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ABC Press Conference Reveals (minor spoilers)

By triangulatedsignal,

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elizabeth-mitchelljpgEOnline were reporting live  from the ABC press conference regarding the Fall schedule.

Read on for information on Lost air time and also some minor spoilers about the season:

jengod:  Good morning TV fans! We’re about to get started on all the ABC headlines. To start, an ABC rep tells us: “Elizabeth Mitchell will not be a regular on Lost next season…but she will be able to appear.”

jengod:  McPherson says Lost has been “a phenomenal show and a phenomenon…this season has stronger than it has ever been…no more infinite middle…because it has an end date.

jengod:  Lost has no confirmed time slot for season six.

jengod:  NOTE: FYI, don’t panic about that Lost time slot thing. It will be on, for sure, they just don’t know yet if it’s Wed at 9 or Tuesday at 10 or whatevs.

jengod:  McPherson re Elizabeth Mitchell: “Fantastic actress and thrilled to be able to have her do both…You’ll see her on Lost, but V is her next piece.”

Source : EOnline

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Dan

    so… she’s not dead?

    • DarthBubba


      • Henry Holland

        We’ve seen John survive the blinding white light. If the bomb never went off because it exploding got pre-empted by the pocket of energy being released, Juliet could have survived.

        So, we’re basically down to Kate and Ilana as the only regular female characters on the show. Kate has been written so badly since season 3 it’s hard to care about her any more and why should I care about Ilana?

        • Heidi

          you are forgetting about Sun, which I think the writers did on purpose, so whatever big new plotline will evolve for her will surprise us all.

    • jordan

      I never saw her die…. just a white flash of light after she “tried” to detonate the bomb. If the bomb went off, everyone would be dead, not just juliet.

      • DonJuan

        A hydrogen bomb will eliminate Radzinsky and Chang as well (and we know they survive in history).
        Juliet’s probably living with the Others in the new timeline, and never meet the 815 survivors.

  • Strange. I hope it’s true!

  • Dude, triangulatedsignal, every time I log onto my Blogger account it comes up with a notice that you’ve put up a new post on here 😛

    But as to the post ITSELF:
    GAH! She’d better not be dead! She must live! They can’t bring back the Love Triangle from Hell!! And I hope she doesn’t just come back in visions or whatnot!!

    My rant is over.

    • triangulatedsignal

      i can’t win!!! would you not complain if i didnt post anything!!! 🙂

  • now that we start to LOVE Juliet (at least in my case) theyre going to kick her out…. it kinda sux

    • Dandro

      Track 2: I think you misread the release. It said she IS coming back.

      • Doos

        Hopefully it’s more than, y’know, Shannon in Season 2. Or Michael in Season 4.

        Of course, maybe after practically punching a hydrogen bomb, she’ll want to retire from adventuring. I mean, it’s really hard to top that – short of a supernova.

        Hm, hey now.

        • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

          I think the most anyone can hope for is Michael in season 4…. that’s just the way they role with non-regular cast members. Even the regular ones get sent to the back of the bus for a spate of episodes every once in a while.

      • not being a regular = reappear only in flashbacks?
        ill miss her in the season 6 promo pics for main cast….
        but i still hope that she has a bigger role in the story

  • dtruth

    Why is this news? Who cares if Juliet is there or not?! Her story is done. What purpose has she served than to mend either Sawyer or Jacks broken heart when Kate batters either? LOL. I love Kate. She has learned her lesson. Sawyer is no longer a rascal. Now watch the screen light up. No more need for Juliet. It’s time for all our originals to realise their destinies. We don’t need these distractions.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      way more to the juliet character. you must just flat out not like her or something. she obviously knows more about the island that she is letting on. there’s a good juliet-centric episdoe left…if they choose. maybe she knew all of this was coming one day. maybe she followed orders despite her relationship with sawyer and was a good ‘soldier’ for the others. lots more to tell.

      • dookieB

        Wait, so what story is left for Kate? Finding Claire? Zzzzz…

        Juliet was probably the best written female character in the entire series (Sun came into her own, too, so I dunno). Juliet’s story would be finished if she found a way to undo the fertility issues on the island. Her tiny flashback in the finale about her parents getting divorced is nowhere near enough to say that her whole story was going full circle with Sawyer.

        I’m cool with her not being a regular because she got a lot of screen time this season and I think Sun and Jin’s story needs a lot of attention, but if she’s dead and it’s just flashbacks or Smokey/MaybEsau visions that’d be stupid.

  • Tara

    Just a thought: what if the blinding white light was not the bomb but ‘the blinding white light’ that we have seen before with a strange deafening noise? (isn’t it time to bring all losties back into the same time?)

