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Damon Lindelof Talks About the Lost Finale

By Koobie,

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A Sirius XM show called “Geek Time” was able to talk to Damon Lindelof before he went into radio silence.

Via ScreenRant:

From all of us who made the show, we really hope that you don’t feel it was a waste of your time. We hope that you spent the entire night not just thinking about the finale on a story level, but that you were emotionally affected by it.

There are two feelings that you feel when you watch the ending of a television show. The first is the feeling that you have of just understanding that the show is over and the second is what your response is to actually what’s happening on the screen.

What I liked about the Soprano’s finale was that it changed the experience because when Chase cut to black, suddenly that feeling of “the show’s over” was replaced by “is my cable out?” – he kind of changed the conversation about it.

For us, we tried to write the last two and a half hours of the show so that those two feelings would feel like they were the same thing. So, you’re feeling of saying goodbye to the show – of the show not being around anymore – was actually literally perfectly paralleling what we were showing you on the screen.

If you had an experience anything like that, then it was mission accomplished.

If you didn’t, we blew it and I apologize.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Hey Now

    “Geek Time” is part of Howard Stern’s channels on Sirius. It’s hosted by John Hine (creator of the phrase “Jump the Shark”) and Ralph Sorella (Howard’s stylist and professional geek).

    • Riley

      Look I know it’s been said over and over but I’ll say it too. I HALF liked the finale.

      Lost was always about two things: the mystery and the characters.

      The finale – the whole final season – was about one thing: the characters.

      Heck they introduced even more mysteries to never solve.

      Saying that Lost is “about the characters really” is a cop out. And swearing that the island isn’t purgatory for five years but introducing purgatory as a season long element in the final year is a cop out. And all the pretensions and talking about everyone who cried watching it is a cop out.

      There was a way to do this right. But it’s pretty clear that Damon and Carlton realized they couldn’t do it. So at the last second, they changed the standards for what to expect.

      But just because you stick your shoes in the oven doesn’t make them biscuits.

      If you think I’m being hard, let me ask you one question: if you knew six years ago that THIS was the answer you were getting, would you have stuck around for the entire run? I love Hurley and Sawyer and Ben and that crazy bastard Lapidus. But I wouldn’t have. And most of you wouldn’t have either.

      • Mack

        I agree with many of your points. I would go so far as to say that I three quarters liked it. The whole “all about characters’ thing sounds a lot like damage control.

        • icy_one

          It can’t be damage control, because its what Lindelof has been saying all along:

          “This show is about people who are metaphorically lost in their lives, who get on an airplane, and crash on an island, and become physically lost on the planet Earth. And once they are able to metaphorically find themselves in their lives again, they will be able to physically find themselves in the world again. When you look at the entire show, that’s what it will look like. That’s what it’s always been about.” – Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, IGN interview, January 16, 2007

          It’s not his fault that you didn’t believe him.


            HEY “BUDDY”

          • Ed Holden

            I think everyone has misunderstood the strengths of LOST, including Damon and Carlton. They’re absolutely right that the characters are vital: people like to watch people. If this show had been about the Island with a disembodied documentary voice and no characters, or if it had had uninteresting characters, it wouldn’t have been compelling.

            On the other hand, if these same characters had been sitting around a laundromat for six years we wouldn’t have watched it either. The mythology was more important than Damon and Carlton like to admit.

      • Henry Holland

        If you think I’m being hard, let me ask you one question: if you knew six years ago that THIS was the answer you were getting, would you have stuck around for the entire run?

        Count me out, I’d not have stuck around. There were two points where I was about to jump ship (from a 100 feet like James, not Jack’s wimpy jump from the Elizabeth) and two things happened that reeled me right back in:

        1. Boone dropping the flashlight on the Swan Hatch door (Ah ha! So there was someone/something there before them! What is it?)
        2. The glorious, incredible blast door map (All that information! Polar bears being given gene therapy to see if they could live in hot climates!)

        Note that either of those things had nothing to with Jack’s daddy issues or Skate v. Jate or Faith v. Science.

