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8 Things I Want Answered Before Lost Ends

By professorstotch,

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Lost ends in just five days. For some, it’s been a fact that’s just too hard to accept. I’ve personally seen and talked to people who are avoiding any bit of this last season, just so they can postpone the end a little longer. Sadly, that still won’t stop it. Everyone jumped for joy three years ago when we heard that the Lost big wigs had negotiated an end date for the series with ABC. We were thrilled to know there would be no threat of cancellation, and that in three short years, our patience will have paid off, and all our questions would be answered.

As season six marches on towards its finale, we’re slowly learning that’s not exactly the case. The producers have said on multiple occasions that not everything is going to be answered. When it’s all said and done, some mysteries are going to remain unsolved. To be honest…I’m OK with this. Unlike most fans out there, I’m perfectly fine with not having every single question answered. I like the idea that when the show ends, we’ll still have things to theorize about and ponder over. What fun would Lost be if it just neatly wrapped everything up?

That being said, there are a few questions I personally feel can’t be avoided. I’m not concerned with things like “Who built the statue?” or “Where did the hieroglyphics come from?” Those things just aren’t important to me. The obvious theory on both is that some culture with ties to Egypt did both. I don’t care about how the US military got to the island, and what they did there. None of that is important. It’s all just historical stuff that really doesn’t have any bearing on the resolution of the series. What I want to see answered are the questions that are more based in the mythology and mysticism that the series has established.

I’ve put together a list of eight mysteries I want resolved before Lost ends. Now I know there are going to be disputes to my list, but let’s keep in mind that this is MY list. If you don’t agree, don’t start with the e-bashing like a tough guy, and just make your own list. Feel free to comment and tell me why you disagree and what changes you’d make.

These are in no particular order…

How Does Ms. Hawking Know so Much?

Ever since season three, we’ve seen Eloise Hawking come in, drop a piece of knowledge about timelines, and the way things work, and then disappear until the next season. Well now, we’re at the end. There’s no “next season” for her to show up in. If we don’t get resolution on this now, then it’ll be one of those things that goes unanswered. I don’t want that. I want to know what the deal is with this woman, and I want to know who appointed her to the role of Time Cop.

She seems to know everything there is to know when it comes to things like time travel, island mystery, and alternate realities. But how is this possible? We know she has a history on the island, and eventually left at some point. Was she given this knowledge by Jacob in an attempt to make sure he has an off-island assistant?

I feel like the chances of Ms. Hawking being brought back at this point are pretty slim. She may make an appearance in the alternate reality, once she learns what Desmond is up to. I highly doubt she’s going to be mentioned at all in our main island story.

What is the Smoke Monster?

Every time we’ve seen the infamous Smoke Monster, we’ve learned a little bit about him. This goes all the way back to the pilot when it was just a rumbling in the jungle. Since then, we’ve been learning the true purpose of the “creature” little by little, for six seasons. In Across the Sea, we learned how the smoke monster came to be. Jacob threw his brother in the cave of light, and out came a pillar of destructive smoke. As far as I’m concerned, this is just the latest incarnation of the monster. I’m with the group who believes there’s been more than one smoke monster in island history, and before MIB, it was his mother. I’m not going to argue that point here, but if you want to read more on my crazy ideas on this, you can head over to the forums where we’ve been debating this topic all week.

Even though we’ve seen how the monster came to be, we didn’t actually learn why it exists. We just know it’s afraid of sonic fences, it has the ability to take the form of dead people, and it’s really good at making some people dead. We have yet to get any clue as to what its true purpose is. Is the smoke monster the true protector of the island? Is it just a judgment system for those who have done wrong? What?

One thing we can assume, is that the smoke monster was around before Jacob and his brother. Why am I assuming this? Well, if we look back to last season’s episode Dead is Dead, we’ll remember Ben’s trip to the ruined temple-ish place. While here, we saw hieroglyphic drawings of smoke monster worship. Now, with last episode taking place some time around 23-43 A.D., these hieroglyphics obviously predate Jacob and his brother. This means that the smoke monster predates them as well. So it’s pretty old.

With MIB getting more desperate, and willing to put it all on the line, I have a feeling our answers about the smoke monster are coming soon.

How does Jacob leave the Island?

Since about season three, we’ve seen that the island is both very difficult to, as well as leave. It seems to take a specific bearing to make the magical trip. We’ve seen people come and go via helicopter, boat, plane, and submarine. In the season five finale, we learned that Jacob had visited different characters at pivotal moments in their lives. The only question that was left unanswered was…how the heck did he get to these places?

We know that his brother can’t leave the island. Is this just because he’s also the smoke monster? Obviously Jacob has a means of leaving the island, but what is it? This is one of those questions that I’m going to file under “Not Likely to be Answered.” I just have a feeling we’re not going to get any resolution on it, because of the simple fact that when it’s all said and done, this won’t be that important. There are much bigger things at stake here, and the facts of how Jacob comes and goes from the island just really don’t seem that important.

Would I like this to be resolved? Of course I would. This is definitely one of the least important questions on the list, but it’s still something that’s nagging in the back of my brain. I’d also group this one together with questions like “How in the heck do the Others get across the island so quickly?” The secret tunnel debate has been going strong for six years now. Maybe Jacob has secret tunnels to the main land?

How does the lighthouse work?

