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Dharma Wants You – Test One Pics

By docarzt,

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Here are the images from the first test. The first ten questions showed an image and asked you to click the word which best related what you thought. The last seven questions asked an interesting question in which you had to respond with one of the four given choices. You can click the pics below for full size images.

From TVFrenzy:

  • dharmalchemist

    Didn’t some of those questions seem a little too serial killer ish?

  • theMachine

    I thouhgt they all were well concieved, and the pics all reminded me of wreckage, survival, and other crap…craziness

  • Emily

    Has anyone failed the tests? I feel like I answered truthfully but gave the lame-o answers… I passed…

  • BucK

    I dont see the photos.

  • BucK

    I dont see the photos.