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Calling all Losties! Sayid Needs Your Help!

By SonyaLynn,

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This guy? Less 'alpha-male' than DEAN WINCHESTER?!? Not a chance.OK, everyone…I know that anyone reading this site agrees that Sayid Jarrah is one of the most badass characters ever seen on the small screen, if not the most. But a bunch of non-Lostie moony-eyed tween girls of all ages and genders are about to bounce him out of the semifinals of TV Guide’s “Alpha Male Madness” elimination in favor of Dean bloody Winchester on Supernatural.

Now, I like Supernatural just fine as bubblegummy entertainment that occasionally transcends into something of actual quality, and would certainly agree that Dean Winchester is a bit of a badass. But to even mention him in the same breath as our resident lover-and-fighter-and-torturer-and-assassin is a travesty. Sayid outfought a cold-blooded, well-trained killer like Keamy and snapped an Other’s neck with his feet. He’d eat Dean Winchester for breakfast!

Even worse, the other bracket’s semifinal matchup is between the other Winchester, Sam (really?!?) and a pretty pretty androgynous vampire who’s a decidedly secondary character on HBO’s True Blood. As of this writing, Sayid is losing to Dean 54%-46%. Clearly, the fix is in from the Supernatural fan-girls. This is an embarrassment to the Lost fan community.

So go! Vote early, vote often, tell your friends, Digg this, post it to your social networks, tweet it, and otherwise spread the word far and wide that Sayid must win!

You have your orders. That is all.

Addendum: The contest isn’t about who’s prettiest or most sexy. E! Online are the ones who called it “Alpha-Male Madness” instead of “Hottest Hunky Heartthrobs,” “Most Perfectly Pretty Boys,” or something. So, straight guys, it’s OK to go and vote to reaffirm Sayid’s alpha-maleness…be secure enough in your sexuality to stick up for our side in the face of an onslaught of comparative mediocrity. I know you can do it. What’s worse, he’s losing by an additional .2% since the original writing. Rally the troops, people!

From TVFrenzy:

  • dolce

    I’m a dude, but I’ll throw in a vote for Sayid based on badassedness.

    • Dudes are fine…by all means, all men, guys, blokes, coves, geezers, and yes, dudes should join all us Lostie women-folk in support of Sayid. That’s why I said call ALL Losties. 😉

      The fan-grrls I was referring to was the Supernatural fans, though, as that tends to be the demographic of the show. Funny how that happens when you cast a pair of prettyboys as your leads.

      But the competition isn’t about who’s the prettiest. It’s about who’s the “alpha male.” (‘Sides, what with me being a lesbian, sexual attraction just doesn’t factor into it anyway. Now Sun, Charlotte, or Juliet, among others…yum!)

      And when it comes to badassery, no badass badasses better than our badass, dangit!

      • dolce

        That’s a fact Jack!

  • GlueYourEyelids

    Lol, I would have bought into the “alpha male” thing if Jeffrey Dean Morgan was there to represent Supernatural, but those boys have nothing on Sayid in my book!

  • Amberlina42

    I can’t believe Sayid won against Sawyer in the last round. That really suprises me with all the moony-eyed tween girls that love Sawyer so much. Poor Sayid just doesn’t have a chance

    • That’s because the moony-eyed contingent was all helping their prettyboy Winchesters win a popularity contest, while the discerning Lost fan will actually understand the point of the contest and pick the correct winner of Sayid v. Sawyer in “alpha male-ness.” (And they did!) 😉

    • Andy

      Oh get off your high horse

  • Are you seriously asking us to vote for a child murdering, self righteous ass who’s biggest contribution to LOST is that he can kill people (yeah, so can everyone else on the show) and who’s been bested by at least 3 different, much smaller women? I hate Supernatural as much as the next guy, but I will not in any way help Sayid Treacle Jarah in any way. Ever.

    • This is me rolling my eyes at you for your trolling.

    • clueless1der

      You actually took time to write that? Wouldn’t it have been easier just to NOT VOTE?

      • Uncle Beaver

        Said is a GREAT character.

        Probably in my top FIVE favorite LOST characters.

        But, really, who gives a shit about this preposterous ranking?

    • DocArzt

      Think of it this way: you’re not voting for the man’s morals, you’re voting for the highly effective character that has evoked such a strong reaction from you. It takes talent to do that, and Naveen has it. On the other hand you have a guy who was a torturer in hell, lives on stolen credit cards, screwed an angel, and starred in the remake of “My Bloody Valentine.” At worst, it’s the lesser of two evils.

  • donuteyes

    ummm… what the hell is supernatural? am i the only person that thinks any show other than lost isn’t worth knowing about, not to mention watching?

    • neoloki

      Yeah,I am pretty much there except if it is on HBO. Oh also BSG. At least the first 3 seasons.

      • donuteyes


        • dolce

          Battlestar Gallactica.

          • donuteyes

            not pictured: me rolling my eyes…

          • dolce

            Rolling your eyes because you didn’t catch it, or that I missed that you were just kidding? Either way lol.

    • aye!

  • Henry Holland

    Calling all Losties! Sayid Needs Your Help!

    No, what Sayid needs is a bullet in the head, provided by Ben.

    • dolce


    • Aaaaaaaand here’s your sign.

  • *

    • lol the above was just an avatar check 🙂

  • Samuel

    What exactly are “girls of all genders?”, sweet proof reading skills.

  • nikki

    even if it were a “pretty boy” vote, i’d still vote sayid..that man is super dreamy in my opinion…