Yeah, its hard to pick between two men you love, but you’re going to get some grief for making them suffer while you make your decision, or even worse, go back and forth between the two.

        Though personally, I don’t see Kate as having played the ping pong game. She had feelings for both men but clearly chose Sawyer. And when Sawyer was lost to her, she was again drawn to the other man for whom she had feelings – Jack. She gave it the old college try, but it didn’t work out. No bed-hopping, no bouncing back and forth, at least not sexually.

        “Lost is not “nice” and that’s why we like it.”

        Uh, no. I love the underlying themes of redemption, love, and hope in the show. I’d call all of those concepts “nice”. But you may be referring to something else.

        “Love is not a rehabilitation program,”

        Maybe it isn’t, but it should be. That’s one of the things that attracted me to Skate. Jack and Kate just seemed to make each other miserable. He was always disappointed in her, and she just walked around feeling sorry for herself because of it. Half the time I feel like I’m watching a domestic dispute on COPS.

        With Sawyer though, Kate acted as his equal, and pushed him to be a better person, while still loving him even if he wasn’t there yet. Same with Sawyer. He could see the real Kate, and loved her faults and all, and also in spite of the fact she seemed torn over her feelings for him. Kate’s love DID rehabilitate Sawyer in a lot of ways, and I’d like to think some of Kate’s recent independence from the hero-worship of Jack was due to Sawyer’s faith in her as well. Without that ‘rehabilitative’ aspect of their relationship, they might have looked no better together than jate.

        • dtruth

          Juliet had an affair with Goodwin for 3 years. If he wanted to leave his wife, he should have before she started. That’s no excuse. Whether he was sleeping on the couch or in the garage is irrelevant. I do agree that if you can’t make up your mind about two men then you have to be prepared for grief. I think, knowing Kate who is grief personified, lol, she is probably ready for it.

          Finally, I find someone who sees the light of day and realises that this ping-pongin Kate has been accused of since the beginning of time is often exaggerated when you look at the details. We agree on that, for sure.

          I am referring to something else 🙂 I love the love, redemption etc. In fact, that is what I watch the show for. The character dynamics and how they live under these strange circumstances. When I say “nice” I mean that scene in the kitchen..LOL..come off it, guys..hate Kate all you want, but that’s not a scene out of Lost. One could have been excused for thinking we had gone to a commercial for the Food channel. It was nauseating for me. If they had shown me Sawyer and Juliet making out in a Dharma van, it would have made more sense.

          LOL. We have the same feelings on Jack/Kate. I even think worse but if I post it here I may be booted out 😉 Yes, Sawyer and kate did change each other but I still say love is not a rehabilitation programme. In the sense that, this notion that Sawyer should stay with Juliet because with her he seems happier and content and she is oh so clearly a better woman but with crazy Kate it will be a roller coaster and so on. My point is, you can not choose who you love. Love is not a rehabilitation programme. If rehabilitation comes along, great bonus but that should not be the reason one couple is seen as a better fit as opposed to another. Just my take.

          • elijahmoon

            in 10 words or less? KATE IS MENTALLY ILL [SEVERLEY]. *END* *NEW* The scene is not a Lost scene? Is the show in a small box of which it can never expand? We started on a beach with noise in the jungle. Then polar bears,black smoke,others,hatches,I C dead people. Has the show not been a living organism since day one? Screw your box. I like the Islands magic box w/ sawyer and juliet in it. That is all. 🙂

    • Andy

      I still believe Juliet will end up off the island with her sister. This is what she has wanted since the beginning but destiny keeps preventing it from happening. The island just isn’t done with her. Once it is, I believe she will choose to go home. As sad as it is I dont see a happy ending for her and James.

  • simplevincent

    your need for a conflicted sawyer makes us, the audience, no better than those of the dharma quacks watching The Swan (from The Pearl) occupants for psychological studies.

    Kate’s only attractive because she’s an infrequent treat…saywer can’t ever relax.

    • dtruth

      I don’t need a conflicted Sawyer. I need Sawyer. James is not working for me. He almost behaves drugged. Only when he is with Miles or Horace does he sound like Sawyer. The scenes with Jules in the kitchen were just ridiculous to me. I felt like they were putting on a show for someone watching.

