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And Now For Something Completely Different…

By imfromthepast,

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Well, maybe not completely different, but certainly not LOST related.

trickshot-logo.jpgAs the inevitable hiatus descends upon us, many thrash about in search of something to pass the time. To this end, may I suggest

The Trickshot is a rather unique website, and as such it is hard to explain. Officially, it is an “Online Graphic Serial”, a graphic novel being released page by page.

The entire tale is split into 10 Chapters and each Chapter is split into 10 Installments. A little math will tell you that this comes to a total of 100 Installments. The story is completely written out, so there will be no ugly surprises or cop-outs in store. Installments are released on Fridays and there is a one month Hiatus between Chapters. With this schedule, the entire thing should last through 2010.

I think it is a solid, unique story, that shares some of the better qualities of LOST. Fans of LOST will find it easy to cross over, but I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart. The plot gets a little technical and slightly twisted down the line.

Anyhoo, drop by, check it out, and I hopefully at the very least it will help pass the time to Season 5.

From TVFrenzy:

  • MsDee

    Thanks I’m gonna check it out right now!

  • Quigley

    It seems alright, from what little story there is so far…. Although I don’t know if I’ll carry on reading it – all the spelling mistakes (like ‘tyraid’ and ‘accusitory’) will annoy me. So yeah.


    Not sure, but perhaps the author heard you Quigley. There are no misspellings in the story as of 10:23 CDT on 6/18.

  • Steve

    Not related to this topic, but I just thought I’d let people know that I recieved an email from Octagon Global Recruiting this morning! Here is the text of the email:

    Octagon Global Recruiting, on behalf of the Dharma Initiative, would like to thank you for registering your expression of interest in our latest volunteer recruitment drive.

    We will be launching in San Diego on July 24th at Comic-Con International offering select registrants the opportunity to take an exciting aptitude test that will give applicants the chance to demonstrate their unique talents.

    The Dharma Initiative hopes you will be able to join us to find out more about their ground-breaking new research project. We will contact you closer to the date with more information.

    For those not able to join us in San Diego, Dharma’s full recruitment program will be made available online to registered recruits after July 27th.

    In the meantime, the Dharma Initiative urges you to spread the word. Invite your colleagues to join the team at and take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    If you can’t view the images in this email please click here

    This message and its attachments are confidential and may contain information which is protected by copyright. It is intended solely for the named addressee. If you are not the authorised recipient (or responsible for delivery of the message to the authorised recipient), you must not use, disclose, print, copy or deliver this message or its attachments to anyone. If you receive this email in error, please contact the sender immediately and permanently delete this message and its attachments from your system. Any content of this message and its attachments that does not relate to the official business of the Dharma Initiative or its subsidiaries must be taken not to have been sent or endorsed by any of them. No representation is made that this email or its attachments are without defect or that the contents express views other than those of the sender.

  • Tiffany

    I got one as well…however I noticed that it was sent from the future

  • Arinen

    Ahh, but now the hiatus between installments will also kill me… I’m a somewhat impatient person…