The lighthouse was shown for just a few minutes earlier in season six. Hurley brought Jack there, because Jacob told him to. In the end, it seems as if Jacob wanted Jack to go there so that Jack could discover his purpose. By seeing this lighthouse device that somehow had the ability to peer into his life, he was supposed to realize that he was being chosen for something, for a higher purpose.

While I personally thought the introduction of the lighthouse was awesome, it left me begging for more. I was yearning to learn how the lighthouse worked. What was the magical power that was harnessed in order for this device to look into the lives of our characters? While I’m not concerned with who built the statue, or drew the hieroglyphics, I am concerned with who built the lighthouse, and how they made it work. Was it Jacob? It has the same design style as the temple, so putting two and two together, I would just assume that the two were built by the same group of people.

The only reason I’d care about who built the temple, would be to learn who built the lighthouse. It had to have been a group, and not just Jacob by himself. These things are obviously too intricate and contain too many large stones for one person to put together by himself. And was the lighthouse built with the idea of using it as a method of peeking into Jack’s windows? If I had to venture a guess, it’d be that the lighthouse was built first, just to be used as your typical lighthouse. It was then repurposed by Jacob as a method of scoping out his candidates. But how did he make it work this way?

And speaking of candidates…

How are the candidates chosen?

Why Jack? Why Sawyer? Why Hurley? What makes these characters more special than anyone else on the planet? None of them really share much in common, other than their obvious daddy issues. Is that what Jacob bases his decisions on? Since he never had a daddy, he spontaneously chooses candidates based on those who had daddy issues as well? Jack’s dad was an alcoholic, Sawyer’s killed himself and his mom, Hurley’s abandoned him and his mother, only to come back for the money. Heck, even Kate’s dad was an alcoholic douchebag who beat her mom. But there has to be more to the selection process than that…right?

And why was Kate’s name crossed off? I understand the obvious crossing off of anyone who’s died, but what determines the crossing off of those who are still alive? Kate was crossed off, but what did she do differently than the others? Was it because she took Aaron and raised her as her own? Come to think of it, the only thing that does make her different would be the fact that she became a parent. Maybe you can’t be protector of the island if you’re a parent.

That leads us to possibly unlocking more criteria for determining a candidate. Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Kate…they all don’t have any real family ties. None of them have siblings. I mean, Jack has Claire, but they’re really not family in the traditional sense. They just met and have no emotional ties to each other, so for the purpose of figuring out candidate selection, we’re going to just say Jack has no siblings. As we’ve said before, none of them have strong parental ties. Jack’s mom hates him for what happened to his father. Kate’s mom hates her for killing her dad. Hurley’s parents are both really only interested in the money. Both of Sawyer’s parents are dead. Locke doesn’t know his mom, and his dad’s screwed him over multiple times.

None of them have children, until Kate took Aaron and raised her off-island. And none of them have significant others. Jack had Sarah, but then lost her. Did Jack’s name get crossed off when he was married? Or was it just assumed he would eventually lose her and therefore it didn’t matter?

I feel like this won’t be answered in the way I’m hoping, but I think some resolution will come. Jacob obviously has to choose one of the candidates, and I feel like it’d be pretty silly if one of them was chosen without so much as asking why. If I were about to be entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting this mysterious and strangely powerful island, I’d at least want to know why. Wouldn’t you? I expect this to be touched upon, but never fully disclosed.

What’s the purpose of the alternate timeline?

Let me just say that this better get answered, or else I’m going to be more than disappointed. If none of the other questions on this list get answered, I’ll be upset. But if we end up wasting an entire season with this alternate timeline as our side story, and we never learn what it’s all about, I’m going to be furious. So far, I’ve hated the alternate timeline idea. It’s shown glimpses of being awesome, but then they waste far too much time with things character’s like Kate, Sun and Jin, and Sayid. It’s obvious they’re trying to go somewhere with this, and I’m guessing it’s all going to involve Jack and Desmond figuring everything out. But so far they haven’t given us any reason to care about the above mentioned characters.

I’m sorry to sound like such a negative Nancy on this subject, but I really don’t care about this alternate timeline. As I’ve said on the forums, the end result of it better be mind-blowing or else I’m going to be left with a bitter taste in my mouth. A few weeks ago, I put up some thoughts I had on what the whole purpose of the alternate timeline was, and got a lot of negative feedback on it (thanks guys!), but no one bothered to serve up any of their own thoughts. Oh well, I can’t win ‘em all.

My basic thought was that this alternate timeline is the result of the characters finally getting what they’ve always wanted. However, this happiness comes with a cost. Just as an example, Sayid is allowed to have Nadia in his life, but he’ll be without her love. I’m not going to get into every character, as that would just be a copy and paste of my previous post, and everyone would just start with the whining again.

Beyond that idea, I’m lacking in any other thoughts as to what the true purpose of our mysterious alternate timeline could be. Anyone out there have any thoughts?

What’s the deal with Walt and Aaron?

I was originally going to use this space to ask “What is the Source?” But I feel that this is something that’s definitely going to be touched on in the next couple episodes, and as of right now I don’t really have any thoughts or ideas on it.

Instead of that question, I’m going to take one from the forums that a lot of people have been asking for. It seems that a lot of people want to know what the deal with Walt is. No one mentioned Aaron, but I threw him in as I feel he falls into the same category as Walt. Going all the way back to season one, we’ve been told that these two characters are special. The Other tried on a couple occasions to kidnap both of them, and even succeeded with Walt.