      Kate had to be an infrequent treat SimpleV 🙂 That’s her chracter. She runs. She could not sleep in the tent. She could not play house. She did not want to be Eve in the Cave. She does not do goodbyes. That’s Kate! However, everytime she seemed to be “not so Kate” Sawyer did not help matters either because he had his own issues. He does not do sorry’s. He conned her to get the guns just when it seemed they were getting along. He was as insensitive as can be when Kate brought up the issue of pregnancy. That was a huge step for her. She ran away from (whatshisname off Island, Kevin?) for fear of being pregnant and yet here she was on the Island with this outlaw and she was entertaining the thought but his reaction simply confirmed all the things she believed he was. A nasty, untrustworthy, smoking/drinking whambam thank you man kinda chap. So, it made sense to align herself with the man she believed she should love and was good for her, the noble fearless doctor. Feelings for the other guy “sickened” her.

      Still, with all this, Sawyer loved her flaws and all. She’s back. She may have learned her lesson. Juliet is in the way. Juliets 1st affair, Goodwin, was impaled. No such violence for Sawyer we hope. He will simply leave her or she him and return to freckles. This is Lost not Army Wives with Juliet as Claudia Rose. Sawyer will return to the woman who doesn’t do taco nights because that’s his kind of chic when all is said and done.

      • simplevincent

        but could kate and sawyer ever find happiness? if she’s the runner and he’s the fighter, is their happiness the chase itself?

        • penny

          mmm we are used to a sawyer from season 1,2 and 3…a tough man, conman, violent, smokin and selfish guy. but as everybody knows, he has changed. he finally killed anthony cooper, and turned the page.
          maybe we are underestimating him. we think he doesn’t like the stability that juliet can give to him, we think he’s not the east going couple and that he doesn’t enjoy taco night.
          personally, i think he really does. remember he comes from a broken family, with a truly sad background. we have to think in the possibility that he’s intelligent enough to want a common and ordinary family. read some books, have dinner with a lovely wife and raise some kids.
          i don’t think sawyer wants to be in the roallercoaster that kate can offer.
          of course he will have to cowboy up and make a decision. but if we ask sawyer for that, why can we ask the same from kate? she’s not blamed for everything, but let’s face it, she’s not exactly the example of i-know-what-i-want person…
          maybe we’re putting all the pressure on sawyer, saying he HAS to make all the decisions. but don’t forget that this love story has four sides. what about juliet’s decision? what about jack’s?

          • dtruth

            SimpleV-I think Kates final redemption will be that she will have to stop running.LOL. Though having violated her parole, I don’t know but if they are on the Island for good then I guess the parole is a non-issue. Kate has to actually learn to love herself before she can truly accept love from anyone. I think that is why Aaron was so important because that was unconditional love from both sides-no games.

            Sawyer has also changed and it is how they work having changed, that I want to see. Like Penny said, they can both be credited for bringing out the change in themselves.

            Penny, no matter how mature Sawyer becomes, I doubt he will ever permanently be the flower bringing, paisley wearing, stepford grinning man we saw in La Fleur. I’m not saying he doesn’t want stability. He does, but he still needs an edge. Ofcourse Kate has to make a decision but it is up to Sawyer to decide whether he likes the safety of Juliet or craves the dangerous though very passionate Freckles. He is not going to make that decision if Kate is still confused so Kate HAS to take a position and I think the story will roll from there.

            Jack has bigger issues. Daddy and so on..he may wig out if Kate isn’t “always with him” anymore but he’ll get over it. Juliet, well, she just has to wait and see what happens. That’s the position you are in when you find yourself in the middle of people with unresolved feelings for each other.

  • Desi’s Brother

    I think you are reading a touch too much into this show.

    Lost does mysteries and WTF moments really well. It does not do character developement well. Theses characters are weak. I’m excited about Suliette, but we will probably see little of their relationship as we get launched back into the ever boring Kate/Sawyer/jack crap all over again.

    • simplevincent

      i wouldn’t say that they don’t do character development well…look at ben. by my count, he’s been pitied then hated, then slowly respected to somewhat of a tragic hero and now he’s back to Big Baddie. but I agree, kate/sawer/jack has been beaten to death.

