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LOST Message In a Bottle Video – The Opening of LOST 6.1 – “LA X”

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Here it is folks.  The opening moments from LOST 6.1 “LAX”.  Need I tell you it will be spoilerish?

If you have DIGG, please give the opening a DIGG!


From TVFrenzy:

  • Dharma77

    I’m in two minds, whether I should watch it or not… Its just a few days away.

    • spinflip

      Well, there’s nothing there we didn’t know from the first spoilers. Although I’m surprised it starts with the last scene from the last season rather than with a surprise opening.

  • It’s worth watching, half the video is the ending of the season 5 finale replayed… it’s not THAT spoilerish

  • chad repko

    interesting…. hmmm not sure how I feel about it

  • jim

    so…….. did the…… AHHHHH WTF!!! standard lost. i see 4 minutes and have about 25 questions.

  • ak. 91

    How come Jack have long hair?? This is just too stupid 🙁

    • neoloki

      because it is not a reset dill-rod!

  • Hey, one of my guesses on the opening were correct!

    Doesn’t mean I’m convinced Jughead didn’t blow, we’re just seeing an alternative.

    Or, maybe there’s a major event we haven’t been shown that will tie what we’ve seen together (good luck with that).

  • docarzt

    Prediction: “You can let go.” Is the new “I’m letting you off the hook.”

    • clueless1der

      Doc… is there another way to post these other than youtube?! If not I will have to *sob* wait until I get home…!

  • Dharma77

    I caved in xD Wasnt that spoilery at all, but I thought their minds would have reset also, as in they wouldnt know each other? I gather from this that both Rose and Jack are fully aware of what just happened.

    • It does seem like it, but I don’t think this is the case. I don’t think they have any memory of what happened.

  • Wow, I wish I hadn’t watched that, just because it’s making me itch with anticipation for the full episode on Tuesday!

    I’m thinking either:
    a) The crash actually didn’t happen but those involved with the Jughead/time travel stuff are still aware that everything that has happened.

    b)The “flashbacks” this season will instead be “what-if” flash-backs…like what might have happened if the plane didn’t crash (but it did.)

    However, neither of these options covers the spoiler images posted somewhere this week (was it this site? I don’t remember.) of Hurley with Libby on the beach. So maybe somehow they get a do-over?

    Ugh. I can’t wait. I seriously am seriously on anxiety overload right now because I’m so excited!

    • rw

      there r no flashbacks this season

  • Ok i watched it here is my thought. What if there all laying on the ground and this is just a dream of jacks and he wakes up wherever he is at.

    • Annebeth

      That was my thought too!

  • sandie

    I can’t get over the hair cuts (Rose and Jack). It’s impossible to make everything look exactly the same. But what about Charlie? Isn’t he supposed to go running by, which stops Jack from getting up?

    • sandie

      What I meant to say was that I CAN get over the hair cuts.

      • Since the bomb went off in 1977, in this new changed world, or alternate reality, perhaps Charlie wasn’t even on the plane.

        • neoloki

          Charlie IS on the plane

          • Though he may not be a heroin addict anymore.

          • sandie

            true. soooo many things could be different. my mind is reeling!

        • Matthew

          Or maybe he had a syringe on him and he just did it in the comfort of his own seat. Alternate Reality Charlie = Smart drug user.

  • ryan

    So, what is the turbulence? Given what we know about the island and the crash, something on the island caused that but it wasn’t strong enough to bring the plane down. If Desmond isn’t in the hatch, what was that? A failed attempt by Jacob to course correct and bring the Losties down again?

    • The original 815 was way off course. Maybe alt-815 was not off course at all, and just was experiencing turbulence.

      • sandie

        Well, the turbulence is always experienced when you pass through the door, window, wormhole, whatever boundry that surrounds the island. But if Jughead went off, and there was no Swan station button to not push, bringing down the plane, they may have passed right through it without incident, just a little jostle.

        • naultz

          I think the turbulance is not an effect of the island, jughead, ect., i think it was added just to give the audience a better sence of continuaty in the timelines. we know the signifigant moment( plane crash) that follows the turbulance, so it is added to emphisize the point that in this moment of time ( when they crashed before) occurs without the crash occuring.

