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Stalls, Crashes, Cheating — All For Free!

By docarzt,

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Another test starts, another cheat is embedded, and another server crashes.  The leaderboard is a study in multi-level-marketing, and there is no narrative.  The games don’t even evoke the ‘flavor’ of LOST.  On the other hand, it’s free.

I’m still giving the game a chance, even though I can’t play it at the moment because the site is down, but come on guys… the counter argument to those who are legitimately, and with good reason, frustrated by the game – that it is ‘free’ so we shouldn’t complain – is inane, and I’m getting a bit tired of hearing it.

Personally, I find the rationale that we shouldn’t complain because the game is free to be a bit sycophantic.  It’s tantamount to saying “Hey Hoodlum/ABC, watch me school these fools for you.  I’m your friend.  Send me game spoilers.  Please.”  Not to say if you honestly feel that way there is anything wrong with it, but as suspicious as I am — I question motives.  It is, though, a flower-child like haze of acceptance and tolerance that Dharma’s true hippy roots would be proud of.  There’s nothing wrong with sucking, man, at least it’s freeeeeeee. [Insert bong gurgeling sound here.]

Since when does the cost of something make it immune to sucking?   If I rent a movie for a dollar, can it only suck a twentieth as much as one I bought for twenty?  The logic doesn’t work for me. 

On that, how about another rant.  Yeah, the game blows… and here is why…

First, is the obvious.  There was no preparation for the volume of traffic, which is really kind of inexcusable since this is the third go-round.

Second, is the tone of the game.  The pastel blue ‘alternate’ reality Dharma’s soft tones are no match for what could have been a Room 23-esque parade of surreal and bizarre thought experiments.   Instead, the tests are softball brain-teasers that seem to be injecting a moral dilemma, do you cheat or not?

Third, there is no story.  Maybe there is one, and I’ll tip my hat on a bit of a spoiler here… I’ve been told by someone who has had a role in both of the previous ARG’s that the real action won’t start for months… that is – as it says, in so many words – merely a massive recruitment effort – not for the Dharma initiative, but for the game to come.  Other sources say: no, this is it.

The ‘in name only’ Dharma 2.0 lacks a specific LOST flavored motivator.  Sure, there may be one six tests from now, but by then will anybody care?  In the meantime, to be passive enablers of crappy planning by continuing to rationalize it is a bit… tacky.  Just because something is free doesn’t mean it can’t suck.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Anonymous

    Damn straight. That’s 100% on target.

  • maven

    Right on, Doc! I thought I’d never say this: I just don’t care anymore!

  • KeepingAwake

    Originally I thought everyone might be overreacting to the new ARG’s lack of excitement.

    But I’ve come to agree that it is sorely lacking. It lacks a theme, any connection to LOST, adequate server capacity, excitement, intrigue, etc.

    The best thing that ABC could do would be to cut ties with it. It’s a terrible representation of the LOST brand.

  • yup. boooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred now. do something please!!

  • If it sucks, then why are you still playing it. Move along!

  • quit whining!

    You americans are all the same. you want whatever you want, and you want it right now. thats why every country hates you guys, you have no patience. it IS free. quit your bitching. I want this game to start as much as anyone else here, but you guys complaining and whining about it, isnt going to make the game come faster at all! maybe if you guys go get a life and do something else besides sit on all day, you wouldnt be as bitchy as you are waiting for it. hell, football season is just starting, go watch football!

  • Jack Shepard

    Dave, my point exactly!

  • What’s the cheat? You mentioned there was one, but never said what it was

  • It’s free

    I agree with quit whining and Dave.

    If it really is causing you this much distress, don’t play it. No one is forcing you.

    Oh yeah, it’s free too.

  • Xeno

    It’s free? I could punch you in the face for free, but that wont make it enjoyable.

    We want a storyline! Even a lame story like the Lost book that came out a while ago will suffice.

  • ItsFree

    Oh, and as a side note, I usually enjoy your journalistic verve Doc, but this;

    “Personally, I find the rationale that we shouldn’t complain because the game is free to be a bit sycophantic. It’s tantamount to saying “Hey Hoodlum/ABC, watch me school these fools for you. I’m your friend. Send me game spoilers. Please.”