    • dtruth

      Even Without A Trace has a love triangle. Give the writers a break. It is a format of most Tv Shows and it works. The fact that millions spend time loving and hating it shows how much it works. I think they do character very well. Ofcourse no one is perfect but they are good at it and personally, I love the triangle. I think it should have ended after “I do” because that seemed so definitive. Certainly after season 3 at least but they carried on. It was okay. Now it’s a quadrangle and possibly a pentagon when Ben sees his Juliette with someone else. I like it all. What is beat to death is the non-linear storytelling method. Enough already.

      • simplevincent

        I’ll be convinced of the necessity of prolonged love triangles when they introduce one on Ice Road Truckers.

        • dtruth

          LOL. Whoever said it was there because it was necessary? It’s there because people like it. Nothing is necessary. Smokemonster is not necessary but it gives myth geeks something to “chow” on. Horses for courses 🙂

          • simplevincent

            that’s true…i guess I’m just curious about how one can want more jack/kate/sawyer. what else can be said?

          • hyperRevue

            It doesn’t interest me at all. I’d rather learn all about the history of the Island and Dharma. But they’re trying to cater to everyone.

  • Chuck

    I think you need to rewatch Swingers.

  • Lostie

    I am a SKATER. Sawyer and Kate Forever !!!
    I wanna see little skater kids running around in the island.
    Kate will send Juliet back to Jack.
    Cant wait to see round 3 of their continuing CatFight !!!!

    • penny

      i used to be a skater, bigtime. but after seeing all the come and goes of jack and kate, i can’t really say i want sawyer to be the second option for kate. she needs a father, the father she never really had. sawyer needs a family, the family he never really had.

      • dtruth

        I think the Sawyer/Juliet relationship is a con in one way or the other. We will find out eventually I guess. I know we haven’t had a chance to judge yet but who is to say Kate has not changed? So far, it’s been Aaron and the whole “We must go back” drama for her. We haven’t exactly seen how HER life went these last 3 years other than Jack being unable to live with the fact that Kate felt a promise to Sawyer was far more important than having him hang around. So in a future Katecentric episode I think we will get to see, what Kate is about now. I think she and Jack have had the chance to make it work and it did not. The writers are bound to give a chance to Sawyer and Kate. They did not go through 4 seasons of telling their tale to let it end because Sawyer finds himself in a relationship of circumstance with a “mommy” figure. Calming and sweet and all that it is but as this article suggests and as we all know, Love is not a bed of roses. Love is not a rehabilitation programme. Kate taught Sawyer to love and sacrifice. Juliet is reaping the benefits of that and circumstances have brought out the leadership qualities of Sawyer. All the players were not on the pitch though. So, big fish in small pond. It’s now game on.

        When all the players are on the pitch, the dynamics are bound to change.

        • FInally, a suggestion I have been floating around in my head – Sawyer N Juliet a kind of con.

          Dharma is capable of watching everyone, aren’t they?

          Yet they seemed so sincere.

          We’ll see, but Sawyer and Kate seem the most natural couple, Jack and Juliet also.

          • elijahmoon

            tis true

        • penny totally just summed up kate and sawyer mere sentences.

  • Darbi

    Marc, this was a nice write up, and a nice analysis of where the writers have taken the Sawyer character. Personally, I’m loving the man James has become, and while I didn’t believe I’d like the writers deciding to make Juliet and James lovers, I did appreciate how well it was handled. I like Juliet and hope she won’t get hurt seeing that James does still have unresolved feelings for Kate…but that’s very much wishful thinking on my part, because hurt feelings are inevitable.

  • Thor

    Thinking about the developments with Sawyers personality, isn’t it important also to see the relation with the island itself? I mean.. people tend to change on the island either they want to or not! And often in curious ways.

    Locke kept mentioning it in season 1 that everybody get a new chance. That does not only mean that you can intentionally do whatever you want to, and be whoever you want to. In that case Sawyer wouldn’t need to change himself, only his goals. No, it also means that you get to live in a total new environment, well.. a whole new world! I think the island played a part in changing Sawyer. I bet he had never imagined he could ever get domesticated like we saw in LeFleur. That is, he could never imagined that before he came to dwell in the Island. Sawyer is not a necessarily a static person.

    But still.. taking into account all the arguments in this discussion, I could surely be wrong.

    • this whole thing kind of feels like when sawyer asked kate to “play house for awhile” back when they were living in the compound.

  • Funny that “love” is chosen as a theme for this show.

    Sawyer has some deep-seated issues with betrayal – his parents were betrayed and betrayed him with their death.