    • Grade A stuff. I’m unqsueiotnably in your debt.

  • ricardo

    jack has long hair… i think cindy gave him 2 bottles in the original episode, and the seats of the plane are different…

    • sandie

      Yes, I think she gave him 2 bottles too, and he didn’t respond with “it’s out little secret”, but something more sarcastic about violating super tight airline restrictions. Ugh, I just can’t remember it all. Must RUSH home to watch the pilot and compare!

  • Mr. Tim

    Charlie told Hurley, “I am alive here”

    • sandie

      I don’t think that’s what he said. I believe it was, “I am dead. But I’m also here.”

      • naultz


  • vabeach311

    I think it is a misdirection. Small details are different, hair, 1 bottle not 2, no Charlie….. Jack’s DREAM whcih he will wake from in the present day, and Hurley’s dream will probably be that Mr Clucks commercial where he says about all his good luck. Seriously, you know the LOST guys~ this is NOT what it appears to be.

    • neoloki

      not a dream.

    • sandie

      I’m with you on this possibly being a dream or hallucination or something. It smells fishy.

    • LoganDC

      Also, the flight attendant walks away in the wrong direction. Jack isn’t sitting by the wing. And Rose is the supportive one this time around. In the original episode, Jack was the one comforting rose who was nervous. Everything is different.

  • Funback Joe

    Can anyone tell me where this was pulled from? Is this that phone promotion footage or something?

    • Official ABC sweepstakes.

      • Funback Joe

        Ah ha! Thanks dude. Personally, I think its all a tease to some extent. But maybe they’ve done so many tricks they WANT us to think its a trick. Oh man this weekend is gonna suck (longest weekend of all time)!!

        • Scott42444

          If my job told me I HAD to work Tuesday night, Tivo be damned, I would quit it. Seriously.

  • theglasseye

    “So for the remainder of LOST’s existence, I’m going to approach the coverage we provide here as a fan who loves the show, and has complete respect for the story telling process.”
    – Doc Arzt, November 26th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Already going against your own no-spoiler policy, eh? That lasted, what, two months? I know this might fall under your definition of a “preview clip”, but it’s one that has been leached off a sweepstakes and isn’t what one would call an official media release.

    Not trying to be a troll, but posting the opening scene of the very last premiere of the series seems pretty spoilerish to me.

    • toga

      you must be so fun at parties

      • theglasseye

        Thanks for the quality input. Really. Great work.

      • lmfao

    • docarzt

      It is not a spoiler. It is the beginning of the episode. A spoiler, by definition, spoilers plot detail out of sequence. This is the beginning of the episode. Nothing is spoiled, just experienced.

      • theglasseye

        But it’s the beginning of the episode before the premiere, not officially sanctioned by ABC. And watching a crappy bootleg out of context of the rest of the premiere isn’t what I’d call an experience.

        Is it in-sequence? Yes. Is it “complete respect for the story telling process”? You tell me.

        • Cutter XXIII

          Dude… ABC released the clip knowing full well it would end up online. AND NO ONE FORCED YOU TO WATCH IT.

          Look on the bright side: it’s probably a huge FOILER.

          • Cutter XXIII

            “Now as far as clips go. I know you guys like to come to expect to see preview clips here first, and that will continue. I do consider the preview clips to be very close to spoilers, but in general I feel ABC shows enough restraint that these will pass. If you disagree, simply don’t watch them. Also, if I see an episode early I will be posting reviews here – and they will be as spoiler-free as they always have been.”
            – Doc Arzt, November 26th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

          • theglasseye

            I didn’t watch it.

        • PeaceGlass

          If other people want to watch it then they have the option, and it seems that ABC intended for the clip to go viral. Are you really that authoritarian that you need ABC to decide for you whether you can watch this video or not anyway? I guarantee there are far greater spoilers already all over the internet… Just be glad the good Doc is giving you a spoiler warning and get over it.

      • It is a spoiler (thanks!), Doc: It seems (and I do mean ‘seems’) to indicate Jughead blew. Pretty major spoiler.