Aaron was born on the island. Before his mother, Claire, even got on the plane, we were told that her baby was going to be special. Her psychic pal, Richard Malkin, warned her to never let the baby be raised by another. It’s even thought that he had Claire get on the plane, because he knew it would crash and she’d be forced to raise him on her own. I guess he never saw Kate coming into the picture. The Others wanted Aaron, and were willing to cut him out of Claire to get him. This seemed like one of the biggest mysteries of the first season, and then it just kind of faded into the background.

Maybe Aaron was never really that special. Or maybe as we went along, the producers realized they just didn’t want to continue with this and let it fade away, hoping we’d forget about it. Well guess what? We haven’t, and we want to know what the deal is! Is Aaron special or not? Is he going to play into the end game somehow? Why was it always so important for him to be raised by Claire, but then everything seemed fine once Kate took him off the island? The chances of any of these questions getting answered seems very unlikely.

Walt’s story is similar to Aaron’s in the fact that we were told he was very special. The Others took him at the end of season one, in our first big finale twist, and ran some tests on him all throughout the next season. Michael went on a quest to find him, and was asked some strange questions about him appearing in places he wasn’t actually in. The Others straight up said he was special, but agreed to return him to Michael when they realized they got more than they asked for.

But why? Unfortunately, puberty hit, and the actor that played Walt was growing up a little too fast. This caused the character to be written out of the show before we could get any answers. With all the time travel, I was hoping they’d be able to work this in as a way to bring Walt back in and answer some of these questions. Instead, the character went from being very special and important to just appearing once a season. I’m fully expecting Walt to show up in the finale. I’m not sure what context it will be in, but so far we’ve seen just about every character from the first couple seasons show up in some way. And with Walt being one of the more important characters from these early seasons, I’d be shocked if he didn’t show up too. While he shows up, I don’t think we’re going to get much more resolution on his character, and that’s just sad.

What’s the deal with Desmond?

To me, this is the biggest question I have. There are so many unanswered questions surrounding Desmond, and I truly believe his character is going to be the key to the entire show. Desmond was brought into the picture as the answer to the biggest question from season one: “What the heck is in the hatch?!” It turned out Desmond was down there saving the world, one button press at a time. When things got to be too much for Des, he bailed, leaving the responsibilities on the shoulders of John Locke. And when things got to be too much for Locke, he convinced Desmond to let the timer run down to zero, causing the eventual turning of the fail safe key.

The result of turning the key was a hatch implosion, which rocketed Desmond back to a previous point in his life, allowing to relive it for just a couple days. Was it the hatch implosion that made Desmond special, or was he special before he turned the key, and that’s what allowed him to survive. Or is it all just a chicken-egg situation, and impossible to answer? My theory is that it’s a little bit of both. Desmond’s always been special. Just as Jack, and the others were always being watch by Jacob, Desmond was always meant to come to the island and turn the key. Once he did, the electromagnetic force just further strengthened the special abilities that he had yet to tap into on his own.

Back in December, before season six started, I wrote up a whole article dedicated to Desmond. Many of the theories I put together in that article, I still stand by. Back then, I had thought that Desmond may even be Jacob’s son, but as we go on, this is looking less likely. I still think Desmond is special, but not Jacob’s son special. I really hope we get resolution as to why exactly Desmond is so different from every other character we’ve encountered. All our other characters, we’ve gotten hard details on their lives, going back to childhood. In Desmond’s case, we’ve only gotten bits and pieces. In a show where character development is so important, why does this character remain so mysterious with just two episodes left. We know more about Jacob’s childhood than we do about Desmond’s.

When all the dust settles, I believe Lost is going to come down to two characters. Jack will be there to take on the role of island protector. It has to be Jack, because at the heart of this show, Lost is about Jack. Jack will take Jacob’s place and live forever as the guardian on the sacred island, until it’s time for him to choose his own replacement. The other character who will be there at the end, will be Desmond. It’s going to take a big type of event to get rid of MIB, and it’s going to take someone who’s pretty darn special to pull it off.

What if that cave is a source of electromagnetic energy? And what if Desmond, since he’s somehow immune to this energy, is able to go into that cave? I’m not sure what he would do in there, because we really have no information on the light cave at this point. But I believe that’ll be a scene in the finale. We’ll see Desmond go into that light cave, and that’s where all our answers to all our questions will finally come from.

Thanks for reading! As I said at the beginning, this is purely opinion, and if yours differs than mine, feel free to hit up the comments. Keep it clean, and spoiler-free, or else you’ll get deleted.

From TVFrenzy:

  • the alt and desmond question are most probably going to be answered. i doubt they tackle the lighthouse (unless it’s power is connected to the broad ‘magic’ of the island).

  • Sun and Jin were parents, too, remember Ji-Yeon?? and their names weren’t crossed off before they died. Also, Locke did meet his mom and she is kind of crazy- but she’s the one who told him where to find his father.

    • professorstotch

      Who said the list was referring to Sun and Jin? All it said was Kwon. For all we know, it could’ve been referring to Ji-Yeon…who now has no siblings or parental ties…

      • professorstotch

        And also, I know Locke met his mom, but that doesnt mean he KNEW her. I meet and talk to a lot of people on a daily basis, but I don’t know them.

        • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

          Locke DID have siblings–at least two sisters and a brother.

          • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

            Whoops, I hit “REPLY” too soon. I meant to add that otherwise, I thought it was an excellent article. I would also add that the infertility issue needs to be explained. I know we can assume it was due to the incident, but that was never specifically stated, and I’d just like to see it confirmed.

          • Neil

            which is weird cause Kate was crossed off for being a parent…

  • Esther

    Loved reading this and I agree with you on almost everything.. I just have a little correction to make. Sawyer IS a parent, he has a kid with Cassidy. Unless you meant parent-parent of course, as he is the biological father but not the daddy… in that case I would stand corrected.
    Great read, keep em’ comin’ 🙂

    • professorstotch

      Good point. I did in fact forget Sawyer had a kid. But I guess I could just debate that point by saying the same thing I said about Claire and Jack. Good correction on that though, I completely overlooked it.

  • Kevin

    Fantastic article. Really well thought out and I agree with you and all of this.

  • Fustrate

    Mrs. Hawking knows everything because she, back on the island, came into possession of Faraday’s diary when he died. That’s how she knew to name him Daniel Faraday, when to make him stop practicing the piano, what kind of diary to get him, and the answers to a lot of the island’s mysteries.

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      Yeah, but that’s not enough of an answer–she knows much more than could be accounted for by her son’s diary.

    • BigBrutha

      I doubt there was anything in Faraday’s journal about the guy in the red shoes that was crushed by the scaffolding.

      • Juliet’s Sagging Cleavage

        I agree- I hope we do get a little more insight.

        • Shannon’s Perfect Legs

          Hawking is going to be one of those things that they NEED to explain, but won’t.

  • MC

    i want to know who was in the rocking chair in the cabin.. i mean that one just sticks with me i really want to know who said help me to locke and why.. i assume it was MIB but would like for the show to mention it atleast

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      Absolutely. Jacob’s cabin is going to be a big glaring plothole if they don’t explain that one.

    • Alex

      oh, yes, forgot about that. I hope the stuff to do with the cabin is answered too, along with the stuff I mentioned below. Like, who disturbed the ash around the cabin etc?

  • Alex

    Some other questions I want answered:

    * Why can Miles read the minds of the dead, and why can Hurley see the dead?
    * Who was in the other boat that shot them during the time flashes?
    * What was with the fertility problems on the island?
    * What is the nature of the “rules”?
    * What is the sickness?
    * How does the spring heal people? What did it do to Sayid and Ben?
    * What’s up with Charles Widmore?
    * How did Locke gain his ability to walk again?
    * What did Jacob’s touch do?
    * Was the explosion of the nuclear bomb the Incident?

    I’m sure there’s more. It will be quite a trick if Darlton answer most of these. It’s sad how much procrastination there’s been this season.

    “What if that cave is a source of electromagnetic energy?”

    It absolutely is. Ask a physicist what “electromagnetic energy” is, and he’ll tell you “photons” or in English, “light”. And that is what the cave is full of.

    • Juliet’s Sagging Cleavage

      Unfortunately, Darlton recently stated in an interview that the other half of the outrigger shootout will be unresolved on the show.

      • adam118

        best name ever

      • Ed Holden

        I bet the shooter in the other outrigger is the same person who was in Jacob’s cabin in Season Three (before Smokey showed up as Christian Shephard). Specifically, I bet this person is the Sheriff who appeared in Stranger in a Strange Land and then abruptly disappeared from the story. She’s probably also the person who tells Eloise Hawking/Widmore all of the secrets she keeps from Desmond. And she built the lighthouse, sunk the island in the alternate timeline, and is Walt in disguise. She/He is “special” because every time she brands that punishment symbol on someone’s back it gives her telepathic abilities, allowing her to appear in the rain at night and talk backward. She/He also uses this power to train the DHARMA sharks remotely. Also, just as she can switch between being Walt and the Sheriff, she’s taught the sharks how to transmogrify themselves into polar bears.

        Help me out here. I think we can tie up all the loose ends with one character.

    • jon

      I’m not a physicist, but you’re wrong.
      For a simple proof of that, try using a magnet in the dark. Let me know how blinding that light gets.

      • dudeski

        alex said electromagnetic energy, not magnetic energy:

        “In short, the definition of electromagnetic energy can be given as, the energy source required to transmit information (in the form of waves) from one place (material) to another. This information can be in the form of light, heat, or in any other form.”

        jon is neither a physicist, nor right.

        • jon

          Very clever, but read what you just wrote and then try re-reading what I responded to ‘Ask a physicist what “electromagnetic energy” is, and he’ll tell you “photons”’. I realize there is at least three inches between the comments, but really, keep your cleverness on hand for when you’re sure you’re right.

  • Lydia

    These would probably be all of my top questions, as well! I think it’s even more interesting to ask “Why not Kate?” when you think about how others were parents, erasing really any difference between her and the other candidates.

    • Cutter XXIII

      Anyone at all can “be a parent.” That’s biology.

      Actually becoming a mother committed to the well-being of a child is a little different. It really eats up your free time, y’know?

  • JDR22

    I disagree about the Sideways.

    I have found it compelling and not a waste of time, and this is before learning it’s significance.