    We see him falling in love with a con the forced into betraying that con.

    Betrayed by Kate, the whole pity-sex-in-a-cage thing.

    Love is not a good thing in Sawyer’s life. The sum of his betrayals may also lead him to believe himself incapable of success in a relationship.

    Some suggest the Island heals – but so far we’ve seen only physical miracles. Where are the spiritual miracles? Seems everyone is a bit dense when it comes to displaying “faith” which is itself an act of love, isn’t it? Locke is on and off. Jack, well, Jack is a hard-on when it comes to seeing and believing.

    But this is a Sawyersoide, and so once again we see the poor soul having to deal with success or failure in love. The whole Horus scene was weakened for those of us that watched the spoilers and heard his worry of betrayal, his wife not getting over her murdered husband, that Sawyer’s advice would come back to bite him in the ass in the form of Kate’s return.

    Maybe Sawyer has grown, though. Maybe it’s not a con (although there is that little duality problem of the Leftbehinders’ lie) and so the clean-shaven version will have to finally accept happiness is possible for him.

    • dtruth

      I agree with the fact that we need to start getting to the spiritual healing powers of the Island. I have always wondered about Juliet. She was brought to the Island. She actually has nothing to fear off Island yet she has mangaed to stay there even longer than our Losties. Now, she has finally birthed a healthy baby on the Island. Is that her redemption? I can not see what other purpose Juliet serves in the big picture other than to spice up the historical triangle?

      Kate, I think is Annie..LOL..but we will find out. Then the whole Aaron thing. Jack, his daddy and man of science. Sawyer, clearly seems to have connections with Lockes dad and ran into Shepherd off Island but does anyone remember Juliet coming across any of our losties in her flashbacks? I am still thinking that traitor/killer branding Ben gave her in season 3 will come to pass.

      Handsome, I respectfully disagree that Kate&Sawyer had pity sex in the cage. Clearly it was a situation brought about by circumstances/emotions and so on, but I think the writers decision to include a very poignant post-co-ital scene after that cage sex, shows exactly what they think of the relationship b/w those two. 2 times Jack told Kate he loved her, she ran away or stared blanky. When Sawyer asked his question, she looked him in the eye and kissed him tenderly and when he cheekily said “I love you too” she cuddled closer as did he(Now I feel like I am writing a mills and boon novel 🙂 I think, the entire cage locking was actually the realisation of meaningful and deeper feelings b/w Kate and Sawyer, even without the cage sex, it was clear that they were done with the sparring. Emotions were now involved in this thing.

      Kate met Cassidy, mother of Sawyers child and Sawyer showed up at Kates mothers work place and they both showed up in Lockes dream, and lets not forget the whole connection via Aaron/Claire. There is still a lot to be told in that story which is why I find this Juliet development in my humble opinion, a nuisance, when we have only 26 episodes to wrap up this tale.

      • I believe Kate had sex with Sawboy to keep him from leaving Jack behind.

        I also believe she and Sawdude are a more natural couple.

        But we’ll see.

        dtruth said: “I think, the entire cage locking was actually the realisation of meaningful and deeper feelings b/w Kate and Sawyer, even without the cage sex, it was clear that they were done with the sparring. Emotions were now involved in this thing.”

        Like friends! With benefits!!!

  • Andy W.

    I don’t see how anyone could see the statue as female–it’s obviously male. It’s an Egyptian god, like Anubis or Horus. Hence, the ears at the top of its head, and the skirt.

    • haha

    • It’s “obviously” male? If anything is obvious on this show, usually, it’s the opposite. I am not saying the statue is female. I’m just saying that I didn’t even consider that it could be until this episode. Yes, Egyptian gods wear skirts, but they are usually longer–at least up to the knees. Not just below the butt. And I’ve never seen an Egyptian god with little elf-like ears. They have long ears like jackals. It may not even be ears at all, but the back of a headdress or mask.

      One of the things Lost teaches us is how to see how others do see things. We are shown their perspective. At this point, I could see the statue pretty much being anything. Even JJ Abrams or Spock.