        I loved the ending, it was pure cheese but I went with it because I wanted a happy ending for some of the characters (and a violent never-ending hell for some of them!) and I loved how they wrapped up the Ben and John –by far the best couple on the show– story and hinted at awesome Island stuff with Hugo and Ben, but I spent the last half of season 6 totally disengaged. I used to watch an espisode 3 or 4 times, I was watching them once. It now feels as if I was a sucker for thinking that science would get a fair shake as Faith is easier to do because it doesn’t rely on silly likes “facts” or “evidence” or any of that, it can be bent any which way. My final tally: great show for the first 4 seasons, meh after that.

        • Uncle Beaver

          I kinda agree with your comment about feeling “disengaged”. This season didn’t seem as exciting to me as past seasons have (favorite season: Two… second favorite: Five) and like you, I would re-watch most episodes multiple times. But, by the end of this season, I wasn’t. At first, I thought I liked what the sideways world turned out to be, but after thinking about the finale for a couple days, I realized that this would have been a good premise for a COUPLE of episodes, and that maybe the bulk of the “Flashes” in Season Six would have been better served giving us ANSWERS to our favorite questions. Having said that, I still love the show and the ending.

      • Erin

        Huh? The Finale being about the characters is a cop-out? How so? We’ve only seen flash-backs, flash-forwards, and flash-sideways, ALL of these elements providing insights into their lives and illuminating on why they do the things they do, and why they were even on the flight.

        It started with Jack leading our Losties, Locke losing his faith in Season 2, and I could give more and more examples. The characters of this show changed and evolved throughout the seasons and most redeemed themselves for their past mistakes and were able to move on accordingly.

        This show is open to interpretation and what you believe, whether it was about them, or not about them. It being a cop-out is opinion, your opinion, and not fact.

        I’ll always respect the creators, because you know what? THEY created a story. THEY used their ideas and this was ultimately THEIR story, and they’re catching all kinds of flack because people don’t agree with how it ended. This wasn’t our story to tell or control and they’ve had to put up with a lot of spite and hate because fans didn’t agree. I respect the creators for putting up with that, and I don’t blame them for going into radio silence either. If I had put my heart and soul into something just to have a bunch of people throw it back in my face, I wouldn’t want to deal with you people either.

        Sorry that you didn’t like the ending, but ultimately, that’s your problem and not theirs.

        • Henry Holland

          THEY used their ideas and this was ultimately THEIR story, and they’re catching all kinds of flack because people don’t agree with how it ended

          Yes, that’s absolutely true BUT….they sure didn’t hesitate to kill off hapless Nikki and Paulo because of fan outcry. I never had a problem with them, they were part of something I’d been complaining about since season 1: how the Losties never interacted with the background characters who would walk back and forth carrying sticks.

          They tried it with Scott and Steve and then screwed it up when they used the wrong actor for “Scott” getting killed. They should have had P & N hanging out in the background for 3 or 4 eppies, THEN introduce them.

          The point being, they were willing to say “Mea culpa, we screwed up!” with two minor characters, but their tone over the last month has been really snotty, almost like “If you don’t like our ending or the way we told season 6, tough shit!”. Um, ok.

        • Mack

          I agree with you with only a couple of exception. Lost is hardly an original idea. The various literary references are a sign of that. Anyone who has ever read Stephen King can attest to home much they borrowed from other creators.

          Also, when the creators of Lost made their show public they opened themselves and the show to criticism. Criticism is as much a part of watching the show as speculation.

        • Latocrates

          “This wasn’t our story to tell or control and they’ve had to put up with a lot of spite and hate because fans didn’t agree.”

          That’s just silly, and not based on reality.

        • Maria

          Erin, I couldn’t have put it better. Thank you for wording it for me, and many other’s. I loved the ending, and if I am a person of faith, so be it. I certainly don’t apologize.
          Thanks to the writer’s. They did a splendid piece of work.
          If they had decided to end it on a sci- fi note, I would have been disappointed, but not angry.




          • Dr Violence

            Learn how to spell you prick!,go back to school.