    I was very disappointed with Across the Sea, but every other episode (with a minor exception called Recon) have been very good for me. Yes, I even liked What Kate Does, mainly because I was compelled by the Sideways story of Kate and Claire.

    As far as your other questions: I hope they are at least addressed. I think we’ve learned everything we’re going to about what the Smoke Monster is. We may learn more about what happens to him, but not what he “is”.

    My personal important mysteries: Walt, Infection (just because I need to know why they re-introduced it into Season 6 if they weren’t going to explain it), Eloise Hawking, Desmond… actually I could go on and on, but I won’t.

    If they pull off the next two episodes, I’ll be very happy with LOST overall.

    If they manage to repair the mythology damage they did with Across the Sea: that would be a bonus.

  • drfitz

    I like this list…

  • John Burger

    THE ONLY QUESTION ABOVE THAT NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED…is what is the other timeline.

    I believe many people dont understand why they watch shows like this. I really dont. I am excluding from this the clueheads who really dont care about art–they just NEED to find things out—to be honest this is pathological. Its compulsive behavior so it shouldnt be counted.

    Many People dont seem to understand the craft. When the writers craft the finale or the episodes preceding them…they think of the episode as a coherent story that can actually, somewhat in arc based TV, stand on its own.

    They think Beginning middle and end. They pick a theme, and in the case of Losts flashback model, tie that theme throughout almost every scene. In arc based TV you fit as many answers as you can WITHIN that theme. You dont force crap where it has no business being. Time and time again I read on forums and even most of the reviews laymen do—people dont even see the theme’s thread. They basically missed the whole point and just talk about what we learned–when that IS NOT the point in any way shape of form.

    The idea is to have compelling drama from scene to scene–with NO scene that breaks with the theme and no scenes that spoil the mood being set. If people actually understood the writing process they could enjoy the shows more. These writers have already taken their lumps in their careers. They know what mistakes are and they try to avoid them. Somehow, laymen know better. Its just laughable. Its like kids with crayons critiquing fine paintings. Thats what I see on most Lost sites. Oh brother, the enjoyment you would have if you really understood how well written most of the episodes are. Folks…we’re not gonna see something like this in a long time. Its Cop, Doctor, Lawyer from here on in.

    • Rasa

      blah, blah, blah, yawn…

      • KJJ

        no u

    • KJJ

      Couldn’t agree more Mr. Burger.

      • Rasa

        With which part, the ad hominem or the last two sentences? If he could have made the last two points without the agressive narcissism, it would have made for an interesting read.

    • Shannon’s Perfect Legs

      How pompous and condescending of you, Burger. Get over yourself, and stop talking down to people online–it doesn’t make you cool, intelligent or educated.

  • BigBrutha

    Another thing about Walt’s “specialness”- How is it that he was able to appear as a ghost to Locke and Shannon without being dead?

  • Aldo lover

    Questions that need to be answered:

    1. What was Aldo’s role or job as an other?
    2. Why did that bird say Hurley’s name?
    3. Who made the Dharma Initiative Food drop?
    4. Why is Sawyer so sexy? (and I am a straight man)
    5. What happened to the old lady that was in Juliet’s book club?
    6. How much weed did Locke smoke when he worked for that commune?
    7. Where is Kate’s toy airplane?
    8. What was in the hatch again?

    Okay but seriously I do kind of want to know the answer to number 3 but it’s probably not very important to what’s currently going on with the characters.

    • Juliet’s Sagging Cleavage

      Aldo’s role, clearly, is to be the self-serving jackass of the group, only partaking in activities that stroke his fragile ego or that help him to appear ‘hard’.

    • Mark

      I have another one for you.

      Remember the first scene of “The Incident” when Jacob and MIB are on the beach and Jacob offers him some fish… well, what did MIB eat when he said “No thanks, I already ate”???

  • John

    Why do you assume that the hieroglyphics predate Jacob and MIB? Hieroglyphs were used up to about 400 AD. In fact it makes more sense if the Egyptians were brought to the island later (after Roman occupation) b/c these new “others” would also be familiar with Latin. Additionally, someone helped MIB finish the donkey wheel (it was clearly not finished when mother filled in the well). I presumed that the cycle of arrival-corruption-decline played out with the Egyptians and from that we got the statue, the temple, the hieroglyphics, and possibly the lighthouse (although admittedly that could have come later).

    • Nick Turner

      Exactly… that’s the frustrating thing about LOST fans, is they clearly give you an answer if you can connect the dots, and people fail to do that because they want the dots to make something else.

      All we can go by is what we are shown and told. Smoke Monster is MiB, and was also Christian Shepherd.

      The donkey-wheel chamber had heiroglyphics in them and we know MiB was in the donkey-wheel chamber building business. So it is safe to assume that the people that built the statue, temple, and chamber all came after that episode during MiB and Jacob’s games.

      I’m with you on how was Jacob able to leave, how did Jack see Christian in the lobby if Christian was always the MiB. Also with you on Eloise. …and obviously we are going to find out the meaning of the alt universe in The End. Everything else, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • Shannon’s Perfect Legs

        Well, if you go by what we were shown, then it doesn’t make sense. How can MIB have been Christian, if Christian appeared off-island twice?