        But I’m not buying…it’s all a “what-if” so O6 can make the decision to not try to interfere and embrace their “fates” no matter what they may be.

        • alex

          how is it a spolier if it’s on the ABC website?

      • docarzt

        Y’know, again. I subscribe to the literal definition of a spoiler, not the one spoiler-phobes agree with. Being that this is the BEGINNING of the episode, it is not a spoiler because you are experiencing it as it is intended to be experienced chronologically. Not a spoiler, merely an early look at the opening moments.

        If this clip was from a few minutes into the episode, it would be spoilery – but again, as Cutter XXIII quoted me below, while I do agree such clips are spoilers (and good news folks, three of them are coming this weekend. One tomorrow and a couple more late sunday or monday) I have faith in ABC marketing’s decision as to what portions of the show they are going to reveal. Their intent there is to encourage you to tune in, not blow any major surprises; which, by the way, is what a spoiler is.

        Bottom line: I don’t subscribe to the namby-pamby definition of spoilers, and I haven’t stepped outside of my own policy.

        As for it being bootlegged and out of context: ABC released this.

        So I hope I made your ‘stand against the man’ worthwhile, and those of you questioning my motives enjoyed your moment in the very dull limelight of my comments section. The same rule applies with the site as it does with the video: if you don’t like it, don’t push play.

        • marc


          Please don’t humor this bullshit, esp from handsome smitty.. everyone knew what it was.. it was clearly labeled.. its sickin to me how all these people who come here for a lost community tries to bite the hand that feeds them every chance they get.. just dont click on the damn if you dont wanna know… if you want to know what spoilers are then go to darkufo and click on spooilers and read the whole season.. this is the first five minutes of an episode.. ur not getting spoiled CAUSE YOUR WATCHING THE FUCKING EPISODE..

          smitty.. ur an asshole

          • rtd2

            Wow, totally awesome that u are still bitter about taking all that heat for the phantom post/I love Obama post…keep getting under his skin smitty, its a nice side story to this site.

          • darkrider

            No, you’re not watching the fucking episode. You’re watching a piece of the episode before the episode airs. You get 5 mins of the opening of the final season, something everyone has been waiting for and debating for the last 8 months and the answer to whether or not the bomb went off and reset the timeline – and then nothing.

            And it’s ridiculous that you find anyone who disagrees with your standpoint about a bloody television show “sickening”. Grow up.

          • Man, you have a serious problem. As you can see from my avatar, the “handsome” is sarcasm. You don’t have to be jealous of my looks, I mean, you can’t be uglier than that pic, can you?

            I don’t promote the banning of people from a forum, but you are just a lil’ bit scary, dude.

            I loved the clip!!! But it’s a spoiler in that it SEEMS to indicate that Jughead blew! Something we DIDN’T know even if it is shown in sequence as intended. That was the major driving issue of the cliffhanger and this season – did it work!!!

            I don’t care a rat’s ass about “spoilers-or-not” and I come to this site in hopes of Spoilers more than not. I thanked the Doc for posting the clip (even though I’d seen it somewhere else before). So your rant comes off as idiotic as your pathetic whining about my good looks!

            Get a life. Get laid. Get something!!!

    • Shinto

      No one is forcing you to watch it, so why are you complaining about it? Others might want to. What’s the big deal?

      • theglasseye

        I was never complaining. I was trying to engage in an intelligent debate about Doc’s choice to make this available and whether it constitutes a spoiler.

        I don’t care if others want to or not. I just wanted to have a discussion, but obviously I’m being shut down so I won’t bother anymore.

    • JimD

      I too consider this a spoiler. DarkUFO even put it in the spoiler section of his web site.

      But, I also agree with others that we don’t have to watch it if we don’t want too. It does say in the title it’s the opening of ep. 1.

      • theglasseye

        I agree with them, too. 110%. But that’s not the point of what I was trying to talk about. It’s not like I watched it and then complained about it being a spoiler. I DIDN’T watch it and wanted to talk about whether or not it went against Doc’s anti-spoiler policy and how people felt about it.