          • Um

            your “caps lock” is on

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        I think you’re half right in your assessment of what the show was about. Not half mystery and half characters. It was about the mystery around the characters. Darlton said this season after season. I’m not sure why people are surprised at this point. They said it in almost every interview for the last 5+ yrs…’its about the characters.’

        • Like others have said, it wasn’t just characters; characters exist in a context, and the context of LOST was the island. I’m ok with everybody going to Purgatory, etc., but not at the expense of everything else being ignored.

          And I didn’t want answers so much as RESOLUTION. I didn’t have any notions of how the show should end; I never indulged in the game of trying to figure it out but just went along for the ride because the mysteries were emphasized so much (more than the various flashes) that they implied there would be some wrap up. It was clear they could never explain everything, but resolution of Smoke Monster/the island’s purpose/ etc would have been appreciated. Instead, they pushed it aside for a smarmy ending. I felt cheated, and that is much worse than merely disliking the ending.

          • jessea

            it’s true…and now, because i don’t want to throw away all the things i loved and obsessed over for the past 6 years, i find myself sort of making excuses/explanations for The End in order to be able to live with it.

  • RevNickie

    I wish Damon Lindelof reads this blog, because that’s pretty much exactly how I felt, and I didn’t have words for it before now. I was super bummed out for about 2 days after the finale. Not because of the plot of the ending, or even that it was over exactly, but that it kind of felt like some sort of death. Not like “the characters were my friends and now they’re dead” sort of thing, but like a feeling I had from the show, like a feeling you would get from being around a person who would never be there again. Of course, you can rewatch the show, but it was that 6-year experience that was what the feeling actually was. Pretty amazing, actually.

    • jessea

      i am right there with you. i felt really, truly, surprisingly depressed for three days after the Finale…for exactly the reasons you’ve described here. so good to know i’m not the only one.
      i’m rewatching the show on dvd with friends, but really…it’s not quite the same, is it?

  • Mack

    I wasn’t disappointed at the lack of answers but the lack of originality. The ending was fairly derivative of a lot of stories and overly sentimental. It was to Sixths Sense meets Titanic for my tastes. Everything up to the very end of the episode was great.

  • Casey

    Well, I can only speak for myself, but Mission Accomplished.

    • Mack

      Nothing good ever comes from saying Mission Accomplished. I kid, I kid.

  • Sean

    I feel the exact same way as Riley does. I’m totally 50/50 over the whole thing.
    I loved the charatcers ending but the myth was just kinda pushed aside. And why show us 2 skeletons by the cork of light and introduce another mystery? Was it to emphasise the fact that they were never gunna explain them?

    Also, I remember 2 years ago arguing that a film called ‘Passengers’ starring Anne Hathaway was not what was going on in Lost to a work friend. And, without spoiling the movie, if anyone has seen it they will know how annoyed i was that i defended lost now. There was a definite unoriginality there.

    • Henry Holland

      I just read the synopsis of Passengers on IMBD and I can see why you’re annoyed. 🙂

    • Mack

      Holy Smoke-monster, I just read a synopsis of Passengers and I can see where you are coming from.

      • Sean

        Yeah i was really sure about it too because all that crap we were told for years from the writer that “its not purgatory”. now dont get me wrong, they were talking about the island timeline but still, to then turn around and use that idea anyway?

        It gave all those idiots who never really watched the show a chance to say “oh see they WERE all dead. told ya so”. GRRRRR

    • Disillusioned lostaway

      Here’s the worst part the new mystery of the skeletons in the cork room. When the lcork was in place and the light was on, any body in that room was jettisoned out ( see MIB and Jack). So how could there be any skeletons down there? Too many inconsistencies in the late going of the show like that one have me doubting the creators more now that it’s all over.

  • dani2066

    I can say mission accomplished too but I still feel like the past seasons were a waste of my time now. I regret ever starting to read Lost websites where everyone started reading into everything the show did. I may have accepted the ending better if I had been just a normal viewer.

  • Eric

    The show actually answered many more questions then most of you are giving it credit for

  • Amanda

    For me it was totally mission accomplished. While watching the show two things were going on, experiencing the episode itself and trying to let go of LOST. Now I really enjoyed the episode but letting go is still a work in progress.