    Is one of the more ludicrous things I’ve ever read. Were you drunk when you composed this rant?

    And shame on you for the sanctimonious labelling of the ARG defenders as ”passive”. Just because a great number of us simply couldn’t care less about an internet game and can’t see the point in adopting an impatient, prima-donna pedantry, doesn’t mean we believe the game isn’t worthy of improvement. You’re assuming we are all fervent polemicists, when the truth is the game is simply a little distraction.

  • DocArzt

    ItsFree: I wasn’t being pedantic at all. I openly accept that if you enjoy it, all the more power to you. It’s a bit too peace and love for me, as is obvious I am the hot around the collar type… if anything, the purpose here is to confront the idea that nobody can complain about the game and the intolerance to that attitude. But really, it’s neither here nor there. I appreciate your kind comment and rest assured, I’ll soon be switching channels back to the LOST-Loving non judgmental style. 😉

  • invisible hand of doctor phil

    This game is a little distraction? I think not! Or at least it shouldn’t be. Entertainment is about money making. Lost makes money for ABC by attracting viewers that advertisers want to reach. Advertisers pay big money to show their wares to the Lost audience. We pay for our lost experience by watching and buying the wares that are advertised. This is all about money. The lost ARG should be about keeping the audience sucked into the world of lost so that we will continue to watch in spite of a long hiatus so that ABC can continue to sell advertising. The simple fact is that although we don’t pay money to the game to play it, money still goes around because of what it represents and with that in mind it is unbelievable that they haven’t put more effort into it. Whether or not you pay to play the game, the game should be better. Not because we are paying for it, but because it has brand power and in the long run…people playing it means money for those that are a part of the business that created it. We don’t pay for the show itself either and yet we expect that to be top calibre, why should the game be any different? Have any of you “anti-whiners” ever thought about the reason why there is a game in the first place? I assure you its not because the powers that be want to say thank you to us – and even if it that was the reason, this is a pretty shoddy thank you.

  • str

    Grow up and quit whining. They don’t even have to give us anything till january, the fact that they are giving us an ARG is a bonus and a privilege not your god given right. I want the arg to gain momentum as much as the next guy but I don’t go around throwing a temper tantrum everytime an update is late or does not live up to the expectations.

    @Xeno: that analogy does not make any sense. A better analogy would be if your favourite restaurant created a new dish and is giving it out for free, you don’t like this new dish but you are eating it everyday for free even though no one is forcing you to and yet on top of that you have the audacity to complain about it.

  • Faith

    quit whining! Don’t drag EVERY American into this. You ignorant, dolt. I AM American and I’ve hardly said a thing about this game. Yeah, its slow as heck, the server isn’t that good with the high traffic but I’m just going to use the brain I was blessed with and just follow the game and see where it leads. We do not know what has been totally planned out. We might know but the people who are making this up may scrap the whole idea and change it. Its boring but HELLO it may build up to something bigger and better.

    All the people complaining, Look at it this way… THEY COULD HAVE DONE NOTHING AND MADE US WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON WITH NOTHING TO DO! Wow, for a bunch of people over about the age of 20 you all seem a little ungrateful! I rather have something then nothing. You can flame me, trash talk me, I don’t really care but I feel like I’m on some kiddie site with kids complaining they got left out of something and going “Wahh, that’s not fair!”

  • DocArzt

    Faith: Who is dragging Americans into this? That remark is so strange I can’t figure out how to respond. The only one to mention Americans is one of the commentators. You seem to be confusing some of the comments with the article.

    I have to say, some of you are taking the point way out of context. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the game so far. It’s clunky, it’s slow, it’s not very ‘Lost’ outside of using the name of one of the organizations; but hopefully that will change. That’s not really the point. The point is that there are a lot of people defending the game with really flimsy points of view. Arguments that “it is free” or “they could have done nothing” are evasive logical fallacies. Neither addresses the issue. If you are going to challenge the assertion that the game has serious issues and is not very Lost-like, you have to bring a position that proves none of my points are valid. That, for those who question the maturity of the opinion, is how adults argue.

