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LOST Makes Another Video Game Cameo

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Thanks to Dave from Albuquerque and Youtuber Cyborgmatt for this one.

The clip is from the game “Just Cause 2.”

From TVFrenzy:

  • Richard

    Is the music in the game or was it added for the YouTube video? Either way, very cool.

  • jemron

    Heck, I’ll buy that just for that.

  • Windham

    Does anyone remember which particular episode/scene this music was from? Was it when Juliet died earlier this season? I know they often repeat music -which is great because it’s wonderful. I have the score for season 4 but that’s it so far.

    • Kevin James John

      It’s Oceanic 815. From the Season 1 finale when everyone is boarding the plane. You can find it as the penultimate track on the season 1 soundtrack.

  • Well congrats. Just for taking the time to add that little easter egg, you’ve sold me a copy of this game.

  • adam118

    Sweet. Around 2:30, it looked like the statue might’ve been in the distance.

  • rodmanrc

    I really hope a sequel comes out to “Lost: Via Domus.” I’m one of only a few who really enjoyed that game enough to play it more than once, based on all the people who complain about it. But when the series wraps up in may, I think a new video game based on “Lost” could be pretty sweet when you consider all the stuff that’s happened in the show since “Via Domus” was released.

    • The funny part was that the game addressed time travel and changing time before it was addressed on the show.

  • This is cool but, OMG, is it boring watching someone play a video game!

  • I love youtube but yeah it does have some bad points. Like with illegal material and stuff.

  • The X-Men Origins: Wolverine game has the hatch in it as well:

  • Brandon

    Are the numbers on the side of the hatch?? If so that would be pretty sweet.

  • Mike Fiske

    The Hatch is @ the end of the video

  • I love it. I would definitely get a copy of this.