        • dinotopia

          I agree that there are definitely a few inconsistencies with the MIB is Christian Shepard explanation, BUT when Jack saw his father off-island he was in very dark and downward spiral. Wasn’t he drinking non-stop (and possibly doing some sort of prescription drugs?) Even non-medicated people often “see-things” or “hear-things” that aren’t there, but throw in some booze and some depression and suddenly you’re seeing your dead dad in the lobby.

  • kate

    I have a theory about Walt and Aaron that I think may also explain why women cannot become pregnant on the island (most of the time) as well as why every pregnant woman on the island has never raised their own child. I think it is possible that somehow (I have no clue how), MIB is able to stop women from becoming pregnant so that Jacob is unable to find a replacement as protector of the island. That is how Jacob and MIB’s mother (not birth mother) found HER replacement in Jacob. She killed the mother and stole the baby and raised him as a replacement.
    MIB possibly feared that Jacob would do the same thing. This would also explain why the Others kidnapped Walt and Aaron, likely by Ben’s command, which was by Jacob’s command. Not sure how MIB could do this, but he can do a lot of crazy things. Just a theory.

  • Andrew

    I think you are going to be disappointed, then.

  • Barnes (#17)

    The one and only question I have is…

    What is the island?


    • Mark

      A turtle.

      • Cutter XXIII

        With another turtle under it.

  • Jacob’s Revenge

    I hate to go all Buddhist on you all, but the only satisfying way out of this is for you to NOT want ANY questions answered. This is not our show, it’s Cuse’s and Lindelof’s and they’re under no mandate to make sense or to resolve story threads. Look at the Smoke Monster and its murderous ways to later when we were told in-story it was a “security system”, then later that it dispensed judgment, and now we know it’s the weird result of a murdered brother thrown into the Cave of Light, and it’s still on a murdering rampage – so much killing in this series.

    Cuse & Lindelof have been throwing us red herrings and distractions for six seasons, barely lit paths that lead nowhere; there aren’t answers for most of these loose ends, and it now appears there were never intended to be. Yes, you can be deservedly bitter at C&L for that or you can just go with the “whatever” attitude and watch a pretty decent sci-fi/romantic-drama come to its end in the manner two guys wanted it to.

  • Beena

    A possible answer as to why the Others kidnapped Walt in the first place, might be because Jacob ordered it, and had considered him as a candidate at some point because of Walt’s special abilities. Notice that when he was let go, it was in an exchange for a list of people (Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hugo) who were also later revealed to be candidates as well. Maybe Jacob just decided Walt was too young for the job. There are all kinds of possible explanations for some of the things that may be left unanswered. As far as questions like why Walt, Hugo, Miles, or Desmond have their abilities to begin with…it’s possibly comparative to asking why Mozart was so musically gifted, or why Da Vinci could paint. Can a person really expect a tv show to have to answer something like that??? Since comparatively, it can’t be answered in real life?

  • Lost Forever

    A little Lost logic might help those who are overcome with this “sickness” for answers : “More questions will only lead to more questions. Whatever happened happened, let go. It only ends once.” If you watch the show and like it, then just watch the show and like it. :O) Namaste!

    • Cutter XXIII

      Good one. 🙂

  • A lot of questions but my main one is:

    What is the island and what is the power ans WHY is it so important to mankind?

    It seems to turn ordinary humans into God like beings as in “Jacob” with the light source being the center of all the answers.

    • Cutter XXIII

      You can’t figure out why The Source of birth, death, and rebirth — the fount of all creation — is important?


  • the desmond question is THE question.

    • Cutter XXIII


  • dd

    I don’t have any question that “need” to be answered.

  • Brandon

    Ok what about the statue??? Sure we saw it in the finale last year but we don’t know who built it and for what purpose. To take the time to build something that massive has to have some importance. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the egyptian god it was supposed to be have something to do with fertility? In that case they have to answer why children could not be conceived on the island along with the purpose of the statue.

    • heythereyourself

      Are people forgetting that no childern being born is a fairly recent development as far as the Island timeline goes, babies were born during the Dharma occupation of the 70’s.

      • Cutter XXIII

        The producers have chalked it up to the existence of Jughead on the Island. No more follow-up on that one. Didn’t Richard tell Locke the fertility issue was a “novelty,” and, in fact, a non-issue?

        I believe Richard. I don’t know why… but I do.

        • Shannon’s Perfect Legs

          Yeah, but that makes no sense. Why would the presence of a bomb always kill women at a specific point in their pregnancy? That’s not how radiation works. It’s a bad explanation, just like the whispers and other explanations we’ve been getting lately.

      • Shannon’s Perfect Legs

        Not true–it was clearly said, in season 5, that the Dharma women went off-island to have babies. Ethan’s birth was an anomaly–one that won’t be explained.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Too bad the Internet wasn’t around in the ’60s so we could have seen how people freaked out en masse over the finale to The Prisoner.

    “Who was running the Village?” “Where did those big bubble things come from?” Who was number one, *really*?”

    I wonder if fans hounded Patrick McGoohan to his grave?

    • Cutter XXIII

      In fact, the phone lines at the BBC were lit up after the finale, with viewers clamoring to be told what they’d just seen. 🙂

      “‘Fall Out’ generated controversy when it was originally aired, because the last third of the episode was designed to be very obscure and be open to interpretation. The reception forced McGoohan, who wrote and directed the episode, to go into hiding for a period of time because he was hounded at his own home by baffled viewers demanding explanations.”