    I prefer to think of this in terms of impact on brand. Don’t think I’m mindlessly attacking LOST. I want the game to take off and be awesome. The trajectory now is not that great, and all the gaming of the game from the community is a bit disheartening. Which goes back to Peter Parker’s point…

    Peter Parker: That is an awesome example of community. But, creating a giant cheat sheet so everyone can get a perfect score? That’s not even in the spirit of gaming. If I sit down and play a game with you, I’m not going to lay out the winning strategy. As I stated – and as a lot of other people have pointed out – the ‘cheat’ methods may be a double edged sword. It could be that there is a measurement for cheating and that they are inviting it, which would be an awesome addition to the game. If Hoodlum has built in a way to measure and eventually publicize the amount players ‘cheated’ it would be a major stroke of genius… I’m all but convinced it is there. Either way, while I salute the effort going into it I despise the laziness that it represents.

  • joe_blow


    you really have no right to complain. its a free service they’re offering. if you dont want it, dont use it.

    there’s nothing hippie about it. you have done nothing for them, they have done nothing for you. you’re even. there. now go get a real job. you’re DEMANDING they do something for you while REFUSING to do anything for them. if anything YOU sound like the hippie here.

  • preztige

    Doesnt Obama’s running Vice P mate (Biden) look alot like Christian Shepard.

  • DocArzt

    Preztige: LOL

  • DocArzt

    joe_blow: See my previous paragraph. There is no reason that the game shouldn’t be scrutinized any more or less than an episode. When there are character events or story twists we don’t like, we discuss them. You sound a lot like an apologist. The entire ‘get over it’ response carries as much weight as a helium balloon.

    Look, there was huge, expensive, elaborate build-up for the game. It literally permeated the panel at comic-con. Again, I’m an optimist. I’m amongst those who are holding out. The hippie comment obviously was missed by some of you, what I meant was I’m not going to be a ditto-head. You either agree or disagree with the points, but being dismissive doesn’t make you a winner, it just makes you an apologist. If you don’t agree with my criticisms, that’s fine. The idea of “it’s free so don’t complain” is a logical fallacy. my assertion is, the game up until this point has not been immersive, it has not been revealing, and has been plagued with insufficient resources… all in the wake of a spectacular start at Comic-Con. Has it lived up to the hype?

    Again, though, I doubt they would green-light something that would fizzle like this… it has to get exciting at some point…

  • JH

    It seams to me that even though it is getting off to a very rough start and having its problems it is still better that they take their time and each piece is going to somewhere then if it were like another season 2 which did very little except to give us more questions and story arcs that were un-necessary. Would it be that much a better arg if they gave us links to other sites that had more information that was not going to matter at all in the long scheme of things? Or information that at the end we would all be saying well what did the picture of the kid in the bathtub have to do with anything?

    Even though it is slow I would rather some little thing each few weeks with the anticipation (in the lost off season) that it is all going to lead up to something that will be good. Kind of like the anticipation before Christmas. I may not be as much a fanatic about lost as some. Especially when I am on this and other lost sites that point out all the things in the show that I would be missing otherwise and all the underlying tie-ins, but it is still just a TV show.

  • the invisible hand of doctor phil

    Wow such hostility from the non-whiners. Ummmm I don’t think I have read Doc here say anything about hating the game etc. He is just saying that the game isn’t very good. And it isn’t. That doesn’t make him evil people. I find it ironic that the people who think we should embrace the game and not be upset at the lack of quality are the ones who are themselves the most upset.

  • DocArzt

    Honestly, JH… I think your right. Because I can’t see Darlton/ABC signing on for something this lame.

  • neoloki

    I can’t remember the exact start dates of the last two ARG’s but this years seems too have started very early. If I am correct this could be the reason for the slow start. I think we need to be patient with this ARG. If October, November rolls around and we are still taking test to be put in a category or to try to make a leader board I will say screw it and stop playing and do some Lost book club reading.

    Concerning, the don’t complain because it’s free comments it reminds me a little too much of movie forums when people watch a movie online for free and the quality is so horrible it is unwatchable. Well, if you leave a comment complaining about the quality everybody squawks “It’s free, shut up and don’t complain, pay the money at the theater” What it comes down too is everybody has a right to bitch no matter the reason. If something sucks, it sucks and I am going to say it no matter if its free or it comes with a gift basket. It’s free is a lame, moronic and thoughtless rebuttal.

