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Alternate Timeline Solved…Or Just a Theory?

By professorstotch,

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Image from LostpediaWith last night’s episode, we got our first glimpse at what the alternate timeline may be all about. As I watched the episode, one thing really stuck out for me. When Desmond was asking about Penny, Eloise Widmore pulled him off to the side and, just as she had done before, laid down a few ground rules for Desmond. She straight up told Desmond that he had to stop looking for whatever he was looking for. She also came through with a line that I believe might be the key to discovering what the alternate timeline is all about.

She told Desmond that he should be happy, because he finally has the one thing he’s been trying to attain his whole life…Charles Widmore’s approval.

When I heard this, I got to thinking. When you take this statement, and combine it with Daniel’s theories of variables and the atomic bomb from last season, I really feel like we can figure out this alternate timeline. In the original timeline, the atomic bomb was detonated in an attempt to change the character’s miserable lives. Daniel theorized that if they could set the bomb off, none of them would ever come to the island, and their lives would be much happier. As we all saw, Jack believed this and made sure Daniel’s plan was carried out to its end. And this is when we started getting glimpses of an alternate timeline where most of our characters seem to be living much happier lives, despite a few flaws.

What I’m proposing here is that the alternate timeline is not only one in which the characters never come to the island, but also one in which they finally get the few things they truly want in life. In our original timeline, we’ve seen the characters be miserable, and led to the island. What if the reason their lives were so miserable, is so that they could be led to believe the island was a much happier place. John Locke may be stuck on an island, but at least his father isn’t trying to kill him. With the island underwater, there’s no reason for our characters to ever come to it. And so they lead happier lives, getting the things they’ve always wanted.

To help me explain this better, I’ve decided to take it on a character-by-character basis:


From what we’ve seen in the alternate timeline, it looks like Jack may still have a few issues with his dad. Though they don’t appear to be as extreme as in the original timeline. He seems to be happier in his job, and doesn’t appear to be harboring a deep need to fix things. The most important element of this timeline is the fact that Jack has a son. He appears to be estranged from his son’s mother, but David seems very important to him. Something Jack is searching for in the original timeline, is the acceptance and love of a father figure. His father was hard on him, and this in turn led to a lot of hardships in his life. In the alternate timeline, he’s able to establish this exact kind of relationship with his own son, and that’s why he’s better off.


In the original timeline, Locke had arguably the most difficult life of any of our characters. His father conned him and tried to kill him. The love of his life left him. He’s in a wheelchair, and permanently paralyzed. The alternate timeline shows some similarities, but also some major differences. Locke’s still in the wheelchair, but he seems to have an established relationship with his father, and instead of Helen leaving him, they appear to be getting married. Why is this so important? Because as we’ve seen from Locke, he just wants people to love him. He wants his father to love him, and he wants Helen to love him. He’s better off in the alternate timeline because he has both of these things.


We haven’t seen too much in difference in regards to Kate’s timelines. We know that she’s still on the run, and maybe this is what’s important. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Kate just loves to be a fugitive. I know that’s a real stretch, but from what we’ve seen, she seems to be enjoying her fugitive lifestyle in the alternate timeline. I’ll also make a prediction here and say that I’m guessing in the alternate timeline, Kate’s mom doesn’t hate and resent her for what she’s done.


This one is tricky. In the original timeline, Sawyer’s a con artist seeking revenge on the man who caused the destruction of his family. In the alternate timeline, he’s a police officer seeking revenge on the man who caused the destruction of his family. Different professions, same outcome. The difference? In the alternate timeline, Sawyer has unlimited resources to actually hunt this man down. In the original timeline, he’s only relying on information gathered by outside sources, most of which seems to be unreliable. Alternate Sawyer seems to be just a few steps away from catching his perp.


Hurley is easy. In the alternate timeline, he still wins the lottery, but instead of running into a streak of bad luck, he ends up being the luckiest guy on the planet. He has a fortune, and good luck to boot. Exactly what he wants


Another difficult one. When we boil everything down, it seems that at the core of Sayid’s story, are his feelings for Nadia. He wants her to be protected, and he wants her to be a part of his life. He has both of these things. Not to mention the fact that she’s strangely affectionate towards him. I have a feeling we’re going to see a little more on alternate Sayid, and we’ll be able to assess it better by the time the season is out.

Sun and Jin

In the original timeline, what was the most miserable part of the Kwon’s lives? The fact that they were married. The alternate timeline does away with this, and has Jin playing the role of bodyguard to Sun. Of course, they’re still hooking up on the side, and Sun ends up being pregnant. Before Sun took a bullet, it seemed like Jin had everything he wanted. A beautiful woman he could leave at home if he wanted to, and a baby on the way. He didn’t know about the baby, but still the fact remains that Jin has always had that unconditional love for a potential child. This is shared by Sun. Now that Sun’s been shot in her baby oven, we can only strap in and see where this roller coaster takes us.


In the original timeline, Charlie was a drug addict who was still wishing he could live the rock star lifestyle. Much to his dismay, his band had broken up, and he was out on his own. In the alternate timeline, Charlie is still a drug addict, and he’s still a rock star. He’s still in the music spotlight, and living the life he’s always wanted.


With Ben, we have to look at the same father-son dynamic that influences most of our characters’ motivations. Original Ben is shunned by his father, and this turns him into a cynical, lying bastard. He’s cutthroat and ruthless in his desire to be an island leader. In the alternate world, things are a little different for Ben. It seems as if he still went to the island, but his father got him off in an attempt to give him a better life. In this timeline, Ben has the fatherly affection he’s been searching for.


In the original timeline, Daniel is a physicist obsessed with time travel. His mother is pushing him towards the island, despite the fact she knows it’ll kill him. He’s the laughing stock of his campus staff, and he’s been almost blacklisted for his radical experiments. All he ever wanted was to be a musician. Well, guess what? In the alternate timeline, Daniel is a musician. And it seems he’s a pretty successful one, too. He has the love of his mother, another thing he seems to have been craving.

