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All Eyes on DWY

By docarzt,

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All eyes on Hans and the boys have been busy beefing up security at our old watering hole.  Could this mean that a new test is right around the corner?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • going nowhere


  • Koobie

    Well maybe if… no

  • Dolce

    “A new test” would imply there was an “old” test. Unless I missed something (which would suck) there have only been a few clues. Stop confusing. The do or die casts at The Lost ARGS is not helping either.

  • brewski

    noones confusing anyone dolce, unless your just confused yourself over this whole arg business, i know i am :P. There was a test, it was the one you took when you first registered on , the eligibility one.
    Albeit that was not the first volunteer assessment.

  • Dolce

    Brewski, that makes sense. My bad. I was thinking of the first test as registration. I work a long day. This is my first ARG and I don’t want to get left behind.Lost is my crack, and I needa fix!


    is anybody else having this problem on DWY.COM? it lets me sign in, but when i click my profile and upload a picture to my profile, then click save. it tells me i’m not logged in,but it clearly says LOG OUT in the upper left corner of screen. which should mean that i’m logged in. is it just doing this because they are “fixing” the website? NAMASTE

  • TrillianM

    I had that same problem exactly. It eventually worked for me when I went into my profile and then hit the back button and then went in again. Might have just been the sheer number of times I tried it though. Good luck!

  • TrillianM

    Oh I should add I doubt that it’s just because of the “security upgrade” I had the problem the day after the test on the site first went up.

  • mbzvnxc

    There are lots of side effects but they are all worth it. ,