    That being said I am happy for now with the minor distraction of this years ARG and if they actually introduce a story line concerning the Dharma Initiative that could be very exciting and be a great lead up to season 5.

    Hell, in a couple more years Lost will be over and we won’t have anything to look forward to or complain about. With how fast time passes it will be over before we know it and I find this very sad.

  • Jalocke

    HAHAHAHAAHA I can’t believe Doc himself hasn’t brought this up. First off lets admit it… we are complaining. the game has sucked… and you are right its free. So you guys are complaining about our whining about a free game.

    However…. and here is the ironic part… you are complaining about a free blog. You are slamming and trashing Doc, whose services provided to you are free, harder than he ever slammed or trashed the ARG. So in effect, you are proving your own point wrong. If we shouldn’t complain about free things, then shut up. However, since you did, I will…

    I hate this god damned boring ARG. If it doesnt get better, I will not watch Lost…. who am I kidding… of course I will.. Its like heroin. 😀

  • DocArzt

    Neoloki – “With how fast time passes it will be over before we know it and I find this very sad. ” Amen.

  • mtnorsea

    whine, shmine…

    the best comment in this whole page is the one about bong hits…

    in fact i’m suprised that Hurley hasn’t yet stumbled across a giant field of marijuana so strong it makes you, well…time travel…
    it would go along great with the vw bus and the hippy dippy dharma dudes!

    maybe that’s it…its not a snow globe at all…in the end it was just one big bad acid trip….

  • clayb83

    I too have been baffled by the “it’s free” or “it’s better than nothing.” Just because the fandom has subsidized ABC’s viral marketing campaigns for Lost previously, doesn’t excuse this one from sucking hard. The “something is better than nothing,” rebuttal is the most infuriating in my opinion. Where does this line of thinking end? ABC doesn’t really have to produce a TV show like Lost at all… so I guess we should be thankful that it’s on the air?

    ABC is directly responsible for the extra long hiatus (their greed wanted to expand the show for a sixth season). Lost is still one of their most lucrative television properties and all this ARG business is just another marketing tool to keep that “property” awareness up. So why should I be grateful for ABC’s latest marketing ploy? I did have to give my email address and personal info twice just to participate in the, thus far, lame Dharma experiment. Oh, of course my email and personal info is only being used by ABC internally. ABC would never turn around and sell my info to the hundreds of Disney owned subsidiaries and partners. Please, “free” my ass.

    Beyond whether or not it’s “free,” as mentioned by Doc and others, this game does not represent the Lost brand very well. I think most of that can be placed at the foot of Hoodlum Entertainment. It’s just been inexcusable for server issues to be plaguing an interactive media platform that was the biggest launch of the entire Comic-Con. Clearly they underestimated the numbers, nor did they have their own programming in order before the game commenced (how many start dates have there been now?). This ARG has been sloppy, lazy and pointless. None of those are terms I would like to associate with Lost.

  • mtnorsea

    So….ummm…Question 10?

    “What is the answer to this question?”

    I just refused to answer. My game has been running for over two hours now. I haven’t logged off or anything, I just left it sitting there.

    What did the rest of y’all do with that one?

  • ForgivenTheWarlord


    The difference is that the “it’s free” crowd are complaining to the Correct people.

    When people complain incessantly on message boards and blogs which are full of people who may be enjoying the game, the only result is it annoys those people that are enjoying it. It doesn’t accomplish anything.

    When the “it’s free” people reply to those posts, they are approaching the direct source of their frustration. Complaining HERE about the ARG is just the opposite. Why not write a letter? Why try to spoil other people’s fun?

  • mtnorsea

    wilson: thanks… i went to the link and followed the directions there. the only thing is…on that link, there’s a comment that says that the “i” in analysis is underlined…however, on my test, it was not…i went and double and triple checked, and there was definitely no letter underlined anywhere in the page.

    i also don’t get emails, although i have signed up properly on the DWY site…

    oh well.