That’s all I have for now. There are more characters this can be applied to. Desmond is obvious, as that’s already been laid out in the show for us. There are also a few characters who we don’t really know too much about at this point, so I left them out. As far as I can see, this could truly be an answer to what the alternate timeline is all about. I’m sure there are going to be more than a few people who don’t agree, but that’s part of the fun of it all. If you have your own theories, be sure to head over to our forums to let us know!

From TVFrenzy:

  • GeigerCounter

    More of a recap of things already said and shown in the flashsideways than a theory

    • shauniqua

      you beat me to it.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        its all about choices and various timelines that occur simultaneously, like parallel dimensions. remember ‘choose your own adventure’ books? well, at the time of the bomb going off, the writers decided to show us both options of what could have happened. the mystery seems to be eloise, as she’s of one mindset, no matter what timeline they are in.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. This article basically restates the obvious, rather than actually offering any new insights. It’s neither a theory nor a proposal, and it’s rather simply written. To be honest, Doc, this is well below your site’s usual quality. My apologies to the writer, as I do not wish to offend, but this article is little more than an extended “Previously on Lost” blurb, telling us facts we all already know from having watched this season’s episodes.

      • tabletop1


      • GeigerCounter

        Hey, cool, I expected to get the comment erased, but I see there’s a few people who agree.

    • Jim

      Yeah, definetly agree. Also, why is it being referred to as an alternate timeline? The writers have been vocal is people not thinking of it in those terms. “Sideways” is the more apt term.

  • The Mantis

    Agreed. I think it was “solved” when Faraday explains to Desmond what’s going on.

    • Andrew

      Exactly. The headline of this article is thus nonsensical.

    • Jackisjack

      Faraday is full of what if’s and he’s meant to pull at our strings to lead us away from where the writers are going. Now we’re to believe Danny the musician knows better then Danny the science guru? Something else catastrophic happened to the island thats a given and still has not been confirmed that the bomb went off. That discussion between Des and Dan was to throw us off.

      • The Mantis

        No, that’s the whole point, “Danny the musician” IS “Danny the science guru”. It’s amazing how some people just don’t get it!

        • Jackisjack

          I think you misinterpreted my use of the word “better” for “more” as in the musician thinking setting the bomb off was bad, but the super genius thought it was good. In which case the mentality or opinions are from two different minds, which are only now merging.

          I “get” that they are the same person, but do you understand they’ve now explained they’ve lived or are living more then one life which creates different back stories and personalities. It still doesn’t answer which world is the right one, which brings me to my original thought that the conversation between Des and Dan was to throw us for a loop.

          • Abigail

            Yeah, but there was also the conversation with Charlie, who laid the groundwork and planted the seed for Desmond. Daniel backed it up. I’m inclined to believe that even though they wanted to create a new timeline what we’re dealing with is less of a scientific question but a philosophical one. What if this isn’t the life they were supposed to live? What if this wasn’t real? Those are important questions and with 5 episodes left I’m inclined to wonder about that myself.

  • rick

    I think I agree with this. I was immediately going back to the House of M comic series:

    • adam118

      Excellent comparison. This also applies to Bishop in Age of Apocalypse.

  • Jennifer Tenney

    I think it is not just that the island did not exist and therefore their lives in sideways world are better. I think instead, what this episode shows, is that the characters lives on the island and the lessons they have learned there have bled into their sideways world lives, making them better people in most cases. Maybe Ben chose to save Alex’s scholarship due to the lesson he learned on the Island which bled through subconsciously. Maybe Jack’s relationship got better with his son due to the lessons he learned on the Island about not having to fix everything. I think the bleeding will become more conscious as Desmond “shows” each character, but I think the subconscious effect has been there.

    • The Mantis

      Yep, we’ve already seen aspects of both realities bleed into eachother. And the island did exist in both realities, it’s just on the ocean floor in one of them.

      • amy

        From the get go this season we have seen these worlds bleeding together. First time we see Jack in sideways world he looks displaced. Why the cut on the neck? Why can’t he remember his apendix being taken out? Why does he seem so affectionate and caring towards his son, while his son gives the impression that he has not always been this way?

        I don’t get the impression these characters are living the life they always wanted, they all seem only superficially happy…with the exception of Locke, he is the only one that has actually found true love and acceptance of self in the sideways world.

        Jin and Sun obviously have also found love but not sure how happy either of them are having to hide this love, seems in both worlds much is left to be desired for these two. In one world they have love but are not able to really be together, in the other world they are together but not in love…and then on the Island they are literally not together and in deeply in Love.

  • On the other hand: none of these characters have their loves, it seems. Jack and Kate never met, Desmond and Penny, etc. This seemed like a huge theme of the episode, to me at least – the characters have what they thought would make them happy, but it hasn’t always actually done that, because there are unexpected consequences. Desmond is the obvious example: they made a huge point of the fact that he has what he wanted in the original, Widmore’s approval but he’s not happy. He doesn’t have Penny. For all the tragedy these people experienced on the Island, they had some good, and it always boiled down to love: Desmond had Penny, Faraday had Charlotte, Hurley had Libby, and the list goes on practically ad infinitum. These alt characters are beginning to realize what they’re missing, and it’s a way stronger lack than any regret that the island characters ever felt, even at the height of wanting to change things.

    So they can go two ways: they can have the alt characters meet their alt women, as Desmond did in the end, and live happily ever after for real this time, or they can realize this alt should never happened, because for all the pain the Island caused, those lives were still better. I think the latter is wayyyy more interesting but they’re certainly leaving the possibility open for the former.

    • Joris

      I thought this too at first, but Jin and Sun are still together (for now) and certainly John Locke has found love.

      • amy

        Jin and Sun are not together on Island time and are together in the sideways world. maybe that has something to do with it…

    • Andrew

      “and the list goes on practically ad infinitum.”

