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Breaking – New Timeslot for Lost? More Post Strike Scheduling.

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One lingering mystery has been what will become of Lost when Grey’s Anatomy returns.  The answer?  extra coffee for your sleepyheads out there.

Ausiello is reporting that Lost will move to 10pm est when it returns for its second run of all new episodes later in the season. But that’s not all.

We previously reported there would be a small hiatus between the already produced episodes and the upcoming batch,  it looks like that Hiatus will happen a little sooner.  Episode 8 will likely air at the beginning of the new batch of episodes rather then at the end of the present pod.  It seems episode 7 has a more logical end point for us to hiatus over. Oh well, we’re getting 13 episodes.  I’m a happy camper.

The upside is Ugly Better+Grey’s Anatomy+Lost = the most powerful lineup of scripted shows going.  Comedy, drama, and, erm, Lost.  How can you beat it?  (Put Grey’s on at 10 and Lost at 9, that’s how.)

Source:  TVGuide

From TVFrenzy:

  • roomforhuman

    For me this is both good and bad. I like that it will be on after Grey’s because I think this will bring viewership up. I know a lot of people who watch Grey’s that feel out of watching Lost due to timeslot or whatever. It is now ultra convenient to just stick around and watch Lost. But, I have been enjoying the 9pm slot this season. 10pm is okay with me because I’m a night owl, but my wife falls asleep. I guess I’ll just have to buy her a coffee and call it good.

  • DocArzt

    Same here. my wife groaned at the timeslot because she missed most of season 3 because of the time slot. Bummer

  • boo

    The only thing I hate more that Grey’s Anatomy are hiatus’s.

  • milo

    “(Put Grey’s on at 10 and Lost at 9, that’s how.)”

    Amen to that. I hate Lost at 10, too late for me to really enjoy, and it tends to hurt Lost’s ratings.

    I know that 9 has traditionally been Grey’s timeslot, but Lost’s demographics skew younger.

    At least I’ll be able to watch Office/Scrubs/30 Rock and finish with Lost.

  • milo

    “The only thing I hate more that Grey’s Anatomy are hiatus’s.”

    Too bad, it’s not like they have a choice. It simply wouldn’t be possible to have all five episodes ready in the next 10 weeks or so.