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DocThrotte’s 5×5 – This Place Is Death

By DocThrottle,

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DocThrottle returns with another LOST 5×5.  This time, the doctor is aiming his enumerator at LOST 5.05, This Place is Death! Take it away Doc!

5 Questions.

1. Ok, so what is “The Sickness”?
We know what caused it: Smokie. We know that Rouseau wasn’t crazy when she killed her team. They were really trying to kill her. But why did they/Smokie want her dead? And was Robert telling the truth about that being THE Temple?

2. Is Smokie really just a glorified guard dog?
This episode was the second time (at least) we’ve heard the Monster described as a security system. The first time we heard it described that way was WAY back in Season One. Jack asked her what Smokie was. She called it a security system.

Now that we know she got that information from her sickness-addled lover, I’m less likely to believe it. Especially if he was under the influence or control of the Smoke Monster.

3. What is Faraday’s deal?
I know they’re getting there eventually, but I want to know, now! Was he trying to mess with timelines again by scaring Young Charlotte from ever returning to the island? Why did Charlotte describe Past Faraday as “Creepy”?

4. Why was Charlotte consciousness jumping?
Up to now, everyone’s been physically moving through time. All of a sudden, her body is staying put, but her mind is “away”.

5. How sneaky is ol’ Smokie?
Conning everyone into joining the one-armed guy in the cave, with the voice of that same one-armed guy. Sly dog.

5 Quick Hits

Sun’s “goodbye” to her daughter sounds a lot like “Annyong” from “Arrested Development”

Poor Locke is just not meant to be a “walker”.

3 Creepy Moments: a) Sawyer trying to pull the earth, b) Charlotte’s “THIS PLACE IS DEATH!!”, and c) Jin finding Monty’s arm post-flash.

It was cool seeing the flash come up the well shaft at Locke. Great visual.

This is not what Desmond signed up for.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Yonko

    Could be that Young Charlotte was scared of a long-haired left foot-less physicist?

  • nestee

    It was such a great episode! After watching it, I was thinking… Could it be posible that Christian was on the coffin because he needed to get back to the Island just as O6 need to bring back John?

  • Cody

    I laughed when i heard Sun say goodbye because it does sound like “annyong”.

  • Benny

    It IS “annyong”, which is a salutation (both hello and bye) in Korean.

    As for Smokie, we know Zombie Robert said it was a security system for the Temple. We don’t know that THAT was the Temple, perhaps just an access point, as mentioned by the execs., in this case with ruins surrounding it. I would expect something a little more extensive for a Temple.

    • hyperRevue

      Why is everyone assuming that Robert was a zombie or being controlled by Smokey? We saw very little of what actually happened.

      We saw 2 dead people, whom Rousseau shot. And we saw her then taking aim at Robert, who was pleading with her not to kill him too. When she put her gun down he shot at her (seems reasonable, if you ask me).

      Why is everyone assuming they were sick and coming after Rousseau?

      What am I missing?

      • Jose

        Dude – if you dont get that Robert was not himself, and in fact “zombified” its scary what else your missing . . ..

        • LV

          There may have been something wrong with Robert, but it def. wasn’t made clear – just like it wasn’t made clear that Rousseau herself wasn’t a little sick in the head. No need to be so rude.

          • Steven

            It was made very clear man. Why on earth would he call Smokie a “security system” and be all mellow as he talked to her? The monster is in fact a security system, and the reason he knew that was because he was “posessed” (or something close to that) by the island/smoke monster.

          • hyperRevue

            Steven –

            It was anything but “clear.”

            Why would he call Smokie a “security system”? Maybe because every time they went near the Temple it attacked them? Seems logical.

            Why would he be so mellow as he talked to her? Because she was pointing a gun at his head and he was trying to talk her down, calm her down. Seems reasonable.

            Without the podcast, there was nothing definitive we saw in the episode to lead us to conclude anything. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Benny

    I also wanted to remind everyone that there is a mention of “Cerberus” on the blast door map, which could suggest a monster being a sort of guard, like of Hades.