  • rob

    haha, glad im not into this crap. all the rants and complaining, id probably throw my computer through a window. just waiting patiently for season 4 dvd and of course season 5.

  • the invisible hand of doctor phil

    “ForgivenTheWarlord said:JALOCKE-The difference is that the “it’s free” crowd are complaining to the Correct people.When people complain incessantly on message boards and blogs which are full of people who may be enjoying the game, the only result is it annoys those people that are enjoying it. It doesn’t accomplish anything.When the “it’s free” people reply to those posts, they are approaching the direct source of their frustration. Complaining HERE about the ARG is just the opposite. Why not write a letter? Why try to spoil other people’s fun?”

    Its doc’s blog – he can say what he wants – if the its free people are annoyed well they don’t have to be here. But you are right, posting criticisms here on the web doesn’t accomplish anything. **cough cough** Tom Friendly **cough cough**

  • joeblow

    the dharma booth at comiccon paid for itself in publicity. thats all the ARG is: publicity. whether or not you and the lost fans enjoy the game, or play the game at all…. they already got their publicity. it doesnt boost lost’s ratings any if you guys enjoy the ARG.

  • Bezmina

    Dudes, it’s his blog he can complain if he wants to, you don’t have to read it IT@S FREE NO ONE IS MAKING YOU DO ANYTHING.

    I think the irony here would even be apparent to Alanis Morrisette – a woman with no grasp of the word.

    Anyway, I am holding out hope but I am rather bored with it. I want clues to all the mysteries, or sod it more mysteries, anything but the yawns

  • Pop Zeus

    “It’s free? I could punch you in the face for free, but that wont make it enjoyable.”

    Xeno, punching someone in the face isn’t free. First of all, if you don’t choose you’re target wisely you’re going to pay in blood. Then you’ll pay court fees, and damages. And then you’ll pay with jail time.

    Gotta love Internet Tough Guys, because they’re so darned intelligent. You can tell people like “Xeno” have really thought things through. And you can tell they’re willing to punch someone in the face (or at least suggest it) over a lame internet-based “game” that’s really just a low-cost way for ABC to make YOU their promotions department.

  • forgibenthewarlord


    No coughing… no irony. The truth is the “It’s Free” crowd at least are approaching the correct people. They take issue with something Doc says and they address HIM. Meanwhile, the people complaining about the new ARG have issues with the people behind the ARG and they address… who? The people creating it? Lost execs? No, they just try to rain on the parades of people who Don’t have a major problem with the game (78% of this blog’s readership if the survey is to be trusted).

    The “It’s Free” posters are confronting the people they have issues with rather than just whinging about it on a blog that the offending parties will never read.

  • clayb83

    For those interested here’s Hoodlums contact info. I’ve already sent emails to both the US and Australian offices telling them how much their ARG sucks. Mind you I did this long before “Forgiventhewarlord” made his idiotic suggestion.

    United States
    Street Address:
    9701 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1000 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Tel: + 1 310 601 7073

    Postal Address:
    PO Box 38 Paddington, Qld 4064
    Street Address:
    Unit 7/1 Fort Lane Milton, Qld 4064
    Tel: + 61 (0) 7 3367 2965
    Fax: + 61 (0) 7 3367 1734

    Does anyone really think that Hoodlum isn’t aware of the bigger Lost blogs? I mean every time we have one of these ARGs people create blogs specifically to track and facilitate the game. So I hardly think discussing the horrible nature of the ARG on the bigger Lost sites is useless “whining.” In fact it’s probably a faster method of contacting a company like Hoodlum, since their very own website is bogged down with so much flash it took about 5 minutes just to load the contact page. Likewise, for ABC/Bad Robot. They’ve got staffers checking the blogs all the time.

    Given that Javi wrote a forward to Doc’s book, I think it’s safe to say that the LOST staff is aware of his site. I’ll stop, since I might be raining on the parade of someone enjoying the Dharma SAT’s.

  • Jimmy Zer0

    I have bailed on playing the ARG for now. Mainly because Doc has been pretty clear on here about how he feels about it, and I agree. That’s just me though.