    Could she have failed to detonate the bomb, but was still injured by the fall, or if in the time travel back to 2007, she is stuck underground in the belly of the imploded Swan station hatch?

    Just a few lovely ideas!

  • dbarrus

    Wasn’t there a bright light (white light)flash when John didn’t input the numbers and reset the computer then the hatch exploded. Des had to crawl under the hatch to manually turn the reset. Do I remember right?

  • VampBoo101

    Well it said up at the top she wont be a regular so that probaly means she will appear as a guest once in awhile like jacks dad or something.

  • Seabiscuit

    Jules is deader than a doornail, no doubt about it. If she pops up it will be a dream or ghost or a f/b or whatever in order to provide some closure for the character.

  • DonJuan

    Juliet is not Dead.
    I don’t understand why some people assume she died–if the hydrogen bomb did kill her, why won’t it eliminate the rest of the cast, Chang, and Radzinsky as well?
    I like to think she’ll be living with the Others in the reverted timeline, blissfully separated from 815.

  • ghanima

    If limited Juliet means getting back to focusing on the Losties a-la Season 1, I’m all for it. The ensemble used to have a hero, and and antihero, but mostly it was a group of “everyman” characters, all trying to figure things out. Jack’s story has pretty much been reluctant, struggling, fallen hero- which, eh, is ok to watch. But under Juliet’s influence for 3 years, Sawyer transformed from the most fun to watch antihero into a mopey jerk.

    Kate is pretty representative of the ordinary everyman, and while its frustrating watching her screw up, it also seems pretty honest. People do that. They change their minds, they disappoint, they are disappointed in return. Maybe most people don’t get captured with the pathetic ease that Kate does, but then, she’s not a heroine, she’s just trying to get by. And in general, her heart is in the right place. That being said, I’d be perfectly happy if there weren’t anymore big romantic story arcs for her either. They can stick to a couple of glances, like the first season if they absolutely must, and focus on more interesting problems.

    • dookieB

      Kate’s been a lot better this season, but it can’t really justify Kate’s overall boringness yet. I’ve never seen a main character on a show get so much negative fan service.

      Evangeline Lily is a good actress, they just didn’t do a lot with her outside of some cool flashbacks up until when she gave Aaron back this season.

      Sawyer was great this season. Sawyer’s always great!

  • es

    Juliet Jin Jack Kate Sawyer Hurley Juliet and Miles will all be thrown back to the current time-line of un-lock and crispy Jacob. That’s what Jacob meant when he said “they’re coming”. And when he touched them all at some point they were blessed and made immortal.

    • BAK2530

      He touched John Locke and he wasnt immortal

      • Jacob did not visit or touch Juliet, that we know of. I believe that is significant.

        I don’t care how often or what form Liz Mitchell takes when she appears again on Lost, I will just be very happy to see her 🙂

  • Ament

    The Fade to White ending could have been a Desmond Flash where spiritually they flashed back to themselves as Desmond did and met Eloise. This would be nice allowing Juliet to see her sister again and appreciating her sacrifice before she wakes as Des did, if she wakes.

    A juliet-centric episode is a must, I mean how did Ben cure her sister’s cancer…was it a favor from Jacob?

  • PaulM

    I really hope they don’t have Juliet survive. I loved the character, but the two scenes involving her at the end were so dramatic and heartbreaking, it would cheapen those severely were she to still be alive. I’d rather not see the triangle survive, either. Let Sawyer grieve.
    As for the bomb, did nobody hear the explosion but me? The bomb went off, but obviously it interacted with the EM in a way that flung the survivors forward into 2007.

    • dookieB

      I don’t think so. I think the fall was heartbreaking and that if it leads into a “find Juliet” arc of some sort that it would be just as fulfilling.

      If you mean that in the first few scenes of Season 6 she just pops up like “a little help guys,” then yeah that would be lame. But, I can see her either getting trapped in a different time (maybe from not being touched), or not going anywhere and Dharma pulling her out in the 70s) and then there being a subplot of Sawyer going on a quest for her. I think it’d be a cool goodbye to Sawyer if at the end of the series he goes looking for Juliet.

  • horselover

    Let’s not forget that Jin was not a series regular when last season started (right?). If the flash sends them back to 2007 it’s hard to say whether the effects of the actual explosion or the time flash would be felt first.

  • Also, the lingering mystery of Juliet, and “She looks just like her.”
    Could this be the woman? Could this be Juliet??? Did she stay in the 70’s?

    • dookieB

      God, how horrible would that be? JAMES! JULI… WHAT THE FU–

    • TDV

      whoa! i never saw that screen cap before. How bizarre!

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