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Carlton Cuse Reveals Lost Season 4 Plans to Ausiello

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TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello lived up to his designation of ‘scoopmaster’ by scoring an awesome first interview with Carlton Cuse in the wake of Carlton and Damon’s meeting with abc.  Here are the bullet points from the interview:

  • Five episodes will be produced and will cover eight episodes of Lost’s Season 4 Story
  • There will be a four week hiatus between the first 8 episodes of Lost and the second batch. So no lost between March 20 and April 24.
  • Some announced guest stars may have to be recast.
  • The three episodes will be produced in future seasons, but no plan exists at present.
  • There is no codeword for this years finale twist yet.

The entire interview can be read here.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Dustin

    Doc, do you know which guest stars were announced?

  • gusteaux

    It’s probably too early to get an answer, but have your sources given any indication as to whether or not episode 4.13 (S4 finale) will be one or two hours?

  • Tunde

    Another hiatus?!?!?!

  • Stilts

    I can deal with a month hiatus, it’s better than a year. They have to have time to get the episodes right. I would rather them do that instead of rushing and we end up with poor quality episodes.

  • lostfanboy16

    I agree with you Stilts. They need that little gap even if we do have to wait a little longer I think we can all deal with it.

  • Tunde

    I wonder I’d we’ll get another ARG…………………

  • BucK

    I’m glad we get five episodes but it sucks that we wont get to see 3 flash forwards. Just as long as it all gets told in the end i guess.

  • gusteaux

    The full text of Ausiello’s interview also mentioned that some content decisions for 4.9-4.13 would have to be based on the availability or non-availability of non-contract actors. From what I’ve read, the networks don’t plan to order any additional episodes of freshman series until fall. This could create an unexpected window of opportunity to include some Richard-related plotlines that were previously back-burnered due to Nestor’s “Cane” obligations.

  • milo

    “Another hiatus?!?!?!”

    Of course. They haven’t even written scripts yet for the new episodes. If they started shooting in two weeks, you think they could have the first episode ready four weeks after that, with a new episode for the four weeks after that?

    TV shows just can’t be made like that, especially elaborate hour long ones like Lost.

    So will #13 be one hour or two? With the original plan, was #16 intended to be one or two?

    I wonder if we’ll have a Damon/Carlton podcast before tomorrow’s episode?

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