      In fact, “Fall Out” was my favorite episode of The Prisoner. I hope the Lost finale has just as much gonzo allegorical weirdness.

  • Damon and Carlton did actually say in one of the podcasts that Walt’s story could only be explained by another character. like you said, puberty hit and they couldn’t really use him anymore but i’m almost certain they did actually confirm that his “special” ties will be explained but by someone else. i suppose this might happen in the finale as i think a few subtle answers will be given, much like your Smoke Monster point. Mother was the Smoke Monster, clearly because of the way she killed everyone and her comments on going into the cave is worse than death.

    regarding the Lighthouse, that won’t be explained. it would just take up too much invaluable time to actually explain it. i don’t think it’s an important question at all, just something we aren’t supposed to think about. we are probably almost expected to take the notion of it for granted and just regard it as something that works for workings sake. it’s mostly just a narrative function to help the plot move along, nothing more to it than that. similar to the Jacob one, it does not even matter how he got off it’s just that he did.

    the desmond/alternate timeline points you make will be answered in the finale i’m sure.

    the ms. hawking one is definitely interesting, but i just don’t think it will be answered. i’m not being a Lost apologist, but again i don’t think this issue will be raised. i will be happy if i’m proven wrong, but i generally think some of the points you’ve raised won’t be answered because we ourselves are asked to speculate upon their meaning.

    • s.w.a.c.

      If the fairly plausible theory that the concert that everyone’s heading for in the finale is Daniel Faraday’s classical/Drive Shaft mashup benefit at the museum, then it’s reasonable to forecast that his mom will be there, and will likely help the sideways Lostaways “see the light”.

      • didn’t think of that, but that is of course if it is that concert. Desmond gave Kate a pretty nice dress, i presume it’s probably David’s concert rather than the Charlie/Faraday one. if you’re right tho, that would make for a good appearance from her

        • s.w.a.c.

          Who’s to say that David isn’t involved in the Faraday/Drive Shaft event? It sure would tie everything together. The concert’s at the museum, Charlotte’s at the museum, it’d be nice to see her and Faraday reconnected, and since it was his mom who sent everyone back to the island in the first place, it would bring things full circle to have her there when everyone reconnects for the finale.

  • On the alternate timeline and its purpose…
    Others have probably said this elsewhere, but I believe the entire flash-sideways is essentially the epilogue of the series.
    It was not created via Jughead, but will be created once Desmond and Jack do whatever it is they are going to accomplish in the finale.

    I think they do something so big that they sink the island in the past so that nobody will ever find the “source” light.
    Desmond’s duty in the flash-sideways is, once he is ‘awakened’, to wake up everyone else. While the ‘current time-line’ is erased, their memories and experiences will eventually resurface.

    Eloise and other characters (like Bernard) seem to have already been awakened before Desmond has his epiphany. Eloise and Desmond both used the term “not ready yet”, which leads me to believe that they’re ‘in the loop’, etc.

    So, what we’ve been seeing is the result of the finale. We’ll be able to re-watch this season with a new understanding, and the sideways portions will make a heck of a lot more sense. For instance, why Sun was yelling “It’s him!” upon seeing Locke.

    So, in other words, (if I’m right) our favorite characters look like they have a ‘happily ever after’ in store for them.

    • Cutter XXIII

      No offense, but I really, really hope you (and the other 10 million people repeating this theory) are completely wrong.

      That would be like “It was all a dream,” times 1,000.

      • I completely disagree.

        If each character remembers everything that happened, then it DID actually happen. Meanwhile, they were able to find a way to give everybody happy lives… everyone except those who were terrible people in the original timeline (Locke’s dad, Keamy, etc).

        All of the emotion and memory would be preserved, though the world world be a much different place. I’d be happy with that.

        To me, it’s a much different scenario than simply saying “poof! it never happened” (because it did)

        • Jack having a son and Ben and Roger talking about the island kind of disagree with this theory. it suggests that the island did exist in both timelines, and the Incident destroyed the island whilst also creating another time line. to me, this also explains why no-one could have children after the 70’s on the Island, because the Island didn’t exist in both timelines creating some sort of rift disabling the chance for people to have children.

          for example, Desmond would have completed the boat race because he wouldn’t have crashed on the Island, hence why he was Widmore’s right hand man.

          i think i’m making sense

  • harry

    all i want to know is…
    1)what will happen in the flashsideways
    2)will ben have a happy ending AT LAST!?
    3) who is gonna win?
    4)who is gonna be the new jacob? (please please PLEASE he Hurley!!!:))
    5)does the islands glowy thingy (lets just call it “the doom sphere” get extinguished?
    6)will people be talking about lost for the next 100 years?

    i hope that all of you agree with me ;), and hope that jorges garcia gets to star in somthing which is as awesome as lost

    • THIS MIGHT BE A SPOILER FOR YOU. from your post i’ve gathered you haven’t watched the new Episode as it might not have aired in your area, but the new Jacob was revealed in the episode