      It does? Not really. There are only a couple of other examples–hardly infinity. And the point you’re making falls apart, because Sun and Jin are still together, Sawyer still meets Kate, John is still with Helen, Desmond still meets Penny, Daniel still meets Charlotte, and so forth. I’m sure that in upcoming episodes, Hurley will meet Libby, Jack will be shown to have married Juliet, and so forth. So no, that’s not the case at all.

      • Saying what you’re “sure” will happen in future episodes doesn’t disprove theories, sorry 😉 As I said, what you’re saying – that they’ll all meet their loves in the ALT too – is certainly a possibility, but what I’m saying is that it’s by far the less interesting one.

        I don’t think Faraday’s met Charlotte yet, Jack hasn’t met Kate, Sawyer hasn’t met Juliet (I’d put more stock in those pairing than the opposite ones, but it’s totally debatable – and probably ties tightly into what will happen. Maybe the ALT really is where the love quadrangle works out the other way!), Charlie hasn’t met Claire, Hurley hasn’t met Libby (he might well this week), etc.

        To my taste, having an ALT in which everything is better for the Losties except that a lot of them haven’t met their “constants”, or found their true love, is more intriguing than an ALT in which everything is better and then everyone finds their loves and ends up happily ever after, just like a pure good/evil battle is a lot less interesting than one with shades of grey. And Damon and Carlton are good storytellers, I think they’re trying to make us debate which universe is better, rather than just declaring “yep, ALT is better.”

        • Latika

          The point is, they ARE meeting their loves, despite the change. For all of the pairings discussed above, they’re at least aware of the other person (other than Kate/Jack and Sawyer/Juliet), and all have either made an effort to meet them (as in Daniel’s case) or are interested in doing so. So there really is nothing to the theory.

          • They’re aware of them because they’re getting glimpses into the universe where that love was fulfilled. Being with the person you love is way different than merely knowing they exist.

        • Bowen

          I would almost bet that when Penny and Desmond meet up at the coffee shop, we may catch a glimpse of Sawyer meeting up with Juliet. If you remember in the first episode of the season, while Juliet’s dying, she mentions something to Sawyer about going for coffee. She sounds kinda out of it like she’s going in and out of consciousness before death but maybe she’s sliding between realities. That’s how she knows “it worked.”

          • rowan

            I totally agree with Adam and Bowen. For all the happiness (and love in some cases) they find in the alternate timeline, it’s nothing like the love they’ve found in the original timeline. You guys said everything I was thinking. If we see Juliet and Sawyer in the coffee shop it will make my day!

  • cap10tripps

    As good as Desmond’s life in the alt was, he seemed to have some kind of feeling of true fulfillment when meeting Penny. Daniel had the same sense when meeting Charlotte. Now Des wants to show his mates from island time what that sense of emptiness is and how to fill it. An interesting question here is what about Jin and Sun?

    • Irma

      Jin & Sun’s “constant” may be Ji-Yeon.

      • cap10tripps

        Ahhh brilliant! This furthers my belief that the flash sideways is the “imaginary time.”

  • Latika

    I don’t really see what the point of this article was. It just reiterated what we’ve already watched, instead of analyzing, dissecting or providing thoughtful insight for us to ponder, as most of this site’s writers do. That’s what makes fishbiscuit, Mark, Doc and other writers here so interesting to read. This article, on the other hand, was just a simple synopsis, and I doubt anyone reading it didn’t already know everything it said, so why bother?

    • Beena

      I have to vehemently disagree with you. Everyone does not know or share the elaborate thoughts written of here. In fact, a few weeks back, I made a brief comment that it seemed like everyone was better off in the flash sideways, better off for not having had Jacob’s meddling to have influenced their lives. And I was shot down, and blasted by someone for saying that. But it made me reevaluate my initial opinion…are they really better off? And that is exactly what I think the writers are asking us to ponder, and exactly what is being brought up here now.

      I initially thought things were better off in the flash sideways, even with some flaws. But last night cinched it for me…they are NOT better off. You have three men: Desmond, Charlie, and Daniel who never got to experience true love in their flash sideways, whereas they had in the original timeline. So I can no longer say with any certainty they are better off for that. JMO

      • Latika

        Come on, Beena. Everything in this article was obvious and rote. There was nothing in it that people didn’t already know, since there was no analysis–just synopsizing. No one could possibly have watched the season so far and not known the info in this article without even thinking about it. It was a fluff piece, nothing more.

      • Handsome Smitty

        I don’t see how, from what we’ve seen so far, that the Sideways(c) Losties AREN’T better off. Sure, they haven’t shared the same experiences and development they had on the Island, but are in much better situations and seem more able to work out their issues.

        And it seems only the bad guys are the ones dying!!!

        Well, except Ben! Ben Bad Bad Ben is certainly better off ’cause now all you Ben Lovers are justified!

    • amy

      maybe I just dont’ consider my time as valuable as you, but I enjoy reading just about anyones thoughts on LOST if they are going to take the time to really think about what they are writing. This might not have been the best written article on this blog but it was still a good read, thought provoking and interesting enough. I don’t think it does the site injustice to allow a simplistic and non revealing article to post. I enjoyed seeing the characters sideways realities side by side this way, even if I didn’t agree or find anything new in them… It gave me a chance to evaluate each for myself and think of what I can take from it.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Exactly. These original blogs in many ways coalese our own thoughts and ideas. Doesn’t mean we can’t disagree or discuss – civily and passionatly – but if you complain about it being a waste of time, then why even come here?

  • MsLinus

    Wow, people are a bit too critical. I enjoyed this article because it basically put everything together in a logical form.

  • Lee

    If the characters find out they had another life – does that mean Daniel will die? Or Charlie?

    • rowan

      we know that the timelines have to converge at some point, to me them dying in one timeline or the other seems to be the only logical way that can happen

  • Windom

    All I know is the Island, for me, is the true star of the series. I hope it ends with the island intact and the lives of the characters from the original timeline we all know and love. It seems like Daniel said the alt timeline wasn’t supposed to be so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Uh, but the Other Daniel said, “Blow, Jughead!”