  • Beena

    Can anyone possibly forget how Kate flitted about between Jack and Sawyer the whole time the three of them were on the island together? And now Kate is back. And so is Jack. There was no Sawyer and Kate. There was no Kate and Jack. It’s always been Kate, Sawyer, and Jack. Even off the island, Jack was still competing with Sawyer. Talk about a record stuck on a groove!!!!! I’m glad the record is spinning again, and Sawyer is with Juliet. Hope he isn’t foolish enough to try to be with Kate. It’s like trying to hold onto the wind or a vapor! Elusive. Futile. Pointless. Besides…Kate really does love Jack. Enough to leave her life behind and follow Jack to the island. She didn’t sleep with Jack the night before they left because she still has a thing for Sawyer. Her heart has always truly belonged to Jack, but she was stuck on a groove, too. Maybe at last we’ll have some closure to the triangle.
    The island and the time travel thing is starting to creep me out.I think the left behinders shouldn’t have gotten involved with Dharma.Why not side with the Others who were more privy to the time traveling qualities of the island? Where they wouldn’t be meddling with rewriting history so much?
    But we are being led to some final showdown, that’s for certain. And the O6 and the left behinders have some major key in the outcome.

    • dtruth

      I clearly have too much time on my hands today but I suppose I should be grateful. Beena, when you say “flitted” b/w, what exactly do you mean? What I saw was Kate and Jack developing a bond having sort of been the 1st of any of the survivors that either actually had any real interaction with. Kate came to see this doctor as fearless and noble and even marvelled at his apparent lack of fear. Jack was a good man in her eyes. Since she believes she is bad, maybe hanging around this chap and helping save people will redeem her and make her a “better” person.

      On the other hand, there was this rascal. This outlaw. That she could not help but look at or even smell(she was the one who knew his scent) and she was drawn to this chap. She hated that she was but she could not help herself. Does anyone really think Kate kissed Sawyer tied to a tree only because of the drugs? LOL. She had been eyeing that gorgeous face all the days on the Island. She kissed him…the rest is history.

      So to be clear, at no point did Kate bed-hop. She was NEVER in Jacks bed. Yes, she went hunting for food and going back for people and looking for a way off the island with Jack many times and their bond grew stronger and she continued to idolise him, but when she wanted to be Kate, she sought out Sawyer. Need I remind you how many times Sawyer would be on his own and Kate would find him? Need I remind you of “I never”? Or how they looked for each other at the end of season 1? Or how she frantically searched the message bottle and connfessed to Sun that she hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye to Sawyer?

      Look, the girl has issues. I think it’s a case of either understanding her issues or not caring about it at all. Jack is the man she should be with and ought to love. At least so she thought till they got off Island and he was more like Wayne than she imagined. Sawyer is the bad boy who to her is like Wayne and she ought not to want but she can’t help but be drawn to him. So she is fighting these issues and it seems like she is flip flopping but barring the jealousy scene which she made up for a couple of episodes later, there is actually no scene that shows Kate flip flopping. It’s just the fact that people saw her sticking by Jacks side as an affront to Sawyer after what they had together. I did not. I understod because I am a woman and we have all made those mistakes at some point in our lives.

      Kate is not back because of Jack. You will find that out before the end of March. She slept with Jack the night before they travelled because as is the case with kate and one of her many flaws, when depressed, she does not seek drink or drugs, she seeks the comfort of a mans arms. Did you not see her catatonic state? Did that truly look to you like a woman who slept with Jack because she loved and desired him? He was there and available and willing to forget his nephew and she needed something, anything, to block the pain of whatever could have happened to Aaron. It’s that simple.

      • Beena

        (snickering) dtuth hurts, don’t it???? (wild howls)

        Seriously. I love your reply. I nearly soiled myself with laughter. And I agree with a lot of what you have to say, and am glad to share all this LOST conversation with someone.

        When I say Kate flitted about, I was not being crass and suggesting that she was bed hopping. Although she did share enough of her heart with Jack on the island to almost MARRY him once off the island. Never did she think of playing house with Mr.Sawyer, much less marry him. And I totally agree with you…but how could she help herself and not be physically drawn to Sawyer? Any woman who wouldn’t at least acknowledge that Sawyer is the sweetest of eye candy and has that bad boy draw, probably is a woman without a pulse! I sure couldn’t kick him out of bed! But all bed hopping aside, Kate continually gave her heart to one man, and gave her body to another. There’s something shameless about the way continually she did that. Flawed or not, I still like Kate quite a bit. But more than once, I shook my head wishing she’d bloody make up her mind already! Issues…yup. The woman has issues. In all fairness, why wouldn’t she considering what a gem of a step father she had and how almost completely absentee her biological dad was.