  • RandallA

    I thought the ending was perfect.

    • Melissa

      I totally agree; I enjoyed it tremendously. AND—I’m letting go; and starting to move on…..slowly.

  • Madge

    I loved The End! All of it. I think they did a great job of wrapping up the story and the sideways world was a sweet epilogue to it.

    • Latocrates

      But they didn’t remotely wrap up the story.

      • Ioannes

        It depends on how you’ve interpreted the ending. I for one feel that the Team gave us exactly what we need to work out a plausible explanation for every single mystery by ourselves (which is what most of us have *enjoyed* spending the last five years doing, remember?!) whilst wrapping up the emotional narrative they were telling very neatly.

        • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

          The story was definitely wrapped up. We got to see most of these characters from the time they were children all the way to their deaths. I’d say things were as wrapped up as they could be for a television show. I’ve been a huge fan of both the characters and the mysteries since the Pilot and I really loved the finale. Even if the writers took the easy way out like so many are claiming, I would argue that it was the best way to end such a big story.

  • The Black Rock

    “If you had an experience anything like that, then it was mission accomplished.”
    25% of LOST fans cheer, then wonder why he’d use an infamous GW Bush phrase.

    “If you didn’t, we blew it and I apologize.”
    75% of LOST fans say “thanks for apologizing for the cliche cop-out.”

    • Ben (Benmanben)

      It was not a cliche cop-out.

      Do you actually think they couldn’t have explained everything? They could have. They could’ve ruined the whole show by making it into some cheap science experiment story. They could have gone into great detail, making up something about smoke monster being thousands of nano-bots used for evil, and explained why every single thing ever happened, and told you every insignificant story line that nobody actually cared about. That show is so easy to write, and many people have written it.

      Instead they stuck to it as an emotional and thought provoking character show, with a deep and mysterious mythology. They created a mythological and emotional epic, with a heart.

      They made many hardcore fans come close to tears, and made an incredible show.

      I am sure you can come up with your own explanations for things. The show wouldn’t make any sense if someone popped out at the end and explained every little detail.

      The show worked out best the way it did end.

      It was a great show.

      -Ben (Benmanben)

      • Richard

        Well said, Ben! Many/most of the heavy msyteries WERE actually explained…. enough to make the story, and the characters, work! Tying up every lose end and storyline would have been pointless and a waste of time. On the whole, the show worked!

      • Mack

        Again, not everything who has problems with the finale are upset because of a lack of answers.

      • me

        The finale: emotional, thought provoking (?!!?) and character driven? I think not.

        Not everyone wanted more answers (I for one could have done with fewer than we got in some respects [eg the whispers would have done better to retain their mystery]

        My problem with the ending of Lost was it’s sappy, triteness, it’s reduction of my feelings about the show, the situations and indeed any of the chatacers to nothingness, and, the worst thing of all: that it didn’t make me ponder or think [about it or anything else in general] whatsoever.

        • thecandidate

          All the time we spent dissecting each episode didn’t matter much in the end and we aren’t supposed to be upset about it cause you shed a tear during The End? Give me a break. They didn’t answer nearly as many questions as they should have and they had too many holes and inconsistencies in the story. One is how did MIB get onto the Freighter to speak to Michael? How was he able to visit Jack in the Hospital? These are major plot points that are simply incorrect and illogical. Plus how did a dead Charlie visit Hurley in the Real World and know he was dead already. Meanwhile in Purgatory he had no idea he was dead. Doesn’t make any sense!!!

      • Melissa


  • Kevin

    Dear Damon,

    Yes you blew it, but I accept your apology.



  • Richard

    I think everyone needs to put things into perspective. If you look at the last season, the writers DID answer a lot of big questions (i.e. who is Jacob/MiB and their backstory, Richard’s backstory, the reason all of the candidates were brought to the island, etc.), albeit not EVERYTHING. For them to answer ALL the questions that everyone seems to have (and if you’ve been reading a lot of the blogs, there are a LOT of questions that everyone wants still answered), then it would have taken another 6 seasons to answer every question. But how lame would this show have been – and totally out of character – if they spoon-fed us every single answer to all the show’s mysteries??? If, after a few days of contemplating the finale, you still have to whine over some unfulfilled expectations from the show, then I don’t believe that you ever really “got” the show in the first place.

