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ALERT! Lost not Filming!

By docarzt,

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An exciting day for sure! It turns out some of the Lost crew has found some work to keep them busy, which is great, but it is NOT on Lost.  Unfortunately, the breaking news that Lost was seen back in production has now been confirmed to be the production of a Lifetime Movie:  Special Delivery.

Produced by Mira Max, Special Delivery began filming on Oahu today.  As a result, many of the rented trailers used by Lost were brought out.  Some included very familiar names, such as Jack Bender, and the former Lost crew members (and someday soon we hope ‘current’) were wearing their Lost swag loud and proud on Oahu.  But it is likely these were simply not removed from the rental trailers since they will ultimately be returned to Lost once they reappear.

More information on the production can be found: Here and Here.

To decode this further, Ryan is telling me one of the character’s from the movie is named Alice.   As you can see, there is an Alice in ‘Special Delivery‘.

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin comes directly from an ABC network spokesman I contacted this afternoon who said, “This is totally not true.  They have not resumed filming.”

A big thanks to Lost Virutal Tours for getting to the bottom of the mystery as to just what is filming over there in Oahu.

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From TVFrenzy:


    Damnit! Well, I’m disappointed! However, thank you Doc for being so persistent and following all the leads to the truth. I hate being disappointed, I hate worrying about the strike, but I’d be totally pissed if I went a week thinking this was true and it turned out not to be. You are the class act.

    – Jeff

  • Dude108

    Holy @$#!. This is why I hate DarkUFO! Now he’s got this spread all over the internet, gotten a bunch of people’s hopes up, and all because he didn’t do his homework. Whatever you do doc, do not leave us again! you are the only sane voice in the fan community.

  • DocArzt

    Well, we are all excited about the potential end of the strike. You can’t blame people for being enthusiastic over Lost. Nobody did anything wrong. I had the tip and I ran with it as well.