        Jack may in fact be the better guy for Kate, but he’s such a control freak at times. And when he was really down and out, he alienated Kate. I could’ve reached through my tv to smack him up side his head for what he said to John in their last conversation. In some ways, Jack’s words to John about his insignificance were more cutting than Ben strangling John. Because at least with Ben, you kind of expect him to disappoint you. Oh, yes, but Jack was in pain when he more or less bailed on his engagement to Kate. Oh, yes, Jack was in pain when he said those things to John. I like Jack, but he also has quite a few issues. But what can I tell you? I’m more “Team Locke”, so you’d expect for me to see Jack in a certain kind of way.

        I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I’m not so sure either Sawyer or Jack would be an entirely perfect fit for Kate. And as much as Sawyer loved Kate, I think he’s settling for less by being with a woman who was flip flopping him around when Juliet doesn’t seem to be doing that to him.

        Considering the bigger issues at hand, maybe none of them should be concerning themselves with romance. Too distracting! But fun for us to watch, none the less!

        The big reunion I want to see, is Sun and Jin’s reunion. But even more so of a reunion I’d like to see, is if all the characters were all in the same time zone again no matter what time period that actually was.

        • dtruth

          We agree to disagree. I do have to point out that Kate gave more than her body to Sawyer and infact some of their more poignant scenes had little or nothing to do with sex. She had more poignant scenes being Kate with Sawyer than she ever had with Jack. I think I have listed them somewhere today already. LOL. I’ll just give a few-“I never” scene. Post-co-ital scene(if it was just lust she needn’t have responded so sweetly to Sawyers question) whereas with Jack she either ran or gave him a blank stare whenever he proclaimed love. With Sawyer they had beautiful non-sexual scenes as trivial but as meaningful as Cutting hair/reading mags/helping with the exercises, kiss on forhead while nursing him to health, playing in the ocean, dragging him to Jack to get his glasses, Searching for him to say goodbye before he left on the raft, frantically searching the bottle for any message from him, the hug when she came back with Jack, actually keeping the PROMISE and to quote Darlton letting it “DESTROY” her relationship with Jack(who in your opinion she has given her heart to? I do not but that for a second. What I have listed above and more are not actions of a woman who just gave her body to a man. We are both adults, we know what lust is ..LOL. I could not care less whether the man I lust after left a message in a bottle, said goodbye, wears glasses, etc etc. Lust is Lust. Love is Love and a mixture of the two is called being in-love.

          Kate loves Jack and wants to be inlove with Jack but it’s just not happening no matter how hard she tries. Kate dislikes Sawyer but is inlove with Sawyer. Kate does not feel worthy of any love from anyone. That is the simple story of this triangle in very few words.

          • Kate’s issues mirror Sawyer’s, don’t they? Seems the oscillation between her and Sawyer and Jack are more about her feelings of worthiness. She had an abusive father. Led a life of crime. Her mother abandoned/betrayed her to the law.

            We saw in her domesticy scenes with Jack off-Island that she could not share Sawyer’s last words with Jack. Does anyone really believe Sawboy told her not to tell Jack what he said? Hardly.

            The best way to show a lack of trust is an unwillingness to share. At times it’s an unwillingness to share in a relationship is a way to preserve our singularity or individuality. Other times it is about testing the relationship. Either is just silly.

            But then again absolute trust is required in a relationship. A person content in their love of another does not worry about secrecy. And in the end if that person is cheated on then trust is irrelevant.

            Not sharing what Sawyer told Kate was a display of that nature she shares with him and again a display of self-worth, a way to self-destruct with Jack.

    • You say Kate, Sawyer and Jack.

      But it’s Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Aaron.

      I think the writers are really screwing up the characterization of the characters. Their actions are not consistent with previous behaviors, or are without the benefit of some dramatic change, Even Ben’s manipulation is a weak excuse for Kate’s decision, as are both John and Jack’s stupidity in falling for bullshit-as-usual-Ben.

      But we’ll see if they make it work. For me, Lost’s wheels are coming off.

      • Beena

        I know what you mean about the characterizations.

        Sometimes throwing a curve at an audience makes a character more complex, to see them behave in an unpredictable way. But when you have almost all of them behaving inconsistently, it’s another thing altogether. It makes an audience somewhat distrustful of TPTB.