    What some of you people seem to be neglecting is the fact that Lost is almost unique in that its creators have a very active relationship with their audience. They often read these posts and posts on other blogs to see what works and what doesn’t. This is a fact. If the majority of the ARG players aren’t happy with the game but remain cautiously optimistic, then I am sure the creators of the show or game appreciate being able to come to these sites and find out quickly and easily what to fix.

    Regardless of all that, the game is not free for exactly the reasons Doc listed above. Not only that, but why would advertisers or the network want to invest in a boring product? Do you people honestly think there would be no difference in hype going into season 5 if the ARG was exciting cool and even a little revealing/further-question-raising all the way throughout as opposed to just another mediocre web-based publicity game straight out of the dark ages of the year 2001?

  • joeblow

    doc’s complaining is like a guy who runs into a room and says “this pile of dog crap tastes TERRIBLE!” all the ARGs have been lame. each one has been worse than the previous. they are all dumb and pointless. the writers of the show dont write the ARG. so what you get is no different than FAN FICTION– and we all know the worth of fan fiction. i understand that doc is critiquing the game just for the website. fair enough. but if the ARG makers are only giving ARG players one update per month (or thereabouts) why is doc updating us several times a week with NO NEW INFO! THIS SUCKS! of course it sucks. its a lost ARG. one post on its suckiness would have sufficed. I AM GETTING A PSYCHIC VISION… PREDICTION OF HOW THE ARG WILL END… some dumb youtube-style videos of some terrible actor warning us about some eminent danger, then it just ends abruptly and none of it has any relevance to the tv show lost.

  • Zinc

    whats so bad about this ARG?

    The game is what it is. I’m think that the die hard lost fanatics (those who commit hours a day to finding out spoilers, coming up with ridiculous theories and nitpicking at the most irrelevant and unimportant little continuity errors in the show) are too influential on the creators of LOST and its universe and are stopping it from being what it was intended to be. Who says that the tone of this game is all wrong? Perhaps it is meant to be like this to set the tone for changes coming up in Season 5?

    I don’t get all the whining personally. Its a free game, and yes maybe it sucks to some but they have probably spent a lot of time and money getting this made to keep fans happy during the season break, which is more than you get with most shows. No one is forcing them to do it. They don’t really need to do it to promote the show either, the kind of people that play the ARG’s will always watch the show anyway. So take what your given and if you don’t like it, don’t play it I say.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    “Idiotic”? Name-calling, how adult of you.

    Your viewpoint is seriously that it’d be faster to reach Hoodlum and/or ABC to a fansite than it would be to contact them directly? Honestly, that’s what you believe?

    So, if you have an issues with your internet provider you post it on a blog hoping that they read it instead of calling them directly? If someone gets your order wrong at McDonald’s you leave a poster on a telephone pole that the employees may or may not drive by on their way home because it’s faster?

    If someone posts their rants here just to vent, that’s one thing… but I should Hope that no one is really buying what Clay is selling because that would never get anything done.

  • dragossh

    joeblow: sorry, but TLE was written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and WAS canon. Even Find815 had canon parts (Christiane I finding fake 815).

    Zinc: Yes, no one is forcing them to do the ARG. But the problem is… they are doing it. For us. And to get more people involved with LOST. I think we have a right to complain.
    Would you like season 5 to be boring? Since no one is forcing them, and we get LOST for free.

    Oh, and who gives them the money for this ARG? Yes, us. If we wouldn’t watch LOST anymore, there would be no advertisements => no money.

  • clayb83

    Do I literally think it would be faster to post on blog than email Hoodlum? It really depends doesn’t it? I mean based on how long it took their company to recognize that their server needs were sorely lacking… I’m not sure how often they would check their inbox. I am exaggerating of course, to make a point. It’s often referred to as being sarcastic or sardonic. Or facetious. And for the record calling someone’s statement idiotic doesn’t make it reduce the argument to a child-like level. Your statement was idiotic. Which when you strip your statement down to its most base level, you are insinuating that the people confronting the people that are confronting Hoodlum’s ineptitude… are doing something more worthwhile.

    I’m being serious. Does anyone know how many people Hoodlum actually has working on this? Is it three or four people in a room with a couple of servers? Do they have a receptionist? Maybe I could make an international call and leave a message with her. I’m sure that will get the message across.