        It wasn’t complaining, it wasn’t an attack on Doc and it wasn’t just to stir the pot. It’s clear, though, that no one wants to discuss or debate things here.

        • Cutter XXIII

          LOL. You posted one quote out of context and followed it up with some snark. How did you think that “discussion” was going to go? Just because no one agrees with you doesn’t mean it isn’t a “debate.”

          Welcome to the “internet,” by the way. 🙂

          • rainmaker

            And just because you don’t agree with theglasseye doesn’t mean you should be a jerk about it.

        • docarzt

          My policy is here:

          I encourage all to read it completely. As theglasseye apparently did not.

  • Dharma Chef

    I think this is an Alternate Reality, which explains the missing dialogue/Charlie/haircuts. Abrams and Lindelof prepared us for this in Star Trek lol. So at the same time Oceanic 815 did and didn’t crash.

    • neoloki


  • I CAN’T WATCH! “Message in a bottle”! – I’m so stressed out, I scrolled all the way to the bottom here with my eyes closed! That title… “Message in a bottle”, it’s more than I can bare! So simple yet so overwhelmingly insightful. (I think I’m having a panic attack…)

  • Cutter XXIII

    Again, I say: FOILER!

    • Funback Joe

      Could you explain the difference between and SPOILER and a FOILER? I honestly dont know. And yes you can laugh at my ignorance.

      • PeaceGlass

        foiler: fake spoiler

        • Funback Joe

          As in: this clip wont actually be the beginning of the show?

          Or: this clip is the beginning of the show but right after it ends we find out its part of Jack’s dream from the cliffs of Purgatory?

          • Cutter XXIII

            Yeah, either of those.

            I actually think it’s a decoy scene, filmed and released to mess with everyone’s minds. Just like the alterna-commercials from the last Comic-Con.

            (I’d never laugh at you for not knowing weird internet lingo, Joe.)

          • PeaceGlass

            It’s the real thing. ABC isn’t trying to mislead the winners of their contest.

  • If everything resets, no one remembers anything, and 815 just lands back in L.A., there’s not much of a show left. There’s more here than meets the eye.

    • VaBeach311

      Exactly. And if you watch the interviews with some of the cast members, it is obvious Sawyer remembers Julilette, and that Locke and Sawyer have a scene hanging off a cliff-I doubt that is in LA…… Checkout some of the comic con videos. Hurley in a commercial, Kate on America’s Most Wanted, and Oceanic’s spotless safety record. No way it is real, I think they are leading most in the wrong direction. If they delete 5 seasons they are not going to hint at in at comic con and in a 4 minute leak of the most hid episode ever.

      Yes, more than meets the eye with all this!

  • Dharma77

    I reckon the continuity thing here won’t matter, provided this is a WHOLE new timeline. Everything won’t happen the same as it is a new experience for them and us. Charlie not making an appearance is just one example, you honestly think they left out of the most memorable scenes of the Pilot out in this episode (Charlie rushing to toilet for his fix) accidentally? I know that Bernard is still in the toilet but I think its the more subtle things we’re supposed to see, like the 1 bottle instead of 2.

    • ryan

      Also, Jack doesn’t make the snarky comment – “This of course breaks some crucial FAA regulation.” Perhaps because she gave him two, but possible because he’s also different.

      The original scene (or the scene in the other timeline) is at hulu @21 mins.

      • FrankP

        And, at 3:17 — I’m pretty sure that’s not Locke sitting behind Rose in the new scene.

        • RandomZombie

          You can’t really make out the face, but the man in the clip looks a little too broad shouldered to be Locke.

        • It is Locke. The quality of youtube is better, if you check there. It’s at 3:16 – 3:17 as FrankP mentioned.

  • clayton

    okay, so my take on it is that this is not the real opening seems almost low quality and it is waaaayyyy predictable, much unlike what has happened the past 4 seasons. it will most ikely open with a new character then come back to this scene

  • tanzio

    Wow. Here’s a link to the original flashback:

    What if they do reset, but they remember? Does Jack save Kate from a life in prison? Does Sawyer meet his daughter or go find Juliet? Does Charlie kick the drugs and marry Claire? Does Michael continue to run around screaming, “WAAALT!”

