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Cuse: The Season 4 Story Will be Told

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180px-CCuseheadshot2007-1.jpgCarlton Cuse spoke with Variety today with regards to what the future looks like for lost.  Here are his comments:

As for “Lost,” exec producer Carlton Cuse said he and fellow
showrunner Damon Lindelof would meet with ABC brass today to hammer out
the plan for the rest of the season. They won’t be able to finish the
remaining eight segs of the show’s planned 16-episode season — five is
a more likely number — but they will be able to craft a completed
storyline for the remainder of this season, Cuse said.

And whatever segs are not produced this season will be picked up down the road in the show’s remaining two seasons, Cuse said.

going to try to make as many as we can and do a good job of finishing
out this season,” he said. “We’ll have to compress some of the
storytelling we planned for this season, and that may not be a bad
thing. Damon and I feel like we know how we can finish it off and still
make it a really, really great story.”

So to reiterate what is said here:

  • Five episodes seems like a good number to hope for.
  • The season 4 ‘story’ will be told in its entirety.
  • ‘Left over’ episodes will be tacked onto upcoming seasons.

If I may make a suggestion… ahem… how about adding those extra episodes to the beginning of the two upcoming seasons, one apiece, and give us two hour premieres?  These hiatuses are hell boys.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Desmundo

    Whoohoooo! For once I called it, I knew it would be over soon, that the show wouldn’t keep us hanging. I am so happy.

  • ackermaniv

    it sounds like damon thinks that 8 might be possible…

    “Damon Lindelof is eager for some answers. An executive producer of ABC’s mystery serial “Lost,” he should learn this week what his show’s future holds as it closes out its fourth season.

    “Lost” has been back on the air just two weeks. But the strike meant a planned 16-episode shooting schedule was halted after just eight episodes were shot. Fans braced themselves for no more this season.

    “But we very much want to come back and do as many episodes as possible,” said Lindelof, who then listed a few issues that first need to be settled.

    “How many episodes can best serve our story? And what are the production realities?” He noted that the shooting facility in Hawaii, 2,500 miles from his Los Angeles office, had been shuttered since Thanksgiving. The crew has dispersed, the huge cast has scattered.

    The first new post-strike episode of “Lost” could possibly be ready for broadcast the week after episode eight appears, he said. There likely would be three or four more after that.

    Could there be even more?

    “I’d be surprised if the network wanted to air episodes deep into the summer,” he said. But if all the pieces fell into place, “Lost” fans would be blessed: “I don’t see why we couldn’t deliver all eight remaining episodes.”

    That kind of zeal should warm viewers’ hearts. Lindelof and the rest of TV’s creative community seem delighted to be back.”

  • Dustin

    Would having episode 13, give or take 1-2 episodes, act as the season finale be a bad thing? Season 5 could become a 19 episode season, with the first 3 episodes telling the story that was meant to be told the previous season. Just wondering if shortening one season and expanding another is necessary, even though I have no doubt they will be great.

  • Shaun

    Now THAT’S what I want hear, Damon!

    In the age of DVRs, I’m really not seeing what the problem is going a full eight episodes after the eight that were originally finished. If the show is good and fans know it’s building towards a big finish, they’ll be there even if it means airing 2 or 3 shows in July. We’re talking Lost here. Not George Lopez or According to Jim.

    Or, as I suggested in a different thread, if it’s really that big a problem just air the first eight as planned and show the back eight in the fall. Yeah, the break would suck. But they’d leave with a cliffhanger after 4.8, take a short break to enjoy summer, and give us another kick-a** cliffhanger in 4.16. Then, it’s just another short break until season 5 begins. I think spacing that out a bit beats waiting another 8-9 months again for the next season.

    And really… a 13 episode season, no matter how great the shows are (and if these first two are any indication it’s going to be the season yet), makes for a really slim set of DVDs. I’d think ABC would have that in mind when it comes to planning the rest of this season.

  • james

    Whatever. I’m just excited that there will be more than 8 episodes.

  • Samfishercell

    AWESOME. Regardless of how many we get, I’m glad Season 4’s story will be told. I’m especially glad that we won’t be cut off at the cliffhanger from Episode 8 and miss out on the rest.

  • themachine

    awesome!!! but i do think, that with the strike over, any posssible cliiffhanger will be somehow reduced a midge, so we can experience as full a seaso as we have come to expect from LOST, or they will keep the editing the same and just give us even more for the next season… Ben Linus for prez in ’08!!!!/’04! hahaha

  • David

    This situation isn’t perfect but I trust Damon and Carlton will do the best with what they can. I like Damon’s optimism and attitude but I think the more realistic answer is we’ll get the five episodes with the tightened storyline. This bothers me of course but I’m not worried. Damon and Carlton are master storytellers and this isn’t the first time they’ve had to restructure things to fit the production realities of the world. It’s part of television, and I think Damon embraces that as part of the challenge.

    For example, they had story plans for Richard Alpert this season but have had to write around it due to the fact that Nestor Carbonell was unavailable due to CBS’ show “Cane.” So they’ve just sort of put that aside…let him and the rest of the others stay at this mysterious temple, and we’ll join them in season 5 or whenever we can. It’s not stopping the rest of the story from unfolding.
    Another example is how gracefully they’ve dealt with not knowing when the show would end. Sure pacing got slow at times, but they’ve still managed to make great episodes. Another thing was when they realized Nikki and Paulo weren’t working and condensed the entire plan for them into one episode to get rid of them. Damon and Carlton are good at adapting and I think this season, shortened by three episodes, is just another similar obstacle that they can get around. Maybe we were going to learn about some character in a flashback that we won’t have time for, or open up some new plotpoint we won’t have time for, but the main storyarc of season 4 should still be able to be completed and whatever else they have planned can shuffle itself into season 5 and 6.

    It feels like Lost has a certain amount of answers and plotpoints to cover before it ends, all of which are important, but I think the exact order of events, reveals, flashbacks, etc. is quite flexible. So that’s why I’m not worried. Whatever they come up with will be true to their vision and awesome.

  • Samfishercell

    Exactly. Speaking of the temple…does anyone have any clue what this season’s “set” is? Season 2 was the hatch, Season 3 was the hydra, anyone have any clue what the soundstage is giving us for Season 4? I remember people speculating it would be the “temple”…but who knows..

  • Brian Holmes

    I love the man to death, but I can’t get over CC’s seemingly transparent eyebrows. haha.

    Anyway, good news from both show leaders.

  • FunBoxBoards

    Found a deleted scene: HERE

    NOTE: NOT a spoiler… Enjoy

  • FakePsychic

    On speculation of what the ‘set’ for this season would be, could it be the freighter? Or do people think that may not actually play a huge part?

  • Rulito

    I believe i remember hearing that Cane got canceled so who knows, it’s still a possibility that we could see some more of Alpert since the second half of the lost season hasn’t even been written yet. or maybe we’ll see him for season 5. I really hope so, he seemed like a very interesting character.

  • Henry Holland

    It feels like Lost has a certain amount of answers and plotpoints to cover before it ends, all of which are important, but I think the exact order of events, reveals, flashbacks, etc. is quite flexible. So that’s why I’m not worried. Whatever they come up with will be true to their vision and awesome

    Exactly, very well put. They’ve constantly had to change things due to actors not being available (Libby, who will be back) or had ideas present themselves (i.e. Michael Emerson was supposed to be in 3 episodes, but they loved him so he became the leader of The Others) and changed course, they’re used to it by now.

  • milo

    I’m guessing five additional episodes for a total of 13. I’m sure these guys will make it all work out.

    As for the big set this year, I heard rumors that there just isn’t one.