  • joeblow

    you can say the ARGs are “canon” but its meaningless. the stuff in the ARG doesnt cross over with the show… so the ARG might as well be about buffy the vampire slayer as lost. its all irrelevant and pointless. complaining about the ARG not being updated fast enough is like complaining that the guy shoveling hot shit into your mouth isnt working hard enough.

  • joeblow

    and what do you mean WE give them the money for this?? are you nuts??? when was the last time you wrote a check to ABC to thank them for the quality programming??? only a small handful of viewers play the ARG and if, by some impossible twist of fate, the ARG players grew so frustrated with the ARG that they STOPPED WATCHING LOST ALTOGETHER (which by the way would never happen ever ever ever and you know it) lost would carry on as usual with less than a million fewer viewers which wouldnt effect the show or advertising revenue or anything at all. the ARG is good for a little cheap publicity when the game launches and thats it.
    you could maybe argue that our dvd purchases pay for the ARG, but the amount of money they make on dvd sales is negligible compared to advertising revenue, which the 10 million casual viewers make possible, not the 2-3 million supernerds who would watch the show no matter what.

  • joeblow

    sorry to keep posting, but i have more to say… speaking of how “we fans pay for the ARG by sitting through commercials, so they’d better treat us right” …. the most prestigious advertising audience in the world, the upper-middle class males 18-35 all watch the show with tivo and fast forward through the commercials.
    so, if you have ever fast forwarded through a commercial you have STOLEN FOOD FROM AN ABC EXECUTIVE’S BABY’S MOUTH and this piss poor ARG is your punishment for it.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    My statement was the truth. If you take an issue with them, it’s more worthwhile to take it up with THEM than with people not related to them. Not sure what’s confusing you about that, but if you need to label it “idiotic” because you can’t grasp it, then have at it.

    As for your questions about Hoodlum… why not actually try to find that info out? In a time where customer complaints and campaigns bring dead t shows back to life and keep crappy shows on for far longer than they should be, it makes the most sense to complain to Hoodlum because you have a chance to make what you see as crappy into something that you may deem worthwhile. Posting HERE about it does nothing, writing them has a chance to actually make a difference, so which will you do?

    Don’t feed the trolls. :o)

  • Okay joeblow, so would we have an ARG without us watching LOST? Would we have LOST in the first place?

    I’ll stop arguing with you because you obviously don’t understand a thing I’m saying. And since you think the ARGs are shit and useless, why do you keep commenting on this post?

    And please don’t tell me that the DHARMA backstory from TLE was useless. Thanks to it I know what the numbers are, why was the DHARMA Initiative founded, what they were trying to do on the island, I saw a couple of orientation movies and I learnt more about the Hanso Foundation.

  • joeblow

    the first one was ok… until it became clear that none of it would have any impact on the show. we learned that dharma were scientists. we could have guessed that!!

  • clayb83

    “My statement was the truth.” This is where you’re reality and mine seem to part ways. Again, if you think Hoodlum isn’t paying attention to this website and about a half a dozen others… well you’re entitled to an opinion and I’m entitled to mine. Unfortunately, unlike you, I have no ironclad copyright to the “truth.”
    I’d also to like to remind you that we are having this discussion in a thread titled, “Stalls, Crashes, Cheating–All For Free!” Which is on a website where the main author/owner has expressed his own displeasure with the ARG many times. Yet you are under the impression that by me chiming in with a similar sentiment I am somehow “annoying” you and infringing on your “right” to enjoy the game.
    And if my comments (and others) are simply a waste of time, doesn’t that make Doc’s whole take on the ARG business “pointless,” as well.
    Yet you keep coming back, to defend you argument. After I’m done posting this comment I will have made my frustation clear on multiple Lost Blogs and podcasts (some specifically made for the purpose of the ARG), sent Hoodlum 3 emails, posted their contact info on the aforementioned blogs and left a voice message at their U.S. office.
    I have done something productive, while you have merely expressed your “annoyance,” with people you have do not have to read, listen or talk to … literally.
    I wish you well on your mission to thwart those people that are preventing you from enjoying the ARG.

