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Another New Season 5 Promo Trailer

By AstroJones,

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114385_D_3617Hey gang, we have yet another Lost season 5 promo trailer up on the web.  If these don’t get you in the mood, I don’t know what will!


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From TVFrenzy:

  • Zack M.

    How the heck is the old drug plane flying over Locke? These promos continue to confuse me…

    • Tyler Cheman

      The island went back in time and that is the moment that Locke experiences the crash of the beach craft, I cant wait to see it

  • FIRST!!

  • Tivnuts

    who is syid fighting?

  • penny

    oh god! penny and desmond have a child…who does sun want to shoot?…who´s sawyer runing away from?…so many questions…until the release, this will be a torture

  • Is it January 21st yet, I can’t wait any longer

  • Piderhead

    “move away Kate”

    Sun blames two people for Jin’s death. Her father and Jack. Is she pointing the gun at Jack? Kate would shield Jack… 23 days

  • The Magician

    It seems that various timelines have all ‘come together’ at once… the Nigerian drug plane, the Dharma initiative and apparently the natives (with flaming arrows) etc… this is looking to be an incredible season!

    • Uncle Beaver

      Not only that… but from what we saw in other promos, Juliet & Faraday come across (or look for) the Hatch (Swan Station)… the beach camp is missing tents & supplies… the Others vanish from Locke… Faraday records a message for Piere Chang. It seems these “timelines” are overlapping and interacting with each other. Maybe this is how the Black Rock and/or the original inhabitants came to be on the Island?

      • Arinen

        My theory is that the black rock was where the Island moved to once, and ended up ON the Island because of that. How else would it have ended up so far inland?

  • Michel

    – Spoilerish Speculation –

    I think it’s evident to everyone that the losties are going to experience many of the Island’s previous events, especially the ones that happened during Dharma’s confrontation with the hostiles. We’re going to see the Nigerian airplane crash land again, we’re going to see Radzinsky in the Swan hatch and, most importantly, we’re going to see Rousseau again.

    And, if I understood correcty Doc Jensen’s hint in his review, if Faraday is going to become a major player this season, then maybe he’s going to gain most of Desmond’s old powers… foreseeing future events, having his consciousness travel in time, etc. Of course, that’s only speculation.

    And we’re going to see LOTS of Widmore’s hechmen. Does Ben have henchmen anymore? Is he working alone now?

    Unchronological narrative, like Pulp Fiction? This is going to be a very good (and very short) season.

  • I am picking up on possibly two things, By stopping the video at the moment Sun is telling Kate to “Move Away” it looks like Jack is actually standing over Kate’s other shoulder, not in the direction that Sun is pointing the gun. While you don’t get a good look at who is standing behind Kate, the hair line matches Jack’s better that Ben’s. So, maybe Sun is pointing it at Ben?

    Also, while the resolution is pretty low, the plane crashing over Lockes head appears to have a white underside as opposed the the yellow undeside of Mr. Eko’s plane…

  • Kyle

    With the plane im not sure about the plane being the nigerian plane if i remember correctly werent sawyer and kate breaking rocks for a runway for the others it could be the 6 returning who knows 18 more days

    also syid is fighting desmond from the looks of it

  • Desmonds Girl

    Oh my god..that was cool. I have goosebumps after watching that looks so action packed !! Love it !!