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DocArzt.Com Radio Silence OVER – Comic Con, commenting system changes, and More

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Okay, so it hasn’t exactly been COMPLETE radio silence, but we’ve obviously taken a big breather over the past few months since the season four finale, but with Comic Con around the corner, the Emmy Announcements today, Octagon Global Recruiting ramping up their efforts, and – of course – filming of season five about to commence, we (or at least I) are coming out of RADIO SILENCE and getting back into the daily posting and update mode.

Obviously over the next week we’re going to be putting an emphasis on Comic Con, I have yet another secret ‘alternate’ cut of a sexy Skate scene I’ll be posting soon (minor differences, but nice ones), and a few ‘surprises’ of course.

Live Comic Con coverage?  Yeah, we’ve got that.  Tap Dawg will AGAIN be bringing us the blow by blow from the audience, and we’ll be having a POST panel call with the one, the only, the original LOST NINJA as well as a few other surprise ‘on the ground’ reporters.

In the next week, in an effort to spoiler proof the site, we’re going to be implementing a new comments system.  The system will REQUIRE you to register for the forums in order to leave comments.  You will be able to stay logged in, soon your avatar will show in your comments, and you will be able to use BBCodes, including spoilerfont, in comments.  So to continue having posting access, REGISTER.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • lyly ford

    *hug* for my fav jacob

  • graham

    Good news!
    I hope there’ll be some juicy news at the Comic Con.
    Any hints about those few ‘surprises’?

  • lyly ford

    why can you not just post it

    why do you keep teasing us

    is this just a cheap trick to get hits

    i hope not

  • DocArzt

    I’ve already posted two exclusive scenes so far, were those cheap tricks? It’s called pacing yourself. I don’t understand the hostility. You skaters need to meditate more. 😉

  • Sis

    Oh yes yes yes please, bring that sexy skate scene over! 😀

  • mefcamara

    Hey Doc, I’m new here! When are you going to post the alternate skate scene? I’m looking forward!!! Txs!!!