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Darlton is Influential

By professorstotch,

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Today, Time released it’s annual list of the 100 most influential people. They break the list down by Leaders, Heroes, Artists, and thinkers. There’s no particular ranking system anymore, the list is just compiled and broken down by the four categories. To Lost fans, it may come as no surprise that Lost heads Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof both occupy a spot on the list.

Outsiders who aren’t familiar with the show may feel like the two don’t belong on the list, but I couldn’t agree more. The two certainly belong on the list. They’ve been influencing us for the past six years in more ways than we can possibly list here. They’ve helped revolutionize story-telling and character development. Lost has arguably been one of the best shows on TV for the past six years, and it’s hardcore fan base proves this. What other show out there has fans scouring the Internet for any small spoiler snippet or filming report, just to get the smallest shred of an answer to the show’s big mysteries?

You can read the Time entry on their website. Any other names on the list that strike you as being good or bad choices?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Rosie

    I cannot take this seriously. I just can’t.

    • Cody

      What does that mean?

  • Vinternet

    Obviously everyone on this site is a Lost fan, but I have to say, what makes them influential isn’t “lots of people like Lost!” What makes them influential is that they’ve approached their major network primetime show with a creative, pioneering attitude, taking creative risks, maintaining artistic integrity, fighting for their show, and maintaining a great, honest relationship with their fanbase. They’ve managed to maintain good ratings while staying true to their vision, and they made the bold move to announce an end date and follow through on the decision.

    You will, of course, take note that in the past six years there’s been somewhat of a boom in sci-fi shows taking advantage of the primetime TV climate generated in large part thanks to Lost’s success. Their first season stayed light on the sci-fi to prove themselves to their network and their audience, but it proved that a sci-fi show done right can go mainstream and be a success, which has had a huge impact on TV recently (and this is a yearly list). Lastly, there’s a generation of young storytellers who have had Lost as a major influence, either because they’re one of the super-fans that you mentioned in your post, or because of its ubiquitous characteristics that it will be remembered for (flashbacks, mysteries, easter eggs, tales of redemption, etc).

    • JDR

      Very well said.

      Damon Lindelof is also influential with his ties to the new Star Trek films. He has proven so far to have a “Midas touch”.

      Hopefully he can sustain it.

  • RodimusBen

    Damon and Carlton are the Gene Roddenberrys of our times, no question about it. Bold vision, creativity and the gutsiness to buck the trends of network television.

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