  • ForgivenTheWarlord


    All that you’ve proven in your post is that you don’t read the posts that you reply to. If you had you’d know:
    1. I’ve never said that Hoodlum might not pay some attention to this website… I’ve said repeatedly that it would be More productive to contact them directly.
    2. Doc was included in my comments, and
    3. I’m not one of the “It’s Free” people. I’ve never told anyone not to complain, only to complain where it will do the most good.

    So your entire last post was meaningless. Thanks for posting it though.

  • clayb83

    I’ve already complained “where it will do the most good.” A bunch. In fact I’ve complained in every possible complaint venue I can. I commented on this particular entry by Doc because it jibed with my opinion of the ARG.
    Occasionally I like to commiserate. It’s carthatic. That’s all.

    At least a I had a point to posting here in the first place. This is a blog about Lost. I liked the entry so I agreed with it. I don’t care if other people disagree with it. What I find completely assinine is you playing the role of hall monitor telling people where they should post. It’s a frakkin’ blog about Lost. I’m not raining on anyone’s parade by agreeing with an entry about how much the ARG sucks.

    One could say that your mere presence in this thread is preventing my catharsis, but you’re not. You’ve only reinvigorated my disdain for this ARG. So I owe a debt of gratitude.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    That’s your second consecutive post where you demonstrate that you’re not reading the posts that you’re replying to. You said: “I don’t care if other people disagree with it. What I find completely assinine is you playing the role of hall monitor telling people where they should post.”

    My point (as it has been since the beginning) is that if you want to whine about the ARG, then whine. It’s your inalienable right. But, if someone takes issue with your whining then they have the right to whine to you about it. And it’s fully appropriate because they’re addressing you Directly as opposed to posting about it somewhere else in cyberspace hoping that you read about it.

  • papatimmy

    [Insert bong gurgeling sound here.]
    ….waaaait. whu? ..sorry I was [Insert more bong gurgeling sound here.]um, distracted. um.. I think, shoot, I forgot man…
    [Insert even more bong gurgeling sound here.]

  • clayb83

    Please stop telling me that I’m not reading the posts, that’s the a lame excuse. And stop hiding behind this argument that your just pointing out the legitimacy of other posters comments. You want to defend the ARG, just admit it.

    My previous post wasn’t directed at anyone but you. The “it’s free” crowd commenting here, I get it, they are indeed confronting the posters that they disagree with. However, that doesn’t devalue anything that has been posted on the other side of the argument.

    Your “agrument” that the “it’s free” people are doing something more worthwhile is not only more ludicrous than the “it’s free” agrument itself, it’s completely esoteric.

    Your willingness to continue this back and forth with me demonstrates that you’re a sychophantic fanboy that doesn’t want anything within the “LOST” bubble to be messed with or you’re more interested in creating these pathetic little internet squabbles because they provide you with some weird sense of empowerment.

    Now, that I remember your handle from the Fuselage I’m leaning more toward sychophant. I’m done with your “argument about the argument.” It’s stupid and cyclical and I wont be rewarding your behavior any further.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    I can’t help but accuse you of not reading my posts because you continuously accuse me of saying things that are nowhere in my posts.

    And you said: “However, that doesn’t devalue anything that has been posted on the other side of the argument.” and you’re absolutely correct. That’s why I haven’t said ANYTHING that infers that the ARG isn’t jacked up. My only point is and always has been that the “It’s Free” people shouldn’t be picked on… but if you need to build a “sychophantic fanboy” straw man to make yourself feel better then have a party.


    “However…. and here is the ironic part… you are complaining about a free blog. You are slamming and trashing Doc, whose services provided to you are free, harder than he ever slammed or trashed the ARG. So in effect, you are proving your own point wrong. If we shouldn’t complain about free things, then shut up. However, since you did, I will…”

    /\ No. The difference is, JaLocke, we aren’t coming onto DocArzt forum and complaining about HIS free forum are we? No, we aren’t. So that entire argument is invalid.

  • Steve

    So the new test is up…anyone actually play this “game” or just complain about it? Or just complain about people complaining about it, for that matter?

  • bluboru

    this is my multiple choice test as part of the new DWY create your own test