        I can see John falling for Ben’s bull. Because I think he tolerates Ben’s antics to get information, but always seems to get caught in the web Ben spins in the process. But it is almost not in the realm of possibility for Jack to fall for anything Ben has to say. Period. But maybe the things John had said finally got through to him. Then we have Sayid, who ended up trusting Ben, but all of a sudden stopped. Although at least there, you can guess he came to his senses. Sun was ready to blow Ben’s head off, then all of a sudden she sees Jin’s ring and that’s the end of it? After three years of believing this is the man who was largely responsible for her husband’s death? She’s just going to pack her bags and take the next plane out of town back to the island?

        But the thing I find most uncharacteristic of all, is this: That John Locke came to the O6 and he told them their friends were in trouble, and they barely gave their friends a second thought. Who cares that they were never rescued, who cares that they are in trouble…we’re not going back, no matter what. What’s up with that? For all their (the O6) lying to supposedly protect the people they left behind, they might as well have just left them for dead. Then they see John is still alive, and they have no real questions about the well being or survival of the rest of their friends. Just, “No, I won’t go back.” or ” You’ve never been in love before, have you John?” or “You’re an insignificant old man, John. Stay away from us.” It just doesn’t ring true of the characters, that they could actually be so uncaring of the people they fought side by side with for their very lives on the island.

      • dtruth

        Handsome, totally agree with your 6.49pm post. The reply button there, is not working for some reason. It also makes one curious as to whether Juliet even knew Jin and Sawyer were still searching and if she did, why did Sawyer hide the fact taht Jin had found them and that’s where e was running off to?

        I agree with this post as well. I think the writers are getting carried away with how complicated they can make things and we have tolerated it for a long time but now they tell us they are pulling the plug next year and we want consistensy and explanations. The reaction of the O6 to the plight of their friends defginitely has to be explained. I know the Island disappeared and they could have thought them dead but once Locke came, they ought to have been elated and ready to go on a rescue mission so they need to tell us why they were very reluctant. I imagine Kate will say Claire appeared and said not to bring Aaron back and since Aaron became her be all and end all, it would make sense but they still need to flesh that out a bit more.

        • Beena

          Even with a kid involved (Aaron), I would still think Kate would want to help with some kind of rescue mission on some supportive level. Even if she never set foot on the island again.Then of course, Hurly went kind of insane. So I can let him off the hook faster than the rest of the O6. But part of the reason he went nuts was because of guilt and “The Lie”. Once John came to him, I would think it would have brought him at least some kind of relief. But I think Jack and Sayid’s reactions were the least believable. Passing up a chance for a rescue mission? These two cowboys? No way.

        • I’ve noticed that sometimes “reply” buttons are blocked. Don’t know if it has to do with the number or responses to a post – or we’re getting too close to the truth!!!


  • Jalocke

    Hey I just had a thought about what they are supposed to be doing in Dharma times. Why are they there after all?

    Well according to Daniel… what happened, happened and that cannot be changed. So now the leftbehinders needed to influence events the same way they were influenced before. They are doing all the things that need to be done.

    However, Ben said that if they don’t go back they will all die… now why would that be…?

    The Purge, maybe?

    Ben has accute knowledge of the fact that there is going to be a mass extermination of all the Dharma folk. If the Losties are important to the island, and Ben knows this, its very likely that he’s doing everything in his power to save them from the Purge. My guess would be that somehow Jack, Kate, and Hurley are going to help get them back to the present time. Maybe with the use of the wheel… maybe some other unforseen way.

    The one thng I’m really curious about is how Desmond and Walt are going to play into all of this. I really hope that they team up and storm the island by force. I hope we at least get to see them this season and not next.

    • Beena

      You could be right that maybe Ben is trying to see what he did (the purge), get undone. But I’m leery about that. He has never outwardly shown any remorse for what he did. Nor do I think that Ben could have controlled the time period by turning the donkey wheel. I don’t think he was ever supposed to be the one who turned that wheel, and all the flashes didn’t stop until John turned it. I think it will be Locke that maybe ends up preventing the purge if it wasn’t meant to happen by being a better leader over the Others, along with his Oceanic friends running interference on the Dharma end of things.

      • Jalocke

        You almost got what I was trying to say. Sorry if it was confusing. I dont edit.