  • hyperRevue

    I don’t think we know for sure that Rousseau wasn’t crazy. All we know is that what’s-his-name tried to shoot her AFTER she had her gun pointed at him and had already killed 2 other members of the team. We don’t know the nature of those killings, so we really can’t say for sure what happened.

    • Dolce

      Good point.

    • CelticFan96

      They went some sort a crazy.Rousseau comes off as defensive/survivalist. And the fact that her lover Robert defends Smokey is a fairly good sign that Smokey did something to them.

      • Jose

        AND the fact that in the podcast the bug guys state explicitly that SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED TO THEM WHILE IN THE VENT !

        • Jose

          oops BIG guys

        • hyperRevue

          I don’t listen to the podcasts.

          See, above, when I asked “what am I missing?” that would have been the answer, instead of acting like a dick.

  • Joshua

    Well the Korean “hi” and “bye” is annyeong. So yes it is the same as the Arrested Development “annyong.”

  • sv

    4. Why was Charlotte consciousness jumping?
    Up to now, everyone’s been physically moving through time. All of a sudden, her body is staying put, but her mind is “away”.

    I’d say it happens after a lot of exposure to radiations. Remeber in “The Constant” 4 Dan asked Jack&Co if Desmond had exposed to a lot of radiation, and his mind travelled back and forth. Well Des certainly got a hell of a lot of radiation when he turned the fail-safe key. Given the fact that Charlotte was actually born on the Island, she probably got a lot of radiation too, from whatever is buried in the Swan (I don’t thinkit’s the Jughead personnally because unless I’m wrong a H-bomb isn’t MAGNETIC), and maybe the time skips did the rest. Same goes for Minkowski, being in radio room all that time (he probably did that a lot before). All 3 of them needed a constant, and it seems Charlotte didn’t have one. And finally there’s Dan, who got a lot of radiation too (remember he did not wear any protection during his experiments when Des visited him in ’96) – but he, as Desmond, has a constant…

  • The Traveler

    So if the FDW was off it’s axis and causing the flashes and jumps then does that mean that the FDW was also skipping around in time, broken, while nothing on the island except the lostaways and whatever is in their immediate possessions are skipping around? I mean nothing else on the island was jumping around in time right? Not the people not the buildings, nothing. But the FDW had to be. Can’t we assume that in the first 1954 it wasn’t knocked off it’s axis? Jumps into the future make sense but in the past? I think it just goes against what Darlton is trying to show us, regarding the island and time travel.

  • stweedle

    Does anyone remember back when Jack went to his dad’s apartment in Australia, there was a still smoking cigarette, or one that had just been put out. Does anyone think there could be a connection with all the time hopping. Don’t remember anyone smoking do you guys?

  • dbarrus

    O.K. could Faraday be Charlotte’s father? And that is what he meant when he said that he loved Charlotte?

  • numbersarebad

    Daniel probably seemed creepy to Charlotte because he was in love with her. If he goes back in time and sees her as a kid and tries to warn her, he probably can’t help but look at her kind of funny knowing who she is and will become, especially after just losing her. To her at a young age she would surely find him creepy.

    Maybe when the French team was pulled into the temple or entered it willingly they were turned sick or crazy because they were meant to be there. Didn’t Ben say that the temple wasn’t for everyone? Maybe the sickness is what happens to trespassers.

    Maybe once inside the temple/vent they ran into Jacob or some Others who did something to them. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Ben had something to do with it. Maybe it led up to how he got Alex from Danielle.

  • James E. Powell

    The Rousseau back-story left me wanting. There appear to be conflicts between the story she told Sayid and what we saw in this episode. We still have very little information on what the “sickness” actually was, other than an unexplained desire to shoot Rousseau. Or maybe that was Robert, thinking Danielle was sick, defending himself.

    It is hard to believe that in sixteen years Danielle never saw the Others or, during the four years they were there, anyone from DHARMA. It is even harder to believe that, other than stealing her baby, none of them had any interaction with her. She must have brought the combined hunting/fishing skills of Locke and Jin with her because she certainly did not starve.