      Which one do you believe again?

      • gusteaux

        Two words: (from Sideway’s Daniels journal): Imaginary Time. Meaning: NOT REAL!

  • chad

    I liked the article and glad you wrote it down. About Kate’s sideways I would say that she did mention to Claire “What if I told you I was innocent?”- perhaps she was lying, but perhaps on the sideways world she is not a killer at all. Maybe…

  • German

    Yo I figured it out. Jacob and Flocke are each Aaron from the two different timelines. Bam!

    • Backedbob


  • Rooky

    Hate to be the one to say it, so don’t kill me shippers, but if Love is the reason the characters remember the other universe then neither Jack or Sawyer are going to end up with Kate. Both of them have met her and neither of them has experienced anything like this.

    • Brent

      Charlie was near death when he remembered Desmond is special so Desmonds flash sideways is like the other flashes he had in the past because he fainted in the alt when he was in the original time line and was out of it in the original when he was in the alt plus he was exposed to a huge emp So does something like a near death experience have to trigger the memory? Jack did a double take when he saw Kate and Sawyers true love was Juliete so he hasnt met her yet

      • Rooky

        But Dan daw Charlottle and ended up drawing that thing from the other universe, Jack saw Kate and didn’t do anything odd. (Only when he looked in a mirror did he look confused)

  • amy

    hmmm, maybe so. When Jack encountered Kate he did seem affected by it and it was after this encounter he could not remember when he had his apendix out.

    Unfortunately (because I long to see Kate and Sawyer together) it seems that juliet will be the one for Sawyer….it will happen when he goes to have coffee with her…

    • Abigail

      Not really. He first saw her on the plane and it doesn’t seem like it made much of an impression on either of them. Both second encounters with Kate seemed to provoke interesting responses from both men. Recognition from the earlier encounter in the sideways? Or recognition from the island universe? We’ll see…

  • shero

    I think that the idea of the 2 timelines is also fate vs free will as in the original timeline it’s their fate designed by jacob and when they changed things by detonating a bomb the flash sideways timeline is the product of their free will… so we have the original timeline where everything happens as it’s supposed to happen, and the flash sideways where free will takes over and everyone gets the thing he craves as in this article, but soon they realize that this is not what they really want and they want to return to the original timeline…. I think that in the end the original timeline will merge into the flash sideways or their consciousness will really be only present in the flash sideways and instead of having glimpses of the original timeline they will be fully aware of what happened before thereby proving that fate and free will were not versus each other but really working together towards a better life for the losties.

  • Dharma Chameleon

    In my opinion,

    The sideways timeline has been created as a result of the bomb going off. I think Daniel’s explanation of his formula to Desmond alludes to this. The bomb combined with the unique properties of the island have initiated a new time/space bubble that is a random composite of the collective consciousness on the island. I think that the island has a ‘blueprint’ of the essence of all who have visited the island and has used this to construct the timeline. Look at it as a puzzle with defined pieces that have been put together to make a different picture. The variables are the same but the formula has changed?

    Everything I have seen so far in the sideways timeline randomness. How would it be possible for some many visitors to island have intersecting lives in the LA area? The best example of this might be Keamy and the Russian.

    To sum up, I feel that what we are observing is indeed a random reconstruction and not a glimpse of their lives without Jacob, flight 815 not crashing, or the pursuit of true love.

    BTW, this was my favourite episode this season.

  • Handsome Smitty

    I hate all you Ben Lovers and Locke The Loser fanatics and milquetoast humanists that despise Jacob while making excuses for MIB’s malevolence!

    Let me explain why: You see, after some thinking and watching the SECOND best episode this season last night, I see the alternative to my theory that PrOfeSseRstroch attempted to explain (and as others have pointed out, it’s not just me that’s been talking about HappyEndingLost Sideways©), and holy shit, it hurts, it blows my mind.

    Ab Aberteno shook my faith, I admit. I was coursing the lying Darlton and believing MIB’s bullshit manipulation of Richard. I was sick to my stomach that my faith in Good and Jacob had been wasted. Then Richard and his love were reunited and my head cleared.

    Until I saw Eloise chastising Desmond. I admit the first time I viewed that scene I just assumed like the rest that the most beautiful lady that could be my cougar any day was somehow “in” on what was happening, aware of the Sideways© and Island realities both!

    This afternoon’s second viewing, however, sent clichĂ©d chills down my spine: Am I just being silly or did Eloise’s eyes seem just as black as MIB’s? Her cold, matter-of-fact demeanor a reflection of MIB’s fatalism? Was her warning to Des not to muck around and ruin the good thing that is Sideways© and having her Danny Boy around just an expression of another bad reality experience that she might live through IF Des resets the reset?

    Or is it something else?

    Like this: If she were aware that Sideways© was a GOOD result of the BigBaddaBoom AND of Des’ specialness and that mucking around could run it, then why not come clean, why not INTRODUCE him to Penny and let nature take it’s course!?!

    This is why! Because Eloise is THE MAN IN BLACK! What if Sideways© Lost represents all those promises MIB made? The Island, THE CORK (!), is unstoppered and MIB has rewarded everyone for tossing their chips in with him!?! A hint to that possibility is Charlie’s behavior the whole episode: He’s a walking dead man. He’s not looking for that beautiful blond in his dreams, but for death. It’s like he doesn’t belong there, in Sideways© – because he’s dead, never made a deal with the devil so he doesn’t belong and knows it.

    Man, I hope not. I like to think after marrying a truly evil person I can spot “bad” unfailingly.

    The truth is, though, that “faith,” because it is just an IDEA, not a living thing, not something concrete or scientifically observable, is as fickle a beast as LOVE.

    No one more than I was against the “Alt-Lost” many of us guessed at the end of Season 5. But I see how what The Darlton is doing reconciles that feeling of a lost (no pun intended) investment in the characters we all watched struggle and suffer for FIVE freaking years.