        Im saying that Ben never actually feels remorse for the Purge, he doesnt care about Dharma… but he knows that Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Faraday etc… are important. And if he knows that they are in Dharma time, he knows they might get killed when the Purge happens. Im not saying Ben wants to stop the purge, but that he wants to protect the special people.

        • Beena

          Hmmm. Like the way he protected John who is obviously very special?!!!!! (laughing) But he did go through considerable trouble to get John’s dead body back to the island. And I have to wonder if Ben was just doing what he had to do by killing John, if it was a protective measure that we don’t know about. But who knows what Ben is really up to?! Just seems like his only loyalty is to furthering his own agenda. He has been known to use people and seemingly appear as if he’s their ally in the process. At least that is what I think. But I also know I could be wrong, and there may be a whole lot more to Ben than what we’ve seen so far.

  • sawyer rules

    hello everybody
    i really like sawyer and juliet, hoping he doesn’t break her heart but

    i think the all sawyer & juliet on island life is a mirror image of the jack & kate off island.
    you know, lost is more simple that what we imagine. so we have another type of black and white (backgammon, adam & eve, jack & sawyer etc.) allusion. and don’t forget the episode called through the looking glass (like the book), just before the o6 leave the island.
    another book tell me the secret under the magical return of the 06 on the island. remember the “wish” jack found in his pocket after the 316 landing/flash? it is similar to the magic power used by dorothy to come back to her world in the wizard of oz, isnt’it?

    pardon me for my english

  • I think Sawyer will be drawn back to Kate, realizing that 3 years is not enough. Juliet will be left out once again, maybe, just maybe she was wrong about Jack. She let him go because she didn’t want to be the other woman, but Jack’s problem was his control issues. With Sawyer there will be no question, she is not the woman that he wants.

  • Beena

    It’s like wondering if Brad will be with Angelina or Jenn. Really! Team Kate, and Team Juliet! (laughing)

    • dtruth

      LOL. Well, I am team Jolie. Make no mistake about it. I was never team Aniston even when she was with Brad and it is a perfect analogy because Brad was with Jen for 5 years but it only took months of shooting a movie for him to realise that, Ms Aniston was not his soulmate and even those who like Aniston have to admit that the chemistry b/w Brad and Ange is unrivalled. Except by Evangeline and Josh ofcourse. Pity, Holloway is married. I would have bought a lot of rag mags to see pics of those two round and about. (burn the mags afterwards ofcourse. I do not subscribe to paparazzi harassment 😉

  • Beena

    I can’t go into a supermarket without still seeing this triangle’s faces( Brad, Angie, and Jen) splashed on the tabloids by the checkout counter.You’d think the paparazzi would be able to find something else to write about. Once upon a time I would never have gone to a movie just because Jen or Angelina was in it, and still wouldn’t. Might have gone because the movie itself looked interesting. But knowing Brad was in a movie, I used to want to go to it because I enjoyed him as an actor. Now, I just can’t watch him in a movie anymore without thinking about all the tabloids. I really don’t feel like shelling out the cash to go see something where I’ll be distracted from the movie thinking about someone’s private life. It’s pitiful.

    Josh’s wife is gorgeous. Very exotic looking, beautiful woman. He’s a hoot in the interviews he’s given. Evangeline did an interview the other night. She was hilarious, too.

    I visit Jorge Garcia’s blog all the time. He’s so down to earth, and real. And funny.

    Lost has an extremely likeable cast, as to what they are like in real life.I think a lot of that comes across on screen.

  • preztige

    I can see why the statue may not be Anubis. The ears aren’t long as Anubis and Anubis never had anything balanancing on his head, like much of the egyptian goddesses and few of the egyptian gods ever had.

  • horselover

    Here’s my theory: at some point in the past, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Ben, Goodwin, Harper, and Ana Lucia will all be in the same place and time at once. Some other character observing this will try to figure out what to call it, since it’s way beyond a triangle. As he tries to map it all out on a piece of paper he will be inspired by the octagon he has just drawn and make it the logo of his new business venture, the Dharma Initiative.

    • dolce


    • dolce

      Sorry, I’ve been drinking.

    • dolce

      But seriously, no.

      • drinking and doc arzt-posting is my third favorite thing in the world…

        • dolce

          I’m glad I’m not alone!

        • dolce

          What are the other two?

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