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Doc Jensen Reveals LOST Season 5 Premiere Title

By docarzt,

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“Because You Left”.  My first gut reaction to this is: whoa, they are going to get right to it.  I’m guessing “Because You Left” will detail the events that took place after the Oceanic 6 left, or at least set up an arc that aims to accomplish that much needed task by the end of the season.
Your thoughts?

(Source:  Jeff Jensen @ EW)

From TVFrenzy:

  • preztige

    my thoughts….Christian centric/jack centric episode. It will deal with why Christian left so often>>>DHARMA…leading to his drinking and it’s impact on JACK as a child…..IM tELLING U…THE SEASON WILL START OFF ON THE ISLAND….IN THE PAST!!! when Christian was working for DHARMA

  • Jeff

    Whoa. That’s a really good title.

    I can see that going several different ways. Sawyer saying that to KAte or Juliet saying that to Jack, or one of them talking to themselves as if the other was there.

    Or how about this: Kate saying it to Jack after the engagement broke off?

    At this point, 6 months before the premiere, there are so many ways it could go! I love this show.

  • themachine

    preztige, those were my thoughtss EXACTLY to the Tee!!!!

  • J Cunxtthuggins

    It’s all about Walt orchestrating EVERYTHING (see promo from season I) as Mr. Abbandon (abandon). The Island is in a space time pocket whilst life in real time continues. One minute on island being moved is equal to years in actual real time. Season VI Walt and Michael will be reunited, Sawyer will be with his daughter, Hurley will have lost 100 lbs, Sayed will have killed Ben, and be hooked up with Shannon and Nadia , Kate will have to pay the piper, Jack and Christian will (I’ll save this for later, as well as Desmond and Locke), Aaron is Christian, his mother will be reunited with Charlie; in a nut shell anyone non-white
    will be okay (this prevents the production team from lawsuits for killing off numerous non-white characters).

  • Tom


    Good point on Christian being Dharma. I believe that the Island is locked in a time bubble where time overlaps inconsistantly.

    When your body is on the island, the island can see your past/present/future as one.

    Even when dead.

    Therefore when Christian’s dead body was brought back, he’s soul was rejuvenated and therefore we see his ‘ghost’

    The same will happen to Locke. When brought back to the island, his soul/timestamp on the island will be refreshed allowing him to live forever on the island.

    This is why Charles Widmore wants to be brought back to the island so that he can ‘live forever’ in the time-unrestricted island.

    What does everyone think??

  • KeepingAwake

    I wonder if this may have something to do with Charlotte. Season openers are usually disorienting in that we don’t immediately know where or when we are. Knowing that Charlotte has been to the Island before, it sets up some possibilities to both disorient us and advance the story..

  • maria

    Title indicates that we will see some of the immediate occurences after the departure of the O6. And Locke/Benthem off-island telling Jack (possibly the rest) what they must do and why they must come back. The finale was intense and emotional and I expect the S5 premiere to be also. The title could also refer to Sun’s bitterness about having left Jin behind and her plan to assist Widmore in getting back to the island.

  • M-A-R-S

    Several possibilities include: what happened because Walt & Michael left the island, what happened because the Oceanic Six left the island, what happened because Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter instead of going to the freighter, what happened in Kate’s life after Jack left her, or what happened in Penny’s life after Desmond left.

    Then again, it could be something completely unexpected, like a Marvin Candle-centric episode or something!

  • RichPundit

    Very, very exciting title for our Season 5 opener!!!

    Suggests to me that one focus of many will be on Locke/Alpert/Others immediately after: the O6 left, our Island “moved”, and “bad things” happened. Think that our Island is not a happy Puppy, and will lash out and punish like a spoiled child within its[her/his] limited range of influence. Remember Jacob’s tantrums, and Ben’s painful “hope you’re happy Jacob” looking up while struggling to push our frozen Donkey Wheel.

    btw, am almost done with the “Watchmen” graphic novel and WOW, see many obvious LOST parallels, and speculative unfolding storylines. Will post soon … if interested.

    Namaste – RichPundit

  • Mark

    Um…Cassidy & Clementine.

  • Bezmina

    I think we may see Bentham’s visits to the O6 and Bigger Walt where he tells them what happened and have the big bad (who I am guessing suicided JB/JL)suggested + with on island people reacting to John Locke having left.
    It’s a guess mind you…

  • Steve

    Didn’t see this on the site yet, so I thought I’d post it in the comments. Apparantly the LOST cast wants new contracts:

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    So does anyone think that Juliet and Sawyer, on the beach, saw the freighter and its smoke disappear because the island moved, or are they under the impression that those that went to freighter died in the explosion?

    From the latter of the two perspectives, “Because You Left” could also mean that you died on the exploding freighter because you left the island.


  • Moribound

    My bet is it a multi-flashback episode that will show, for EVERY character ever seen on Lost, a moment where their true love left them. The moments all link to one another, so that when we see Annie leave Ben it then flashes to the purge and Candle’s death, and then to Miles, fatherless and picking fights, pushing a young Eko into the dirt (cause they are both colored so they MUST have met before) and so on till the final moment, where Sawyer and Juilet watch the Freighter go boom and the Helicopter disappear in a blaring white light. The episode will be perfectly scored from begining to end, but the episode’s dramatic and innovative montage style wil lbe deemed to radical for the nonLost-viewing members of the Emmy nom committee, so instead the episode that will be put up this season will be a Hurley episode where Hurley deals with his ghost by fixing up an old Rascal Scooter with Sayid and Ben.

    A boy can dream~

  • rob

    we all have to realize that every year, the lost writers never cease to amaze us. im onboard with the idea that the title “because you left” will pertain to something that we havent seen yet or know nothing about. damn this show rocks. now all we have to do is wait another 7 months to find out.

  • themachine

    to charlie’s ghost: Yes, I think we are supposed to interpret that sawyer & juliet believe that all on the freighter/helicopter are dead….but, i think the title refers too Jack & Christian ala “All the Cowboys have Daddy Issues” ep…. Christian always going off, to his DHARMA gigs leaving little JAck & mum to boot…just a thought

    how come the site doesnt have me logged in anymore???

  • Charlie’s Ghost


    i can’t help wondering that while sawyer and juliet sat and watched the big thing of smoke off the freighter, it all of a sudden disappeared. i’m really interested to see what darlton does with that. smaller in the grand sceme of things, but i’d rather speculate about what we partially know rather than things we know nothing about……like why you are not logged in anymore…haha..jk.

  • themachine

    lol..i know right haha….i could just imagine sawyer & juliet sitting there swigging dharma rum, than the flash of light, and poof the smoke from the freighter is gone and they have DHARMA people all running around the island.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    That’s kinda what I’m thinking. Sawyer and Juliet are sitting on the beach, throwing back the Dharma Morgan’s, and then POOF, no more smoke or freighter. Then as they look at each other, dumbfounded, someone yells ‘FREEZE!’…and its a Dharma person with a gun. Roll credits…. …leaving the audience saying ‘WTF?’ until next week.

  • themachine


  • Calichusetts

    My take:

    Micheal will die, thats right, you heard me…hes not dead yet, but he will be!!!