    And now I’m fine with that – no! I WANT that! I see where they’re going (or now HOPE they’re going) even if how they get us there surprises every week. I believe in happy endings. I want Sideways© to be real. I want John Locke rising from his wheelchair thanks to Jack in the season finale. I want Sun and Jin to ride off into the sunset hand-in-hand with baby on the way thanks to Dr. Juliet’s prowess with all things BABY. I want Sawyer going dutch with her after the wedding. And I want Nathan FIllion providing the evidence that frees Kate and driving away with her. Charlie bumping into Claire. Sayid ending up with that crazy sister whose name I can never remember but whose own damaged soul drives Sayid to do good….

    Sigh, but I also like, believe fervently in Good vs Evil and that achieving Goodness often requires…SACRIFICE as well as redemption.

    And if that happens I may not be happy, but I won’t feel cheated.

    Oh bonkers, don’t you just hate LOST!!!

    • Brent

      I like the theory that the alt is all the promises the MIB made but wouldnt that mean at some point all of the losties would end up on the MIB’s side and make a deal with him. Hawking being the MIB is realy interesting as well cause I realy dont understand how she is more or less a guide who always knows what Desmond should do in his flashes and is also a real person who seemingly doesnt remember guiding Desmond

      • Brent

        Has the MIB ever apeared as someone whos alive?

        • Latika

          Possibly Walt and Harper.

          • Brent

            Not Harper it was confirmed by Darlton that Harper was realy Harper

          • gusteaux

            How do we know that Eloise is alive? I like it all Smitty, some interesting theories I hadn’t pondered before.

    • Desi’s Brother

      I think the idea that Eloise is the MIB is an interesting one.

      There is something up with her for sure. She is the most mysterious character and just doesn’t seem good.

      We are assuming that Eloise is alive! Or that Smokie can not manifest off the island at any point in time. Do we know that? Could she have been killed at some point and he inhabits her body?

      • Jackisjack

        Then Daniel is the spawn of satan, and Whidmore got a piece of that. What kind of sexual orientation would that be classified as?

      • Handsome Smitty

        Sideways(C) showed the Island sunken, so MIB is free and has become Eloise: It’s possible we could see that happen if that is the direction The Darlton are going.

        Lost is all speculation except for The Darlton! 🙂

        • gusteaux

          I don’t know if it fits in here or not, but I will bring this up once again. Christian Shepard’s BODY IS MISSING in BOTH realities. One of the few similarities between the two. What does that mean???

          • Handsome Smitty

            Hopefully it means SOMETHING!

    • rowan

      I think maybe Eloise was chastising Desmond because the timelines aren’t ready to be reconciled yet – he will be ready in 3 years (or however long it is til when the losties flashed to the beginning of season 6) when the two timelines converge? If he meets Penny now, then he is forcing the timelines to converge too soon?

  • numstead

    I think it’s as simple as this… we have two distinct streams flowing around a big boulder (Jughead) in the middle of a creek (see the scene where Faraday describes his theory to Jack and Kate in “The Variable”) and now we are beginning to see those two streams converge.

    When Eloise deterred Faraday from playing the piano in favor of his physics he declared that he could do both… “I can make time.” Apparently he did.

    • Ament

      It’s interesting you would bring up “The Variable”. The scene in which younger Eloise walks into the living room and sees Dan playing the piano, she has a distinct expression on her face, some of us assumed she just talked to someone. What if young island-verse Daniel NEVER played before and all of a sudden just sat down and started to play because that talent crossed over, as Sun’s possibly did with her speech. If he was my son and started playing Chopin out of the blue i’d have a “OMFG” face on as well. The fact that this Eloise was calm and pushed Daniel away from music and towards the science field is now even more of a mystery then ever but it does seem to indicate she knows whats up.

      I’m thinking Eloise is relating to Desmond because she can do what he can do, which was hinted with her discussion involving the man with the red shoes and how Desmond wanted to save Charlie’s life, but eventually found out course correcting will always catch up. Her whole plan was to sacrifice her son because she knew ultimately the events afterwards would lead to a better life with Daniel alive and a happy marriage which may have been influenced by a MiB promise but just specualting right now.

      • Handsome Smitty

        There is certainly something special about Eloise just like with Desmond. Widemore said he’d been “told” about Des’ specialness and I suspect it was Eloise that filled him in.

        But is Eloise special in Sideways(c) or is she MIB…?

        • Ament

          If Eloise is MIB, then MIB needs to be called WIB. Talk about “Sleeping With The Enemy”. I’m having a real disturbing image of Locke right now. I am open minded to MIB becoming a woman, he has when he turned into Alex, except at this moment MIB and Widmore are at war. Even though Widmore would forget in the sideways world, I’m having a real hard time seeing MIB sleeping with and marrying, along with having a family with the man he’s at war with now. Another new meaning to “going to the mattresses”.

          I am getting a feeling of an upcoming powerful course correcting event where at some point Eloise will be drawing a gun to try to stop Desmond from going through with his sideways plan, and Daniel catching the crossfire either by accident or he jumped in. The ironic powerful part would be the fact Eloise pulled the gun on Desmond so she wouldn’t have to relive shooting her son again, and that is why Eloise is dead set against Desmond from doing anything altering.

          • Handsome Smitty

            That would be consistent but I think too obvious for The Darlton. I think if they had another season that is something they would do/play with: Let Sideways© deconstruct itself until we get to the part everybody dies in 2007 except the new Jacob (Jack) and MIB (Locke).

            But I do prefer Sideways© being the real ending.