    And now I am seeing the brilliance of releasing the clip of Claire in the jungle with a gun.

    Oooh, this was a tease.

  • RandomZombie

    If it means anything:

    I was one of the winners (woot,) and, in addition to a very cool failsafe key flash drive, there is a rolled up note that says only “NOTHING’S IRREVERSIBLE.”

    That could go for stopping the crash, as opposed to preventing the incident.

    • tanzio

      Oh that is cool. Do you know if everyone got the same note?

      • RandomZombie

        From a brief web search it seems that they all say the same thing.
        It’s a very cool collectible, and something to show off to all of my Lost-loving friends.

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      The way I see it, even if the incident was prevented and the plane doesn’t crash, they will still all find their destiny and their destiny will lead them back to the island. “NOTHING’S IRREVERSIBLE” could just mean that the universe will still course correct.

  • Dharma77

    Remember how each season usually puzzles you at the start because usually you have no idea how each season will start? I knew this is how it would open, leading me to think that Darlton really do want to get you right into the thick of it, and quickly. Jack at the start during the Incident reminded me so much of Locke in the Pilot, the way he stands there taking it all in, then rushes over to help. Soooooo much in just this clip, cannot wait xD

  • I actually got sent TWO of the bottles!

    • docarzt

      Hrm….. need a home for the extra one? =)

  • Dharma77

    Just to get a little debate going, do you guys reckon that THIS is the actual opening, or just a fake to get our brains melting?

    • This has to be the opening. I don’t think ABC would pull something like that.

      • Dharma77

        I don’t know, because every seasons premiere has been fairly god-damn epic! Maybe they intended this one to be a bit less perplexing, I like it but something feels off in the plane…

      • Actually, I thought S4’s opening was pretty underwhelming. Hurley in a car chase? Lame. We already knew that people got off the island, so seeing Hurley was off too wasn’t that big of a stretch.

        S1 was epic because of the wreckage.
        S2 – this man was in the hatch the whole time! brilliant fake-out with the morning chores and then the reveal of the hatch blowing open!
        S3 – a women and her book club, earthquake and HOLY SMOKES, it’s Henry! And 815 crashing! And the Others have been on the island!
        S4 – Jack watching Hurley race his car, and then freak about about the Oceanic Six.
        S5 – The Orientation guy in the 70’s…and Daniel Faraday?!?!

        S4 just can’t compare to any other opener IMO. And since each opening is around 5 minutes (I believe) we still have 3 more minutes for the shift to hit the fan in S6.

  • ghanima

    Hey way to go doc! I didn’t think you’d post this- and have been going elsewhere in my not-quite-the-lost-purist frenzy for fun and speculation- but it’s just not the same.

    I thought it was sweet how it was Rose who was doing most of the comforting this time around, as opposed to Jack trying to help her out in the pilot. Can’t wait for the rest!

  • jonnyrev

    I wonder if this might in fact be the part that starts directly after the title card and not in fact the cold start. That way, they could still run the usual baffling season intro, possibly with a new character or an old one in a new setting, then title card, then this clip.

    I for one wouldn’t be surprised…

    • Dharma77

      Thats what I was expecting, a new character involved in the opening. Just like Des in S2 and Juliet in S3.

    • Tom

      Maybe. Though S4 referenced S3, and S5 referenced S2, so S6 is supposed to be like S1.

      • Dave

        What exactly do you mean by this?

    • I forgot about the intertitle. Who knows.

    • Orson

      Yeah, I think you’ve probably hit the nail on the head there. I can’t see them opening mid-scene like that, but I can see them cutting to mid-scene after the intertitle.

      That first shot can’t be the first shot of the season. It just jars so much stylistically with what’s gone before that it just can’t be. So far, all 5 seasons have opened with the ‘theme’ of that season in full swing. 1 – on an island. 2 – in the hatch. 3 – with the others. 4 – in a flashforward. 5 – having time travelled (daniel in the orchid).