  • heythereyourself

    Last week I found myself defending Lost and this week I find myself on the “Other” side of the fence, however I’m not angry with this fact. I would never say that this show is dumb and was a waste of six years, but what I would say is “Whaaa???” To those waiting for answers no way will the writer’s be able to get to most, if any of the questions people are posting they want answered answered. I have no doubt that the finale will be good, just not as good as it could have been. No I’m not a writer, nor do “I” think I could have done a better job, but it’s not that the writer’s did a bad job, they just got a little over ambitious. Way to many loose ends to tie up. Now, I realize there is still the finale, but I would poop my pants if you get resolution for most of your answers. After, reading posts the last couple weeks (and there have been plenty), I know what people are going to say, “just because they didn’t prove your theory” or “people don’t need answers”, but is that just a bail out. If you can sit there and honeslty say that this is what you expected the end to look like, well then congratulations Sidhartha, please send me a postcard from Nirvana. D&C and J.J. created one of the best T.V. shows of all time and i think i just have to except that fact that all that creation could lead to one of the most disappointing endings of all-time. It seems now that “Lost” by it’s name is exactly what the writer’s intended there audience to be after 6 years. I read a post on here about some guy explaining how story arc’s on T.V. shows work, and he’s right however that is not controlled by the writer’s that is the network worried about picking up new viewership, but in the case of Lost the writer’s had three years to wrap the show up and not have to worry about picking up viewership. Let’s face it they screwed the pooch. Play the figure it out yourself game, and see how far you get with anything. Example last night Kate asked why her name was scratched off the list, something everyone wanted to know, right? Answer: “Because you became a mother, it’s just a name on a wall. the job is still your’s if you want it.” WTF. Sun/Jin were not crossed-off even though they had both become parents, and Sawyer has had a daughter since before 815. So what gives was Jacob just too lazy to cross their names off, was it really not that important. What??? That just seems like lazy writing. Now I realize it would probably take the average person a long time (6yrs) to convince them that they should give up life as they know it and protect the island, but come on. Why not go to Locke when he was convinced about his greater purpose on the island and make him the protector in traing, as Jacob’s mom did do him and his brother. If it’s of all importance to protect the island, and Jacob knew eventually he would need a replacement, why wait to your reduced to a bag full of ashes burning on a camp fire to let someone know. Put yourself in the shoe’s of John Locke pre-donkey wheel, Jacob comes to you and says “hey i need someone to protect this island when I no longer can.” “I can to this(enter magic powers) and I can do that (how he kept smokey at bay), will you be my apprentice. John Locke say “Yes.” Good story. The End. Like I said I’m not mad and I don’t want them to try and answer all the questions the show posed over the last six years in the last 2 hours. I am going to enjoy the finale with friends and that will be that. My bottom line is that this show would have been better served as a eight part mini-series rather than a weekly drama over the last six years.

  • The Magician

    As I mentioned on the spoiler tv forums, I like to think the lighthouse reflects THE light from somewhere on the island (which we know is bound with time and manipulation of time) than it does sunlight.

    I agree with you about the monster.

  • sparafucile

    My *BIG* unanswered few:

    1) How did Dharma find, get set up on, and be allowed to ‘research’ on the island?
    2) What caused the fertility problems in the island?
    3) How did Anthony Cooper get to the island?
    4) Why did Widmore want to get back to the island? (and remove Ben)
    5) What is the Egyptian linkage?
    6) Who made/enforces the rules?

  • milo

    I really don’t think it’s fair to blame the viewers for wanting answers, and to give the old cop out “it’s their show, they don’t have to explain anything”. Well, sure, there are some things that are best left to interpretation. But for years, the show has been RAISING these questions. Many questions have been asked, and some have been answered. If the writers didn’t want people to be expecting answers, they shouldn’t have raised the questions in the first place.

    I’m still hoping that many things are addressed in the last episode, but I am a bit baffled what the creators of the show were thinking – did they really intend from the beginning to ask a ton of questions and leave many unanswered? And expect the audience to be OK with that (or did they simply not care about the audience reaction)? I guess it’s possible that was their original intention, but the more unanswered questions, the more it seems like they just botched things and either didn’t leave enough time, didn’t figure out a way to work the answers into the episodes, or worst of all, never knew what the answers were in the first place.

    The big complaint people have long had about LOST is the old “making it up as they go along”. For years I have defended the show, saying that we won’t know that until the final reveal. But I hate to say it, but unless they pull off a miracle and address tons of things in the final episode, it sure gives the impression that many of these questions were asked without knowing the answers.

    Some things even seem like mistakes or plot holes, like the answer wasn’t figured out until much later, at a point where things already happened in the story that contradicted it. It also seems like the writers had a short attention span – for a while the most important thing seemed to be the Dharma Initiative, then it seemed like they got bored with it and came up with new stuff instead.

    My personal list of biggest questions – fertility, Aaron/Walt, what the rules are and from what to they originate, what’s the deal with the healing pool and Sayid’s zombie state (seriously, the show needed yet ANOTHER way to bring back dead characters…especially one never explained?), what was the point of the temple.

    A big oversight for me is Desmond’s vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter and it happening because of Charlie sacrificing himself – at this point it seems like that won’t happen, are we supposed to assume it’s a case of Desmond seeing the future but in that one case being wrong? Or just the writers screwing up? Either way, it really cheapens the death of Charlie.

    At this point it really seems like Des and the alternate timeline will be addressed – the flashes have always been less interesting to me than the island action but I have to admit that this season it was probably the most interesting they have been. Seeing the build to a whole bunch of them converging in LA X is probably the thing that gets me most excited about the finale.

  • milo

    And what about Annie and the Purge? Why set up something like “you look like her” and never explain it?

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