            Although I suspect The Darlton has something else up there sleeveses…

  • widdershins42

    this may be completely wrong but what I took from this ep was that des is the key… when he finds penny and remembers love/original timeline/whatever etc. he is transported back to island timeline but when he chooses to go with sayid/flocke he wakes again in the alt as if his choices are determining whether the alt is going to be their future or not… as in if Des goes with MIB and somehow inadvertently or not helps him “win” or escape, “everything they know will cease to exist” and the not quite right alt will be reality

    again lots of holes in that theory and probably barking up the wrong tree but that was my immediate reaction at the time

  • Mratfink

    I have to disagree with this theory because it supposes that the character’s lives are happy in the sideways. I see the Sideways as some horrible Monkey’s Paw reality where their “greatest desires” are granted but they lose something special. For instance Desmond get Widmore’s approval but doesn’t know Penny. Charlie’s band seems to still be playing and he seems successful but he never met Claire and he is still a junkie. Sayid has Nadia alive and in his life, but she is married to his brother. Jin and Sun are together but they have to hide their relationship. Locke doesnt seem to hate his father but he is still paralyzed. Jack doesn’t have the same daddy issues but he has trouble dealing with his son. I could go on, but the point is that I see the Sideways as having some hole in it, some flaw, some twist on their actual desires, and that is why they have to find the island reality.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Yes, but Jack has resolved his issues with David, or is certainly heading in that direction. Locke is working toward his resolution as well, and it is interesting that Hurley played a role in heading him in that direction. Ben, instead of making his life “about me” has chosen instead one of sacrifice and when given the possiblity to become the “leader” negotiated to make things better for others (what a true leader is actually supposed to do). Kate and Sawyer are in flux, as are Sayid and Charlie.

      Sideways(c) is better in the sense that many characters seem more able to resolve their issues.

      • wnt2kno

        And its better because some of them are alive again.

        • Leslie

          But we’ve seen so far for some of them not for long. ANd I think Jin and Sun would disagree with the sideways is better.

          • Handsome Smitty

            In Sideways© none of the good guys have died (although things don’t look good for Rose, huh?).

  • Desi’s Brother


    I agree with your assessment of the characters but not with your ultimate meaning.

    Although in this alternate universe most of the characters are happier and much more able to solve their problems, it seems like this universe is just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Which is what I suspect it is. I think this universe is “Smokie’s Universe” which is really a faustian bargain because it is an illusion, it isn’t the real world. All of them seem to be living a “wish furfilled” life. Only it isn’t quite the way you’d expect it in some cases–like Sayid. Nadia is alive, but he can’t have her.

    It is also like a universe where everyone solves their problems instantly, as opposed to the tortured lives of the people we have been watching for 5 seasons. I really hope that the alternate universe is not THE END. Like the final state of things because it would be profoundly disappointing to essentially have everything wiped clean. All the history would be lost, we would have only superficial interactions of characters passing each other. I just can’t imagine that that will happen. Surely they wouldn’t do that???!!!!

    Overall, this episode gave me hope that there really is a point to this. I was starting to lose faith.

    Eloise is really strange and she seems to have WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Which makes me wonder if she might just be the MIB in a new form. Or at least working with the MIB.

    • naultz

      I agree with this perspective. although, I think that “happy” is the wrong adjective to describe the alt, more like wishes fullfilled. haven’t you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made different choices? I know I do. i think this is their wishes with what they believe would have been a better life. The alt reminds me of the Matrix. The alt is the “wool pulled over” the losties eyes to make them believe this was their intended destiny. keeping them docile while MIB takes over the planet. I think that like desmonds flash in this episode, the alt is a vision of “the best of all possible worlds” to derail the losties from their true mission-to keep MIB on the island.

  • Mark O. Estes

    Am I the only one who feels that the Island isn’t all Silver and Gold? I feel as if the flashsideways do represent a better life, but it depends on what you consider “better” in each character’s time line. This episode reminds me of a phenomenal episode of Nip/Tuck where Julie McNamara has an accident and wakes up in an alternate timeline where she is married to Christian Troy instead of her original timeline husband, Sean McNamara. In the original timeline, Julia felt that her life probably would have been better if she married Christian instead of Sean, but in the alternate timeline Julia still ends up with Sean, making it apparent that no matter what was going to happen, Julia would have still ended up with Sean no matter what the consequences. Sorry for bringing soaps into this, but to my prove my point, I had to.

    So I felt that in the end, it wouldn’t matter either way how the outcome would play out. Desmond will still find Penny, Claire and Charlie will still eventually meet, and so on. They just won’t have the Island playing with their emotions in the alternate timeline.

    • Desi’s Brother

      There are things about the flashsideways that are very satisfying. I loved the Ben resolution as it just felt right. I also thought Jack having a son and Sawyer being a cop were great.

      Kate and Claire was lame, Sun and Jin was boring and Locke was a bit too good to be true. Sayid’s was very disappointing.

      What bothers me is just how they are erasing years of character developement and all the nuance. Theses are NOT The same people we have been watching so it is very hard for me to really care about them. Which is why I think this universe is not as “REAL” as the real island one.

      • Handsome Smitty

        You’re just not getting it, brutha! True, the Sideways(c) Losties have different lives, but they are the same people we’ve seen in the (alt) Island reality. We’re seeing a possibility that they might connect. You either have to “buy in” to that being satisfying for your or not.

  • Gary Grodeman

    There was absolutely no delivery on that huge title statement anywhere in your post..

  • Mark O. Estes

    I don’t think it is necessarily “real”as well. Like someone said, I think it is just a glimpse at what life could have been if Jacob had not of interfered and that Jacob/MiB’s way of life is not set in stone, i.e., that no matter if they interfered or not, life would have eventually gotten better for them, which means that Jacob nor MiB’s word is gospel.

  • DhamraWidmore

    Look although things here may be true and repeated.. i feel that the reason things are different in this world is that it is a world where Jacob has not been involved. A world where Jacob did not push people into a direction to lead them to the island.

    Just a theory but could have some merit.

  • The Smoke Monster

    Just keep in mind that there are two teams that are about to battle, one lead by Widmore to keep Flocke “bottled up” on the Island, and the other team lead by Flocke with The Candidates to leave the Island. There are Rules that govern their interactions and we heard Eloise claim a “violation” that someone (Charlie Pace) has affected the way Desmond sees things when she was reading him the Riot Act. There’s an underlying game metaphor here that few to none are discussing.