    I think the writers accomplished EXACTLY what they wanted to in finale and the final season: spark more thought, discussion and debate over the “what, whys and hows” of the show. I honestly think they are smiling right now reading all that everyone is griping about… this is exactly the intended effect.

    • The Black Rock

      I call BS on that. They had THREE freakin seasons to craft an excellent ending! Other scifi series have done better with less, the Stargate finales come to mind. You’re just one in hundreds making excuses for them. We did not come back year after year for love and relationship stories, that stuff is available on Lifetime and other network dramas.

      LOST was unique for its scifi-based mysteries and C&L totally sold us out for hugs and kisses and what was basically a cast wrap party in that cliche church scene. And commenters like you don’t help the cause by apologizing for them and rationalizing their ending. It was a full betrayal of our interests, of what made the show a success, and I will forever revile them for that. I sincerely hope they fade away like The X-Files’ Chris Carter after his shameful finale and failed films.

      And to be clear, I and those like me, didn’t want every mystery answered and the such. We just wanted the series to be true to what made it great in the first place. Instead, they morphed it into a saccharin, emotionally manipulative love story ala Titantic and that’s where alot of our intense disappointment comes from. Understand now ?!

      • BIG Fan

        I totally agree Blck Rock. I would have been fine with a little mystery but why not at least have one of the flashs “their realty” instead of their death in the church!

    • I also call BS on that. They didn’t tell us who Jacob and the Man in Black were. They gave some backstory, sure, but it was vague and fairly meaningless. Vagueness is not mystery nor is it explanation. David Lynch movies are almost incomprehensible but they wrap up their mysteries satisfactorily.

      And this my last LOST post. It’s wasted the last minutes of my life it is ever going to waste.

  • jimmyzer00

    Bababooey, ya’ll

  • amy

    I think the show’s attitude has always been to create more questions than answers Some questions they have given us answers for
    (and I was usually disappointed when they did) and many they probably never intended to answer. Not because they couldn’t but because they want us to think for ourselves. I for one was bummed initially after the finale, I have sulked and whined, processed and contemplated it for days now and have finally started to enjoy the process all over again of figuring it all out. Sure they could have given us more, they could have spelled things out about why this and why that. But that would have taken most of the fun out of it for fans like myself, that enjoy the dialogue over dinner about what the hatch door was really for, what the bomb really did, why women died in childbirth. All of those things bug me, but that is what keeps me thinking about the show and wanting to rewatch the whole thing over again. The writers were creating a legacy, and they could not have pleased everyone even if they had tried. They gave us a complete (three worlds worth) story about these characters and introduced us to a very interesting world (the island) of which they never intended to give us the whole story on. We got to see a small part of the islands history. Above all that they gave us six years worth of interesting and compelling story. I do not regret any time spent on this show…and plan to spend a bit more. I signed up for thought provoking television, not the same ole drama or action. I am pleased with what we got, even if it will take me some more time to really love the ending, I am over being disappointed.

  • Beena

    I think the show really did give us quite a few answers along the way. We learned who the smoke monster was, and how he came to be. The polar bears were on the island because Dharma brought them there. Since Ethan was born on the island, it creates a timeline that tells us the incident was likely responsible for infertility on the island. Since Smokey could assume the form of just about anyone who died, that explains a lot. Which isn’t to say the appearance of every dead person was Smokey. The whispers were the souls of those trapped who had died on the island. The statue was no doubt built by some of the many people who came to the island over the years. Jacob, because he was a guardian of the light, had some special abilities. Richard didn’t age because Jacob granted him that. Blah blah blah blah blah….

    Maybe the writers should print up pamphlets with all the answers in them to hand out for people who couldn’t enjoy this show without them. But my guess is that “some people are just never satisfied”, and they’d still be complaining with all the answers spelled out in writing.

    As far as television goes, I think LOST has been second to none…adventure, mystery, philosophy, friendship, romance, and a first class cast of very diverse people that made for wonderful characters.