      6 will open with something part-way through the season, probably near the beginning, which looks familiar, or like a flashback, but then goes radically different, throwing our perceptions sideways.

  • Lockab

    I don’t buy it. It seems so shoddy, the plane, the lack of any other recognizable faces. The utter lack of emotion. It’s really dull. I think it’s a fake out.

    • Going from a highly intense scene showing the collapse of the Swan site and detonation of the bomb to a relatively calm plane ride with a bout of turbulence does make the plane scene seem dull. But I’m sure something crazy will happen shortly after what we saw. It’s just classic Lost to throw a twist. Showing the reset seemingly worked is not a twist, as either the bomb would work or it wouldn’t.

      • Lockab

        It just seems so odd to me that they would start the season with the last two minutes of the previous season considering how shocking the opening sequences have been in all prior first episodes (Desmond in the Swan Station, Juliet seeing 815 crash from the barracks, Hurley’s car chase through L.A., and Dr. Chang seeing Faraday in the 70s). They’re going to show a recap episode right before from 8 to 9 which will end with that same scene of Juliet hitting the bomb so why even bother starting the final season with it again? They didn’t reshow Jack/Kate/Sawyer on the dock or bearded Jack yelling “we have to go back” (except in the recap episodes preceding those seasons’ premieres) so why change that format now and show everyone the same scene twice?

        Maybe this really is how the premiere will start, but it all just seems strange, fishy and kind of disappointing relative to the other openings. Of course, the very next moment after what’s shown in this video may be so mind-blowing as to completely change the way I see this . . . one can only hope.

        • I doubt that the actual premiere is going to start with the last 2 minutes of the S5 finale. I’m sure the rest of the scene will be crazy.

    • jay leno

      Ok guys its obviously not fake, but yeah ur right it wouldn’t make much sense to begin with the last 2 mins, specially cos it begins like at a random point in time. That’s clearly just ABC bypassing their obligation to show 4 minutes of the premiere in the bottle. I am positive the premiere won’t begin like that.

      • Lockab

        ok, that I can digest much easier. The very first shot of the premiere will be a dissolve from white into clouds then Jack on the plane. That’s a nice opening. Maybe everything will even stay very calm as we weave in and out through the other leads who are on the plane as they just go about doing what they would have done back then in a non-dramatic ho-hum kind of way. It’ll all feel kind of sad seeing them act like they don’t know each other, smiling politely as they get out of each other’s way, but all still dealing with the emotional upheavals that they were going through at the time: Jack’s father’s recent death for which he’s partly to blame, Kate in handcuffs, an immature angry Sawyer just having murdered an innocent man and being deported, Hurley still convinced he’s cursed, Charlie struggling with heroin and rejected by his brother, Claire about to give up her baby, Sayid’s childhood friend just having committed suicide, Rose dying of cancer, Bernard apparently still seriously constipated, Locke still in a wheelchair and embarrassed by the walkabout “incident”, Shannon and Boone still in the midst of their whole pseudo-incestual icky thing, Jin’s & Sun’s marriage on the verge of collapse . . . whoa, these are some depressing people. Plane crashing on that island may have been the best thing to ever happen to them! Except for Frogurt, that guy got nothing out of it. Nor did Nikki & Paulo who would be very rich at this point (and they really did love each other deep down!).

      • Orson

        It won’t begin like that, but that will probably appear after the intertitle. I don’t understand why people think that this is old footage. The stuff with Kate and Sawyer and Jack is all new, isn’t it?

  • sj

    I think it’s a little fake. Something ABC cooked up as a promo gimmick.

  • Lockab

    Hey, just realized . . . that must be the pilot/Greg whatever from Heroes making the announcement at the end, right?

    • Dave

      Yeah, that’s definitely him.

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    Only four days till John Locke roundhouse kicks the smoke monster in the face and takes back his destiny!!! Don’t ever tell him what he can’t do!!!