  • spacebender

    This episode was epic on multiple levels, first the connection between the strange CT readings in Alt-world and the temporal mobility induced by the EMI fields on the Island. Second, the intersections of the characters in the “alt” timeline and the impact they have on one another were riveting and a bit mind-blowing (Des and Daniel F., George M., Charlie P., Claire L., Charles W., Eloise W., Penny W., etc.)

    It’s also fascinating to consider the possibility for Charlie to actually meet Claire, and how that might happen. After all, Desmond offered her a ride, though she had yet to experience the “adoptive” mother canceling and the subsequent onset of labour. Will she be brought to hospital after Chahleee has already left, or is she already there? There are so many twists and turns as to keep one’s mind continually “flashing” among the possible outcomes.

  • Michael

    Hmmm, this is not a good article. The summary was obvious and the theorizing is pretty lame.. I mean you said charlie is living the life he always wanted – being a drug addict and rockstar?? Are you sure? He didn’t even want to be a rock star and as soon as things started getting out fo control he wanted out – remember that?

    And I’m pretty sure kate doesn’t love being a fugitive…

    I don’t have the answer, but I’m certain your theory of the alternate timeline being a happy universe is completely wrong.

    What’s obvious now is that the 2 timelines are linked, and it appears that only a near-death experience can bring out the memories of the other-universe…

    So when desmond says “I’ve got to show them something” does this mean he’s going to try and ‘nearly’ kill them all???

    • Grosala J.

      Agreed. Not only is the article too simplistic, it’s also factually incorrect, and shows a surprising lack of insight on the writer’s part. It shouldn’t have been published without first undergoing a judicious amount of rewriting and editing. It was like a first-draft high-school essay that gets rejected by the teacher for lacking a strong thesis, a relevant title and supporting analysis. I can only assume the person who wrote it is not normally a writer, and is thus inexperienced with journalism or essay-writing.

  • Pantagathus

    It is interesting that the Sideways stories of the folks who are/were in the FLocke camp currently are the ones that aren’t all going as great…

  • Ok, I know I haven’t posted here much..So don’t freak out on me if what I say pisses anyone off or has been said before. They are just my thoughts. I may be way off on some things here. I have watched the series from the start and have like most of you, LOST many nights of sleep pondering theories. So here goes.

    This show really reminds me of real life. I had seen a comment a while back somewhere that said that LOST is human history rapped up in a interesting way with this series. I am going to second that.

    1. Am I wrong or does it seem that Jacob,Esau,Eloise and Charles still seem to be the only ones that are pulling the strings? No matter what time line, They seem to be Controlling reality or trying to at least. This just makes me look at the parallels of real life. Jacob and Esau are the Church/Religion. Esau being fear. The one tool the church loves to use. Eloise and Charles are Science and Corporate. The main power structures that have always steered the fate of humanity. Now neither side religion or science/corporate want esau/fear to leave because if he did all would come to an end. Exactly, all their power and control would come to an end because Fear would be gone. I don’t think any of us would disagree that Fear is the biggest tool used to manipulate. Now also in real life there has been a shift going on in the world because of the invent of modern communication. Because of this the life long power structures are at risk of loosing their dynasty’s and power and keep trying to steer things back in the direction they want because it leaves then in charge where they like to be. I believe that the atom bombs are just metaphoric for how most folks that have used modern information technology to reeducate themselves have felt seeing that their lives have been anything but free. That they have just been chasing their tails and still are being manipulated by the power structures mentioned above. All of the backwards,sideways,forwards are just scenarios of what might have been if the Losties lives were not manipulated. Now also in real life Politics and world issues we are at a point of a battle. Most are waking up to the Matrix of lies that have been told and are not very happy about it. I think most of us in the US are seeing this first hand right now. So in the end for the last episode of this awesome series I predict two outcomes. 1. The losties finally do away with all of the top 4 that have controlled there lives and live a life of free will, or 2. We are going to find Jack lying in the jungle looking all confused listening to a dog barking and comeing to find flight 815 in flames on the beach. History repeating itself once again. I hope for once it is finally number 1…

    • Grosala J.

      You do know his name isn’t established as Esau, right? That’s just an unfounded fan theory from last season’s finale. Chances are, it’s not his name.

      • LoL, Yea I know he has takin on many names. MIB, smokey,otherlocke,etc. 🙂

  • DharmaDave

    I know we have all noticed the motif of the characters in the sideways world looking at thier reflections in mirrors. But did anyone else notice when Dan comes up to the car Des is in you can see him reflected in the tinted window of the car, but since it is tinted you can only see an outline of him. It is not a true reflection, because the is no “through the looking glass” version of Dan, since he is dead in the island timeline.

    Just food for thought

    • spacebender

      I’d noticed the “outline” quality of Daniel’s reflection but hadn’t related it to the lack of alternative version. Fascinating!

  • John Burger

    I am SHOCKED that most DONT GET THIS.

    The Sideways are actually flash fowards. This was confirmed again as Desmond always had flashes of the future. This has nothing to do with the bomb going off and it never did. The bomb was always suppose to contain the EM’s power.

    Something the MIB will do in the islands future will give everyone their second chance. It may be he sends jack Back in time to stop himself so the EM’s power sinks the Island–who knows—but it HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. Why no one gets this is beyond me because its so obvious. Our characters–from some point in the islands future this season will get another chance–that chance has NOT started yet–there is nothing happening parallel to the island story. Its just another way to trick the audience–sort of like the sun/jin flashback where they were not happening in the same time period.

    • Drew G.

      Well, you might want to contain your self-important shock there, dude, as there’s a very good chance you’re completely wrong about this. It can’t be in the future, since Aaron has to be born at a very specific time, given how human pregnancies work. It IS happening parallel–the writers even refer to it as a flash-sideways. It’s a pocket reality, created by the bomb’s detonation.