    • thecandidate

      It’s not fair to critize those of us who are upset the way Darlton ended the show because they didn’t give us answers when you know nothing yourself. So since you know everything please answer some questions for all of us…What exactly is the Smoke Monster? Yes we know MIB became it when he went into the light but what is it and how can it take the form of Smoke and a human? Why did Egyptians know Smokie before MIB came about? Plus it needs a dead body to take it’s human form but explain how when it was Locke we CLEARLY saw Locke’s dead body but never see Christian’s body. Also how did it take the form of Ben’s daughter if she was buried? Oh you know for a fact the Incident prevented babies from being born huh. What makes you so sure? Why did the Egyptians build that huge statue on the Island? I want concrete answers and no I think or we can safely assume. Thank you.

  • Uncle Beaver

    There’s a lot of stuff I’m not satisfied with, but y’know… I think LOST is a lot like The USA, in the sense that we criticize it BECAUSE we love it. Still the best show (especially because of all our internet musings) EVER.

  • Hurley’s huge number 2

    I didn’t like The End the first time I saw save for the very last images of Jack and Vincent. And I have to agree, every other season since streaming has been available I have watched each episode 3 or 4 times, but not this season. But (and stick with me here) if there had been boards when The Prisoner aired its final episode, we may not even be talking about it today. Yes we found out who #1 was (if you hadn’t already) but it completely, COMPLETELY, changed the game on that whole series and what it did was exactly what The End did for Lost; it gave a brand new perspective on every single thing we had seen before and why we had seen it. And so I watched it again. Is it saccharine? Yes. Is it contrived? Sure (I’d like to see any other group of writers pull a story this crazy to a close). BUT in this final episode, we see why things happened the way they did. The island wasn’t purgatory. As Christian says, it’s where you remember (why we needed flashbacks) and let go. Ultimately this is Jack’s story, however much we love the other characters. He was given a truly great arc from a literary point of view and if we don’t know why pallets dropped, or who built what, or why babies aren’t born, in the end it doesn’t matter. It was that because of these group of people and their actions, they move on; together. There was no cop out here, it just takes a much larger scope than most of us hard core lost fans are willing to give it. We look everywhere for easter eggs and hidden meanings and when the writers took a direct route, we weren’t sure what to do with it. And for the record it took 4 viewings for me to like this episode

  • Pookiebrutha

    I’m going to watch the end again tonight. I’ve given it a week.

    Regardless of how it ended no TV show in history has had the impact that Lost has- and it was a Network TV show.

    The thing that people forget about Television is that first and foremost it’s a business whose purpose is to create a captive audience that can be advertised to.

    It is completely different than a movie or pay cable. The ads pay for the show. . .

    I am willing to cut the creators some slack because it’s one of the few shows on TV that went beyond entertainment.
    It made me think
    it created a huge community who dialogued outside of the show about the things that are the most thought provoking in life- Philosophy, Spirituality, mythology – the list goes on.

    and on top of that our discussions influenced the show! There were so many times this season when I felt that the writers were giving a little “nod” or wink to the fans. What TV show has ever done that?

    The key to all of this for me were the mysteries on the show and the compulsion I felt along with many others to figure them out.

    I’m glad they didn’t give all the answers – the ones we got were much less interesting than the theories we’ve all studied or came up with ourselves over the years.

    In the end we all had a shared experience – All on a network tv show that most of us in the country could have watched for free with an antenna . . .

  • milo

    Loved the finale, hate that they blew it over the years by introducing a bunch of mysteries and implied that those things were all significant, then left them unanswered. It gives the impression that they didn’t know what they were doing and were just making things up. Hell, a number of these things they even came out and said were really important and would be answered. Great last episode, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like a sap for caring about the mythology and defending the show from those who insisted they were just making it up as they went along – those people were right.

  • Buzzkiller

    Mission accomplished. Great finale – those 2 ‘finale feelings’ certainly came together

  • Mack

    Its Titanic People !!!!!

  • Silas

    Mission accomplished. There’s more to the show than answers to every possible question, and no other show is held to such scrutiny. The End either resonated with you or it didn’t.

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