    • Lockab

      Unfortunately, I think Locke’s days of kicking ass are dead, though not yet buried. Perhaps we’ll see him in the alternate timeline and maybe he’ll even be happy there with Peggy Bundy. That would be the ultimate irony of this show, that its greatest character was the greatest pawn, who also sacrificed the most by missing out on the life we may see him live in the alternate timeline. Then again, if Abaddon was right about Helen being dead from a brain aneurysm in 2006, they wouldn’t have much time together anyway (like Sayid and Nadia). Speaking of Abaddon, that dude still needs some major explaining (not that I feel we’re likely to get it). Part of me still hopes it turns out he’s an older (and even taller!) Walt. Something about how he kept calling Locke “Mr. Locke” like Walt did. That and they’re both black (I’d say African American, but do we really know that Abaddon was American or perhaps he’s Otherian?). Speaking of Walt, how was he able to reintegrate into the normal world? I know, another stupid question with no hope of an explanation.

      • Lockab

        And besides, John Locke would never roundhouse kick the smoke monster, he hearts the smoke monster! They’re soul buddies! He looked into the eye of the smoke monster, and like Bush looking into Putin’s soul, what he saw there . . . was beautiful.

        In fact, John hearts the smoke monster so much, he was willing to be dragged around the jungle by it to be taken back to its secret underground lair where he would doubtless be ravaged repeatedly and have smoke/locke babies. Maybe Smokey is Peggy Bundy!?!

        • Iwantmykidneyback

          yeah…um, I don’t think John and the smoke monster are on speaking terms any more. Ever since it tricked him into being killed and what not.

      • Orson

        As of ‘The Incident’, we have absolutely NO reason to think John Locke is special. His whole experience on the show has been as a puppet of the Man in Black. The only reason people think he’s special is because the notion that he is has been disseminated throughout the ages.

        • Annebeth

          If he was only a puppet of the Man in Black, why would Jacob revive him after his fall out of the window?

          • Jacob is not about Jacob, I think. He’s all about the mission of the Island (!?!) and knows death is only the end of life as we know it.

        • Iwantmykidneyback

          *Official Checklist for Specialness*
          1.restored walking ability. Check
          2.super sweet knife throwing skills. Check
          3.realization that they were on the island for a reason. Check
          4.has previously fallen 8 stories out of a window and lived to tell about it. Check

          Oh ye of little faith. Locke will fulfill his destiny. Dying was just a speed bump.

  • GeigerCounter

    I thought this site was above posting leaked (read stolen) footage and major spoilers.

    • dp2

      There’s no question in my mind that that ABC held this contest with the expectation that it would be leaked. Hence the announcement of the date and time at the end. What, the contest winners wouldn’t already know that?

  • Benmanben

    Will J.J. be credited as a writer on this, since they’re using some lines from the pilot that he helped write?

  • bonosk

    I just re-watched Pilot: Part I and found it interesting that the first time around (when 815 crashed), Jack was given 2 bottles of vodka – 1 that he drank and 1 that he kept and used to sterilize his wound before Kate sewed it up. The second time around (Season 6 scene), he is only given one, which he immediately drinks. It’s as though “Fate,” or whatever, knows that this new situation is different – Jack will not need the second bottle because the plane will not crash and thus he will not be wounded.

  • Ganiman

    I know on the youtube comments someone points out that at 3:16 you can see Sun, Jin, Locke, Rose and Jack – I think I see a Frogurt sitting next to Locke. What do you think?

  • john b

    Am I the only one who is disheartened here? The producers spent five years telling us “You can’t change the past”. Now—-what does it look like?…..The Losties have been able to change the past. The past seasons have been for nothing……

  • Frank

    Anyone think about what happened when Desmond blew up the hatch? His world flashed white and his consciousness went back in time. He kinda tried to change things and Ellie course corrected.

    Similar scenario here? Same electromagnetic energy released, albeit with a nuclear explosion to boot, but hey.

  • LoganDC

    My theory is that they will lead their alternative lives right up to the Ajira flight. When they don’t get on the flight, time will then reset itself back to the original timeline because they won’t be on it to get back to 1977 to detonate the bomb.

    It is interesting how everything in the reset Oceanic 815 flight is different. Jack is meeker. Nervous. He’s still the jack from season 5.

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