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Daniel Dae Kim – Our resident Lost Burger King!!

By triangulatedsignal,

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daniel Good news for all you burger fans out there! Now you can have a taste of a Lost style burger. is reporting that Daniel Dae Kim has teamed up  with Hawaiian restaurateur DK Kodama to open ‘The Counter’. Situated in Kahala Mall, East Honolulu,  this place has a build your own burger theme and offers over 312,12 possible combinations!

Daniel Dae kim said “Part of what makes The Counter so unique is the wide variety of choices diners will have every time they come in. It’s comfort food with a twist – a great burger made exactly how you want it.”

So hurry down and support Daniel, and with co-stars such as Josh Holloway having already made an appearance, you never know who you might end up dining with!

From TVFrenzy:

  • clueless1der

    Bravo! I would so go there. I guess that is sort of the point, eh?

    • triangulatedsignal

      id go too i want one of those burgers now haha!!

      • lets fly to hawaii! lol we can all get burgers and try and sneak on the set. it’ll be a blast! ;>

        • triangulatedsignal

          if only i had the money, i think i could just about afford the burger haha!!

          • Lost Mom of Four

            That would be great!
            (and I was wondering how small the inside square could get!!!

  • aaaaaaaaaugh hawaiians are sooo lucky!

  • pacemaker

    Daniel seems like he’s probably really cool. I realize this next comment will be LOADED with innuendo, but none is meant: I would totally eat one of DDK’s burgers.

  • Beena

    I know that Jorge Garcia (Hurly) has already been there, because he posted it on his blog (I think last week). Wish we had one of these burger joints here in Florida!

    • clueless1der

      I know!!! It could be right by the ABC commissary at Dizzy world. 😀

      • Beena

        Hey, if they were going to put one of these burger joints by Disney, why stop there? Why not add a LOST attraction to one of the parks! Maybe a time machine ride, where you turn the donkey wheel and see flashes and get chased by the black smoke monster!

  • rob

    in & out burger ftw!

  • “312,12 possible combinations” Is it a clue? 😛
    Maybe it should be 316,815 combinations ?!

    • meems

      Yeah, I noticed the weird comma. So it MUST be a clue!

  • Dave Thompson

    “The Counter” should have a Dharma-like logo