      • naultz

        with time travel, you could both be right. this alt is happening parallel to the other time line, but maybe the alt is formed in the future by MIB sending the losties back to 2004 just before they crashed. personally, i think the alt is his manipulation of the losties to control them. it’s the dangling carrot to convince the losties to follow him.

    • gusteaux

      Technically, it’s not exactly parallel as the island events are happening in 2007 and the sideways events are happening in 2004.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Dude, pay attention:

      “Island” Lost is now in 2007 time.
      “Sideway(c)” – a term I came up with first – is set in 2004.

      Therefore Des is not flashing forward; he would be flashing BACK since sideways(c) Des has not been exposed to the Island (as far as we know)!

      • Usagi

        Smitty: Unless you actually work for LOST on ABC, you didn’t come up with that term first. they’ve been using from the beginning.

  • The Mantis

    Drew G is right. It’s a pocket reality, as we were shown by Faraday’s diagram.

    • Drew G.

      Exactly, Mantis. Faraday’s drawing confirmed it. So I’m not sure why John Burger is so SHOCKED that people DON’T GET his theory, when it’s clearly incorrect. 🙂

  • Frank803

    The Island timeline vs. the Alt timeline is like “It’s better to have loved and lost” vs. “never to have loved at all.”

    Jack: Love & lost Kate vs. Alt Jack: Divorced? with no love.
    Kate: Love & lost Sawyer vs. Alt Kate: remains to be seen
    Sawyer: Love & lost Juliet vs. Alt Sawyer: no love
    Hurley: Love & lost Libby vs. Alt Hurley: no love (from previews from next ep.)
    Sayid: Love & lost Nadia vs. Alt Sayid: no love
    Charlie: Love & lost Claire vs. Alt Charlie: no love
    Ben: Love & lost Annie/Juliet vs Alt. Ben: no love
    Daniel: Love & lost Charlotte vs. Alt Daniel: no love
    Des: Love Penny with baby vs. Aly Des: no love
    Sun/Jin: Love with baby vs. Alt Sun/Jin: forbidden to love
    Rose/Bernard: recognized love on island and stayed

    • rowan

      like it. Des: will lose Penny after the “sacrifice” he has to make?

      • Handsome Smitty

        Not really because it seems Des.2 is heading towards that direction.

        IF sideways(c) is what it seems and not MIB’s promises…

  • sparafucile

    Maybe it’s not about love. Rose & Bernard have the love of each other in both timelines. But the one thing NONE of the losties seems to have in the original timeline is the ability to make the best of the cards their life has dealt to them.
    Original: Hurley is plagued with bad luck. Jack can never be happy. Charlie can cure his addiction, but still cannot live. Rose can have her cancer cured, but cannot leave. Kate and Sawyer chose criminal paths. Locke — well, everything goes wrong for him. Des can have Penny, but with CW’s unalterable disdain. Dan can’t have Charlotte. Sayid can’t redeem his soul. Ben cannot protect Alex. Claire cannot keep Aaron.
    Alt: Lives are imperfect, but are all headed toward best-outcomes. Don’t know how….they’ve never encountered the Numbers? They’ve never met Jacob?

  • Tobias

    I believe that in this alt reality they all have been to the island and somehow they have been brainwashed. Only a an important memory could trigger memories from their real past.
    Widmore, Eloise and maybe the choosen candidate are the keepers of the truth and they have a close watch on everyone that left the island in case they need them back.
    Eloise told Desmond that he wasnt ready yet..
    Maybe lost will end with the island being sunk after NoT Locke being defeated and everyone returning home brainwashed until they are needed one more time.

    • zzar

      I think you are close the answer. Your theory about the “brainwashing” is a good one. We have the 2004 time line and the 2007 time line. In either timeline, calamity befalls the “candidates.” Thus, neither time line is “better” than the other. Its all progress….as Jacob would say. My main thought is that the writers of the show MUST (hopefully) reveal to us (1) WHO the successor to Jacob is and (2) how the two timelines will be resolved. By “resolved,” I mean…are they concurrent or linear? The show deals with the nature of reality (time) and the nature of spirituality (purpose in life). This is why for MIB (fake Locke) this whole endeavor is hellish because if one does not learn what the Island would have to teach you, then you cannot move on. This idea applies to either time line. The storytellers behind LOST will find a manner in which to unite both storylines (I am almost certain they are chronological,not concurrent lines of reality). That just leaves us with the question of purpose (happiness of existence, which all the main characters will find in both time lines) and who the heck will succeed Jacob.

  • sparafucile

    And, jeez, talk about alternate timelines. A couple hours after the flight, after Desmond picked up Charlie, had a drink, got driven into the bay, and was delivered to the hospital — they run into Jack. Wasn’t Jack supposed to be at his father’s funeral????? (body or no body) It was what Jack wanted to “get over with”, and was supposed to be held 2-3 hours after his flight arrived.

    • maria gomez

      Has anyone realized that the blue VW vans that were used by the Dharma People are identical to the one that Doc Brown drove in the movie ” Back to the Future”!

      We are talking time travel here friends!

      • Handsome Smitty

        Yes, it’s been brought up before, a probable homage to the films.

        Welcome to “LOST!”

  • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

    I find all the criticism of this article ironic seeing that most of these comments just reiterate what was said in previous comments.

  • LockeJ

    Right I just need to say this as I have read pretty much every blog on this site since the ep was aired (8th April UK) and no one, as far as I have seen, has mentioned something Widmore said in his office to Desmond. Widmore got off the phone with “whomever” and said to Desmond something like “If I don’t get the Bass player for my son, then my wife will literally destroy(!!!) me”.

    Does the way he phrased this not seem a little odd? and does this not remind anyone of what “alex” said to Ben under the temple in season 5? (“if you hurt John I will destroy you”).


  • Usagi

    shot in her “baby oven”????
    Such an asshole.

  • it has to be the electric shock task. nearly wet my pants at that 1.